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Kurt rushed around the kitchen, busily working on five separate recipes. He absolutely loved breakfast, both for the cooking and the eating. When you lived alone, it got rather old and depressing to constantly fix gourmet meals for one. He would usually end up throwing half of it out because he could never manage to cook food for just one person.

He took a look in the oven, happy to see that the spinach and cheese frittata was almost done. He spun around quickly, glancing around to check on his progress. The banana nut muffins were on the cooling rack. The fresh fruit had been sliced and was perfectly arranged in his favorite crystal serving bowl. The low sodium bacon was sizzling softly on the griddle, and everything for the crepes was sitting next to the stove, ready to go. He would wait on those till he knew Blaine was awake, as they didn't take very long and were best fresh.

He smirked and chewed on the inside of his lip for a moment, happily remembering their previous evening- and the reason why Blaine was still blissfully passed out in bed.

Blaine's gorgeous ass, up in the air, legs spread. His face pressed down into the sheets, gasping and moaning as he grinds his cheek against the mattress. His fingers wound up in the loose blankets, flexing and pulling in agitation.

Kurt, holding onto Blaine's hips so tightly he can see the normally tanned skin turning white from the pressure. He's thrusting in and out carefully, knowing that he has yet to find the exact, right angle.

It's so good, and Blaine is still so incredibly, fucking tight. It takes every ounce of his will power to hold tightly to his orgasm, knowing that his main goal here is for his amazing boyfriend to be rendered incoherent- because the pleasure is just too fucking much. He's close, he can feel it.

Blaine is already writhing beneath him and moaning out desperate little broken sentences.

"Fuck yes... Kurt... *guh*... yes..."


"Right... right there... almost... yeah baby..."

And Kurt's favorite by far...

"Fucking christ your dick is so fucking perfect! Fuck! It just... feels... *mmnnn*... so good..."

Kurt leans in a bit, running a hand up Blaine's spine soothingly.

"Baby, let's just... try it a little..."

Blaine's not quite ready for the added weight of Kurt pressing down onto his back, and his already shaky knees give out a bit, slipping on the sheets. He braces himself and slides them down so that he is lying almost flat, Kurt still connected with him and now pressing down onto him... into him.. just right. The slight change in angle is just what he needs, and as Kurt unintentionally juts forward he feels that overwhelming spike of pleasure that he's been waiting for. The kind that starts deep inside and radiates up his spine and spreads through every inch of his body. The kind that causes him to lose all ability to think or talk. The kind that makes him want, for the first time in his life, to just let go and be taken care of.

"That's it! Fuck! Kurt! Ha-harder. It's so fucking perfect!"

"Does it feel good, baby? Does my cock feel good, just pounding into your ass?"

Kurt's blushing a little in embarrassment, even in his turned on state. This is the first time he's ever tried dirty talk with someone, but it had been so hot when Blaine had done it with him earlier. And... oh yeah. Blaine is definitely responding to it. He grinds down into the bed to get some friction on his own cock, before pushing back into Kurt with a sharp jolt.

"Yes! Feels so good! Do me, baby! Just do me!"

Kurt lurches forward even farther, completely plastered against Blaine's back now. He winces when he puts weight onto his injured wrist, and immediately transfers it onto his elbow. He really couldn't be any more connected with Blaine if he tried. He's deep inside him, pressing down on top of him, and breathing him in as his face falls against the damp curls.

Blaine groans, mumbling something decently incoherent as he fucks himself back onto Kurt's cock with force, and Kurt feels satisfied that he's finally reached his goal.

"That's right, baby. Just fuck yourself back onto me. I love how much you love it. You're so fucking hot, the way you want my dick."

All embarrassment is gone now, because the dirty talk is obviously doing it for Blaine, and it's DEFINITELY doing it for him. Kurt's starting to tremble a little. The effort of holding back and not coming is starting to wear on him, but he'll hold back for forever if he needs to. He'd do anything for Blaine.

"Ku-... Kurt..."

That's pretty much all Blaine can manage. The combination of the way Kurt is fucking into him, the way he is covering him with his weight, and the way he's saying such amazing things... it's almost too damn much. He understands what Kurt was talking about now, when the model told him earlier that he just needed to feel the weight of Blaine's body on him and in him. The way it turned him on so fucking much.

Blaine's torn between always wanting to bottom so that he can feel this way for forever- and always wanting to top so that he can be the one to make Kurt feel this way. As much as he's enjoying this, he remembers what it felt like to be the one to cause Kurt that pleasure. To be the one who got to take care of his gorgeous boyfriend and just help him to let go and enjoy.

They're both just so fucking good. Yup. They're totally gonna have to switch, on like, a daily basis.

His wandering thoughts come to a halt though when his entire body seizes out of nowhere and he realizes in shock that his orgasm is barreling down on him... and it's coming from two different directions.

One moment he can feel it building from the inside out. Starting from where Kurt is now mercilessly slamming into his prostate, and radiating absolutely everywhere. The next moment he can feel it deep in his groin, stemming from the amazing friction of his dick being pressed into the bed every time Kurt fucks into him.

He feels like it's a frantic race to the finish, seeing which way his orgasm will hit him first. He wonders, in his haze, if he can somehow manage to get it to hit from both directions at the same time, and just the very thought is enough to about push him over the edge.

He can feel Kurt shaking and his boyfriend's thrusts are quickly becoming erratic and desperate. He knows that Kurt is holding on, just for him. That he'll hold on as long as he needs to. The addition of that realization finally does him in. Being cared about that deeply is just about the hottest fucking thing he's ever experienced, and he needs no more help or stimulation.

With a sharp cry that he barely even recognizes as his own voice, he frantically alternates between fucking himself back and fucking himself forward, wanting more than anything to feel this climax in every way possible.

Then it's there, and Blaine's mouth is open against the sheet and his whole body is just shaking. He thrusts one last time into the bed, and his dick - which has been just achingly hard for far too long - finally gets the last bit of friction that it needs, and he's coming so hard.

At the same time, Kurt pounds into him in the most excruciatingly wonderful way and those electric jolts that are streaking out from deep inside just absolutely explode. His entire body seizes and he has just enough presence of mind to be grateful that he's already prostrate, because he knows that he'd absolutely collapse otherwise.

Kurt hangs on just long enough to feel all of the muscles in his boyfriend's body tense up, and then loses it. He's been utterly wrecked since the moment Blaine became incoherent, and he manages to pull back and stutter forward one last time. Then he's impossibly hard, and Blaine's asshole is just absolute perfection as it squeezes around him as he comes.

"Fuuuuuuck," Kurt hisses.

Blaine grins weakly at Kurt's expletive, and finds just enough energy to push up against him one last time as they both hang on to their orgasms for as long as they can.

Kurt collapses completely, panting heavily in Blaine's ear.

"How... was it... baby?"

Blaine groans with a goofy smile.


Kurt snorts a little and lets out his own little groan as he gingerly pulls out. He plops down, exhausted, next to his boyfriend, and then bursts full out into laughter.

Blaine is already asleep.

"Come on, sleepy head."

"Mmmmnooooo," Blaine mumbled grumpily, reaching for a blanket to pull up over his head. Unfortunately, Kurt had pulled all the covers away.

"Kuuurrrt," Blaine whined, squinting his eyes and turning to glare at his boyfriend. He was irrationally annoyed at Kurt's cheerful grin.

"Geez! I know I gave you the world's greatest orgasm last night, and you have every right to be exhausted, but come on. Time to wake up. We have to be responsible adults and go to work now."

Blaine sighed, flipping onto his back and reaching his arms out. Kurt eyed him warily, but let himself be pulled down for a hug.

"World's greatest orgasm, huh? Feeling a bit full of yourself?"

"Nope. Just confident."

Blaine chuckled and sighed, squinting his eyes again to try and peer at Kurt's alarm clock.

"What timeizit?"


"Seven?!" Blaine pushed Kurt back a bit to glare at him again. "Neither of us have to be anywhere till nine! We could have slept for another hour and thirty-eight minutes!"

Kurt glared back, but it was accompanied by a grin.

"Um, excuse me. I may not take as long as a girl to get ready, but I definitely need longer than that. Don't forget that my living depends on my good looks, so you're going to need to get used to that." He pushed Blaine away and pounced from the bed in a huff. "Also, I've been working hard at making us a beautiful gourmet breakfast, but if you don't care about that and would rather stay in bed, then... Aaaahh!"

He laughed when Blaine bounced up and grabbed him from behind, swinging him around in a circle.

"Of course I care. I'm up! And god, a gourmet breakfast? How amazing are you! It's normally a poptart for me in the mornings."

Kurt disentangled himself from Blaine's arms and whipped around to shoot him a look of disbelief.

"What are you, twelve? Poptarts?"

"They're good!" Blaine pouted.

"Oh, sweetie," Kurt patted his cheek. "You don't know good. Come on. I'm going to show you how to make crepes, and if you're a good boy you can fuck me in the shower afterwards."

Blaine followed along with a grin.

"If you keep making offers like that I'll swear I'll never eat a poptart again."

"Damn, Blaine," Kurt panted, forehead pressed up against the shower wall as he reached a hand around behind him to grasp at his boyfriend's neck. "You are so perfect. So fucking perfect. If for no other reason than because you are just the right height to fuck me from behind while standing."

Blaine let out a breathless laugh as he pressed his face into Kurt's shoulder. He brushed one hand across Kurt's stomach, while loosely fisting his boyfriend's erection with the other.

"Don't make fun of the guy who currently has his cock up your ass, babe. I have control of your orgasm right now."

Kurt laughed back, but it turned into a deep groan as Blaine found a rhythm and started fucking earnestly.

"I'm not... *pant*... making fun. I love how tall... ohgodrightthere... you are. And like... *pant*... you'd ever deny me... oh fuck... Right there! You feel so good!"

"You're right," Blaine grunted, leaning into Kurt and pressing him fully up against the wall. "I couldn't ever deny... Shit, Kurt! I'm so close. Are you..."

"Almost... Just go for it. Feels so good. You fucking me so... *pant*... hard. Wanna feel you come inside me."

"Oh my god," Blaine gasped. "I love it when you talk like that. Kurt..."

He placed both hands on the shower wall on either side of the model, covering Kurt completely and almost shoving him into the wall.

Kurt gasped out a ragged breath, overwhelmed at the feeling of Blaine's pressing into him completely. That was all he needed.

He tossed his head back onto Blaine's shoulder, melting against him, moaning as he felt Blaine tense and slam in, hard and pulsating.

He turned his head to the side weakly, searching Blaine's lips for a kiss. They both sighed into each other's mouths, grinding together slowly as they came down.

Kurt couldn't help but think that at this rate he'd be asking Blaine to move in, just so they could have shower sex like this every single morning.

Two days of being together. That was long enough, right?

"Kurt, where are my..."

Blaine spun around in a circle, patting up and down the front of his shirt, wondering what the hell he had done with his stuff. He spun again when he heard laughter from behind him.

"Oh, god. I've inherited a kid that I need to keep track of instead of a boyfriend, huh? Your shoes are by the door. Your wallet and keys are right there on the small table like before, and your jacket is in the closet right there."

Blaine grinned, reaching for his wallet and slipping into his shoes.

"Geez, you're amazing. What would I do without..."

He trailed off, as he was smacked suddenly across the face with a memory from Saturday morning. He had had a daydream, right in this very spot, about the very same thing. He had basically imagined this happening. Two days ago.

"So," Kurt spoke, his back to Blaine as he slipped into his own shoes. "Luke texted me this morning, and the location of our shoot was actually changed to this old, rickety warehouse right close by your studio. We can share a cab!"

Kurt turned to Blaine with a grin, but it faded when he saw the serious look on the other man's face.

"Honey, are you okay?"

"Yeah," Blaine shook his head dazedly; feeling like this moment was just too surreal. "Yeah, I'm... I'm perfect actually."

"Um, okay," Kurt laughed, quirking his eyebrow and nodding his head slowly. "You just look like you saw a ghost or something."

Blaine suddenly grinned, dashing forward to grab Kurt by the waist and dip him backwards.

"What the..." Kurt clutched him tightly around the neck, almost losing his footing. "Oh my word, Blaine! What has gotten into you?!"

"I just felt like being cheesily romantic all of a sudden," he whispered, leaning in for a kiss.

"Mmmm," Kurt smiled against his lips. "I'm all for that."

They both laughed when they almost lost their balance as Kurt attempted to right himself, and Blaine couldn't help thinking that things like dipping your significant other backward for a kiss always went better in daydreams. If he was lucky though, he'd be able to practice until he got it right.

"Here we are," Blaine smiled, desperately hoping that the tension he was feeling didn't show on his face as the cab pulled up in front of the building where his studio was located. Kurt was momentarily distracted though, as he was searching through Google maps, making sure he knew exactly where he was going.

"Hmmm, okay," the model murmured, craning his neck to peer down the street. "Oh, there we are. Look at that! Almost exactly across the street from your office! We could have lunch together if we wanted!"

"Definitely," Blaine smiled weakly, quickly handing the cab driver some cash. Kurt saw the look of delight on the driver's face when he received his payment, and eyed Blaine warily, following him out the door and onto the sidewalk.

"Um, wow. That was quite the tip. Cab drivers must love you if you tip two hundred percent every time."

"Yup," Blaine muttered, glancing around nervously, obviously not hearing a word his boyfriend said.

That's when Kurt's eyes narrowed. He watched as Blaine glanced around with clear anxiety, and then almost jumped in the air when two men waved at him before entering the building. He waved back with a shaky hand, gulping quickly.

Kurt was starting to shake a little himself, but from anger, not anxiety.

Well, what a perfect way to start this relationship off.

"You know what?" Kurt said sharply. "Just never mind. I wouldn't want to put you through the torture of being seen with me in public."

He turned on his heel, unable to believe the turn things had just taken. He was surprised to suddenly be tugged backwards by his hand.

"Kurt, no! Don't! I'm sorry, I just... this is huge!"

Kurt turned with an exaggerated sigh, but his anger and hurt feelings eased a bit when he saw the confusion and slight bit of panic on Blaine's face.

"Please, please just... give me a minute! I haven't even had time consider how this... us... will change everything for me. Being public about it anyway. It's just suddenly hitting me, in like, the last five minutes! This changes everything. How people view me. How my co-workers are going to see me. How my clients are going to see me. All of a sudden I'm showing up in front of my office with a boyfriend. It feels like I'm coming out, and I'm not even technically gay. I realize that a couple of them know that we hooked up, but this... I just... Oh god, you have every right to hate me. Just go ahead and go. I'm sorry, I just don't know..."

Any residual hurt that Kurt was feeling melted away completely then. Sudden flashes of memories from high school filled his head. Lying and saying that he was in love with Rachel just to get out of dating a girl when Mercedes wanted to date him. Telling his dad he as on the football team, just to cover up the fact that he was, indeed, dancing to Beyoncé. Even going through the trouble of joining the football team, just to keep up appearances. Then there was the Brittany fiasco.

He felt like a total ass.

He closed his eyes and stepped forward. Blaine was still gripping his hand, and he gently disentangled himself, putting his hand in his pocket. Blaine looked about ready to cry then, and Kurt hurriedly smiled.

"Honey, it's okay. I'm not holding your hand because if you are truly worried about how people are going to react, I think it might be hard to explain why you were linking fingers with a guy you barely know. Look, I'm the one who's sorry. It was a total dickhead move for me to get all pissy, just because you're nervous about this. I'm sorry. My feelings were just hurt."

Blaine visibly sagged in relief and took a step closer, looking like he really wanted to take Kurt's hand again. Kurt raised an eyebrow and tucked his hands further into his pockets.

"Contain yourself, my overgrown koala. Look, Blaine, I know EXACTLY what it's like to come out to people- even if your type of coming out is different. Most people aren't going to understand that. They're just going to consider you to be gay. You need to be ready to deal with that. I would never force that onto you. I don't want you to do it until you're ready, and I'll be patient. When you feel like you're ready, then we can act like boyfriends in public. Not until then though, and it's fine. I promise. I'd be a total ass if I couldn't understand what a big deal this is for you. Alright, sweetie, I have to get to work. I'll call you later, okay?"

Blaine just nodded; feeling more conflicted than ever. It meant so much to him that Kurt was willing to be this patient and understanding... but hiding who he was, hiding who they were together... that just felt wrong. Kurt smiled softy and sent him a little wink, turning on his heel once again to leave.

Blaine couldn't describe it, but he felt as if a piece of him was being torn out, watching Kurt walk away like this.

No. This wasn't right. This couldn't possibly be right. If he couldn't handle what a few ignorant people might think, then he didn't deserve Kurt at all - and he wanted to deserve Kurt, more than anything.


Kurt stopped short, spinning around with a surprised look on his face as Blaine's shout. He started to laugh and ask what was so important, when he suddenly had an armful of boyfriend and a face full of curls.

"Um, honey? What are you doing?"

"Hugging my boyfriend."

"Didn't we just discuss this?"

"We started discussing it. I told you I was freaking. You were amazing, as always, and then I decided that I couldn't give a flying fuck what people think."

He pulled back, more thankful than ever for coming to his senses when he saw the overwhelmed and blissfully happy expression on Kurt's face.

"Are you sure? You don't-Mmmmphh..."

Blaine shook his head quickly, diving in for a kiss before either of them could think any further.

"I haven't been more sure of anything in my entire life."

Jared hurried quickly down the sidewalk, glancing at his watch.

Crap! I'm late!

He was just picking up his pace a little as he neared the office building, when something caught his eye, and he stopped short. His jaw dropped when he saw the very last thing he had expected.

Blaine, making out with a guy, in public.

Well, maybe the term making out was a little strong. They were definitely kissing pretty intensely though. He glanced around, seeing a couple guys that they worked with entering the building, close by where Blaine was standing. His eyes narrowed when he saw their co-workers nudging each other and whispering. One threw his head back and laughed while the other shot Blaine an uncertain look and rolled his eyes.

Well, I'll definitely be on top of that today.

He looked back at his friend, and grinned. It was awfully nice to see Blaine so happy- and man, did he look happy. Well, he currently had a gorgeous man's tongue down his throat, and Jared figured he'd be looking pretty happy himself, were he in Blaine's shoes.

He couldn't help thinking that he should feel a little self conscious for watching him get his mac on- but hey, it was Blaine's fault for doing it in the middle of the street though.

He jumped a bit when a tall, broad shouldered man with dark blonde hair stepped up next to him, watching the kissing couple with just as bright of a smile on his face.

Well, hello there, handsome!

The other man spoke up though before he could.

"Hey, dude."

Crap. Straight.


"So, I take it you know one or both participants involved in giving voyeuristic pleasure to everybody within viewing distance?"

Jared exploded with a sharp laugh.

"Ah, yeah. The little, curly-headed one. My best friend."


The blonde turned to him with a bright grin and held out his hand.

"I'm Luke. The tall, skinny one belongs to me."

Jared shook the hand with great interest.

"Jared. Nice to meet you."

Luke threw an arm around Jared's shoulders, causing the shorter man to look at him warily.

"Jared, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."