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"Fuck. Holy... just... oh my god, Kurt. Fuck."

Kurt glanced down at his boyfriend with a seductive smirk, breathing out heavy little puffs of air as he bounced steadily up and down on his boyfriend's cock.

Blaine had absolutely no idea that someone could look so graceful and poised while fucking themselves onto a dick, but Kurt definitely managed to pull it off. His eyes were heavily lidded as he gazed darkly down at Blaine, and his chest heaved with the exertion. A couple trickles of sweat were working their way down his face, and a sexy flush was spreading lightly across his cheeks and down his chest.

Blaine was quickly discovering that Kurt was absolutely phenomenal at working what he had today been sassily informed was a "power bottom". Kurt was straddling him on the couch, bracing himself with one hand on a cushion while the other clawed rhythmically at Blaine's chest. His knees were pressed down into the couch on either side of Blaine's waist, muscles clenching and flexing with every rise and fall of his body. His face was somehow a combination of angelicness and pure sex appeal as he worked to give both himself and his boyfriend pleasure.

No, there wasn't a single doubt in Blaine's mind as to who was in control in this particular moment, and he wouldn't have had it any other way. As he watched his boyfriend in absolute awe, he determined to master this position himself. It looked like way too much fun.

"How's this for a consequence?" Kurt breathed out in a throaty voice.

"It's fucking perfect," Blaine grunted lightly, grabbing at Kurt's legs and running his fingers lightly towards the model's inner thighs.

"Yes, baby," Kurt moaned, reaching for Blaine's hands and directing them over his body. "Keep touching me there. Feels so good."

"Do you want me to jerk you off?" Blaine asked, letting out a rush of breath as he felt Kurt's stiff cock bounce against his stomach.

"No," Kurt shook his head, eyes closing. "I'm gonna do it myself. Just... just run your hands over me. Touch me everywhere. Not too lightly because I'm ticklish."

Blaine felt a tug at his heart when a tinge of a blush hit Kurt's cheeks, a blush that actually came from embarrassment, not just pleasure. It blew him away how they could have these moments that were filled with such raw sexuality, yet were infused with so much tenderness and sweetness at the same time. He choked for a moment on the enormity of these feelings, and how he had never once in his life experienced such pure intimacy with another person. He was quickly pulled back into the moment though when Kurt spoke again.

"T-talk to me, Blaine."

Blaine closed his eyes, feeling the very beginning of his climax prodding at him. He mentally willed it back, wanting more than anything to last for as long as Kurt needed him.

"Anything you want. What do you want me to say?"

"Tell me why I'm sexy. While you're touching, tell me what you love about my body."

Blaine grinned. This. He was gonna be so fucking good at this. He opened his eyes, steadying his breath and focusing on the man above him.

He ran his fingers up and down the soft skin of Kurt's inner thighs, careful to put enough pressure so that it wouldn't tickle.

"I love the feeling of your skin here. It's so perfectly soft. I can see how smooth and flawless it is. I can feel the heat when I slide my fingers all the way up..."

He backed up his words by slowly sliding his fingers up the smooth, hairless skin, enjoying the significant warmth radiating from Kurt's groin. The brunette whimpered, and Blaine watched as the hand that had been clutching the back of the couch moved to the model's own chest, rubbing first over one sensitive nipple, then the other.

"I love your legs," Blaine hummed, running his hands over Kurt, grasping at the muscular thighs as they rose up and down while Kurt continued his fucking. Blaine still marveled at the fact that he found the utter masculinity of the heavy muscles and hair covered skin such a fucking turn-on. He had to take a moment to focus, not letting his orgasm get away from him.

"I love the way they look," he moaned after a moment, kneading Kurt's thighs in his hands. "I can see your muscles working while you move, pumping my dick in and out of your ass."

"Oh, I know you love that." Kurt eyed him with a flash in his eyes. "You love the fact that I want you so much, that I want your huge dick so fucking much."

"Shit, yes," Blaine whimpered as Kurt glided down onto him a little quicker than expected. "God! Yes, Kurt! You look so fucking good when you take my cock up your ass, when you want it so bad."

"I do want it," Kurt moaned, throwing his head back as he rubbed at his tightening nipples, then reached a hand down to start stroking his cock. He sighed in relief as he began to circle himself. He was so hard that it felt like his dick was screaming at him for some friction.

"Jesus christ, Blaine! I want your cock so fucking bad. It feels so perfect, fucking into me."

They both fell silent for a few moments, caught up in the quickly increasing pleasure. Blaine held tightly to Kurt's flexing thighs while the model picked up his tempo, thrusting downward while he worked his hands over his own body.

"Tell me more," Kurt breathed. There was a hint of desperation in his voice, and Blaine knew his boyfriend's tells well enough by now to realize that he wasn't too far away from coming. He released the hold he had over his own orgasm and a shiver ran through his body, letting the tension of anticipation take hold instead.

"I love your fingers," Blaine said in a shaky voice, tracing his own fingers over Kurt's, touching him over top of where Kurt was touching himself. "They're so long and slender, but so strong too."

He helped Kurt as he pulled steadily on his erection, taking a few seconds to feel exactly how Kurt liked to be jerked off and committing it to memory for the next time he gave his boyfriend a hand job.

"W-what else?" Kurt gasped. His movements stuttered the tiniest bit and his entire body tensed as he sucked in a halting breath.

Blaine could feel Kurt's thighs shaking on either side of him and a shiver ran through him as his abdomen tightened with a sudden jolt of pleasure. He reached his hands around to firmly grasp either side of Kurt's ass.

"This ass!" He called out. "Your gorgeous ass! I love it so fucking much!"

"Why? Tell me why?" Kurt's voice was high and tight as he pounded down as fast as he could, hurriedly jerking himself off and trying to keep his rhythm.

"I can feel how tight it is," Blaine moaned, babbling. "You're holding onto my cock. You're taking me and squeezing me and it feels so fucking good! Your ass is so smooth and strong and tight! You're just taking my dick into that gorgeous ass and letting me fuck you and it feels... so..."

Blaine trailed off for a split second, but came back with a "Holy fucking shit!" as he came suddenly, bucking his hips up sharply.

"Yes!" Kurt yelled, jerking his hand one final time, coming so hard that it hit Blaine on the cheek.

They both gripped at each other with their eyes closed, swiveling their hips against each other with sated groans. Their bodies gradually lost their tension and relaxed into each other as they slowed their movements. After a moment, Kurt pulled off with another light groan and plopped himself backward on the couch. He pressed his ass in against Blaine's so that their softening cocks were resting next to each other, legs spread and resting on either side of Blaine's chest.

"Holy fucking shit is right," Kurt grinned with a happy sigh.

Blaine shook with silent laughter as a blissed out grin of his own crossed his face.

"One problem though," he spoke as he patted and lifted Kurt's leg so that he could sit up and reach for a tissue.

"What?" Kurt questioned groggily, peeking open one eye to see what Blaine might be talking about.

"You fucking came on my cheek, darling," Blaine smirked, grabbing a tissue and wiping away the gooey mess. "I've decided that being sprayed upside the face with your sperm is something I can do without."

Kurt snorted, letting his eyes close again.

"Check. If I can at all help it, no more coming on your face."

"That's all I ask, sweetcheeks."

Hear ye, hear ye. I am hereby calling a dudes night out with my three favorite gays. It's gay bar time! ~L

I'm in ~J

Sounds like fun! ~K

You mean your two favorite gays and one favorite heteroflexible friend ~B

Dude. That word has way too many syllables for me to use in a casual/nickname format ~L

Just call him orange instead. He's cool with that ~J

Is this some secret 'language of the gays' that I'm unaware of? Kurt, hurry up and kiss me so I can be in on all your secrets! ~L

Yet again, Luke, this is not an actual, valid emergency. And I'm just as confused as you by 'orange' ~K

Blaine didn't tell you his analogy? ~J

OMG, this is too complicated. Nevermind. Fine. I'm gay. You can just sound close minded like the rest of the world, Luke. And what the fuck is this about a kiss?! I am NOT okay with that. Stay away from my boyfriend's lips! ~B

No, no, no! I want to hear this analogy now! Also, you heard him, Luke. Sorry! ~K

I'll tell you later, babe ~B

What?! Kurt, not cool man! Bros before hos! We've been over this! ~L

Did you just call me a ho? ~B

Now I'm the one who's out of the loop. Why is Kurt supposed to kiss Luke? ~J

I told Luke the next time he had a genuine questioning of his straightness I would kiss him ~K

And I've been around since before he met his orange boyfriend (whatever the hell that's supposed to mean). Now you're leaving me hanging in favor of your fine piece of ass? That's cold ~L

Um, did you just now refer to my ass as 'fine'? Is THIS your genuine questioning of your straightness? ~B

OMFG, Luke. Tell you what. As long as I'm not dating anyone who objects, I offer up my lips for when your feel the need to test out your gayness. Gotta tell you though, honey. My 'straight meter' pings like crazy around you. I don't think you have anything to worry about ~J

Awww, P! You're the best! I told you we had a bromance. Nevermind, Kurt. Jar is gonna come to my rescue. Juke is on! Happy now Blainey?! :) ~L

Juke? ~K

Just don't ask ~J

Yes, much better :) Um, can I ask why you called him 'P' though? ~B

Lol, it's short for pooftah. I've been 'P' for years to him. Welcome to the club, Jared! ~K

Oh my god, Luke! How have you never been punched in the face? ~B

I'm inexplicably endearing ~L

It's true. I've come to realize that Luke is about the only person who can manage to pull off the word pooftah as a term of endearment ~K

Yup. My head says I should be offended but then I think of his obnoxious yet well meaning face and can't help but love him. It's only been two fucking days ~J

Welcome to my world ~K

Shucks you guys! I'm all but blushing from the love :) Oh, and by the way Blaine, I refuse to be like the rest of the world. I'm admittedly obnoxious but I'm loyal as fuck. Heteroflexible is just too freaking long. I think I'm just gonna call you my "flexible" friend :) ~L

Thanks, man :) I'm good with that ~B

Just don't call him that too loudly when we go out to the gay bar. It will definitely be taken the wrong way ~J

I second that! I'm already gonna need to be on guard ~K

What's the big deal? ~B

Dude, have you not been to gay bars? ~L

Not really, Jared would never take me. Just the one time when I met Kurt actually ~B

With good reason, sweetie. You're too cute and too oblivious. It's a bad combination ~J

Oblivious about what? ~B

Thank you for proving my point ~J

Oh, honey. Let's just say you're not leaving my sight, and we're definitely not announcing the fact that you're "flexible" ~K

One phrase for you, B. Meat Market. The guys in this particular bar we're going to have a sharp eye out for fresh meat. Last time I went with Kurt, a seventy-year-old dressed all in leather kept pinching my ass and calling me cutie. Be prepared to have a blast, but just... be prepared ~L

Now I'm nervous ~B

Don't worry, babe. I'll keep my hand on your ass all night so no one can pinch it ~K

Jar? Will you keep your hand on my ass all night so no one can pinch it? ~L

*sigh* Goodnight guys. Let's all meet at Kurt's on Friday night, say nine? Send me direction, B ~J

Hey! You didn't answer me! ~L

Sounds good, Jared. See you then! ~K

Hey, guys! What about me! Who's gonna protect my ass?! ~L

Will do, Jar. See you all then. Night ~B

Guys! Hey! I'm serious! ~L

Guys? ~L

Fine. If I get taken home by a seventy-year-old dom master it's on your heads ~L

We'll come to your wedding ~K

Dick ~L

"Can we talk about the lovely Celeste now?" Kurt asked, tossing his phone aside after sending Luke one last text.

Blaine tensed at his words, glancing over at his boyfriend from where he was setting his alarm clock. Kurt was watching him with a humor filled smirk as he started rubbing lotion into his hands while resting up against the headboard. With a sigh and a groan, Blaine crawled onto the bed. Kurt relaxed against his pillow and spread his legs wide for Blaine to scoot in between them.

"Only if you promise to snuggle me the whole time because even speaking her name makes my insides turn cold, and please STOP calling her lovely. She's not. She's evil incarnate."

"I will always snuggle you my overgrown koala. And that was sarcasm, baby," Kurt snickered, lightly kissing the shell of Blaine's ear, causing him to shiver. "You'll quickly learn that I'm full of it."

Blaine chuckled as he tipped his head back on Kurt's shoulder, turning his face to the side to give his boyfriend a peck on the lips.

"Let's not even give her the benefit of sarcastic compliments. Let's just call a spade a spade and refer to her as the evil bitch monster of evilness."

Kurt burst out laughing.

"So tell me about the evil bitch monster of evilness."

Blaine sighed and thunked his head back against Kurt's chest, earning himself an "Ouch!" and a reprimanding little pinch on the arm.

"Sorry, babe," he laughed, rubbing at his arm. "It's just that she's far and away the worst mistake I've ever made, in more than one instance. I hate reliving it."

"Shit. Okay, here's the scoop." He spoke hurriedly, as if he was trying to get it over with. "We met when we both started working at the same little recording studio. It was a tiny place, barely scraping by. I was twenty-one, brand new to New York, more than a little lonely and much more shallow than I am now. One night we were working alone together and before I knew it she was straddling me on top of my desk and stripping. To be honest I hadn't even thought of her in that way before that moment. I also hadn't had sex in about six months though and she had some fabulous tits. It was a no brainer."

"Man-slut," Kurt teased with a little laugh.

Blaine let out a mocking, offended gasp and returned Kurt's little pinch from earlier.

"Hey! You ASKED for the story and I specifically said that I was much more shallow back then. Where's the love, I ask you?"

"You're right," Kurt chuckled. "I did ask. I'll try really hard to hold in my judgey comments."

"Thank you," Blaine responded primly, sniffing in an affronted manner.

"Go on, drama queen."

"Seriously? That wasn't a judgey comment? If you don't stop calling me names I will no longer give you the pleasure of my cock up your ass."

"Fine. I'll just have to suffice with my cock up YOUR ass."

"What makes you think I'd let you?" Blaine grinned. "I may have been a man-slut at one time but I've got morals and dignity now in my old age."

"Please, you slept with me the first night we met, and like you'd ever pass up the opportunity for me to fuck you." Kurt teased. "You know you love my cock, honey."

"Damn," Blaine cursed. "You're right. For that matter I'd never actually deny you my cock either. Fuck, maybe I AM still a bit of a man-slut!"

"As long as you're only a man-slut for me."

"Of course, baby," Blaine grinned. "We've already determined that I'm gay for only you. I will also be easy for only you."

"I can get behind that," Kurt smiled, shaking his head in disbelief at their conversation.

"Okay," Blaine sighed again. "Let me get this out or I never will. Well, we went from hooking up a few times to going out on some dates, and before I knew it we were a couple. It kind of happened without me knowing it. She sort of took over my life without me even realizing what was going on."

"How did she do that?" Kurt laughed incredulously.

"Well, as Jared so lovingly pointed out when we texted, I can be a fairly oblivious guy on occasion."

"True," Kurt snorted, squeezing Blaine lovingly.

"She just started moving things in to my place, bit by bit. She started taking over my schedule, deciding when we'd go out and who we'd go out with. It honestly didn't bother me that much until she tried to tell me that I couldn't play sports with the guys anymore on the weekends, and even when I was allowed to see my own family. That's where I drew the line of being bossed around. I told her it wasn't going to work and that we needed to break up. So she left. That is after she stabbed my basketball with a steak knife and threw my Playstation out the window."

"Wow. Soooo, she's psychotic. Check," Kurt shook his head with wide eyes.

"That's just the beginning, baby," Blaine groaned, briefly covering his face with his hands. "Needless to say I was relieved when she took a job at another company soon after. I actually did the same a few months later and that's how I ended up where I am. Over the next couple of years though, we would run into each other on occasion. We were still both in the same business, so we'd end up being at the same events and concerts and stuff."

"And how did that go?" Kurt asked in a skeptical tone. "Would she slip you notes spelled with letters cut from magazines, telling you that if you didn't take her back she would kidnap your football and hold it hostage with a vegetable peeler?"

"Not quite," Blaine snickered. "Actually, over the two next years we slowly started to become friends, which is something we'd neglected to do the first time around."

"So, you became friends with the psychotic, basketball-stabbing, evil bitch monster of evilness? Sounds legit."

"Stop," Blaine laughed with an embarrassed blush.

"She honestly seemed like a different person for a while," he sighed. "We got together and had a drink one night when we were attending the same seminar, and she ended up apologizing for everything, the stabbing of the basketball and all. After that we started talking more and then began going out for a drink or dinner on occasion. And after a while we kind of... well, we kind of started to... oh god, I don't want to admit it..."

"Become fuck buddies?" Kurt filled in with a knowing smirk.

"Exactly," Blaine sighed again. "We may have been terrible when we were a couple, but we still had some great sex. It's painfully easy to hop back in bed with someone when you know each other so well. When you know exactly what the other likes and that it's automatically going to be good. Alcohol also helps."

"I've been there," Kurt sighed. "You don't have to give me excuses. I completely understand."

"And now we have another story that needs sharing," Blaine turned his head with a curious look.

"Yes, but a story for another day," Kurt took a moment to kiss him on the corner of the mouth, moving his head gently to rub his nose against Blaine's.

"I'm gonna hold you to that," Blaine kissed him back with a wet little smack.

"Deal. Now keep going."

"Well," Blaine shrugged, "she kind of became a crutch for me. If I was lonely, or had just broken up with someone, or even if I was just plain horny I'd give her a call."

"What about her?"

"You mean did she feel anything more for me than just being a booty call?"


"Well, that question actually leads to the next part of my story. After a year or so of us hooking up, I started to wonder if my feelings were changing. I started to think that maybe I was beginning to care about her. It was scary because of where we had been before, and because I wasn't sure how she felt."

When he grew quiet and stoic for a moment, Kurt gave him a little squeeze before scooting the both of them down so that they were lying face-to-face on one pillow. Kurt's countenance had quickly changed from one of teasing to one of sympathetic caring as he watched his boyfriend silently, waiting for him to continue.

"While all this was going on," Blaine sighed heavily, "I had been working on this really big project, this idea that I wanted to present to my boss. It was pretty ground breaking at the time and could have meant a huge boost in my career. I had started mentioning it to Celeste, just vaguely. It was such a big deal and I knew she'd get how exciting it was, being in the business and all."

"One night, a couple days before I was supposed to make my big proposal, she was over. She told me that night that she was falling in love with me again. She said that there was no pressure, that we could keep going as we were for as long as I wanted, but if and when I felt ready, she wanted to be with me again. I was shocked and didn't say anything at first, just agreed to take our time. I knew right then that I'd end up asking her to get back together though. In hindsight, I realize that she knew it too. She knew everything about me."

He shook his head and closed his eyes, looking like he felt a bit ill just retelling this part of the story.

"Later on that night, after we'd had sex, she walked up to where my work was sitting out, and she asked me about it. I was so excited about the possibilities... and hell, she was sitting there looking all homey and like a girlfriend, wearing nothing but my t-shirt and having told me that she was falling in love with me only an hour or so earlier... so I told her all about it. All my ideas. Every fucking detail."

Kurt felt a kick to his own gut then, having a good idea where this story was going.

"So a couple days later, I have the meeting with my boss. I'm ready to propose everything to him. I'm so pumped. I get to his office... and Celeste is there. My boss introduces us, and I'm staring at her in shock, wondering why the hell she's there. He tells me that before I share my proposal, he has something exciting to tell me. He goes on to say that he had just hired Celeste that same day, that she was going to be my new co-worker, and that he had hired her because of some amazing new ideas she brought to the table."

Blaine stopped talking and simply stared at Kurt. His gaze was disturbingly cold and empty at the same time. Kurt felt his jaw clench.

"Your ideas," he whispered in an angry voice. Blaine gave a resigned nod.


"What did you do?"

"I sat there like an idiot for a while, then stumbled from the room at some point. I don't even know what excuse I ended up giving for not presenting my own proposal. I just knew that I needed to get out of there."

Kurt sighed heavily, running a hand up and down Blaine's arm.

"Did you end up confronting her?"

"Well," Blaine answered in a heavy voice, "first I went to the batting cages and spent the rest of the afternoon murdering some baseballs to get out my anger. I didn't want to risk strangling her with my bare hands when we talked. I figured I had already lost my edge in my career. It probably wouldn't help matters if I went to jail for manslaughter."

"Good thinking, babe. I'm very grateful. I kind of doubt I'd have met you, you know, if you were a murderer."

They looked at each other and broke into tiny smiles, then finally chuckled together, glad to have something to laugh over in the moment.

"Then?" Kurt questioned, slipping his arm around Blaine's waist, pulling him close.

"I tried to confront her but she refused to talk to me. Blocked my number, avoided me."

"Did you tell your boss that she had stolen your ideas?"

"No, for two reasons. First off, I really didn't have proof. I had all my work, but there was nothing there to show that I had come up with everything first. Secondly, what kind of a whiny, little bitch would I have seemed like, had I gone complaining about and accusing her... especially with no proof?"

Kurt sighed with a little growl.

"I guess you're right. Please tell me that something horrible at least happened to her."

"Kind of," Blaine laughed. "Turns out that while I was determined to not be vindictive, Jared had no such qualms."

"Yes," Kurt sighed contentedly. "I knew I loved that man!"

"Well, they had never gotten along actually. She always acted like she was barely tolerating him, and he couldn't stand her, which should have clued me in from the very beginning, but as I stated before I can be a bit oblivious at times."

Kurt shook his head with a smile and leaned in to kiss Blaine's forehead.

"Yes, but I just find it endearing."

"Good," Blaine sighed, "cuz I don't see myself changing that much at this point in my life."

"So anyway, turns out," he continued with a raised eyebrow, "that my boss may have hired her for more than the ideas she stole from me. Apparently they were ALSO fuck buddies."

"Eeesh," Kurt grimaced. "Double ouch."

"Yes, well," Blaine rolled his eyes. "She's all about screwing people."

"Nicely done," Kurt nodded with a smirk, holding his hand up for a high five. Blaine smacked it with a laugh.

"Why, thank you. So anyway, they apparently kept this up after she started working, in his office no less, which led to them somehow getting caught on video by a mysterious party."

"Shut up!" Kurt yelped. "How... Oh my god! Jared did not video tape them!"

Blaine held up a hand to show that he wasn't finished.

"A copy of said video, which included not only them fornicating but also a conversation in the midst of their fornication which captured my boss talking about how 'certain skills' were the main reason he'd hired her, was sent to sent to them both. It included a note saying that they could either they could both resign quietly, or the video would go to the board of directors."

"Shut up!" Kurt shouted again, shooting up in bed and shoving at Blaine's shoulder. "Oh my god, Jared is such a sneaky bitch! I love him!"

"Well, here's the deal," Blaine laughed. "It was all anonymous. Both Celeste and my boss came to me, livid, assuming it was me. When it was clear that I genuinely had no idea what they were talking about Celeste threw the disc at me, telling me to enjoy because it was the last glimpse I would ever get. I had no idea what she was even talking about until I watched it. Lemme tell you, I was not focusing on Celeste. I will never forget the image of my boss's pasty, white ass jiggling in front of my face."

He quickly developed a nauseated expression, rubbing at his stomach queasily.

"So they quit?" Kurt questioned, finally delighting just a bit in this piece of Blaine's history.

"Yup, and the kicker is, the whole project they started with my stolen ideas was left hanging. Another 'anonymous' tip led the board to ask me if I knew anything about it and would take over. They were so impressed with how quickly I learned the details and took charge that it ended up leading to a promotion, which in turn led to the promotion I just got last week. In a sick way I suppose everything ended up working out."

"Holy crap," Kurt exclaimed, resting back down on the bed. "I gotta say, I wasn't expecting a happy ending to that whole thing. So it was all Jared though, right? I mean you said that he had no qualms about being vindictive."

"That's the thing," Blaine smiled quietly. "It really was anonymous and he wouldn't admit to anything. He's the only one who knew all of the details though. No one else could have pulled it off. I kept trying to get him to confess but he just insisted that he had no idea what I was talking about."

"Why wouldn't he just admit it? Even to you?"

"Jar's not really the type who's interested in getting the glory," Blaine sighed, reminded yet again of how lucky he was to have such a friend.

"Wow," Kurt sighed. "Well, that was quite the saga. I fully understand now why we are referring to her as the evil bitch monster or evilness. So, now she's trying to get back in to your company?"

"Apparently," Blaine groaned. "I guess I'll just have to see what happens."

"Hmmm," Kurt sighed, reaching over to switch the lamp off before snuggling down against Blaine's shoulder. "Well, at least we know that your best friend will be there to blackmail her if she gets out of hand."

Blaine just laughed, pulling Kurt against his chest and hugging him.

"Any other psychotic ex-girlfriends I should know about?" Kurt asked in a muffled voice.

"No," Blaine grinned. "Just the one."



"Hey, Kurt?"

"What, honey?"

"Have I told you how so very glad I am that I met you? You're amazing."

"Well, you gotta admit. I didn't exactly have much competition. Anyone's gonna look good compared to psycho bitch: murderer of sports equipment."

"I'm serious," Blaine laughed, playfully pushing him away.

Kurt grinned, leaning back over for a soft kiss.

"I'm awfully glad I met you too, Blaine. You're pretty perfect."

They smiled at each other dopily for a few moments, then settled down under the covers again with contented sighs.

"Blaine?" Kurt whispered sleepily.


"Remind me to never, ever, ever piss off Jared."