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"Good morning, dear."

Blaine jumped a good inch off of the ground when the teasing voice spoke right next to him. He had just come off the elevator after grabbing Kurt's mail from downstairs and hadn't expected anyone to be standing right there waiting for him.

"Morning, Mrs. Moscowitz," he smiled warily.

The old lady just smiled back primly, wanting to keep him guessing as to how she was feeling about him. She was certainly crazy about Kurt. He was the apple of her eye. She and Blaine, however, hadn't exactly gotten off to the best start. Her introduction to him, after all, had been his announcement to the entire hallway that he had fucked Kurt's face the previous evening along with the fact that he had begged to suck Kurt's cock in return.

Mrs. Moscowtiz was no prude, and was even quite the champion for gay rights, much to the chagrin of some of the old girls she played cards with every Tuesday down at the senior center. She was, however, from a time when those types of conversations were kept private, and not blurted out loud in hallways.

She sighed to herself as she watched him fiddle nervously with the bundle of mail in his hands. It was obvious that he cared somewhat about her opinion of him, and it was just as obvious how crazy her Kurt was about this young man. The times she had observed her young neighbor over the last week had shown him to be the happiest she'd ever seen. Maybe it was time she gave this new boyfriend a break.

"Come on over to my apartment for a moment, sweetheart."

Blaine blinked at the word 'sweetheart'. He eyed her cautiously for a moment, not quite sure what to do. He had gotten the distinct impression that his boyfriend's neighbor did not like him. 'Sweetheart' felt like a trap somehow.

"Ooookaaay," he followed hesitantly as she shuffled in through her door. "Um, is there something I can help you with? I think Kurt's handier than me when it comes to fixing stuff around the apartment, but I can give it a whirl."

"That's not why I asked you in. Sit on down and have a cookie."

Blaine glanced at his watch. It was seven in the morning. He was just adult enough to realize that it wasn't exactly cookie time, at least both Kurt and Jared would have told him so. He smiled to himself at the thought and grabbed up a cookie from the proffered plate.

"Thank you, Mrs. Moscowitz."

He took a bite and honestly had to stop himself from groaning at how delicious it was.

"God," he mumbled around a mouthful before shoving the entire thing in. "This is amazing! Did you make these yourself?"

"Sure did," she winked. "I was quite the pastry chef in my day. Owned a little shop."

"Wow!" Blaine smiled, reaching for another without even thinking. "I bet you were pretty successful."

"I was indeed," she smiled back, chuckling at how he was relishing every bite. Kurt enjoyed her baking, to be sure, but he was much more reserved when he partook of her cookies. Watching Blaine was giving her pleasant memories of when her own sons were little.

"So," she cleared her throat authoritatively, adding a little glare. "I have some questions for you."

Blaine stopped mid-bite of his third cookie and swallowed.

"Yes, ma'am."

"Either you've been over here or Kurt has been gone from his apartment every day this week."

He saw the cheerful glint in her eye and decided this could be fun if he let it.

"Well, ma'am, that was a statement, not a question," he returned with a grin.

"Too right. Well then, I guess I have some more statements to make."


"He seems awfully chipper lately."

"Yes, ma'am."

"Despite that particularly awkward morning last week you seem awfully chipper when you're around him."

He brushed bright red.

"Yes, ma'am."

"You're very polite," she nodded appraisingly. "Not that many young men are respectful enough to call an old lady 'ma'am' anymore."

Blaine laughed softly and shook his head.

"One thing my mama made sure of was that I was raised to be a gentleman."

"Good for her."

Blaine fought the urge to roll his eyes and simply gave her a tight smile. She gave him a look that made him feel distinctly as if she was peering into his soul before sniffing and moving on.

"I got the feeling, from the little I overheard of your conversation last Saturday, that you weren't sure how you felt about being with a man."

Blaine's throat suddenly went dry and he coughed,

"Yes, ma'am. That's true. A-at least it was that morning."

She eyed him curiously, settling herself down on a stool with her cane in her lap

"How do you feel about it now?"

Blaine rubbed his hand over his eyes, visibly uncomfortable.

"Um... I... I don't necessarily know. I can just tell you that I've never felt this way before about anyone, girl or guy. I'm so crazy about Kurt. He's amazing. I can't believe he wants to be with me. I'm not stupid enough to let him go just because we're both guys. It-it's new, and I'm still adjusting... but I'm so happy. I will be good him. I can promise you that. I'm assuming that's why we're having this conversation."

She smiled brightly and patted his hand, scooting herself from her stool and moving into her small kitchen, speaking all the while.

"You're right on the money. So, thank you. I'm glad. He deserves the best. I'm glad you're overcoming your reservations, sweetheart, because you seem to make just the cutest little couple."

She hobbled quickly back to him with a small tin and put it in his hands.

"I'll let you go now, youngster. Thank you for humoring an old lady. Take these cookies as a reward for letting me pry."

Blaine's eyes brightened at the thought of more cookies and he thanked her politely, adding that he hadn't minded at all. It was only partly true, but he couldn't blame her.

He stopped at her doorway when he felt a hand on his arm.

"How are you doing then, sweetheart?"

"I'm just fine," he answered slowly, confused.

She smiled, eyes twinkling yet full of concern.

"I just meant, this is probably a big adjustment for you. Quite the emotional upheaval I'd imagine. How are you really doing with it all?"

Blaine's jaw dropped. This was the last thing he had expected, and the motherly concern in her voice finally made him understand why she and Kurt were close.

"I'm really doing okay, Mrs. Moscowitz," he smiled. "Like I said, it's huge, and new, and an enormous adjustment. It's been a little hard, especially the way some people are treating me, co-workers and such, but they'll come around. All I know is that Kurt is making me happy and I'm pretty sure I'm making him happy, so... there's nowhere else I'd rather be."

"Good," she grinned, patting him on the cheek. "That's an amazing attitude to have. You just tell me though if those co-workers get out of hand. I don't suffer any fools and I'm not afraid to use this cane."

She waved her cane fiercely in the air for moment, trying her best to paste on a scary look. Blaine busted out laughing.

"I appreciate that very much. I'll let you know if anyone needs their ass whooped."

He hesitated the moment the word "ass" came from his mouth but she just grinned and shooed him on his way. Her voice stopped him once again though, just as he was opening Kurt's door.

"One request, sweetheart."

"Yes, ma'am?"

"Please keep your conversations about cock sucking inside your apartment, not directly outside of mine."

Blaine bit his lip, thunking his head against the doorframe.

"Yes, ma'am."

She sent him a wink and giggled as she shut her door.

Blaine went inside, clutching the cookies and the mail, thinking that he had never had a stranger conversation in his entire life, but damn had it been fun.

Twenty minutes later Blaine was quietly bustling around Kurt's kitchen, preparing breakfast for his sleeping boyfriend. He was incredibly excited about today and determined that it would be special, from the moment that Kurt woke up to the moment he fell asleep that night, hopefully after some mind-blowing fucking.

It was Friday morning, one week since they'd hooked up. Our one week anniversary, Blaine thought with a grin. He had to admit that he felt a bit like a thirteen-year-old girl, celebrating something like this. When it came down to it though, it was pretty miraculous they had made it past their original hookup. A straight man and a gay man in a real, healthy relationship? Who had heard of such a thing? He was pretty proud of the way they were moving forward, and thought their hard work deserved to be celebrated.

He had decided the day before to treat himself to a day off of work. He had plenty of vacation days piled up, just waiting to be used, so he felt justified. Once he found out that Kurt only had to work in the morning, he figured it was perfect.

Part of his reasoning was that he could spend the morning preparing some surprises for Kurt and then they could have the afternoon, just the two of them, before joining Luke and Jared at the bar that night. It had also been an incredibly long week, what with Celeste still lurking around his office and a couple of co-workers making his days less than enjoyable by acting like homophobic assholes. He was more than ready for a break and a day of fun.

He stacked the steaming waffles he had just made onto one of Kurt's china plates and covered them decoratively with strawberries and whipped cream. The whipped cream made him smile, and he added an extra dollop on top with a flourish.

Settling the plate on a tray along with Kurt's mail, he headed into the bedroom, intent on waking his boyfriend for breakfast in bed.

When he entered the room though, he couldn't help but chuckle to himself at what he saw. Kurt had rolled to the middle of the bed, which Blaine had noticed he had a tendency to do, and was curled up on his stomach, one leg tucked up underneath him. He was clutching Blaine's pillow to his chest and breathing heavily through his nose.

Blaine would have called it snoring, but Kurt had informed him right off the bat that it was just breathing heavily. Kurt Hummel did not snore, apparently. Blaine had agreed because it was just too fucking cute.

He set aside the plate of waffles, deciding to give Kurt just a few more minutes when he realized just how deeply he was sleeping. Grabbing a magazine from the pile of mail, he cuddled in next to Kurt, thumbing through it quietly. He couldn't help the small gasp that escaped from his mouth though when the magazine fell open to an advertisement for a pair of men's boots.

The boots in question had nothing to do with his surprise, however. It was the model wearing said boots. He looked at the page, then jerked his head up to look at his boyfriend. Slowly, his gaze fell back to the page.

He obviously knew that Kurt was a model, but he had never seen the fruits of Kurt's labor. Until now that was. He peered at the page in front of him, fascinated... and more than a little turned on. The Kurt in the picture was strolling along a crowded New York street. Purposely blurred crowds surrounded him while he stood out vividly, as if frozen in the midst of the busyness of the city. The model was looking off to the side with a secretive little smirk on his face, hands in his pockets and playfully kicking up some leaves with the advertised boots. There was a caption off to the side, guaranteeing to "set you apart for the crowd", should you purchase their product.

Blaine grinned, seeing clearly that Kurt would have stood out regardless of what he was wearing or any amount of digital editing. He felt like his breath had been taken away, seeing his boyfriend like this. He was so vibrant. Absolutely stunning.

He glanced up when he heard muffed little snore and watched as Kurt burrowed his face down into the mattress. The model brought a hand up in his sleep to wipe away a tiny bit of drool that had escaped from the corner of his mouth, then let out a deep breath as one cheek smooshed down against the bed. Blaine watched him for a moment, biting his lip before bursting out laughing.

Kurt shot up in bed, blinking sleepy eyes in confusion.

"Wh-what... wazzgoinon?"

Blaine just shook his head, unable to stop himself from laughing hysterically as he clutched at his stomach. A sleepy looking Kurt pouted at him, clearly uncertain what was happening but getting the distinct feeling that he was being laughed at. Before he could let Blaine know that he was feeling offended, he was shoved down onto the bed with an arm full of boyfriend.

"You..." Blaine kissed him, pushing him back.

"Are so..." he ran his hands lightly under Kurt's shirt, causing him to shiver and gasp in surprise.

"Fucking..." he ground his hips down against Kurt's, this time causing a loud groan.


Kurt's eyes sank closed again, still feeling utterly confused, but not about to argue with a lovely morning make-out session. He blinked them open once more when Blaine pulled back with a happy sigh, resting his chin down on clasped hands over Kurt's chest.

"What the hell was that?" He asked in a gravelly laugh.

Blaine grinned and bounced up, grabbing the magazine and showing it to his boyfriend. Kurt sat up slowly, holding the magazine in his hands and then groaning.

"Oh, god."

He sighed heavily, looking at the picture and then back at Blaine warily.

"So, what did you think?"

"I think," Blaine grinned as he pounced into Kurt's lap, straddling him as he wrapped his arms around his boyfriend's shoulders. "That you look amazing in that picture. You're so hot, so gorgeous. I am so fucking lucky to be with you. But..."

Kurt was watching Blaine carefully as he gently rested his hands on his boyfriend's ass, obviously taking to heart everything he was saying.

"But what?"

Blaine bit at his lip, shocking himself by feeling a bit shy about what he was going to say next.

"But... looking up from that ad to immediately see you as you really are? God, that was even better. I am dating this incredibly sexy man who is just... so stunning, and then I get the privilege of seeing him completely natural, completely real."

"Aaaand, you don't mind the significant contrast?" Kurt asked, suddenly looking just as shy as Blaine was feeling. Blaine laughed, leaning in to kiss him gently.

"Kurt, I see you in that magazine and I think, 'Holy shit, my boyfriend is so fucking hot!', but then I see you here in bed with me, snoring and drooling in your sleep..."

He paused when a horrified expression crossed Kurt's face and burst out laughing again, placing a huge kiss on his forehead.

"I see you like that, and it takes my breath away."

Kurt heaved a sigh and started to roll his eyes when Blaine gripped his face between his hands.

"It takes my breath away, because I see the real, human you, and you're still..." he shoved Kurt onto his back once again, resting on top of him, "so fucking hot."

A grin spread slowly across Kurt's face before he flipped Blaine over, fully awake at last.

"Oh, really?

"Really," Blaine breathed, lifting his head for a kiss and letting out a small sound of disappointment when Kurt pulled back out of his reach.

"Just one thing," Kurt glared at him playfully. "I don't snore, so stop saying that."

"I'll stop saying that if you get out of those pants and have sex with me before you go to work."

Kurt's eyes lit up and he moved to hurry out of his pajamas. He stopped with a groan though when he glimpsed at the clock.

"Shit. I have to be at work in less than an hour, honey. I don't think we have time for morning sex."

Blaine sighed and swatted Kurt's backside, shooing him off to the side.

"Okay. Fine. Eat your anniversary waffles then. They shouldn't go to waste."

"Anniversary waffles?" Kurt questioned with a laugh, then bounced on the bed in excitement when he saw the tray sitting on the nightstand.

"Yes," Blaine smiled, snatching up the plate to feed Kurt a huge forkful. "Happy one week anniversary."

"Oh my god," Kurt laughed around his mouthful. "I'd almost forgotten! How does it feel like its been forever already?"

"I think we've been through more than the typical couple has by this point, babe," Blaine sighed, letting Kurt take the fork to feed him in turn.

"True," Kurt nodded, quickly scooping up another bite of his own. "It's been one hell of a ride so far."

"Do you regret it yet?" Blaine asked, swiping a bit of whipped cream with his finger and offering it to his boyfriend. Kurt smiled and sucked the cream away with a dark look in his eyes.

"God, no," he answered as he pulled off. "I'm not going to either."

A little smile played at the corner of Blaine's lips as he reached up a finger to wipe a bit of cream from the corner of Kurt's mouth.

"Good, me neither. Now hurry up and finish your waffles so I can give you an anniversary blow job real quick."

Kurt squealed excitedly, shoveling another bite into his mouth.

"Best one week anniversary ever!"

Fuck. Why am I so nervous?

Blaine settled himself back on Kurt's bed, closing his eyes and letting out a deep breath. He had been thinking over the last couple of days about how hot it had been for him to come home to a gorgeous boyfriend, naked and prepping himself on the bed, just waiting to be fucked. He had decided right away that he wanted to do something just as hot for Kurt.

There was only one slight hitch. He had yet to touch himself in that way.

That was why he was starting early. Kurt wasn't due home for a couple of hours, so he was giving himself plenty of time to try things out on his own.

He obviously had no problem with it. In fact he enjoyed it immensely, just as much or even more so than topping, if he was completely honest with himself. It had only been a week, however, since he had experienced sex in this way and he was still getting used to the whole concept.

He'd been lying there for a few minutes, and had attempted to push in one finger a few times, but each time he felt his body grow tense, and an irrational flow of nerves shot through him. He was starting to get annoyed with himself. He rolled his eyes, sighing deeply.

Holy shit, Blaine. It's like you're a twelve-year-old kid attempting masturbation for the first time! Get over it!

He knew very well how good it felt and that it didn't have to hurt if he was careful, yet for some reason he just couldn't get himself in the right frame of mind.

That's when it struck him. It was all about his frame of mind. He had been approaching this just as if he was jerking himself off. He was now realizing that, just as bottoming was such a different experience than topping, fingering himself was a much different experience than jerking himself off.

He had even described it somewhat to Kurt after the very first time he'd bottomed, how there was this sense of release when he was able to just let go. It was a much more sensual experience, rather than one born of power and control.

He took a deep breath and then let it out slowly as his eyes drifted shut.

Alright. New frame of mind. How would I feel if Kurt was the one touching me right now?

A smile flitted across his face and one last, deep breath slowly left his lungs. He could picture it so easily.

Kurt, kneeling over him, that smoldering little half smirk on his face, running those soft hands over his chest.

He brought his own hands up to his chest, tracing lightly over his nipples, then sucked in a sharp breath as tiny, pleasant flickers shot through him.

Kurt's hands running up and down his body, leaning in to gently kiss, then suck, where his fingers had just been caressing.

He slid his right hand over his chest, letting his left hand settle over his hardening nipple, first grazing over it then massaging it steadily with the tips of his fingers.

His breath hitched lightly in his throat.

Kurt, keeping his hot mouth against his chest, working him over with his tongue while a hand trailed down to start stroking his cock.

He kept massaging the stiff little peak, rolling it between his fingers. His left hand slid down to his cock, gripping it in a way that was different from normal, in a way that was his best imitation of how Kurt would grip him, and started a slow rhythm.

"Kurt," he breathed.

It was only seconds later when his hips began twitching, thrusting up involuntarily.

Kurt, watching him darkly, pushing his legs apart.

His legs fell open, eagerly, to either side.

Kurt, momentarily letting go of his erection and leaning down to lovingly stroke his ass, spreading it open, then leaning in to place a hot, wet kiss.

With a shaky hand he grabbed the lube he had set out, squeezing a large amount onto his fingers. He circled two fingers around his hole, touching himself the way he imagined Kurt's tongue would.

"Fuck, yes."

Kurt, sitting back up, that sexy smirk back on his face.

"You want me to touch you, baby? You want me inside you?"

Blaine whined in the back of his throat. His body relaxed as he slowly circled and massaged.

"Mmmm, yes."

He slowly pushed in one finger, stretching carefully, and melted down into the bed as he began to work his hips gently against his own hand. His other hand moved back over his cock, stroking it in rhythm with his other movements.

A tiny bead of sweat began to break out on his forehead. His jaw was tensed, holding his mouth open as he gasped small breaths.

Kurt, panting heavily as he stroked himself for a moment, then moving back to Blaine, gently working a second finger inside him until...


He sucked in a sharp breath as his entire body shuddered, just once. He frantically snatched up the lube, pulling out his fingers to cover them once more before pushing them back inside.

"Fucking shit, fuck!"

That now familiar spark was hitting him- the one that began at the base of his spine and tingled upward and outward, spreading throughout his entire body. His breaths came in short pants then, hips moving in a slight circle, fingers fucking up into his ass while he thrust down against them with small groans.

He growled in frustration, however, realizing that he couldn't quite get the same steady stimulation of his prostate on his own, and feverishly wished that Kurt would magically appear for real. He pushed the thought aside, focusing back on his fantasy as he managed to stroke against his prostate perfectly once more.

Kurt, above him, pulling out his fingers and lying down on top of him, covering him with his weight.

"Yes," Blaine mumbled body tensing as his eyes squeezed shut. "Fuck yes. Kurt, yes..."

His hips lifted sharply, up in the air, his fingers pressing inside his ass in just the right way, his other hand jerking roughly on his cock.

Kurt, groaning, pressing his face down into his neck, fucking forward, calling out his name.

His legs twitched and shook, falling open even further. His ass thrusted up, fucking onto his fingers, and he twisted under the head of his cock.

"Fuck," he whimpered, letting out a high, breathy moan.

Oh my fucking god holy fucking hell shit fucking jesus christ...

He held his breath, jaw shaking, before breathing out in slow motion, huffing out a quick, happy breath at the very end.

Damn. That was good.

He started panting, slow and heavy as his body relaxed. His eyes drooped closed and he drifted off with a contented smile on his face.

There. That wasn't so hard. But... Kurt's real life fingers and dick are so much better.

Kurt walked up to his apartment door with a smile on his face, swinging a small gift bag on his finger tips.

He was a bit later than he'd intended, but he'd found the perfect little gift for Blaine, exactly what he'd been looking for, so he felt that it was worth it.

"Honey, I'm ho-"

He started to call out jokingly but stopped mid-sentence, gasping in excitement when he noticed a square box on his kitchen counter.

"Shut up!" He exclaimed, bouncing over to the box and throwing open the lid.

"No, I will not shut up."

Kurt looked up when Blaine walked in from the bedroom, grinning as he towel dried his curls.

"Holy shit, Blaine! You got my favorite cheesecake!" Kurt yelped as he threw his arms around the shorter man, happily breathing in his fresh scent.

"Why, yes I did," Blaine chuckled, swinging him off of the ground for a second. "I enlisted Luke since I remembered you mentioning that it was from a bakery near his apartment. He ordered it for me and had it delivered here."

"Remind me to thank him tonight," Kurt sighed happily, grabbing a fork from a drawer and scooping up a bite. His eyes sank closed and he moaned contentedly as he popped the fork into his mouth. Blaine watched with a smile, then hopped up on the counter, pulling Kurt in against him and opening his mouth for a bite of his own. His eyebrows shot up in surprise when Kurt placed a forkful in his mouth.

"Shit, that's really good!"

"Told you," Kurt smiled, snagging himself another bite.

"Did you notice the card?"

Kurt looked down at the box in surprise, then guiltily flipped the lid back down to pull away the card attached to the top.

"Sorry! I was so excited about the cheesecake I didn't pay attention. Did you write me something all sweet and romantic?"

He glanced up at Blaine with a smile, but his boyfriend was rolling his eyes and laughing.

"Well, I intended to, but Luke was the one who actually ordered it so it got, ummm... Lukeified."

"Oh, lord," Kurt opened the card with a grin. He groaned in disbelief when he read what was written there.

To my hot, pooftah lover. This cheesecake is but a small token of my gratitude for introducing me to the gratifying world of butt sex. I immensely enjoy either A. fucking you, B. being fucked by you, or C. both options A and B with a possible bend towards one or the other. Whichever way I'm fairly certain I like your dick. Maybe we can cover it with this cheesecake later and I can suck it off.

Hugs and kisses,

Your straight boyfriend

PS Even though you're understandably obsessed with having lots of gay sex with me right now, don't forget about your amazing best friend, Luke. He's a perfect human being and we should all bow down and worship him.

PPS You suck for reneging on your deal with him but he loves you anyway cuz he's awesome like that.

Kurt closed his eyes, shaking his head and leaning in against Blaine's shoulder.

"I seriously worry about him sometimes," he groaned.

"He did have one good idea," Blaine whispered, kissing his ear. Kurt's face lit up and he pulled back.

"That he did. You wanna try a round of 'how long can Blaine speak coherently whilst I suck on his cheesecake covered cock'?"

"Why not?" Blaine grinned. He tucked his fingers into the belt loops of Kurt's pants and pulled him in close. "I already tried one new thing today. Let's add something else."

Kurt pushed him back gently, raising one eyebrow.

"And what, may I ask, did you try today that was new?"

"Um," Blaine smiled, wrinkling his nose and squirming a little on the counter. "I may have tried out, like, what it would be like to prep myself for you."

Kurt's eyebrow rose even further. He'd had boyfriends prep themselves in the past, for sure, but for whatever reason the image of Blaine doing it was just... shit. His dick twitched and he leaned in against Blaine's leg.

"And how was it?" He asked, feeling his pulse start to pick up.

"Well," Blaine smirked, nudging his knee against Kurt's obvious erection. "I got off and it was awesome, but I learned that it's not so easy to stimulate yourself. How do you do it so easily?"

"Lots of practice with a really good toy," Kurt breathed, pulling him forward so they were pressed against each other.

"Toys, huh?"

"At least one really good one."

"Hmmm, well put that on my wish list for whenever you feel the desire to get me a present."

"Oooo!" Kurt jumped excitedly, pulling away. "I almost forgot! I did get you a present today, just not an erotic one."

He grabbed the small gift bag from where he had set it on the counter and handed it to Blaine with a smile.

"Happy one week anniversary, sweetie."

"We're such dorks," Blaine laughed taking the bag with excitement. He looked on in confusion for a moment when he pulled out a tiny, glass figurine.

"What..." he began but immediately trailed off. Realization sank in when he took a closer look. A memory flooded back of the first time they'd played their little whipped cream game, and how he'd told the story of his childhood pet.

"Oh my god, Kurt! You got me a little turtle!"

"Yup," Kurt grinned. "I even named him Howard."

"Kuuurt," he stuck out his bottom lip just a bit as he gazed at his little treasure, melting at how thoughtful this man was. "This is the sweetest thing ever!"

"See? There is more to the cock sucking game than the thrill of seeing how long we can prolong each other's pleasure," Kurt smiled, pulling Blaine to the edge of the counter once again. "I've already learned some things that will help me surprise you."

Blaine set aside the figurine, sighing contentedly as he leaned in for a kiss.

"You're amazing. Thank you. I absolutely love it, babe."

"You're quite welcome. You know what though?"


"I'd like to learn more about you, right now."

"You will when we play the cock sucking game with cheesecake," Blaine grinned.

"No," Kurt chewed at his lip. "We'll do that, but I kind of want you to tell me more about your little... experiment."

Blaine smirked, hiking one leg up around Kurt's hip and drawing him even closer.

"You want details, huh?"

"Yes, please," Kurt whispered. He pressed his face down into Blaine's neck, first kissing gently, then beginning to suck slowly.

"Fuck," Blaine breathed, tipping his head to the side and bringing his other leg up to wrap around Kurt, too.

"I was on your bed." He spoke softly into Kurt's ear. "It was a little weird at first, but then... I just thought of you."

Kurt groaned into the crook of Blaine's neck.

"What did you think of?"

Blaine took in another sharp breath as Kurt starting kissing and sucking again, harder, faster.

"I just pictured you doing everything to me. Kissing me, touching me, stretching me... then fucking me."

"Shit, Blaine," Kurt mumbled against his skin. He kissed his way up to his boyfriend's lips, already breathing heavily as he nudged Blaine's lips apart with his own, sweeping his tongue inside and kissing him deeply.

"Let me fuck you now, please?"

Blaine grasped the front of his shirt, kissing him back.

"I'm way ahead of you. Welcome to the next portion of your one week anniversary present. Fuck me. Right now. Any way you want me."

Kurt whimpered as he immediately grasped his ass tightly and started to pick him up from the counter. He realized too late, however, that not only did he not have the right leverage, Blaine was a little heavier than he'd thought. They both busted out laughing when he tripped backwards, almost landing them both on the floor.

"Where were you headed with me?" Blaine laughed as he steadied Kurt on his feet after he'd landed on his own, then reached for his zipper.

"Bedroom," Kurt panted, weaving his fingers through Blaine's curls as he felt a hand reach into his boxer briefs and grasp a hold of him.

"Come on," Blaine planted one last kiss on Kurt's lips, then let go of his hold, winking as he ran into the bedroom.

Kurt just grinned, shaking his head as he stumbled after Blaine, tripping out of his pants on the way.

Blaine grasped tightly at the headboard, his fingers wrapping around the bars as he felt Kurt press flush up against him.

One hand snaked around his chest, fingers flexing against his skin, tracing and stroking over one of his nipples.

"Fucking hell, Kurt. Just do it."

He was already completely strung out. Kurt had taken his time, carefully stretching and prepping him even more, bringing him just short of a climax three separate times. He was so fucking hard and so fucking ready and he wanted Kurt's cock so fucking bad.

Kurt just smirked against his neck, reaching a hand down to rest on his hip, then running it lower, squeezing.

"God, I love this ass."

"Then fuck it, you dick. Don't make me wait any longer."

"Impatient much?" Kurt grinned as he splayed his fingers along the cheek, pulling it to the side. The hand that was on Blaine's chest swept back and down, touching lightly over Blaine's stretched hole that was slick with lube.

"Because you've been taunting me for forty fucking minutes," Blaine sighed with a grin. "Come ON!"

Kurt smiled again, but quickly reached to the side and grabbed a condom, rolling it on. He covered himself with lube, then slid himself up between Blaine's ass cheeks, slipping and rubbing against his hole.

"Jesus, Kurt," Blaine moaned again, leaning his head back against his boyfriend's shoulder, turning his head to the side and nipping at Kurt's neck.

"Just... in me. Now, dammit."

"You said I could have you any way I wanted," Kurt breathed, pressing the tip of his cock into his boyfriend. "This is how I want you. Desperate for me."

Blaine let go of his grip on the headboard with one hand, wrapping his arm up behind his head and around Kurt's, kneading his fingers into the model's neck.

"Remember this next time I top. Payback's a bitch."

Kurt laughed breathlessly and began to respond, but he gasped, gripping at Blaine's waist when the shorter man jutted his hips back, forcing Kurt's cock into him completely.

"Cheater," Kurt grunted, kissing Blaine's neck and wrapping both arms around him tightly. "I was getting there."

"Sorry," Blaine closed his eyes, tightening his grip on the spindle of the headboard with one hand and flexing his fingers into Kurt's neck with the other. "It was involuntary."

"Sure," Kurt snickered, grasping Blaine's stiff cock. He braced himself against the headboard with his other hand, holding Blaine's weight against him, and thrusted upward.

"Fuck," Blaine whined.

He was still amazed, just after a week, at Kurt's ability to make him melt under his touch, even make him fucking whine with pleasure.

"When you pictured me earlier," Kurt spoke in a low voice, fucking upward as he stroked Blaine's erection. "Was it this good?"

"No," Blaine huffed out an amused breath, letting himself fall back into Kurt, praying that his boyfriend was strong enough to hold him up. "That was nothing. This... fucking shit, Kurt. This is so goddamn, fucking good!"

Kurt grinned, keeping his slow and steady tempo, knuckles turning white against the headboard as he held them both up.

"Why?" He breathed before licking against Blaine's neck, then latching onto the soft skin there and sucking harshly. His grip tightened around Blaine's cock, but he kept his rhythm torturously slow.

"Because," Blaine's voice cracked. "It's you. It's your body, and your voice, and your hands... f-fuck... it's your fucking cock, just fucking me, so good! So good..."

Kurt smiled, letting go of his grip on Blaine's erection and gripping the headboard with both hands.

"Like this?"

He let his knees slide a bit to either side, bracing himself, then fucked up into Blaine quickly.

"Yes," Blaine gasped. His head dropped loosely back onto Kurt's shoulder as his knees actually left the mattress, just for a split second.

Tiny grunts came from Kurt's mouth as he sped up, fucking hard and fast, taking all of Blaine's weight.

"Like that. Fuck, Kurt. Just like that. Oh my god..."

"Blaine," Kurt exhaled in short, sharp breaths. "You feel... holy shi-... your ass. Holy fuck, baby!"

They fell silent then, both caught up in the moment. Blaine, realizing that Kurt was holding him up completely, let go of the bed post and slid a hand down to grab his cock. It was stiff and aching since Kurt had let him go and he sighed with relief at the touch. His other hand was still reaching up to grasp at Kurt's neck and his fingers slid up to thread through the model's hair. He groaned, feeling the dampness as trickles of sweat started to run down Kurt's neck. His boyfriend was working so hard, putting every ounce of his strength into fucking the hell out him, and it was so damn hot.

Kurt's muscles started to shake and his thighs began to burn. He let out shattered breaths as he let go of the headboard, clutching Blaine's chest with both hands. He watched over Blaine's shoulder, loving the sight of his boyfriend jerking himself off. A shudder ran through Blaine's body and Kurt saw his hand stutter in its movements, before yanking frantically.

"K-Kurt," Blaine stammered. "Do-on't stop. Right there. Don't stop."

"Let go, honey," Kurt spoke in his ear, his voice and tight. "Come with me."

Kurt grabbed at Blaine's chest, pressing his thumbs tightly against both nipples, and latched down onto his neck, sucking on the same sensitive spot he'd been working since he got home. The one he knew Blaine loved. He fucked faster, harder, ignoring the screaming burn of his muscles. His eyelids flickered shut as he felt his cock fill and his balls tighten.

Blaine's entire body stilled and tightened, then he was crying out.

Kurt thrust up, biting at Blaine's neck to muffle his own shout.

Blaine turned his head, heaving out shaky breaths, and pulled Kurt's face in toward his own. Kurt sighed hotly against his lips, kissing him with a deep moan.

Blaine could feel the sweat running down Kurt's chest, running down his back, slicking them together as they moved together smoothly now, floating through the aftershocks of their orgasms.

"Baby," Kurt suddenly whimpered. "I can't..."

There were a couple of unsteady seconds as Kurt's strength gave out, and then they laughed breathlessly as they both fell backward on the bed, a tangled mess, before weakly pulling apart and collapsing down.

Kurt lay on his back, eyes closed, panting out heavy breaths. Blaine sleepily grabbed a tissue, wiping at the worst of the mess before falling back down at Kurt's side.

For a while they just rested there, breathing heavily, sappy smiles on their faces.

Kurt's eyes popped open in surprise when he felt Blaine shaking with laughter beside him.

"What?" He asked with a little laugh of his own.

"I was just thinking," Blaine chuckled as he pulled a pillow under his head and yanked a blanket over them, shivering with a bit of a chill. "That was some pretty amazing sex to celebrate only one week of being together."

"So," Kurt grinned, scooting over to share the pillow.

"So," Blaine retorted, kissing him softly. "If we keep up this standard, what we do at a year may possibly kill me."

Kurt snorted, closing his eyes with a happy sigh.

"But, oh, what a way to go."