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I swear to God. If you two are fucking each other instead of answering our calls I will be so god damn pissed ~L

I mean it! I have your extra key, Kurt. If I don't hear from one of you in the next five minutes I will come over there and let myself in ~L

He's serious, guys. Will one of you just tell us if you're okay? You kinda freaked us out ~J

That's it. I'm doing it. If I get there and find out that the reason you're not answering is because your boyfriend's dick is up your ass I'm gonna be so fucking mad at you, P ~L

Geez! Chill, Luke! We're fine ~K

Finally! Don't you "chill" me, you little asshole! You guys rushed off, looking like they had just outlawed butt sex, no explanations, and then didn't answer your phones for the next 24 hours! ~L

Seriously, guys. Not cool. Totally against the bro code ~J

"Bro code"? You've been hanging with Luke too much. I'm sorry we didn't answer. We didn't mean to worry you ~B

Yeah, we were just... occupied ~K

That's code for 'I was too busy enjoying my boyfriend's nice, thick cock!' Bros before hos! We've been over this! ~L

Thanks for the compliment :) ~B

We just got caught up in stuff! It was a stressful night. Come over here for dinner and we'll explain what happened ~K

Fine. I'll bring dessert. You're okay tho, B? ~J

I'm fine, Jar. I'm really sorry I worried you ~B

It's okay, sweetie. Long as you're alright. See you tonight. Love you! ~J

Love you, too ~B

Ahem. Where's my apology? ~L

Luke, I'm very sorry. Will you please forgive me? ~K

Please be more specific ~L

Luke, will you please forgive me for getting caught up in the enjoyment of my boyfriend's nice, thick cock and not answering my phone, causing you to worry unnecessarily ~K

Much better. Forgiven ~L

Good. Now excuse me so I can go enjoy it some more ~K

Totally unfair. You guys are having way too much sex while I'm going thru the driest spell of my life! Jar! You wanna make out? I can pretend you're a girl and you can pretend I'm someone you like! ~L

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I didn't need that image ~B

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Alright Jar! Be proud :) ~K

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Now that I have images of big cocks in my head I really need to go take advantage of my boyfriend ~K

Tap it, P! ~L

I'm still stuck on it being Jared's cock though. I'm disturbed ~B

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Oh, lord. Please say no ~J

I don't need this image ~B

I'm flaccid, yet curious. What does that say? ~L

It says you're one of life's crudest mysteries ~K

Make it stop ~B

Hmmm. I'll need to think on this ~L

Kill me now... ~J

"What the..."

Blaine's heart skipped a beat as he was finally pulled awake by the hot dampness that had been gently massaging him for the last five minutes. His mind raced as he scrambled to remember where he was and what was going on, and he gradually became aware of the unexpected yet pleasant heat that had begun to spread throughout his body. A throaty voice spoke from down below his waist.

"Hey there, sleeping beauty," Kurt spoke huskily, pausing to lick purposefully over his boyfriend's now relaxed hole. "Just lie back and revel, honey. I'd say you could go back to sleep if you want, but I think you'll want to be awake to fully enjoy this."

Blaine's eyelids flickered shut and an involuntary groan rumbled in his chest as he felt Kurt's mouth on him once more. He was exhausted, but for the best possible reason. They had already had sex four times since the previous evening, with long discussions and short naps intermittent throughout the night and morning hours.

Their last little escapade - involving Blaine literally holding Kurt up against the wall and fucking him - had taken everything he had in him. Granted, Kurt had helped out by gripping onto the frame of the door they were up against, taking some of his own weight to make it possible, but Blaine had still exerted an enormous amount of energy considering he was actually a bit smaller than his boyfriend.

It had been so unbelievably, fucking hot though. It was a fantasy position for both men, so the mere excitement from living it out had given them the drive to push through, and it had been so fucking worth it. Blaine was fairly certain he had damaged his vocal cords after that particular orgasm and Kurt wondered briefly if he actually could have shattered glass with how high pitched he got. They had both blushed profusely though when a sudden pounding from Kurt's upstairs neighbor sounded angrily from the ceiling. In the neighbor's defense, it was four in the morning by that point.

They had wearily climbed into a warm bath afterwards and then collapsed in bed, barely taking the time to pull a blanket over their naked bodies.

They had briefly awoken mid-morning to their phones dinging madly as their best friends texted to check in but fell back into a dreamless sleep for a couple more hours, despite Kurt's claims of needing to go so that he could enjoy his boyfriend's 'nice, thick cock.'

Blaine was finally awakened by the feeling of Kurt's tongue on his ass. He realized in surprise, as his brain slowly started to come back to reality, that his legs had been spread wide and his feet had been pushed up close to his body, leaving him vulnerably on display. It briefly floated through his mind that with any of his past partners he would have felt exposed and uncomfortable in this position. He wasn't though; not with Kurt. He felt completely at ease and, beyond that, he felt loved and cared for and just... sensual.

Sensual was never a word he would have used to describe sex before now, but it was the only word he could think of to describe what it felt like to be in this position with Kurt, and it drove him fucking wild.

He absolutely loved topping when they had sex. He loved the feeling of dominating his boyfriend, of being in the position to take care of Kurt, to be the one to cause him that kind of pleasure. He felt an unbelievable amount of pride and fulfillment when he saw that look in Kurt's eyes, the one that begged Blaine to just take him, and the contentment and ecstasy that obviously filled him when Blaine did so... and honestly, Kurt simply enjoyed bottoming. Blaine loved giving his boyfriend the satisfaction he craved. In fact, Kurt enjoyed being a bottom so much that even when he topped he usually found some way to still get that satisfaction, generally involving some new, fun little toy he had picked up for them to try.

As their relationship continued, their love life developed and they learned how to please each other. Blaine surprised himself by discovering that he truly loved bottoming just as much as topping. He hadn't expected that turn of events. He had thought at the beginning of their relationship that his extreme enjoyment from bottoming had come from his wonder at the newness of the experience. He had honestly expected, after a bit, to fall into a pattern where he was primarily the top. It just seemed like it would be natural, especially considering his past experience with sex.

The truth was that the opposite happened. He not only enjoyed giving himself to Kurt in that way and letting himself be taken care of, he even started to crave it, sometimes just desperate to feel the weight of Kurt's body on him... in him... surrounding him. Again, he felt utterly sensual in those moments. It was a new experience for him, but one that he found intoxicating.

And Kurt loved to take him. Despite how much he loved being the bottom, the model began to crave topping just as often. Blaine was the first partner with whom he had ever felt such a strong desire to take care of in that way. He found himself daydreaming about different scenarios and variations on positions, hoping to break his record of how quickly he could get Blaine to break down and just beg Kurt to please fuck him.

They were truly versatile in almost every way, which they both discovered led to the most explosive and satisfying sexual experiences of their lives. The fact that they were in love, which they had finally found the freedom to admit out loud, just made their experiences together that much more intense, that much more powerful.

Blaine groaned again as his body convulsed, reaching his hands down to gently grip his boyfriend's hair. Kurt was using both of his hands to spread Blaine's cheeks to either side and was alternating between open mouthed kisses and intense swirls of his tongue, both relaxing and slightly opening the rim. Blaine was trembling slightly at the feeling and unintentionally pushed Kurt's face closer as he gripped his hair.

Kurt smirked to himself, more than a little bit proud of how needy Blaine already was. He flattened his tongue, aggressively massaging and sucking as he moved his hand up to start stroking Blaine's erection.

"What... mmnnnn... gave you the idea to wake me up like this?" Blaine asked with a whimper.

Kurt pulled back briefly, peering up at Blaine with a sassy grin.

"If I recall correctly, you did tell me that to get your one hundred percent forgiveness I would need to do some major ass kissing. I've decided to take that literally."

"That definitely bumps you up to ninety-two percent," Blaine chuckled as Kurt sank back down.

Blaine gave a high breathy moan, releasing Kurt's hair and reaching for his own legs, pulling them open wider and up further on his chest, giving Kurt as much access as possible. He spoke in a low voice, laughing breathily.

"God, I'm so thankful we took that bath and that I got clean for you. This is the best fucking feeling in the world to wake up to, baby. I could lie here and let you do this to me all damn day!"

"Why do you think I insisted on the bath?" Kurt chuckled damply as he pulled away, rubbing his face against the inside of Blaine's thigh to wipe away the excess of saliva dripping down his chin. Blaine shivered at the feeling and let out a high little laugh, still a bit ticklish, despite how turned on he was.

"I love how you smell," Kurt sighed, kissing the wet, slightly opened hole once more before slowly scooting himself up Blaine's body. "I just love it after we've taken a bath together. You're so fresh and soft, but so manly. There's just this intoxicating earthiness, this spiciness. It's just... you. It's so fucking hot, Blaine."

"I'm spicy?" Blaine grinned, pulling Kurt up on top of him completely and kissing him softly on the mouth. "I knew I was hot, but damn."

"Not, like, caliente," Kurt grinned back, returning the kiss. "Not that kind of spicy. I meant that you remind me of fresh spices, like what you bake with."

"Do I smell like a cookie?" Blaine asked sweetly, raising an eyebrow in amusement as he ran a hand through Kurt's hair, brushing it back from his face.

"Yes," Kurt smirked, then pressed his face down into Blaine's neck, breathing him in. "You smell like a snickerdoodle, fresh from the oven. I'm gonna start calling you that, my little snickerdoodle."

Blaine's eyes sank closed, squirming delightedly at the feeling of Kurt pressing down into him.

"People will think we're being all cutesy and disgustingly romantic," he laughed, clutching Kurt to him, "only we'll know that we're secretly talking about rimming."

"I love that kind of secret," Kurt kissed Blaine's neck, moving up to suck lightly on the shell of his ear before settling down on his chest with a sigh, gazing up at Blaine happily as he plopped his chin onto his folded hands. Blaine smiled in silence, running his hands through Kurt's hair then down to his back, scratching lightly, something he knew Kurt loved. Kurt responded by wiggling contentedly against Blaine's hands, trying to get more friction.

"So," Blaine started, voice low and suggestive as he gave Kurt what he wanted, scratching harder. "Are you going to finish what you started, or what?"

He squeezed Kurt gently with his legs which were resting to either side, still spread wide as Kurt lay between them.

"Absolutely," Kurt smiled, reaching up a hand to cup Blaine's cheek, stroking it lovingly. There were a few seconds of silence between them as they took in the moment, and Blaine closed his eyes as he leaned into Kurt's hand.

"I love you," Kurt whispered, rubbing his thumb against Blaine's stubbled skin.

"I love you, too," Blaine whispered back, moving to kiss Kurt's palm, "so, so much."

Kurt swallowed, almost overcome with the intensity of his emotions. He had never in his life felt this way about another person. He knew that he would do anything, absolutely anything for Blaine. Anything to protect him. Anything to make him happy, even at his own expense, and he knew that if it ever came to that, he wouldn't even care. He would happily sacrifice anything for Blaine. Blaine's needs would always come before his own.

The way Blaine was looking at him, the way he was touching him, the way he had been making love to him since the previous night... those things told Kurt that Blaine felt the exact same way, that he would do whatever it took to take care of Kurt, to make him happy, no matter the cost.

The fervency of those feelings, of that knowledge, was astounding. They were both so full of love for the other that they could feel it, filling their chests, tingling in the air around them so that it practically sparked with electricity.

"So, what do you think?" Kurt questioned softly after catching his breath. "How should we do it this time... or I guess I should ask what you want? Last time, up against the wall, was kinda all about me, so you just tell me what you want, baby, and I'll make it happen."

"Well, I can definitely say that the wall sex was just as amazing for me as it was for you," Blaine smirked, thrusting up against Kurt playfully, "but thank you, babe. Um, I was kinda thinking that I'd like to be face to face, do it missionary style, or some version anyway. Too boring?"

He wrinkled his nose, looking as if he expected Kurt to be apathetic about his suggestion, but Kurt smiled, shaking his head as he leaned down for a kiss.

"There's nothing boring about a classic, honey. Why that way though, if you don't mind me asking? Is it just a better angle for you?"

Blaine sat up slowly, pushing Kurt with him. He scooted forward, straddling Kurt's hips with his legs so that they were pressed up against each other, and linked his fingers loosely behind Kurt's neck.

"It's great, but to be honest I think the angle's a bit better when you take me from behind."

"Okay," Kurt gave him a confused look. "So why face to face then?"

Blaine let one hand slide down Kurt's chest, circling around a muscled pec, as if mapping him out. His other hand rested on Kurt's shoulder and he gently traced the shape of his ear, all the while gazing at him as if he were the most mysteriously beautiful thing he'd ever seen.

"I need to see you," he answered quietly, not quite looking Kurt in the eye. "I need to see your face. I want to see in your eyes how much you want me."

He looked up then, showing Kurt exactly what he meant. Kurt tipped his head to the side slightly, hoping that he was showing Blaine exactly what he wanted to see.

"I need to watch you as you take me," Blaine continued, his voice raw and gravelly. "I need you to show me exactly how much you want me, show me that you're going to be there, how much you mean this and how committed you are."

"Oh, Blaine," Kurt breathed, his breath catching in his throat when he saw that his boyfriend's eyes were misty and full of emotion. "I am, I promise. I'm so sor-"

"I know," Blaine cut him off, shaking his head quickly. "I'm not looking for an apology again, babe. We're past that. I just... I need to see it. I need to connect with you like that. And honestly, Kurt, I just need to feel you on top of me, feel all of your weight. I just... god, I just need it."

Kurt stared at him in silence for three long seconds, not moving a muscle, not reacting at all. Just when Blaine was starting to raise an eyebrow and ask him if something was wrong, Kurt grabbed Blaine's thighs and fluidly yanked them back as he rose to his knees. At the shocked look on Blaine's face and the tiny "umph" that came from his mouth as he hit the bed, a slow, seductive smile spread across Kurt's face.

"I will give you all of that." Kurt swept his eyes over his boyfriend's body hungrily, and a sharp shiver of anticipation swept through Blaine as Kurt leaned down to breath against his lips. "And more."

A small sound of both contentment and urgency came from Blaine as he moved to wrap his arms around Kurt's shoulders. He stopped mid-motion though, suddenly changing his mind, and slowly brought his hands above his head, clasping his fingers together on the pillow.

Kurt watched the motion and the smile on his face grew. He saw the truth in the silent gesture... that Blaine was showing how he was giving up complete control in this moment, putting himself entirely in Kurt's hands, trusting him with his body.

Kurt's expression grew serious then. He didn't take that lightly. He nodded his head and a gentle smile crossed his face once more. He was just leaning in, ready to place a needy kiss on Blaine's lips, when he remembered something.

"Fuck," he sank his head down onto Blaine's chest, squeezing his eyes shut in frustration.


"Um. Okaaay," Blaine slowly patted him on the back. "That definitely doesn't sound like the good kind of fuck."

"We're out of condoms," Kurt groaned. "I just remembered that I gave you the last one for the wall sex. I had in the back of my mind that I'd slip out to the store real quick this morning but then I totally forgot."

He sat up and pouted regretfully.

"I'm so sorry, honey! I feel terrible! I can either run out real quick right now or we can change up the plans. What do you want?"

Blaine stayed silent for a moment, stroking up and down Kurt's arms as he looked off into space. He met Kurt's gaze when he finally spoke and peered into his eyes intently.


"What?" Kurt questioned as he furrowed his brow. Blaine linked their fingers together, smiling at Kurt gently.

"Look, you got tested right before we got together. Isn't that what you told me?"

Kurt nodded slowly.

"I didn't mention it," Blaine shrugged, "but I went last week. I'm clean, obviously."

"Soooo..." Kurt let the word trail off, knowing where Blaine was headed with this but needing to hear him say it out loud.

"So," Blaine massaged the backs of Kurt's hands with his thumbs. "We're at that point, I think. We love each other. We know we want to be together. We trust each other to not dick around. Let's do it, Kurt. Let's take that next step."

"No condoms," Kurt smiled softly, "like, at all? Not just this time?"

"Yeah," Blaine smiled back. "What do you think?"

"Believe it or not, I've never had sex without a condom before," Kurt admitted with an excited smile as he momentarily settled at Blaine's side, snuggling against him.

"Really?" Blaine asked with a laugh. "Me neither!"

"Hey!" Kurt grinned. "We're gonna lose our barebacking virginities together! How fucking cool is that?!"

"Very fucking cool," Blaine smiled softly, kissing Kurt lightly as he pulled him back on top of his body, lifting an ankle to gently hook over Kurt's thigh.

Kurt kissed him back, pressing several small, light kisses in a row as he pushed his thigh down in between Blaine's legs, nudging up against him firmly. He ran his thumb over Blaine's cheek, kissing him lightly on the tip of his nose before sitting up.

Gazing down at his boyfriend adoringly, he spread his legs wide, running his hands down the insides of his thighs and causing him to shiver at the light touch. He looked into Blaine's eyes then, his gaze intense.

"Very fucking cool."

Blaine clenched his fingers, his right hand resting over his eyes. Tiny noises were coming from his mouth, accompanying all of Kurt's movements... every touch... every stroke.

Kurt's mouth was gentle as it sucked lightly on the head of his cock. He caressed Kurt's hair in his left hand, hoping he wasn't pulling too hard.


Kurt's fingers brushed perfectly against his prostate once again as they fucked into him, spreading and stretching him as they went.

"Mmmfff... fuck."

Kurt gave one last purposeful thrust with his fingers, crooking them just so. He tightened the suction he had on Blaine's cock, sinking down one final time before pulling off completely.

"God, Kurt! Mmmm..."

Blaine let his left hand drop to his stomach as Kurt sat up and slid his right hand from over his eyes, blinking them open to gaze up at his boyfriend.

"You ready?" Kurt hushed, moving to grab the bottle of lube from next to them on the bed, but Blaine pushed his hand aside, taking the bottle himself.

"Yes. Fuck yes."

He reached down, taking Kurt's cock in his hand and stroking him into complete hardness before covering him generously with the gel. He groaned under his breath, closing his eyes briefly while he waited for Kurt to get himself into position. He squirmed anxiously for a moment, flexing the muscles in his ass.

He both loved and hated this brief moment, when he was stretched and ready and so fucking stimulated, yet untouched as they transitioned.

On one hand, it was so damn good. His body was a constant flow of pleasing little flashes and his desire to be touched further had been brought to such a climax that he could already feel the beginning stages of his orgasm prodding at him. His mind was hazy and his body buzzed and it was just fucking incredible.

On the other hand, his anxiousness to be touched and filled were at such a high that he felt like he was fucking going crazy, just for those few seconds. It always took every ounce of self control to not scream out for Kurt to "just get your fucking cock inside of me and fuck me, god damn it!"

He usually lost that self control to be honest, but he got the distinct feeling that Kurt didn't mind. In fact, he was pretty certain that his boyfriend absolutely loved it.

"Fuck, baby! Just fuck me! Please, baby. Please do it. I need your cock so bad..."

The corner of Kurt's mouth tipped up and Blaine could see exactly how much he loved it. He didn't have time to contemplate further, however.

Out of nowhere Kurt was dipping down to prop both of Blaine's legs on either of his shoulders before pressing down on top of him, pushing Blaine's legs back against his body. His breath caught in his chest, hardly able to believe that he was this flexible, and the snickered to himself, thinking about how much that word actually applied to him.

"You okay?" Kurt asked, breathing hotly against Blaine's lips. Blaine nodded quickly, capturing Kurt's bottom lip between his teeth and running his tongue over the soft skin.

"Yeah," he exhaled as he let go of Kurt's lip, kissing it gently. "I'm fucking perfect."

The heat in their gaze was actually making their bodies warm, and a flush crept up their chests. Blaine reached down, squeezing his hand between their bodies and grasping Kurt's lubed up cock. He pumped it quickly and Kurt closed his eyes as he groaned.

"Oh... baby. You better not do that too much. You look so damn hot, with your knees up by your face like this, and I'm already so fucking hard. I won't last if you keep that up."

Blaine smirked, but quickly complied, blindly directing Kurt's cock toward his ass. His eyelids fluttered shut as he felt the slick tip of Kurt's erection push into him. His asshole twitched and throbbed, gripping and yielding around Kurt's cock as the model slid his hips forward, stopping only when he had bottomed out.

Blaine was so fucking turned on he couldn't help the continuous string of moans and muttered words that came from his mouth.

Everything Kurt was doing, the way he moved, the way he looked... every fucking thing about this moment was just so damn hot he could hardly stand it.

Kurt's hips, pushing against the back of his thighs, shoving him down into the mattress with every thrust.

Kurt's body, pressing him down. The weight of it covering him. The sweat, already trickling down between their chests.

The intensity of Kurt's gaze, both the love and the lust he saw there as the blue eyes sparkled and seemed to peer directly into his soul.

The knowledge that there was nothing between them now. No condom separating Kurt's cock from the inside of his body. They were connected in every possible way. They couldn't get any closer. When Kurt came, he would come inside of him.

He tossed his head back, letting go of a hot huff of breath through his nose as he pressed his lips together, trying for a moment to stop the embarrassingly loud moans.

He moved his body underneath Kurt's, circling his hips in a slow rhythm, creating just the right amount of friction.

"Fuck, Blaine," Kurt whined. "Jesus fucking christ! The way you're moving your hips... fuck, baby!"

Blaine laughed breathlessly, but it quickly ended in a whimper of his own. He knew exactly how good the movements of his hips were. His own cock was getting stroked rhythmically against Kurt's stomach, and the slight lift of his hips as Kurt thrust into him caused the perfect amount of pressure against his prostate.

Sometimes the light, little brushes would be just enough to stimulate him, but drive him crazy because it wasn't enough. Sometimes the direct slams when Kurt was fucking him deeply would almost be too much, and he would literally see stars as his mind raced to catch up with his body when his orgasm crashed into him.

This, however... this was fucking perfect.

"Shit," Kurt breathed, dropping his face down into Blaine's neck, kissing and sucking as his breathing turned into stuttered little pants.

Blaine cried out, high and loud, no longer giving a fuck how he sounded. Kurt basically had his body folded in half by this point, and he found it so fucking sexy.

"Yes, baby," he called out. "Fuck me! Just like that."

"I'm not suffocating you?" Kurt asked quickly, pulling back for a brief second to look Blaine in the eye and make sure that he was truly okay.

"God no!" Blaine growled in frustration, yanking Kurt back down and moaning in satisfaction when he felt the weight once more.

Kurt chuckled, deep in his chest, and started thrusting quickly as he let himself rest down on top of Blaine, almost fully.

"Fuck," Blaine whined, grunting softly with each jolt. He was shaking now and he let his hands fall helplessly to the side as he began to flush all over. Sparks radiated from his spine and spread through his entire body, spiking higher and higher every time Kurt fucked into him.

"Blaine," Kurt sputtered, his voice high and ragged. "I love you so fucking much."

"Kurt," Blaine breathed, his voice faltering. "I love... fuck... I love... I... fu-"

Kurt slid his hands over top of Blaine's, slotting their fingers together and pushing them up above his head on the pillow.

"This is what you wanted, baby? To watch me, face to face, while I make love to you?"

Blaine flexed his fingers around Kurt's, squeezing his hands as his body started to convulse.


"Then watch me. Open your eyes, honey."

Blaine realized in surprise that his eyes were actually shut tight, and he relaxed his face, blinking them open to find Kurt smiling down at him and leaning in for a kiss.

A quick heat began to spread through his body, and he began to pick up the tempo of his rhythmic hip movements, attempting to match Kurt's pace.

Despite how close they were and how heavily Kurt was pressing down into him, there was actually very little friction against his own leaking erection. What shocked him, though, was that he knew without a doubt that he wouldn't need it. This hadn't happened for him since the very first time he bottomed.

His back suddenly arched from the bed as his breathing turned into desperate little gasps. The overwhelming sparks of pleasure that were shooting up his spine began to radiate throughout his entire body, and he was just tensing up, bracing himself for an awe-inspiring orgasm, when Kurt stopped.

"What the hell are you doing?" He gasped, thrusting himself up onto Kurt's dick, trying to find the orgasm that had just been at his fingertips.

"Shhh, stop," Kurt smiled, panting. "Trust me."

"Oh, lord," Blaine groaned as he did his best to cling to Kurt with his legs, despite the fact that they were pressed up against his chest. "You're gonna fucking taunt me, aren't you."

"No," Kurt chided with a grin and slowly started to move, gradually resuming his pace. "I'm gonna make you scream, my adorable little koala. Tell me when you're almost there again."

Blaine immediately saw what Kurt meant, as the tension that was racing to rebuild in his body and the sparks shooting through him were already magnified after the short pause.

"Kurt," he murmured. "You're a fucking god."

The satisfied smirk on Kurt's face was followed by an intense shudder through his own body, and he closed his eyes for a moment, concentrating heavily on holding himself back as well.

Blaine held onto his orgasm for as long as he could, and just when he knew he couldn't possibly hold off any longer he squeezed Kurt's fingers anxiously. They immediately stopped, both panting out heavy breaths as their bodies relaxed and the intense flashes of pleasure had calmed into a pleasant floaty feeling.

They were able to do this four more times, gradually building things back up until one or the other had to call a stop before they came too quickly. On the fifth time, however, as they resumed their movements, Blaine knew within seconds that he couldn't possibly last any longer. The electric jolts shooting up his spine were actually blurring his vision with every slide against his prostate, and his arms and legs were shaking uncontrollably.

"Kurt," he gasped, choking on a breath as his back arched sharply into the air, slamming himself onto Kurt's cock. "I'm not... this is... god, baby..."

"Me too," Kurt mumbled against his cheek, and Blaine noticed how his boyfriend's entire body was slick with sweat, every muscle trembling and straining as he worked to pick up his steady pace one final time.

"Ready to scream, gorgeous?" Kurt whispered as he stared down at Blaine, his gaze intoxicating and steamy. Blaine didn't have time to respond, he didn't even have time to think, because it was happening, right then and there.

His entire body went numb for a split second, then the muscles in his thighs spasmed and tightened as he arched his back as far off of the bed as he could, considering Kurt's weight was holding him down. The feeling of adrenaline that rushed through him was so intense, he felt as if he was suddenly riding a roller coaster. His head spun, forcing him to close his eyes so he didn't pass out, just as all of the muscles in his body tensed, tighter than he had ever experienced in his life.

That's when he screamed.

Kurt was right.

He had never screamed from an orgasm before. Ever. He had panted and moaned and whined. He had even shouted Kurt's name a time or two, but this... this was a scream.

He didn't even recognize the sound as it came from his lungs, and he couldn't have curbed it if he tried. He was way too far gone.

The damn thing kept going on and on, too. After every powerful jolt that convulsed his body he prepared himself to start coming down from the high, but it kept coming, wave after spasming wave.

Even in the midst of this he was able to concentrate on one coherent thought- how fucking perfect and sexy his boyfriend was.

Kurt's body was visibly shaking and his jaw so tense that Blaine could see it trembling as he kept up his steady pace. He moaned and whimpered under his breath, getting louder and breathier with every thrust of his hips as he fucked Blaine through his orgasm.

Just when Blaine felt the last major wave of pleasure sweep through him and his body started to slip into the coma like state of euphoria where every muscle felt like jelly and his mind went blissfully blank and sleepy, he whispered to Kurt in a drawling and slurred voice.

"Let go, baby. Come in me. Now."

Kurt's body stuttered at Blaine's words and his expression was of pleasure so powerful that it was almost painful. His pace became lightening fast and quickly erratic as he let himself finally lose control.

Blaine grew more relaxed by the second, slipping even further into that state of euphoria. He grinned up at Kurt groggily, feeling more pride and possessiveness than he could ever have described as he lay there passively, feeling Kurt slide in and out. He reveled in the fact that Kurt had just spent the last hour focusing on giving him an earth shattering orgasm and was now using his body to come to his own climax. He was overwhelmed by the knowledge that Kurt was so turned on by his body, and his love for this man bubbled up in his chest.

"Yes, baby," he murmured, voice shaky. He freed his hands to clasp around Kurt's back, encouraging him to keep moving. "That's it. I love you so much, Kurt. I want you to come. Come inside me, baby."

Kurt cried out, a desperate, choked sound, and buried his face in Blaine's neck.

"Fuck," he practically sobbed, nibbling roughly at Blaine's skin. "Keep... saying... that's so... perfect... fuck..."

So Blaine kept whispering, telling Kurt how much he loved the feeling of his cock, how he much loved him, how much it turned him to think of Kurt climaxing inside of him, no barriers in the way.

He cringed, just for a second, starting to feel the extreme oversensitivity, but Kurt finally came, right in that moment, slamming forward one last time with a muffled shout as he smothered his face into Blaine's neck.

Kurt's head was spinning just as Blaine's had, and he barely had the energy to lift his head and smile dazedly.

"So, how was it?" He mumbled, eyes blinking heavily as Blaine grinned that same satisfied, dopey grin.

"Fucking perfect," he slurred, finally letting the coma like state take him over. He let his legs slip down from Kurt's shoulders for the first time, and groaned as the muscles stretched, falling limply to either side of Kurt's body. The rest of his body followed suit, collapsing weakly beneath Kurt, not moving a muscle.

Kurt slumped down on top of him as every muscle gave out, collapsing just as weakly on top of Blaine. He was quickly slipping consciousness as he smirked into Blaine's neck one final time.

"Yeah, baby. Fucking perfect."

They woke about thirty minutes later, sore and sticky, but still in that hazy state of elation. They groaned as they pulled apart, both sighing as Kurt's softened cock slid out of Blaine easily.

Blaine shivered, feeling an unfamiliar dampness as some of Kurt's come began to drip out of him. It blended right in with the stickiness of the drying lube though, so it didn't bother him in the slightest. In reality, the same pride and possessiveness from earlier came back, accompanied by a warm and fuzzy feeling, one that told him he was finally where he was supposed to be. He was home.

"Mmmnn," he growled, burrowing under the comforter that had been bunched up to the side of the bed and pulling Kurt into his side. "Clean up later? Nap more now?"

"Agreed," Kurt answered as he heaved out a contented breath, but before he could drift off, one thought popped into his head.

"Real quick though sweetie, I've gotta know," Kurt kissed Blaine's neck, slinging a leg over top of Blaine's and curling onto his chest. "How was it? The whole no condom thing?"

"It was awesome, baby," Blaine sighed happily, scratching lightly over Kurt's back. "I felt so connected with you, and like... this was the ultimate way for me to say that I trust you."

"Mmmm, good," Kurt smiled, "because you can. What about the mess though? It doesn't bother you?"

"Mess?" Blaine questioned, pulling back to look at Kurt in confusion.

"Yeah," Kurt laughed, raising his eyebrows. "You know, my sperm? That stuff that tends to shoot out of a man's dick when he ejaculates? The condom used to catch that stuff, honey."

Blaine smacked at his shoulder with a grin.

"I knew what you meant, smart ass. I just didn't understand why you used the word mess. Seriously, baby. We use like a gallon of lube every time we have sex. An ounce or two of sperm is like a drop in the bucket compared to the mess that's already there."

"Valid point," Kurt snickered. "I dunno though. I just feel like it'd still feel messier, cuz it's, like, shooting all the way into you."

"Well," Blaine smiled seductively, pushing Kurt onto his back and climbing on top of him. "You don't have to take my word for it. Forget the nap. We can perform a couple of little experiments on you right now and you can see for yourself."

Kurt laughed, leaning in to kiss him as he lightly thrust his hips up into the air.

"I'm down for that, but, you know, just for the sake of science."

They chuckled together then as Blaine playfully tackled him down and they rolled around, laughing and kissing, more than happy to experiment together. They were, after all, discovering this particular experience for the first time, and together none the less. They had never felt closer or more connected than they did in these moments, and it was a beautiful thing.

"You've gotta be fuckin' shitting me."

Blaine snorted into his wine glass, grateful to be laughing after retelling the humiliating and still painful story.

"Nope," he sighed, shrugging as he met Luke's gaze from across the table. He glanced over at Kurt appreciatively when his boyfriend reached a hand to squeeze his knee under the table. Jared shook his head in disbelief.

"You know, no matter how many times I hear things like this, it still has the ability to shock me. Sometimes I think about how proud I am of the human race and how evolved we are, and then I hear shit like this and feel like we've made absolutely no progress at all."

Luke nodded in agreement, but Kurt spoke up in a soft voice before he could say anything.

"You know what, though," he responded thoughtfully, "there is growth and maturity in the general population that definitely wasn't there even a few years ago, and we saw it yesterday."

"Did I miss something in the retelling?" Luke asked incredulously.

"Think about the way the rest of the people responded," Kurt argued. "Every other person in that little crowd jumped to Blaine's defense. Not too long ago a mob would have formed right behind that crazy bitch and come at us with their metaphorical torches and pitchforks. I feel encouraged by that at least. It's a big step, I think, to have had that many people vocally on our side."

The other three men thought about this for a moment, and finally nodded appreciatively.

"You're right," Jared acquiesced with a sigh. "It's so easy to let one ignorant voice drown out all of the good and supportive ones. I'm glad you pointed that out. I guess we've come further than I thought."

Blaine smiled at Kurt and leaned over to kiss him on the cheek.

"That's my pooftah," Luke grinned, raising his glass to Kurt. "Always with the pearls of wisdom."

"I'm just glad you didn't let it tear you guys apart," Jared smiled at them both.

Blaine snorted into his wine glass once again and Kurt looked down at his plate, pointedly avoiding Jared's gaze.

"What am I missing?" Jared asked slowly.

"You haven't heard the whole story yet," Blaine winked at Kurt as he grabbed his boyfriend's hand and yanked him over onto his lap. "Asswipe here tried to break up with me when we got back to his apartment, which is the main reason you didn't hear from us until today. We were a tad busy breaking up, fighting, and then getting back together, involving copious amounts of makeup sex and talking."

"You what?" Jared exclaimed, looking shocked and a little bit angry.

"Dude!" Luke shook his head, but his expression was curious more than anything, knowing Kurt well enough to realize that his intentions must have been honorable.

Kurt began to sputter in his defense, face bright red as he tried to spit out a sentence. Blaine gazed at him adoringly and hugged him close before speaking up.

"Actually guys, he really thought he was doing the best thing for me. He felt that he was being selfish by holding on to me... that it was his fault I had to experience prejudice like that. He didn't want to me to have to deal with it for the rest of my life, so he wanted to set me free... give me the chance to have a so called 'normal' relationship with a woman that wouldn't be judged and criticized. It practically killed him to even say the words. You could see how much it hurt him, but he wanted so much to do the right thing. I just had to kiss some sense into him."

He tipped Kurt's chin down and kissed him possessively, feeling admiration for this man who loved him so much.

Luke gazed on happily, not at all surprised by this insight. He knew very well what an amazing and selfless man his best friend was. That was what he loved most about him.

Jared's expression softened then, and his heart went out to his new friend.

"You were willing to let him go, no matter how much it hurt you... just to see him happy?" He asked softly.

Kurt blushed once again, but nodded as he met Jared's gaze.

"Thank you," Jared smiled, reaching across the table to squeeze Kurt's hand. "It means more to me than you could know to see how much you care about him."

Kurt reached his hand out with a smile of his own and squeezed Jared's hand right back.

"Always," he responded in an unfaltering voice.

"You guys!" Blaine exclaimed, pretending to be embarrassed and hiding behind Kurt's arm. "This is so touching! I'm all verklempt!"

The other three men laughed at this, and Kurt tipped Blaine's chin up to kiss him gently.

"Oooo," Blaine smirked against his lips. "That was a nice one. I'm bumping you up to ninety-two point one percent."

Kurt snickered before placing another soft kiss against his lips.

"Mmmm, ninety-two point two."

Kurt smiled and moved down his neck.

"Oh god... Ninety-two point three."

Jared shook his head in amusement and Luke picked up a leftover dinner roll to throw at Kurt's head.

"Hey! Pooftah number one and flexy-boo! As much as I'll admit that your cock sucking, asshole fucking foreplay intrigues me, I'm gonna need to ask you to stop. I'm sexually frustrated enough without you flaunting your abundant sex life in my face. I'm gonna have to go home and majorly jack off to some cheap porn as it is. You don't need to taunt me!"

"As much as I would have worded it differently," Jared rolled his eyes, "I have to agree with Captain Insensitive here. My sex life has also been significantly lacking lately."

"Sorry guys," Kurt wrinkled his nose apologetically, scooting off of Blaine's lap and back on to his own chair. "We'll stop being so mushy."

"Much appreciated," Luke tossed another roll at Kurt playfully, smirking at Blaine's pout when Kurt moved from his lap.

"Hey," Kurt nodded to Jared after whipping the roll back at Luke's face. "Why don't we get your dessert ready now? That mousse looked amazing."

"Oh, yeah!" Jared jumped up from his seat excitedly. "It was a new recipe, actually. I need to put on the topping yet, so it'd be awesome if you could double check the recipe for me while I finish it up."

"Sounds great!" Kurt clapped his hands as they rushed off to the kitchen together, happily discussing their baking techniques.

Luke shook his head as he watched them hurry away.

"I sure hope the partner I end up with can cook, or I'll be eating takeout for the rest of my life. Our efforts for your little surprise dinner for Kurt were evidence of that."

"I think that my lack of skills showed more than yours that night," Blaine laughed, taking a large sip of his wine.

"I suppose so," Luke chuckled, "but trust me when I say that had I been in charge of that dinner it would have been just as bad."

They both laughed as they toasted their lack of skills, then took a long drink in Kurt and Jared's honor. They sat back then in comfortable silence, Blaine appreciating the view he had of Kurt's ass as the model bent over momentarily, searching through a bottom cabinet.

Luke, however, was staring off into space quietly. He spoke up a minute later, after a brief glance toward the kitchen to make sure that their friends were still out of hearing distance.

"Um," he started slowly, catching Blaine's attention, "I'm a tiny bit afraid of crossing a line here, but hey, that's what I do."

Blaine smirked, shaking his head and waiting for Luke to continue.

"How much do you know about Kurt's past relationships?" Luke asked carefully. Blaine's eyebrows shot up in surprise. He wasn't sure what he had expected, but this wasn't it.

"Well," he shook his head, trying to think, "I know that for the most part he's only had surfacey relationships... guys to fill the void more than anything else. He mentioned one relationship that got a little more serious than the others, but said something about knowing deep down that it would never work out in the end, so he didn't let himself get too attached... or something to that affect."

He shrugged his shoulders uncertainly, suddenly feeling as if he was betraying Kurt's confidence by relaying this information. When Luke nodded in encouragement, however, he felt better, realizing that nothing he was saying was new information to Kurt's best friend.

"That's all true," Luke nodded, then paused, tapping his fingers against the table, looking uncertain. Blaine raised an eyebrow, glancing at the kitchen and noticing that Kurt and Jared looked as if they were finishing up.

"Um, did you have something you wanted to say?"

Luke sighed, looking Blaine in the eye with an uncharacteristically serious expression.

"I just think that it would be beneficial for you to know that... well, I just have a feeling that there was probably a bit more to Kurt's attempt to break things off than the obvious."

Blaine slowly set down his glass, feeling his heart sink.

"What are you saying?"

"Oh!" Luke exclaimed softly, seeing the sudden fear in Blaine's eyes. "No! Don't worry, and please don't freak. There is no doubt in my mind how much that man loves you and wants to be with you, I just... I just think it might behoove you to know what he's been through. He didn't tell you? I mean... he didn't tell you anything specific about assface?"

Blaine shook his head slowly.

"I think I would have remembered a name like assface."

"Well, he wouldn't have called him assface," Luke chuckled. "That was my name for him."

Blaine tried to laugh along, but it was a weak attempt, suddenly remembering Kurt's reference to knowing what it was like to fall back into bed with someone who you knew was bad for you but was an amazing fuck.

It hadn't seemed so bad when he was telling Kurt about Celeste.

Now, however, it felt as if someone was literally punching him in the heart to think of Kurt with another man in this context. Suddenly he realized exactly how Kurt must have felt when receiving this information, and gained even more respect for his boyfriend, if possible, remembering how calm his response had been.

He took a deep breath, determined to be just as adult about this.

"So, what happened?" He asked calmly.

"Well," Luke sighed, "I'm gonna leave the details to him. I don't think it's my place, but you just need to know that Kurt knows what it's like to be betrayed and purposefully left behind when things get a little rough. Conscious decision or not, I think it's an understandable reaction for him to want to protect himself from being betrayed and abandoned again. While I believe one hundred percent that he had your best interests at heart when trying to break up with you... I'll bet you anything that a tiny, subconscious part of him wanted to leave you before you could leave him, cuz let me tell you, he's been though the wringer already when it comes to that shit."

Blaine shook his head slowly, trying to take this new information in, not completely sure what to do with it. Luke reached across the table, grabbing his forearm and shaking him just a bit.

"Dude! Just... listen and don't overreact. All I'm trying to tell you is that Kurt puts off this amazingly strong front, and while he is strong... undoubtedly... don't forget that he's only human. He's been hurt like all of us, even though he comes off as superhuman sometimes."

Blaine nodded slowly, listening carefully to every word Luke said. He saw the wisdom in this advice, whether he knew the total truth about Kurt's past or not. Parts of Kurt had seemed "too good to be true" ever since Blaine had met him, and he was wise enough to realize that no one could continually live up to that standard, that he needed to be ready for Kurt to fail and to love him through it. That was what he deserved.

He smiled to himself when he thought of their conversation earlier that very day, when Kurt had lovingly reassured him that he would always be there, that he would never just leave or betray him. Now it was his turn apparently, and he would do so gladly. That was what relationships were all about, ebbs and flows... give and take.

"Okay," Blaine nodded, speaking softly when he saw that Kurt and Jared were putting the finishing touches on the mousse. "I'll make sure to reassure him that I'm not going anywhere. Thanks for filling me in. Can't you tell me anything about this guy though?"

Luke chewed at his lip uncertainly.

"If Kurt hasn't told you about him yet then I don't think it's my place to say any more than I already have."

"I guess," Blaine sighed. "He's actually started to on a couple of occasions though, I'm fairly certain, but I never pushed and we'd end up talking about something else."

"I think it's time to push," Luke responded under his breath, leaning back in his chair as Kurt and Jared came back into the room, proudly displaying the fancy dessert.

"Looks amazing, my cock loving little bakers!" He grinned as Jared set the crystal serving bowl down in the middle of the table.

Jared rolled his eyes, spooning the mousse into smaller crystal dishes and placing one in front of Luke with a flourish.

"Why, thank you, my pussy loving little asshole."

The rest of the evening went fabulously, mostly due to the fact that, from dessert on, they avoided any more discussion of the events from the previous day. They took their dessert out to the couch and crammed in together to watch some bad television, laughing together as they mocked everything about it. They ended by actually muting the t.v. and rolling in laughter as Luke entertained them by making up his own ridiculous dialogue for every single character. In true Luke form he ended his show with every character deciding to have an "orgy of butt sex".

Around eleven Jared began to yawn, leaning onto Blaine's shoulder and closing his eyes when his best friend began to run his fingers through his hair.

"Mmmm, that feels good, B. I miss this!"

"Me, too," Blaine pouted, pulling Jared into a sideways hug. Kurt glanced over and smiled, loving to see how close they were.

"You know," he prodded Jared with his knee. "I've been monopolizing all of Blaine's time lately. You guys should make some plans, just the two of you."

Both Jared and Blaine brightened at the thought.

"God, yes!" Blaine hugged Jared to his side once again. "Let's do something next weekend, Jar. You free?"

"Absolutely," Jared yawned with a grin. "Can't wait! Now though, gentlemen, I need to hit the road so I can get my beauty sleep."

He kissed Blaine on the cheek and groaned as he pushed himself up, moving to grab the rest of his mousse from the kitchen. Kurt and Blaine both stretched as they helped each other from the couch to see Jared out and Luke followed with a smirk.

"I'll get out of your hair, too. That way you can get back to your lovely pole smoking, no interruptions."

"Thanks, dickwad," Kurt rolled his eyes, pulling Luke into a hug.

"Hey!" Luke perked up as he hugged Kurt back. "Why don't we do something next weekend, too! It's been a while since we hung out, just the two of us."

"Sounds good," Kurt smiled, patting Luke lovingly on the backside as he opened the door for their friends to exit.

What none of them expected was for there to be a man standing right outside of Kurt's door.

He was ruggedly handsome and tall. Dark blonde hair was messily spiked, making it look as though he had been out in the wind, and his skin was darkly tanned, showing that he had obviously spent a lot of time outdoors.

"Hey!" He exclaimed eagerly, walking right inside the apartment, patting both Luke and Jared good-naturedly as he shouldered past them. "Perfect timing! I didn't even have to knock!"

Blaine stared at the man, unaware that his mouth was hanging open unattractively. He was very aware, however, of the sudden stab of irritation with how 'at home' this man automatically acted, especially when he hadn't even been invited inside. He could feel his dislike for the man growing at an alarming rate, and was sure that he was shooting daggers from his eyes within seconds. He glanced around to see the reactions of the other men in the brief moments before anyone could think to respond.

Jared had an expression that was a mixture of confusion and distaste, and Blaine was fairly certain that his best friend was feeling the same things he was, only on a smaller scale.

Luke looked as if he was holding himself back from punching the man. If Blaine thought that his own gaze was filled with his immediate dislike for the stranger, then Luke's gaze was filled with pure hatred by comparison. Blaine actually shivered, thinking that Luke filled with righteous anger must be a terrifying sight.

Kurt's expression, on the other hand, was oddly blank. Blaine wondered briefly if he had gone into shock. His entire body was stiff and tense, and the only emotion Blaine could discern from his eyes was utter disbelief.

It was then that Blaine noticed the large duffel bag slung across the man's shoulder. He set it on the floor of the entryway with a sigh of relief and moved straight into the kitchen, opening up the fridge.

"God, I'm starving! I literally just flew in from Sydney. The meal on the flight was god awful!"

The other four followed him, still in shocked silence. Blaine's jaw hung even lower when the man pulled out a container of Kurt's homemade fried chicken and immediately sunk his teeth into a breast piece.

"God, baby!" He sighed happily, reaching out and slapping Kurt's backside with his free hand. "You still got it! I'm gonna get fat now that I'm back if I'm not careful! You too, for that matter. You better make sure you're working out if this is how you eat. I know how much you sit on your cute little ass with your job."

Blaine was seeing red. He could actually feel himself trembling with anger and he clenched his fist, ready to beat the shit out of this arrogant fuck, not caring that the stranger easily had six inches and forty pounds on him. He glanced briefly at Kurt before responding, hoping to at least see some anger in his boyfriend's eyes at being touched without permission. That was when he was positive that Kurt was in shock.

Kurt looked slowly at the hand that had just slapped him, then up at the man, obviously unable to process the fact that this was happening.

Jared and Luke glanced at each other nervously, seeing how livid Blaine was, and while Luke was definitely still angry, Blaine had surpassed him by now.

"What the fu-"

It must have taken Blaine speaking in that low, yet enraged, voice to finally shake Kurt out of his stupor, because he barely got three words out before Kurt stepped forward, placing a calming hand on Blaine's arm. He shook his head pleadingly, showing Blaine with his eyes that he understood his anger, but begging him to please step back and let him handle it himself.

It took every ounce of self control Blaine had to give Kurt what he was asking for. He heaved a sigh of frustration, leaning back against the counter and crossing his arms, doing his best to stare down the stranger who was still obnoxiously helping himself to his boyfriend's cooking.

The other man seemed to simply find it amusing though, and smirked cockily at Blaine, quirking one eyebrow in an unspoken challenge.

"What," Kurt stepped forward, speaking slowly as he put a hand to his forehead, "the hell... are you doing here, Vince?"

The other man, whom Blaine now knew was Vince, set aside the chicken and wiped his hand on his jeans. He stepped directly in front of Kurt, holding his hands out to either side as if he were presenting a generous gift.

"I'm back, baby! I'm done traveling. It's just what you wanted. I'm all yours!"

He leaned in quickly and placed a kiss on Kurt's lips before anyone could react. Kurt shoved him back almost the second their lips touched, looking disgusted and furious, but once again, Vince seemed amused more than anything else. He laughed as he tripped backwards from the shove, holding his hands up in mock surrender.

His amusement didn't last long, however. The next thing everyone saw was Blaine, shooting across the room and tackling Vince to the floor. A cry of rage echoed through the kitchen and a sick little crunch sounded as Blaine landed a solid punch directly to his nose, breaking it.

The room was a blur of noise and activity for a minute as everyone shouted and reacted at the same time. Kurt was shouting for Blaine to stop, Vince was shouting in pain, and Luke and Jared were trying to calm Blaine down as they pulled the two apart.

Blaine barely heard a thing.

From the moment he saw that bastard kiss his boyfriend without consent, his mind had gone blank with rage. He was still seething, though somewhat calmer now that he had had the satisfaction of feeling the man's nose break under his fist. The first words that finally made it through to him and brought him back to reality, were Luke's.

He struggled for a moment as Luke pulled him to his feet and across the kitchen, getting him out of reach of Vince. He glanced over to see Kurt standing there with his face in his hands and felt a wave of guilt shoot through him for his rashness. The guilt left though when he saw Jared trying to help Vince from the floor. The injured man pushed Jared away irritably, dabbing at the blood running down his face as he climbed to his feet. His chest heaved as he stared Blaine down, spitting angrily on the floor when blood ran into his mouth.

Luke loosened his grip on Blaine when it was obvious that the shorter man wasn't going to lunge in and attack again. He slung his arm around Blaine's shoulders, trying to squeeze him encouragingly and keep him calm. He turned his head to the side, whispering just loudly enough for Blaine alone to hear him.

"Flexy? Meet assface."