AN- Ahhhhhh! I'm sooooo sorry guys! I was actually on the other side of the world for a while, though, and didn't have internet access while I was traveling. Before everyone says so in reviews, I know that this chapter is crazy short, but I wanted to give you at least a tiny little something since you've been so patient with me :) I'm sitting down to write more as we speak, though, so here's hoping for another long chapter really soon!



3am - In the dark







*snorting laughter*


"Yes. I mean no. I mean no talkies. Go sleep."


"No! We've been through this. I need sleep. My brain does not function in the middle of the night. Talk tomorrow."

"I just-"

"I will fucking smother you with a pillow if you don't let me sleep!"


"Fine... crabby ass."

"Thank you. Night."




"Please? Just one question. I can't sleep till I ask you. I'll give you a blow job after!"


"Oh my god, fine! And you can give me the blow job tomorrow. My dick is just as tired and irritated with you as I am right now."

"Good lord you're an angry person after two in the morning! Turn that frown upside down, baby! Come on... smile for me... big smile... come on... show me 'happy Kurt'... you can do it, baby... just one smile."



"One pillow. That's all it'll take. I can make it look like an accident."



"Holy shit, Blaine! What the hell? Why did you whip my pillow out from under me?!"

"Do you seriously think I'm going to let you sleep with your weapon of choice after you twice threatened my life?"

"God, I love you but I hate you SO much right now."


"I'm not doing much to inspire a returned blow job tomorrow, am I?"

"I'd give that a big fat no."

"If I return your pillow will you promise not to murder me with it?"

"Will you let me sleep?"

"Depends, do I still get to ask my one question?"

"If I still get a long and luxurious blow job tomorrow."

"I never said it would be long and luxurious."

"Those adjectives were added when you caused me to thump my head against my metal headboard."

"Oh yeah, I forgot about that."

"You forgot? It happened thirty seconds ago! You've still got my freaking pillow in your hands!"

"Hey, you knew how oblivious and forgetful I was before you started dating me. Lose the judgey face and stop the rolling of the eyes. I can feel your superiority washing over me from here. It's like a fucking tidal wave of condemnation."


"Fine. No more eye rolling."

"Or judgey face."

"Yes, dear, or judgey face. Can I have my pillow back now?"

"Promise you're still gonna answer my question?"

"Give me my fucking pillow and ask your god damn question! Please. I love you."

"You're the only person I know who can go from shit ass terrifying to pleasantly loving in one phrase."

"It's a gift."


"There. I've given you back your weapon. Can I ask my question now?"



"You told Vince that I live here. Were you... I mean... I'm just wondering... did you mean... do you really want... I just... you know... do you? Were you really asking me?"






"... Okay."





"Okay then. Plan tomorrow. Sleep now. Any more talking and this pillow turns back into a weapon. Love you."

"I love you, too."



"Please don't kill me... but, Kurt?"


"What, honey?"

"I can't wait."


"Me, too."