By: Flamegaruru

Hey, it's me, Rei, of course! I wrote this poem (trust me, it's not very good) when I was feeling depressed and I actually drew Chibi Taichi Chan next to it! This poem makes me think of how these things will work out….


When you're here, I try not to stare

Try so hard not to show that I care

But I can still see, that perhaps my feelings are still a fantasy,

That maybe our love isn't meant to be

You came and my mouth went dry;

Why do I care? Why oh why?

You stare at me and I stare back,

Wondering why there is a kind of courage I lack

We stay like that and after awhile

Your eyes get warm and start to smile

My feelings for you are those of love

And those feelings are carried on the wings of a dove

She comes and takes your arm, you give a little wave

I sadly smile back while telling my fist to behave

Seeing that dove fly

My heart feels like it is about to die

I lean against a tree,

Wondering if from these emotions I could ever be free

Are my feelings for you a sin?

Those wings carry them into the wind….