Kiyo: Hey guys, how's everyone doing? :D

Raven: Eh good I guess *goes back to reading magazines*

Rena: Pretty good :)

Elsword: Pretty sweet XD

Chung: Not too bad

Aisha: I'm all right

Eve: Ok

Kiyo: Sweet :D

Eve: Why do you ask of this?

Kiyo: I dunno just curious XD

Chung: ok?...

Kiyo: I just thought of this too while I was watching a movie.

Aisha: What movie?

Kiyo: eh I dunno really. I forgot the name XD

Everyone but me: -_-

Kiyo: But it was a spy movie I know that ^_^

Everyone but me: O.o interesting

Kiyo: Elsword's the evil villan :3

Elsword: aw D:

Kiyo: But you're the perfect villan XD

Elsword: yeah whatever :P

Rena: So who are all the spies?

Kiyo: Oh you'll find out soon enough ;) Raven's the super spy XD

Raven: O.o seriously? *looks up from magazine*

Kiyo: Yep

Raven: Wow that's pretty damn awesome! :3

Chung: That sounds pretty sweet :)

Kiyo: Eve and Rena are both human.

Everyone but me: Oh ok

Kiyo: So now here are the classes for all you guys and they can't use their special skills, but everybody can still fight the same way. Have fun reading everyone. ^_^

Rena: Wind Sneaker age 19

Eve: Code Empress age 27

Elsword: Infinity Sword age 27

Aisha: Dimensional Witch age 18

Raven: Veteran Commander age 28

Chung: Iron Paladin age 20

Chapter 1: Preparations

Raven's POV

It was a bright and sunny morning and I had just gotten back home from a drive in my new hummer.

Man I love the gift that Camilla had gave me for achieving the title Super Spy. I love my new car! I walk inside my mansion.

Man I love this house. I still can't believe I got it for free just for getting the title. I look around in the living room and stare out at the city. Suddenly my cell phone rings. I see that it is Camilla calling me.

"Does she ever give me time to relax?" I ignore the phone and it keeps ringing.

Fine I'll answer it. I wonder what she wants this time. I answered the phone.

"Raven, why didn't you answer the phone right away?!" I could imagine Camilla yelling basically in my ear.

"Ouch Camilla, that hurts my ears."

"Cut the attitude Raven, I need you here now! You have another mission that needs to be finished."

"Ok ok geez, I'll be there."

"Come quickly." She hangs up.

Man she is a pain in the ass sometimes, but I guess I can't complain since she runs the place. I just put on my usual outfit.

I can't believe I'm doing another mission already. I wish I could just relax for once. Maybe I can ask her later for a vacation or just take a week off. I head outside to my awesome black Hummer. I get in the driver's seat and start the engine. I turn the music up real loud just listening to whatever to ease my mind.

I hope that this one won't be too hard. I sighed. I pull out of the driveway and headed down to the Agency of El. I get stuck with traffic. I face palmed and sighed.

DAMN THIS TRAFFIC! I HATE IT SO DAMN MUCH! Ok just chill Raven, you gotta keep your cool. The traffic beings to break up.

Oh yay finally. I can't help but smile. I start to move again. 20 minutes later, I finally arrived at the secret entrance which happens to be a phone booth. I look around to see if anybody's looking. I quickly walked inside and I took out my picture I.D. given to me by the agency and I put it under the phone for the scanner.

"Access granted. Have a nice day Mr. Raven." Said a mechanical female voice. The floor begins to lower like an elevator. I see that the place is super busy today. Many agents were walking. All the walls were green and black. The elevator finally stops and I stepped off. Camilla notices me and walks over to me.

"Ah there you are Raven, come with me."

"Why?" I regret asking.

"Because I'm your boss you idiot. Who do you think pays you? Now walk with me to my office."

"All right. I'm sorry. Won't happen again." Camilla starts walking towards her office and I followed her.

Geez, what's her problem? 5 minutes later, we have arrived at Camilla's office.

"Come in and sit in a chair Raven." We both went inside and I sat down in a chair while Camilla sat behind her desk.

"What's up Camilla? Your not usually like this." I could see that she was sweating.

"He's back Raven."

"Who?" I could guess but I wanted to make sure.

"It's Elsword. He's still alive." She was sweating even more now.

"What?! How the hell is he still alive! I thought he was dead when his lair collapsed."

"Well apparently not and now he's out to take over the USA. Rumor is that he has an ally helping him and it's up to you to stop them."

"Even I can't take on both of them. I barely survived my last encounter with him. He has wicked sword skills and he's smart too."

"I know and that's why I want you to find these agents and assemble your team." She hands me three files of agents.

"When you find these three, I want you all to come back here pronto, so that I can fill them in also. Here maybe this will help you find them." She hands me a strange-looking device.

"What does this do?"

"It helps locate any agent, as long as their cell phone is on their person. It can locate the chips we put in their cell phones."

"Oh I see, well thanks it'll be a lot easier finding them now."

"Now get going Raven, we're running out of time."

"I'll be quick."

"You better be."

"Don't worry, I'll find them." I walk out of Camilla's office and take a look at the files. I open one of them and it's a man with long blonde hair.

So his name is Chung eh, how interesting. Says here that he's got wicked strength. Whoa seriously? I think I like this guy already. He has an IQ of over 200. Wow smart too. I use the device that Ariel gave me to locate him. It says he's above me.

Up one level eh? I walk to the nearest stairs and go up one level. I spot him right away.

"Hey you!" He looked around until he realizes that I'm talking to him. I try not to laugh. He walks towards me.

"Hey aren't you Raven?"

"Yeah. You know of my work?"

"Yeah dude. Your FAMOUS!"

"Shh not so loud. People are looking at us."

"Sorry man, but your like the number 1 spy here. Your a super spy. Could I get your autograph?" He brings out a pen and paper. I can't help but laugh.

"Maybe later but right now I need you. Your on a mission with me." His eyes were beaming. He's speechless. I waved my hand in front of his face.

"Chung? You there?" He finally snapped back to reality.

"Sorry Raven, I dozed off for a sec there." He laughed awkwardly.

"Well whatever, I need you to go to Camilla's office and wait for me there while I find 2 other agents that's coming with us."

"Ok, I'll head down there right away." He walks away while humming.

What a weird guy. But I can't complain since I have to work with him. Ok, onto the next file.

I open the next file and it's a picture of a girl with purple hair.

Her name is Aisha huh? That's a nice name. She's only been here for a few months and she has succeeded on every mission she has had.

She can freeze time and be able to see into the future? No wonder she's never failed a mission. I wish I had those skills. My job would be a little easier. I chuckled at the comment.

Ok, now where is she? It says that she's below 10 levels. I'm taking the elevator this time. I head towards the nearest elevator. A couple of girls are with me as well. I push the button that says #11. I hear them whispering.

"Is that Raven?" The chick with brown hair whispered to the blonde excitedly.

"I think so." The blonde whispered back.

"Can I help you ladies?" They squealed with excitement.

"Can we get your autograph?!" They both said at the same time.

"Well all right, but... I don't have any paper or pen in me."

"That's ok, you can just write on us." The blonde brings out a sharpie.

Wow they're seriously letting me do this?

"All right where do you want me to sign." The brown-haired girl rolled up her sleeve.

"Right here Raven please?" I felt a bit weird doing this.

"All right. Try not to move so much." I wrote my signature on her arm. She screamed with joy and hugged me. I just stood there.

"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh. THANK YOU SO MUCH!" "Hey what about me?" The blonde was pouting.

"Oh yeah, can you sign my friend too? Pretty please?" She blinks rapidly.

"All right I guess." I signed the blonde's arm.

"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh. THANK YOU RAVEN!"

"We will never ever wash our arms ever again." They did a little happy jumping dance thing. The elevator dings and the doors open.

Thank god finally. I stepped out of the elevator.

"Bye Raven, we'll miss you." They both said at the same time.

"I LOVE YOU RAVEN!" The blonde shouted at me.

"NO, I LOVE YOU RAVEN!" The brown-haired girl shouted at me also.

"NO, I LOVE HIM MORE!" I see a girl with purple hair.

That must be Aisha. I see her walking away.

"Bye girls, catch ya later." I waved at them and they waved back at me while smiling. They both went back to arguing about who loves me more.

Honestly, I don't want to find out. I never knew I had fan girls. It's strange though but I had better get used to it soon. I caught up with Aisha. She's wearing blue jeans with a blue long sleeved shirt.

"Hey, are you Aisha?"

"Yes. Can I help you?" I offered my hand.

"My name is Raven. I'm a super spy and Ariel has asked me to recruit you for a mission. So I need you to head down to Camilla's office right away." She gives me a handshake.

"Pleased to meet you Raven. Can my best friend come too please? She's also an agent. Her name is Rena and she's got mad Kung-Fu skills and she's excellent with arrows. She also has long green hair. She has to be on your team. I'm not going if she isn't."

"Only if she just happens to be the final agent that I'm looking for." I open the last file and the picture just happens to look like the girl that Aisha exactly described. Aisha looks over and giggles.

"Would this be her?"

"Yeah, that's her. You've got a good source." I smirked at that comment.

"Do you know where she is?"

"Yeah, she just went to the bathroom to freshen up. Oh look here she comes now." We see Rena coming our way. She's wearing a lovely black sweater with skinny blue jeans.

"Is someone talking about me?" Rena says in a singing voice.

"My name is Raven, pleased to you and yeah you two are to come with me to Camilla's office right now. It's urgent. Follow me." I head to the elevator and they follow me inside. I push the ground floor button.

"So um Raven, what kind of mission is this anyway?"

"It's an SS mission. It's also my first and now you both have your first SS mission." Rena raised her hand.

"What does SS mean Mr. Raven?"

"It means Super Spy." Rena put her hand down.

"It sounds a bit hard and scary." Aisha's lips were quivering.

"Oh Aisha don't be a wimp." Rena patted her back.

"We've gone through lots of stuff together. Now we both have out first SS. That's gotta be sorta exciting and look we have an actual super spy with us." Rena pointed at me. I waved hello and I smiled.

"Your right Rena, we will succeed in this mission."

"Of course I'm right. I'm pumped up now. Let's get this show on the road already!" I can't help but chuckle.

I like her attitude. The elevator dings and the doors open.

"I admire your courage Rena." I gave her my winning smile.

"Thanks Raven." Rena smiled.

"No problem Rena."

"All right! Now I'm pumped and ready to go!" Aisha punches the air with her fist as if there was an enemy standing in front of her.

I like the both of them. I just hope Chung will be the same way. We arrived at Camilla's office and I see Chung was wearing new clothes. This time he's wearing black and white camo pants and a white long-sleeved shirt with the Agency of El's symbol on it which happens to be a mystery El shard.

"Hey guys." Chung was smiling and waving at us.

"Who are you?" Rena asked.

"The name's Chung, pleased to meet you." He shook Rena's hand.

"Instructions later. Let's go inside everyone."

"Ok Raven." All three of them said at the same time. We head inside Camilla's office. She looks up at us.

"Ah Raven finally. I was beginning to worry." "

I brought all three agents like you said." She looks at each of them with interest.

"Very good Raven. Have you told them about the mission?"

"No, I thought about it but that would just take longer."

"Wise decision Raven and that's another reason that you're a Super Spy."

"Excuse me, Mrs. Camilla? Can we just hear about the mission?"

"Your quite right young man. Now listen carefully because I'm only gonna tell you this once." All of us got in a chair and sat close to her as possible.

"Do you three know someone by the name of Elsword?"

"No. We've never heard of him until now."

"Oh then it's not important to tell you about him now. Raven can do that later."

"So Mrs. Camilla, wanna fill them in on what he's planning to do?"

"Of course Raven, I was just getting to that."

"Then please continue."

Man Elsword, why'd you kill those people so long ago

"Elsword is currently working on constructing a device that will take over the government's minds and they'll be under his command."

"WHAT?!" Chung slammed his fists on Camilla's desk.

Oh god, I hope he didn't break it.

"Please Chung, don't shout. It's not polite and please don't break my desk, it's brand new." Ariel said calmly.

"Yeah Chung she's got a point. Don't go breaking stuff." Rena said cheerfully.

"Sorry my bad. Please continue Mrs. Camilla." He put his hands back in his pockets. Camilla clears her throat.

"Anyways, Elsword is currently building a device to control people's minds and he's out to control the government. It's not likely that he came up with this idea on his own, so someone must be helping him. Raven and I both know that this mission would be impossible with just him alone, so that's why I assigned the three of you to help him in any way possible. If only Eve were still alive, then this mission would be in the bag." Camilla's face was dark and so was mine.

It's my fault that she died. I should have saved her instead of leaving her there during our last mission together. It was a year ago and we just celebrated Eve's birthday. Eve and I were inside a huge building in New York City. Elsword was gonna blow up New York City. I still remember everything that had happened on that terrible day.

"Raven look! There he is. Let's stop him for good this time." Eve pointed at Elsword and nodded at me and I nodded at her in reply.

"Fools! Do you really think you can stop me? Don't make me laugh. Oh wait it's too late, you already did." He laughs.

"I'll draw his attention and then you shoot him Raven."

"NO! You'll be killed."

"But it's the only way to stop him for good." She charges at Elsword.

"NO! EVE YOU IDIOT!" I heard a gunshot and I fired at Elsword hitting his arm. I heard a body fall to the ground.


"Raven come closer." I ran towards her side. My eyes were swelling up with tears from the sight of seeing the huge pool of blood.

"Don't talk anymore, you're gonna be all right. I'll save you." She laughed weakly.

"I don't think I'll make it. Elsword, you have to stop Elsword from getting away." I see Elsword laughing like a crazy lunatic.

"Looks like she only has a few minutes left. Better save her quickly." He was taunting me. I see him drawing out a small round object. He had a huge smile on his face.

"Can you guess what this is Raven?" He said lovingly.

"Too late, time's up. It's a detonator that's set to blow up my lair in 5 minutes, killing anyone that's inside. Besides, you two ruined my plans and I will finally have killed the great Raven. So what's it gonna be Raven? You have two choices, stop me or save me your best friend. The choice is yours." He pushes the button on the detonator and place begins to rumble.

"CHOOSE NOW RAVEN! The clock's ticking so you better make a choice quick." He starts running away as soon as he said that.

"ELSWORD, YOU BASTARD!" I yelled as loud as I could while Eve was in my arms. My eyes were overflowing with tears. I could hear his wicked evil laughter.

"Raven, listen to me now."

"Don't talk damn it! I'm gonna save you!" She somehow had the energy to slap my face.

"Don't be an idiot Raven. You're the only one that can stop him."

"But I just can't leave you here to die. I need you."

"Don't worry about me. NOW GO! STOP ELSWORD BEFORE HE GETS AWAY! We're best friends for life remember? Nothing can separate us."

"Yeah. We're best friends for life." With those words, she collapsed in my arms with a smile on her face. I set her down gently. I saluted her.

"I'll come back for you, I promise." I started chasing after Elsword. The place was violently shaking. A minute has passed.

"So Raven, you decided to stop me after all. That's low and I know low."

"She told me that I had to stop you! Where are you hiding coward?!" I heard a door open and I followed the noise. I see him running to his black helicopter. It's one of those military helicopters that doesn't have a door.

"ELSWORD, GET BACK HERE!" He climbs in and fires it up. I heard a window shatter. I ignore it and run towards the helicopter. Elsword waved at me goodbye and took off. I ran as fast as I can and I managed to hang on to its' landing skids.

"Wow Raven, you're really determined to stop me. Good thing I'm inside here." Elsword said over his loud speaker.

"I will stop you no matter what!" I made sure he had heard me. He just laughs. I try to climb in but I hear a gun shot as he almost shoots my hand off.

Damn it, now what am I gonna do? I looked in my tool belt and I see a flash grenade.

This'll stop him. I'm sure of it. If I miss, then Eve will be dissapointed in me. Three minutes have gone by so far.

Only two minutes left to save Eve. We're 200 yards away from the building. I take careful aim and throw it with my metal arm. I see it go inside the helicopter. I covered my eyes.

"Oh shit." That was all I heard from him when the flash grenade exploded, masking Elsword in a bright light.

"DAMN YOU RAVEN! I CAN'T SEE!" I quickly climbed in. I took out a pair of hand cuffs and I hand cuffed him. I see that he couldn't open his eyes.

"You're under arrest for numerous crimes." I heard him laughing.

"What's so funny?"

"You're not even going to kill me? You're a weak, spineless fool. You've never learned to kill somebody, even if they were dying right in front of you, you've always shown mercy. That's why you're so weak. You can't even kill somebody that tries to kill you." He was pissing me off big time.

"SHUT UP! Now be quiet so I can save Eve." I pushed him towards the back and sat in the pilot's seat and I was in control. I commanded the small air craft. I command it to quickly turn around and I tried to go as quick as I can towards Elsword's lair.

"Please let Eve still be alive." I was within 100 feet of the place when the building exploded followed by a series of explosions soon after.

"NO! EVE!" I shouted as loud as I could. My eyes were flooded with tears.



"Not yet I'm afraid. Goodbye Raven." He kicked me in the face and he jumped out of the helicopter.

What the hell is he doing? Did he just commit suicide? We're a thousand feet high at least. There's no way he'll survive that.

"Damn him and everything that he's done!" I slammed my fists on the controls.

"At least he's dead though. I better report back to Camilla and tell her the mission was a success." I started flying towards the agency of El.

I wish I had killed him myself so that I could have avenged Eve.

"Hey Raven, you there?" Rena was waving her hand in front of my face. I snap back to reality.

"Oh sorry, I was just thinking about something."

I will avenge you Eve.

"Who is Eve anyways?" Aisha asked me.

"She was my best friend."

"Oh I'm sorry Raven." Both of them gave me a hug. Chung patted me on the back.

"We'll stop Elsword for good for Eve's sake. Right guys?" Chung said with a proud voice.

"YEAH!" Both of the girls shouted proudly.

"Thanks guys, I really appreciate it." All three of the agents smiled at me.

If only they realized how dangerous Elsword is capable of. But they do have high spirits, I'll give them that.

"All right let's get down to business shall we?"

"Yeah, Camilla's right. Pay close attention. She doesn't like to repeat herself." We all scooted closer so we can hear her better.

"Your assignment for all of you is to destroy the device and bring Elsword back for questioning." Chung raised his hand like a student would.

"But what if Elsword happens to die Mrs. Camilla?"

"Then you have to confirm that he's really dead instead of just assuming."

"Oh ok." Chung put his hand down.

"Does anyone else have any other questions?"

"No Mrs. Camilla." All three agents said at the same time.

"Good, now let's get down to business. Follow me so that I can give you the necessary tools for the mission." She pushed a button underneath her desk and the wall to our right rotated 180 degrees. On the other side of the wall were rows of gadgets and other cool spy gear. Chung, Aisha and Rena gasped in amazement. I can't help but laugh. Chung ran to the wall and touched everything that he could.

"OH MY GOD! THIS IS SO COOL!" Chung screamed in excitement.

"So this is super spy gear?" Aisha asked excitedly.

"Correct Miss Aisha. Now let me show you what you all can have." She chooses a particular item. They're black sunglasses.

"Aren't those sunglasses?" Rena pointed out.

"Yes, but these are special sunglasses."

"Oh what can they do then?"

"Why don't you just try them on?" Camilla picked up a pair and put it on Chung's head.


I hate to admit it but he looks good wearing them.

"What can they do Camilla?"

"I'm glad you asked Rena. These babies have night vision, X-ray vision, heat vision, and microscopic vision."

"Oh wow really?" Aisha put a pair on and accidentally burnt Rena's butt with heat vision.

"Ouch Aisha! Watch where you point those things."Rena was rubbing it now and Chung and I laughed.

"Sorry Rena." She laughed awkwardly.

"You guys also get stun grenades, grappling hooks, and stun guns."

"Aw. Why can't we get real guns that kill stuff." Chung was complaining.

"Because I said so. Plus I don't think Elsword has that many guards so you should be fine."

"All right I guess. We still have pretty cool things though." Chung had a big smile on his face.

"All four of you are to begin your assignment tomorrow. Get a good night's sleep and come back here as soon as you wake up so you can prepare. GOT THAT AGENTS?!"

"YES MRS. CAMILLA! WE WON'T LET YOU DOWN!" All four of us spoke in unison. We saluted her.



"I wish you all good luck." We all head out the door and leave the place. I got in my black hummer and started to head home.

I hope all of us can survive this. We need all the luck we can get. I see a cloud that almost looks like Eve's face.


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