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The next day, Yoshiki had found it hard to get up like normal, and come to school. He would've liked to stay home today, but he doubted his explanation would be sufficient for the principal. It was so weird... All that horrible stuff, the death and decay that took place yesterday, yet... here he was, sitting in class, like nothing had happened. It felt so surreal, but this was just how the world worked. It threw a thunderstorm your way, but then the next day wouldn't have a cloud in the sky. Though, that didn't mean a few puddles didn't remain. He sighed, barely listening to the teacher as they rambled on and he was off in his own mind. To keep himself awake, he doodled on his notebook, most of it nonsensical scribbles, since he wasn't much of an artist.

Emi... Mitsuki... Kito... The fact that they had murdered someone... it all weighed heavily on his mind, and he was certain it was the same for Ayumi. He wondered how she was doing, actually... He hadn't gotten a chance to talk to her after they had gotten out. He looked up as the bell rung for class's end, and the start of lunch. Maybe he'd get to talk a little during lunch... He stood and slung his bag over his shoulder, heading outside to their usual meeting spot. Besides first period, this was the only time their whole group could meet up. He sat with a sigh near Satoshi, letting his bag fall next to him with a thump. He was still worn out, and wished he could just take this time to sleep, but it would probably only result in him becoming more drowsy.

Ayumi had gotten home to two very worried parents who were frantically calling around in an attempt to find where their daughter was. She had to lie, giving the excuse that after cleaning up the cultural festival that her and her friends went out for food. Then mini-golfing where she had fallen into one of those fake little ponds. Then her parents proceeded to yell at her about her lack of respect, lack of maturity, and inability to take anything seriously. She disagreed, of course, but once her parents got angry at one thing, they got angry at everything. She could tell they were just freaked out, since Ayumi had typically kept them in the loop of her location. She also had to tell them she lost her cell phone, which she hadn't noticed she didn't have until then. Finally, after an hour, her parents went off to bed. She dragged herself into the shower, feeling all the dirt and grime wash off her. When she got out, she was met with her sister and a plate of nice warm food. The rest of the night was spent talking to her sister, telling her everything she could.

Ayumi hadn't even gotten a chance to sleep when it was time to head out towards school. Her sister asked if she wanted to just stay home for the day, but Ayumi didn't think that would help. She would just lay in her room, being miserable. She had to get herself back into the daily grind. In class, she found it almost impossible to concentrate on the lecture. She scrabbled down the notes on the board, but she couldn't keep her mind aware and actually absorbing the material. She was so tired, throughout the entire class she was stifling yawns. When the lunch bell rang, she was honestly tempted to slip off somewhere and get a small nap in. But, she didn't want anyone worrying about her absence at lunch, so she would just tough it out.

Satoshi look over at Yoshiki as he appeared. He was admittedly a little surprised, he had been almost sure Yoshiki would've found a way to miss classes. He could understand just wanted to get back into normal life. The very thought of this Heavenly Host place was enough to freak him out that he had a nightmare just from the little description Ayumi had given. "Hey, how're you holding up?" Satoshi asked, concern in his expression. He wasn't really sure how act or what to say to someone who had just gotten out of such a situation. From the corner of his eye, he noticed Ayumi appear in her typical spot as well. The two of them looked beyond exhausted.

Yoshiki looked over at Satoshi with tired eyes, then shrugged. "Pretty good, I guess, given the circumstances. I'm just hoping to leave it in the past,"he answered, holding in a yawn. It was best to just forget it all, but the task was easier said than done. So many images kept coming to his head, and they wouldn't quit. Luckily, though, he didn't dream often, so he also didn't get nightmares. But if he did, he would probably be incapable of any sleep at all.

"That sounds like the best idea," Naomi agreed, but then looked to Ayumi, "What about you, Shinozaki?" She looked sympathetic towards her. The poor girl looked awful... like she hadn't gotten a wink of sleep. She wasn't surprised at that fact, though. Naomi, herself, probably would have to seek professional help before being able to even shut her eyes.

Ayumi took a few seconds to realize she was being spoken to. Ugh, she hoped she didn't get called on in any of her classes. As class rep she was supposed to be an example to the others. "Oh, I'm okay," she answered. It wasn't an honest answer, but it felt like the only one she could give. "My sister is a psychic, so she knows and believes everything I told her. It was nice to talk through it with her," she explained, her last words drowned out by a yawn. She had no idea how she was going to make it the rest of the day without passing out. She jolted a little when she remembered what her sister gave her. "Oh, Yoshiki," she said, pulling out a little purple-tinted gem attached to a string. She gently tossed it over to him. "Sis wanted me to give that to you. It's like the power stone, but it's supposed to be more powerful."Her sister had given her one as well, telling her it was one of the strongest protections against spirits. It may not be of any use now, but there was a level of comfort and protection the power crystal brought. Although, she was aware of Yoshiki's disinterests in such things, her sister had insisted she give it to him.

Satoshi watched the little gem as Ayumi tossed it. He felt a little out of the loop in reference to 'power stones'. It was probably just a charm like the one everyone else had bought... He paused, suddenly realizing Ayumi using Yoshiki's first name. They definitely had used last names previously, right? He had to wonder about the nature of their relationship after all this had happened. They had always been good friends, but using first names was a quite a bit of a jump.

Yoshiki looked over at Ayumi as she addressed him, easily catching the stone. "Tell her thanks, then,"he said, putting the charm in his pocket. Before yesterday, he probably wouldn't carry such a thing around, but now he probably wouldn't forget to bring it along wherever he went. To admit that to himself embarrassed him a little, but at least he didn't have to say it out loud.

Naomi fidgeted, feeling a little lost between their first name basis. But, she didn't want to ask. It was their business, right? Ugh, but if certain people heard them calling each other that, bad rumors would start spreading... Still, she couldn't ask, or bring it any special attention... The only one in their group who might do that exact thing, though, was Seiko, but she hoped she knew better on the matter. If she so much as mentioned it, an overwhelming awkwardness would descend on all of them.

"Will do,"Ayumi replied, a little surprised he was so willing to take it. Then again, after their experience, she could completely understand his change in tune. It made her sick when she thought of what could have been avoided with even a cheap little cultural festival charm. She put some food in her mouth even though her appetite wasn't really there. Her sister had been nice enough to throw together a lunch box, so she felt obligated to eat something. But, after the time spent in Heavenly Host with no food, her stomach almost seemed to resist the sustenance. She just stuck to eating the bland rice, which went down easiest.

"Aah, my professor started talking about mid-terms today!" Seiko said as she approached the group, sitting next to Naomi. "Just because we finished the culture festival yesterday, they think they can start talking about exams," she pouted. She was aware of Yoshiki's and Ayumi's exhaustion, but she found dwelling on such awful things were never good. It was best to move on with a smile.

"Exam?" Naomi asked with a small smile, appreciating the change of subject, "How ridiculous! At least wait a few days!"She laughed lightly, hoping that they could all still talk like this, light hearted and such. But... she had a feeling things wouldn't be exactly as they had been. Mayu as gone, and the event Yoshiki and Ayumi had experienced, while left them physically unscathed, probably had a large impact on them personally. Ayumi was obviously different, a lot less care free than she had been. While Yoshiki didn't have any visible changes, she was sure he was just trying to cover it up. That seemed how he rolled. A loner, per say.

Yoshiki hadn't brought anything to eat. He had even almost been late to school because of over sleeping. Though, that didn't seem to help his drowsiness, it certainly ruined any preparation time he had before school. And, unlike the others, he was on his own with that kind of thing, so if he forgot or ran out of time to do it himself, he was pretty much screwed. Having not eaten since lunch yesterday, he was pretty starved, but was too prideful to ask for a share of anyone else's. Instead, he decided to play it calm, like normal. He had forgotten lunch before, so it most likely wouldn't attract attention to the fact he didn't have any today.

Ayumi shifted the food in the box around a little, deciding she couldn't stomach anymore. Besides, she was more interested in sleep than food. She shut the box, standing up. "I need to go check something in the library. I'll talk to you guys later,"she told them with a light smile. She didn't wait for the replies before she grabbed her bag and left. She made it to the library quickly as she was aware lunch was only so long. She went up to one of the computers, signing on with the school's login and password. She double-clicked on the library system, going into the database of articles. She typed in 'Heavenly Host Elementary School'.

The computer took a moment to think, then dozens of articles coming up. She clicked on them, frowning as she got the story she had previously believed. Where were Ryou's, Tokiko's, and Yuki's names? She clicked around, typing in the ghost children's names... nothing. At all. How could that be? She typed in 'Sachiko', the namesake of the charm. Nothing. "The hell,"she mumbled, glaring at the computer. If only they had found more articles while in the school... it seemed that the physical world was bereft at the information. She sighed, staring at the computer screen. It seemed the internet wouldn't be as much help as she had previously hoped.

Satoshi watched as Ayumi quickly spoke and left, frowning slightly. He knew things wouldn't be normal for a while, maybe never again. He had to wonder why she left for the library in such a hurry. Surely she wasn't dwelling on that place, right? He glanced at Yoshiki, noticing his friend's lack of food. Satoshi knew he must not have eaten for a while, so he held out his lunchbox for him. "Want it? My mom made Shogayaki, which I don't even like," he offered casually.

Yoshiki watched as Ayumi left, feeling a little worried for her state of mind. He'd have to try and talk her out of looking more into Heavenly Host... It'd do her no good to dwell on it, and he was certain that's what she was going to the library to do. He sort of wanted to stop her, but before he could even really act on the thought, he heard Satoshi. He turned his head, eyeing the food he offered. Normally, he would've liked to turn him down, but he felt too empty for his pride to get in the way. "Thanks, man,"he said with a sigh, taking the lunch box. He had much more of an appetite than Ayumi, and found it very easy to eat the meal in it's entirety. He spent the rest of the lunch period eating, making sure to take it slow so he didn't seem too desperate for food. The bell then rung, much to his displeasure, and everyone scattered to their next period class.

School dragged on much too slowly for his liking, and, unlike most of the other students, he didn't get to go home for more than a few minutes. He really wanted to call off work today, but he couldn't afford to. He dressed casually, having no uniform for his job. The only thing mandatory was a name tag, which he put in place of his student ID. Haaa, it really was just like school... only you had to pretend to be friendly and stand the whole time. He stepped out of his studio apartment, locking the door behind him and walking calmly to the music store he worked at, which sold a variety of instruments that he wished he could have. It was almost taunting, being around the things that he loved but couldn't own, but it was better than working somewhere he didn't have an interest in at all, like fast food. Ugh, he felt sorry for the saps that worked in places like that...

He entered the shop, giving a small wave to the manager, who said a 'hey dude.' Time to work... Then, when he got home, he'd most likely collapse on his bed, not taking time to shower or eat.

Okinawa Miki entered the small music shop hesitantly, almost expecting to see someone she would recognize. But, she purposefully went to a music store outside her neighborhood just to avoid that. Though, there was a level of paranoia that a friend, parent, parent's friend, maid, or any other number of people could see her. What was she even doing? There was no way she could hide a guitar in her room without being found out. Still, with the extra cash from her birthday, it was too tempting. She walked over to the guitar's, fascinated. Her parents had always been so careful to keep her away from such music... classical music and the like were the only type that deserved listening to. She was debating to herself which type to get, a little intimidated by all the choices.

Yoshiki saw a new costumer enter. It was strange though, most costumers looked at least a little familiar, but he couldn't recall ever seeing this girl before. He shrugged it off, continuing work as usual. As she browsed, he approached her, looking at the choices. "Is this your first time looking for a guitar?" he asked, his hands in his jacket pockets. This was necessary to ask costumers, so you could refer them to a brand or type better. Though, he had to admit, she didn't look like the type who'd be interested in the guitars. He almost wanted to ask if she was looking for something like a wind instrument or smaller string one, like a violin. But, even to him that sounded rude, and he wasn't paid to be rude. He was paid to be in people's business and tell them what they may or may not like.

Miki was admittedly relieved when she heard an employee come up, since she was questioning her knowledge. She knew how to play guitar, she managed to learn it between violin lessons in the band room at school. She was sick of the amount of time she spent with a violin as opposed to the guitar, though. "Is it that obvious?" she asked with a sheepish smile. "I know how to play... but I learned on a school guitar. I was just going to get one of them... but none of the one's here look familiar,"she observed, face tinged red from embarrassment. She didn't like being clueless. She glanced at the employee, a little more embarrassed when she realized he was cute. He looked exhausted, but that didn't take away from his sharp blue eyes and nicely ruffled blonde hair. Her eyes grazed his name tag. Kishinuma, huh.

Yoshiki chuckled lightly, shaking his head."Not too obvious. I'm required to ask that, really," he explained, then looked at the guitars on display. Most likely, they didn't have any that were cheap enough for schools to afford, unless they were private schools, which he guessed he shouldn't rule out, especially since the glossy blond gave him the impression of a girl who was well off. "Maybe I can help... Can you remember the brand name of the guitar?" he asked, tilting his head slightly. He had worked here long enough to know what types they did and didn't have, so he could tell her right away if they carried the type she had learned on. And if they didn't, he'd just have to give her some other suggestions that were good for beginners or a make similar to the one she was familiar with.

Miki smiled at him, a little relieved she didn't look like a total newbie. She paused, thinking back to the school's guitars. She remembered picking up the guitar for the first time and falling in love. It had felt like such a better fit than the violin she had played for years and years. "It's a Gibson, I believe," she said slowly. The school had about five of them, able to afford such pricey guitars thank to the ridiculous amount of money it takes to go there. She had checked online for the price of a good guitar, a large amount of money in her bag for it. Bless her rich grandmother and her two thousand dollar check. Of course, she had to get the money in cash, because she couldn't risk letting her parents see a charge from a music store with her debit card.

A Gibson? Maybe she did go to a rich private school... Those brand guitars were about the most expensive on the market for known names, for good reason. But still, he was a little shocked. For her to be looking for one of those, and having started on one, was really strange. "Was it Electric or Acoustic?" he asked, walking over to where most of the Gibson's were categorized. He gaped at the sight of such high rate beauties... He was really jealous that this girl seemed so certain that she could afford one. What he wouldn't give...

"Acoustic," Miki replied quickly, confident of that. Plus, if she was getting electric, she'd have to get an amplifier. That would only add on to the complications of hiding it from her parents. As they approached the Gibson's, she felt a bit more comfortable. She could even spot the model of one of the guitars her school used, though it was electric. Her eyes glanced over the prices, assured she could afford one. Still, she was a little nervous about spending so much money on something her parents would burn if they found. Looking at the beautiful guitar's with their sleek bodies and glossy appearances, though, she was in love. There was no way she was backing out of this now.

"Nice choice," Yoshiki said with a small smile. His eyes trailed on all of the Acoustic brands, placing his hands on his sides. "Well... I guess the next question is obvious... Do you want one exactly like or similar to the one in your school? Or do you want to see if a new one fits you better?" he asked, looking over at her. She'd probably want to stick with what she knows, but since she didn't seem to recognize the design, this might take a little while.

Miki considered his question carefully. As comfortable as she was with the school one, she was pretty sure she wanted to find one that really clicked with her. "I'll try a new one," she answered. Her eyes traced over the different designs. The Gibson brand was surely a huge producer, she realized as she looked over them. Color didn't particularly matter to her, design was what she was interested in. The heavy wood makes the tone rich and full in each of the guitars, she was aware of. So any guitar would be good... she just wanted to find the one.

Yoshiki watched, realizing she was probably going to have a hard time finding one for herself. He wished costumers could just pick and find the one, but he had been in this business long enough to know that they always needed a little push... Mys well start with Gibson Acoustic classic. He walked over to the design he had in mind, picking it off the rack. He back stepped over to her, then turned to present it."This is the J-45, or "The Workhorse." It's one of Gibson's most popular guitars. This one is a vintage sunburst, but we have antique natural ones in the back," he informed her, gesturing for her to try it on, to see if it was her 'one'.

Miki's eyes lit up at the guitar, it was absolutely gorgeous. She took it from Yoshiki's hand, adjusting it in her own hands. She strummed it lightly, the guitar letting out a rich sound. She began to play a verse from "Hotel California", a random song that just popped into her head. She felt a click and a comfort from the guitar that the violin never gave her. Her fingers glided naturally over the strings, she had no need for a guitar pick. Most acoustic guitar players didn't. She finished her little verse, looking at Yoshiki with a bright smile. "I'll take it!" she said, trying to keep her giddiness down to a normal level. She was just so excited to finally have a guitar to call her own!

Yoshiki smiled as she tested the guitar, how it felt in her hands and when she played it. He smiled lightly at her, crossing his arms. "Nice choice. It's a classic," he said with a nod of approvement. He made a gesture for her to follow, going behind the desk to check her out. These days were usually pretty slow, so they were a little short-handed, but he didn't mind. The shop was usually pretty empty, so it was easy to help someone and check them out afterword. "I'm shocked you can afford such a beauty," he said with a small hint of jealousy, but added a small laugh, "Is it going to take your life savings?" After all, the Gibson Workhorse was three-thousand dollars...

Miki blushed lightly, pleased at the approval of her choice. She followed him to the check out counter, aware she was spending a thousand more than originally planned. She'd just have to make sure she hid her bank receipts from her nosy parents. She laughed lightly. "Not at all. My Nana gave me two thousand for my birthday, and I always have a couple thousand in the bank," she admitted with a sheepish smile. "I've been waiting forever to buy a guitar, and now that I have the extra cash, I figured now or never," she admitted. She pulled out the two thousand in cash and her debit card, handing them over to him.

Yoshiki was a little surprised. Her grandmother gave her two thousand straight up? No doubt in his mind now that this girl was from a rich family. Though, that being said, why didn't she always have the money for a guitar? Why would she have to wait until now? "If you're that into it, why didn't you ask for a guitar on your birthday, or or some other holiday?" he curiously asked, taking the money and placing in the register, pushing it back with a small cling. He went into the back for a second to bring out the guitar's case, placing it gently in it's silhouette in the cushion. He shut the case and snapped the clasps, gently pushing it in her direction. Next he pulled out two receipts, handing her one and placing the other on the counter. "Sign this one."

Miki laughed lightly at the idea of asking her parent's for a guitar. "My folks would have an aneurysm, no joke. They are obsessed with classical music, they think it's the only genre that deserves any attention," she explained with a sigh. Her parents were pretty closed-minded when it came to most things, it was a bit frustrating. "They forced me to start playing the violin the second I was old enough to hold it," she told him as she signed as directed. She had her own guitar! The thought made her heart want to burst in happiness. "To be honest, I don't even like playing the violin. I just feel detached from it." It was very liberating to admit these details, since a lot of her friends never really understood what her deal with music was.

Yoshiki tilted his head at her story, then sighed. "There really are some ignorant people, huh? So that means you're going behind their back? A rebel? I like it,"he said with a smirk, sliding the receipt she had signed back towards him. Aah... it was a shame to see the Workhorse go, but it wasn't like he'd ever be able to play it. These days, he could barely afford to live decently, so buying any sort of guitar was like a far off dream, even a really cheap, flimsy one was out of his budget. Though, he was thankful for the manager. He seemed to understand his situation, and let him practice on other guitars, except really nice ones like the one this girl was buying."Well, I wish you luck in your secret mission," he said in a joking manner, placing his hands in his jacket pockets again.

Miki laughed at being described as a 'rebel'. She supposed she was, her parents would definitely disapprove. She grinned at him, appreciating the gesture. "Thanks. You'll know if i'll fail if they come stomping into this place," she warned, paling a little at the image. "And if that does happen, I am deeply sorry," she added with a sheepish smile. She wouldn't put it above her parents behaviors to come stomping into the store and raising hell. She took the guitar case, feeling like it was her own child already.

"Don't worry. If they come looking for a fight, I'll make sure they get one,"Yoshiki reassured her. He'd like to say something to her parents anyways, and if they came in to raise Hell he'd raise it right back. Forcing something on kids wasn't going to help anything. It was annoying, to say the least. Then again, he couldn't really speak from experience, only speculation. They were on two different sides of the spectrum. Her parents were overbearing, telling her what to like and not to like, leading her in the direction they thought was best. Meanwhile, rather than steer him in any direction, his parents only sought to put him down, and eventually let go of the reigns completely.

Miki smiled at him as she put the guitar case's strap over her shoulder. "I think I'd like to see that,"she admitted with a lop-sided smile, blushing lightly. She would love to see her parent's get stricken down a peg or two. No music is better than any other, it was all a matter of opinion. Her parent's didn't want her having an opinion, though. They wanted to form her into a specific person that she just wasn't."Thanks for all the help, Kishinuma," she added as she grabbed the handle to the door to leave the store.

"No problem!" Yoshiki said with a smirk, waving to her, "Have fun with that." Ugh, there goes a great Gibson... I'm so envious.., he thought with a sigh as he leaned on the counter. "Kishinuma! Break time!" yelled the manager. Finally... He stood and grabbed one of the cheaper guitars from the display, going to to the back to practice. First he made sure it was tuned correctly, strumming, then adjusting. When he was finally pleased, he held the neck steadily and began playing a simple rhythmic tune before starting any actual music. Once he eased into it, he began playing some song at random. In fact, he wasn't even sure of the name... only the tune stayed in his head as he played.

Miki smiled at him, about to leave when he began to play and her hand released the doorknob. She stopped, turning around to stare at him. He was good, she realized with a pounding heart. Even with one of the cheaper guitar's... he made it sound better than she was with her three thousand dollar Gibson. She was a bit envious. She was great at playing the violin, she was told over and over again. But, she didn't care how well she did with that, she wanted to reach a level of expertise with her guitar. "You're really good," she admired. She paused for a moment, debating if she should ask. "You wouldn't happen to... offer lessons, would you?" she inquired, trying to be casual about the question despite her embarrassment.

Yoshiki stopped abruptly at hearing the girl, turning his head. She was still here? Huh... "Lessons?" he asked, making sure he had heard her right. She wanted... lessons from him? It was too nice of an offer to shy away from... He absolutely couldn't resist. Plus, he'd be getting paid for something he loved to do."I've never taught anyone before... but I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard. After all, I've taught myself successfully, and that counts for something, right?" He placed the guitar over to the side, turning back to her with his hands tucked away, as usual. "Knowing that, you still want to learn from me?" he asked, to make sure she hadn't changed her mind before he got giddy on the inside.

Miki listened to him, unconcerned with his previous experience with teaching. He seemed like a nice, chill guy, and most importantly she was envious of his skills. The fact he was self-taught was even more impressive, honestly. She hated rigid teaching that she was given from her Violin teacher. "Definitely,"she replied brightly. "Ah, I only can have lessons on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons though," she said hesitantly, hoping it wouldn't collide with his schedule. "If that's okay, just name your price," she admitted, figuring that would made the deal more tempting to take, even if it was a bit of a schedule reworker.

Yoshiki just stared at her. Name... his own price?... If he had had a drink, he would've spewed it all over the place. "My... own price?" he echoed, having trouble coming upon a reasonable price, especially since he was no professional, "Uhm... how 'bout... a hundred a day?"

"-And that's it! Satoshi, dude, that means an extra three hundred added to my pay check per week!" Yoshiki finished, obviously very excited about the extra cash he was gonna earn from this tutoring thing, "I still can't believe it all happened, really." He leaned back, smirking at his wild accomplishment. He wasn't sure how his luck got so good, but he definitely wasn't complaining. After all, he was going to have so much extra money now. It didn't all have to go towards his home or food, and he could save it up, maybe even for his own guitar.

"That's awesome!" Satoshi admired, really happy for Yoshiki. He always got the short end of the stick, especially with his home life. That cushion to his income would be awesome. "Hey, maybe you've just found your calling! Teaching music to rich kids," he joked with a grin. He himself didn't have any idea what he was going to do with his life either, so he was in the same boat as Yoshiki as he tried to figure it out.

Ayumi glanced at Yoshiki as he seemed happier than she has seen him for a long time. She paused before putting her food in her mouth, chewing it slowly. She felt a tinge... on edge? Ugh, she'd chalk it up to lack of sleep. Even last night she had issues getting a good night sleep with images of painted flames and bloody walls. She had eventually given up after a few hours and turned to drawing... And trying to find more information on Heavenly Host. She had a sinking feeling that no information was to be left in this realm, though.

Yoshiki chuckled, shrugging. "Guess so! Should I open up an ad in the paper?" he asked sarcastically, then thought to add the small detail, "She's not bad lookin', either." He didn't really mean it like he was interested in her romantically, but he wasn't being dishonest. Though, no matter how attractive a girl was, he couldn't make himself move on. Ayumi was just too stuck on his brain, and heart, he guessed. Thinking about her, he gave a small glance in her direction, wondering how she was doing. He doubted she was letting the whole Heavenly Host thing die in the past, and was probably having some nightmares too. He really needed to talk to her alone... but he was too embarrassed to ask for time alone. People might take it wrong. "What about you, Ayumi? Anything happen yesterday that stood out?" he asked casually.

"Don't go rushing ahead of yourself! Don't forget you have to leave time for your studies too," Satoshi added, but was smiling. It was nice to see him to into something. "But you could probably make time for one or two others. Lessons are normally just an hour, right?"he said thoughtfully. If he was teaching three kids, for three hundred dollars a week... nine hundred. He may be able to give up his part time job. Just teach out of his own apartment.

The food in Ayumi's chopsticks fell loose as she heard Yoshiki describe the girl's look. She frowned at the sushi, as if it was the one who decided to just fall. She picked it up again, not able to put it in her mouth because she noticed Yoshiki talking to her."No... nothing of note," she said honestly. She had just headed straight home after school. She found no information on Heavenly Host, she had done her homework, and she had many, many fitful naps. "Congrats on the new job, though," she added with a weak smile. She knew she should be happier for him... ugh, why did she feel so rotten?

"Haha, really, I only have time and patience for one," Yoshiki admitted with a chuckle, "School and work takes up majority of my day already." He tossed Ayumi a look, his expression flattening slightly. No doubt she was just dragging herself further down into the pit Heavenly Host dug for her. He'd have to catch her after school, or something. After all, today was Thursday, and he didn't have to work. Today was the best opportunity he'd have for a while, for sure. He smiled slightly at her congratulations, but it wasn't exactly a true one, more forced. He was very concerned about her... he found it hard to focus on his own accomplishments."Thanks,"he said, then looked away before what he was doing could be considered staring.

"That's a nice turn of events, Kishinuma," Naomi said with a small smile, a little amazed he still seemed psychologically ok. In fact, he was moving on so well, and even got a new job. Things seemed to be looking up for him, but Ayumi looked no better than she had yesterday. Poor girl...

Ayumi gave a small nod of acknowledgement as she continued to eat her lunch. She felt like she was dragging behind Yoshiki... he seemed to be moving on already, while all she could think about was Heavenly Host. It was maddening, the idea of being left behind. She sighed lightly, closing her box of food just as the bell rang. Back to the daily grind...