This story was written in the fashion of a role play. Some parts will be edited to flow better in the style of a story, but it will mostly remain in the same format. I wrote the parts of Yoshiki, Naomi, Yuka, Ms. Shishido, Hinoe, Kito, Ayato, and Mayu. My friend is responsible for the parts of Ayumi, Satoshi, Miki, Koga, Ito, Tanaka, Asuka, and Sakutaro. Extra, own characters include Kito, Koga, Ito, Tanaka, and Okinawa Miki. The writing was done by us, but we do not own the franchise or characters included.

Christmas Eve really was a lovely time of year. The bustling people, the decorated streets, the advertisements for absolutely everything you could imagine, no school, the New Year right around the corner. Truly brilliant. And, to celebrate it, Koga decided to settle a score once and for all. He'd make Yoshiki realize that he wasn't just a joke, that he should be feared. He leaned against the brick building, eyes scanning for the blonde-boy. Ito has been scouting out for him, saying he noticed Yoshiki heading out this way a few times a week. Though, it was a bit of a chance that he'd be coming down the street tonight, Koga was willing to try and wait for him. He couldn't wait to knock down Kishinuma a few pegs. Especially since he actually started dating the class rep, he couldn't stand to see him happy. He certainly didn't deserve it. What he deserved was a broken nose and a crushed ego. Koga cracked his knuckles, sneering in annoyance. He was so ready for a good fight. His buddies stood right behind him, waiting for the motion to attack.

Yoshiki had had an amazing last few weeks. He and Ayumi were now officially on a dating level, Satoshi had been having a good time with Naomi, Ayumi's parents were still none-the-wiser, and... well, just generally everything was going pretty well. Even Miki hadn't been upset about his new relationship, though he did feel a little guilty... Though basically, everything was alright... and that was really bad. There's no way his life could be going so well without further bumps, or rather, hills in the road. He was waiting for something to ruin his good time in the near future... Even though it was the holidays, he couldn't help but be nervous, or even paranoid. Probably, what caused all his tension, was the fact that Koga had started to ease off on the verbal harassment. He wouldn't just give up... There was no way. He had something up his sleeve, the filthy bastard...

He walked calmly down the street, coming home from an exhausting day of work. It was snowing, which was pleasant, but he couldn't stop being on edge. Anything could await him around the corner... His anxiety rose as the crowd around him kept becoming fewer as he walked, but he still kept trying to appear calm. His hands twitched nervously in his coat pockets, and his heart beat was slightly irregular. Just cool it down... You've been through Hell... You can handle anything, he told himself, exercising calm breaths. Threats were a lot more stressful when you saw them coming... At least Heavenly Host had been a surprise.

Koga grinned as he saw Yoshiki, he stayed hidden in the alleyway's darkness long enough to let Yoshiki walk by them a little. He then stepped out of the alley way, his hands crammed in his pockets and a violent glint in his eyes. "Ey! Kishinuma, I say it's about time we settle this,"Koga announced, his voice laced with cockiness. His friends came out behind him, standing slightly behind Koga as the three of them glared him down. One of them had a wooden baseball bat in their hands, tapping it threateningly against their palm. Koga had no intention to lose this.

"And when we do win, we get to make the class rep our bitch," Ito added with a cocky smirk. It was a guaranteed way to piss Yoshiki off, threaten the class rep. And boy, did the three of them love to piss him off.

Yoshiki stopped, hearing Koga's putrid voice from behind. Dammit... He turned, glaring at him and his little gang of friends. "Ha, somehow, I knew you wouldn't approach me by yourself," he said with a small smirk, turning around. He liked to get a shot at Koga's pride, and he also wanted to remind him how cowardly he was, as opposed to his tough guy mentality. He analyzed the situation further, noticing he had three friends with him, one with an actual weapon.This is bad... but whether I fight or not won't change the out come much. If I declined, no doubt he'd attack anyways. He seems bent on getting back at me.., he thought, glaring out from the shadow cast over his face. He narrowed his eyes, his hands clenching. He knew it was a phrase to get him pissed, but his temper didn't matter outside of school. In fact, it was more of an advantage. His fury let him carry on beyond his normal potential, especially if Ayumi was needlessly thrown into this."Just mentioning that... has dwindled your chances of winning to zero," he told them, his look fierce and his tone dark as he removed his hands from his pockets. His wrist was pretty much healed, so he could go all out on these pieces of trash.

Ayumi sighed as her family talked loudly in the other room. She was just taking a small break from all her Uncles, Aunts, and cousins being over, since it felt like the family catching up was never going to end. Half her family was trying to convince her to take on a more serious outlook towards her future, per request of her parents she could bet, so she wasn't in a great mood. She sat on her desk chair, shaking her computer's mouse to awaken the screen. She was also a bit bummed that she couldn't meet up with Yoshiki as long as her entire family was in her house, since her dad would normally come yelling at her to join the family after an hour of personal times. Her face reddened a soft smile on her face as she reflected on the past few weeks. It was weird, she was never sure she would ever have a relationship like this... but now she couldn't imagine not having it. Still, the actual progress was stifled by her overbearing parents. At least the handful of times she slipped out, she wasn't caught.

Ayumi jumped at her vibrating phone, she tilted her head when she saw Satoshi's name. She blinked, answering the phone with a confused frown. "Hey, Mochida, what's up?" she asked. "Hey Shinozaki..." Satoshi greeted, his tone was way off from anything Ayumi had heard before. Her stomach began to twist nervously. "Yoshiki's been admitted to the hospital. Apparently he got in a fight with Koga and some of his friends," Satoshi began to explain. Ayumi's hand gripped at her phone as her heart dropped, panic beginning to rush through her. "What!? Is he okay!?" she asked, her voice cracking. "Ah, I didn't get much information... his head got hit pretty badly. Apparently one of his arms isn't looking good either. In general... he's just not doing great. But, he's not dying. The doctors are getting x-rays and doing blood work and all that, to make sure there's no internal bleeding or broken bones,"Satoshi explained, feeling awful about delivering this news.

"I'm going, what hospital is it?" Ayumi asked, grabbing her coat and scarf. There was a bit of silence for a second before he answered. "Sumitomo Besshi Hospital," Satoshi answered, wondering if she could get there with her watchful parents."Thanks, Mochida, I'll talk to you later," she told him, shutting her phone as she put on her coat. She wrapped her scarf tightly around her neck. She headed downstairs, avoiding her family as she slipped out the backdoor. She didn't look back or hesitate as she walked as quickly as she could manage. Her heart was pounding in her ears as the worry boiled a hole in her stomach. Her throat felt tight, her eyes stinging, but she pushed down the urge to cry. She had to be strong. Her mind was creating horrible situations, as she worried what exactly was wrong with him. Satoshi had just given her an idea, but she was scared the reality may be worse. What if he did have internal bleeding? She shut her eyes, pushing down her own panic. She couldn't let herself become a hysteric mess. She entered the ER, glancing around as she became uncertain of what to do. She walked up to the receptionist. "Hi, uh, I want to know how Kishinuma Yoshiki is," she explained, her voice wrought with panic.

The receptionist looked up, about to answer Ayumi as a doctor came through the halls. He had brown locks, was overall friendly looking and young. He seemed like he was coming over for a purpose, as he had heard her frantic question. "Kishinuma Yoshiki?" he asked to clarify if that's who he had heard her name, but he didn't pause to see if he was right, "He's doing fine, currently. No internal bleeding was located. His worst injury was to the head, but we don't think it's done permanent damage. He has some bruising in multiple areas, and his arm is most likely fractured. We haven't done the x-rays yet, but I'm pretty confident it's not broken." He smiled gently with his hands in his coat pockets, assuming this was a friend of his, or more, by the way she worried. "He could be a lot worse. He's pretty lucky given the circumstances," he added, to ease her nerves a little, "However... I'm afraid to say he's currently unconscious, so you won't be able to talk to him... Though, I can still let you see him, if you'd like."

Ayumi felt herself calm down a little as the doctor explained what was hurt. No internal bleeding was good... probably no broken bones... bruises... and a beat up head. The fact that this even happened caused her gut to twist. She looked at him, ready to jump on the opportunity to see him, unconscious or not. "I would like to see him, thank you," she said quickly and thankfully, her worry still evident on her face. She did feel better knowing he was going to be fine, that there was no chance of him dying. The thought sent an awful shiver down her spine. She didn't want to associate Yoshiki with dying, not at all. She was a little afraid of seeing him beat up, but she needed to see him.

The doctor nodded. "Well then, follow me," he said with a kind smile, leading her to Yoshiki's room. He opened the door and stepped aside for her. "Since it's Christmas Eve, visiting hours have been extended, so you have plenty of time," he told her, then shut the door after she entered. Haaah, young love... it was so adorable.

Ayumi followed the doctor gratefully, remaining silent with her worried thoughts as they made their way to his room. Ayumi thanked the doctor once again, looking at Yoshiki with a frown. He looked peaceful in sleep, though she could guess that was because of the pain killers that were most likely being pumped into him. She sniffled, tears welling in her eyes as she felt overwhelmed by the bandages and tubes. She pulled a chair up besides Yoshiki bed, taking his hand into hers as hot tears began to spill from her eyes. Those bastards! Koga can't get away with things like this... she thought in anger, hating Koga and his friends with her every fiber as she stared at Yoshiki. She knew he was going to be okay, but she couldn't stop herself from crying. She wiped her tears away with the sleeve of her coat, choking back sobs. Her tears would finally pass, and she felt a little better as a result. She glanced at her phone, which had began vibrating minutes ago. She looked, seeing her dad's ID. She sighed, flipping open her phone and hitting 'ignore'. Then, she turned off her phone altogether because she couldn't deal with her crazy parents right now. She leaned back in the chair, her eyelids beginning to feel heavy. Considering Yoshiki wasn't going to be waking up for a while, it wouldn't kill her to get a few minutes of rest, she decided. She didn't particularly like chairs for sleeping, but she maneuvered herself to a moderately comfy position. She shut her eyes, the sounds of hospital machines and chatter lulling her to sleep.

Yoshiki stirred, opening his eyes slowly, although his left one refused to open fully. He couldn't really register where he was just yet, and his head hurt like Hell... What had happened? Why did he feel sore all over and like his head was splitting in two?... As his eyes focused, he first noticed the white room... A... hospital?... Oh... that's right... He had gotten in a fight with Koga and his groupies... Took some pretty hard hits from that baseball bat... But, aside from that, he had managed dominate those pieces of shit, driven by his fury. Maybe now they'd leave him alone... That, or make Koga even more bitter... That sounded more likely, but at least he may have learned that beating him wasn't a simple task, especially when his buddies fuel him with anger.

As he slowly regained his ability to comprehend his situation, he noticed something lightly grasping his right hand. He flinched as he turned his head slowly, seeing Ayumi asleep in the chair beside the bed. His body warmed at the sight, his heart beat quickening. He narrowed his eyes, being filled with overwhelming emotion. It was really... remarkable how much she cared about him... He slowly gripped her hand back, but didn't make a move to purposefully wake her up. She looked peaceful asleep... and cute...

Ayumi's body sluggishly registered the grip on her head, she began to stir a little. Then she jolted awake when her mind caught up to what that meant. "Yoshiki!" she said, a rush of happiness hit her as she saw he was awake. She moved forward, but stopped herself because she realized if she hugged him, she may hurt him. Instead she squeezed his hand lightly, worry reflected in her eyes. "How're you feeling? Do you need anything?" she asked quickly, concern overwhelming her.

Yoshiki watched her wake, smiling weakly at her as she asked him the basics."Feeling... pretty good, considering..," he answered, surprised it didn't feel too sore to talk. He hadn't really been hit in the chest or throat, so it wasn't really a problem. He then shook his head, holding her hand tighter now that she was awake. His arm gave a little spark of pain in protest, but it wasn't bad at all. "Nah... being here is enough," he said, fully meaning it. Well, he wouldn't have suffered had she chosen not to come, but he was glad she had. He was content in all aspects, even just talking to her dulled the throbbing pain in his head.

Ayumi smiled at him, a light blush on her face. He always said the sweetest things, and she was never sure how to respond. Her heart was thumping quickly against her chest, but she felt oddly at peace with Yoshiki. "Mm, well, I'm not leaving anytime soon," she assured. Honestly, she was tempted to stay as long as he had to. Depending on how long that was, though, she would have to let her family know where she was. Maybe she'd just call Hinoe and explain, so her parents didn't think she was kidnapped or something. "Oh, Merry Christmas," she added lightly, even though Christmas in a hospital wasn't so merry. She felt a bit bad she didn't grab his gift on her way here, but she had been such a mess it didn't even cross her mind. She knew he wouldn't mind it late, but still it sucked to not be able to give it to him on the right day... again.

Yoshiki laughed lightly at her mention of the holidays. Aah, what a wonderful Christmas! Getting a fight is just what he asked Santa to give him! Pfft... Well, it wasn't like he had anything better to do, other than see his little sister, but she was probably busy with their families' Christmas party. He felt sorry for her... those things sucked."Sure is, huh?" he joked, laughing lightly. However, getting to be with her on the holiday was a nice treat, even if he did feel like his head would explode. After all, her own family was probably having their own event... Then, something hit him. There's no way she sneaked out unnoticed... Her parents would kill her, surely! Dammit..."Merry Christmas to you, too... Though, I don't think either of our situations are very 'merry'," he mentioned, giving a crooked smile.

Ayumi laughed lightly with him, glad to see he was still his old self. It made the injuries seem a little less scary to notice. She smiled at him, she wasn't particularly bothered by the way Christmas panned out, except she would have rather been seeing him minus the injuries. "Heh, I'm just happy you're okay," she admitted with a reserved smile. Christmas wasn't even much of a concern with her right now, it was Yoshiki's well being that took the forefront of her mind. "What happened, anyways? Mochida only told me that Koga and his friends attacked you," she said with a worried frown. She was a little eager to know the story, maybe she should have waited a bit but she wasn't particularly patient.

Yoshiki looked up at the ceiling thoughtfully, making sure his memories were the complete story... Yeah, he was heading home... That when it started."I was heading home from work when Koga and three of his groupies showed up," he said flatly, still not surprised at the coward,"They weren't too much of a problem, though... In fact, if one of them hadn't had a bat, I could have gotten away with just a few bruises." Currently, he forgot which one had sported the bat, but that wasn't a very crucial part of the story. If it had been a normal fist fight, he would've completely dominated all of their sorry asses. "I could be worse off than I am, though, so I guess I'm not complaining. Really, all that matters is that I won," he determined, but didn't disclose the reason why winning was so important to him. He didn't think the gang had been serious with their threat. Their goal was only to piss him off. But still, that was the word they attached to Ayumi if he lost, and he wouldn't allow that. Not in his entire lifetime.

Ayumi's look of concern grew to full out panic as he described the fact he was outnumbered and that one of them had a bat. Did you have to get in another fight? she asked herself, not in anger but fear. Although, she kind of already knew, so she didn't bother to voice that concern. Koga and his friends would've attacked whether Yoshiki engaged or not. Running probably wasn't an option either, and Yoshiki would probably never consider that. "Do you really think anyone is a winner in this situation?" she asked with a frown. She rather hated the way Yoshiki approached fighting and talked about it. There were never any winners, especially in petty fights like this where it was mostly about Koga's bruised ego.

Yoshiki glanced to Ayumi, raising an eye brow."There's always someone who's more of a loser, so yeah..," he answered, even though it was probably a rhetorical question, "Usually I wouldn't really care, but this time is different." He still was reluctant to tell her why. He knew she still wouldn't find it justifiable, but surely at even she knew that the fight would've happened no matter what he chose what to do. The only thing that would change was the word, either a 'fight' or a 'beating.' He'd rather at least have a chance to inflict pain on the other person, rather than just sit around and take it. In fact, he'd probably be hurt worse... both physically, and with his pride.

Ayumi bit the inside of her cheek lightly, since she disagreed. They both lost in her eyes, just to different degrees. She was actually a little curious about how hurt the instigators were, but she was also a little afraid to hear it. She also had to ask herself if they were somewhere in this hospital as well. Then he mentioned this time being different and she tilted her head, looking confused instead bothered. "What does that mean?" she questioned, unsure about what he could be alluding to. Maybe he just meant he was sick of Koga in general? She really wasn't able to put her finger on it.

"Don't worry about it," Yoshiki said to dismiss the question, smiling slightly. She didn't really need to know, since it probably wouldn't change her opinion, and he... just didn't want to tell her. He wanted to expel it from his own head... Just thinking of Ito's gull for saying something like that got him aggravated, so it was best to skip the subject. Anyways, it was Christmas... but the both of them were unable to give each other their presents... Eeh... he was kinda of glad. He was a little, or rather, very nervous about his own, so he liked the idea of postponing it for a little bit.

Ayumi looked at him, worried but resigning. "Alright." She didn't want to press, especially since she was aware his head was probably killing him. Her insides twisted at the image of him being struck by the baseball bat. Her free hand moved, grazing the skin of his forehead as she moved his hair aside affectionately. She felt a lump in her throat, her eyes welling at the rush of worry and frustration. "W-what are we going to do about Koga? He's not stopping, and next time- next time..."Ayumi's voice cracked as tears began to spill. Next time there could be more people... or they could all have weapons. Yoshiki wasn't invincible and she was genuinely terrified of what may happen to him if this kept escalating.

Yoshiki flinched slightly, not expecting the contact to his forehead, but welcomed it. While it did hurt for a split second, the warmth was overall soothing. Though, as Ayumi began to speak, he noticed that she had began to cry. He looked down, holding her hand tighter. He really didn't have an answer for her... Koga seemed so intent on beating him down, where would he stop? He doubted he was out to kill him, but people can easily die, whether or not you intend it. The fact that one of his friends had a bat meant he was pretty desperate to be the 'winner', and regain his intimidation. If he didn't quit, it was sure to get worse, in which case... how many would have weapons next time? It made him nervous, sure, but... he didn't feel like he had any control over what would happen.

Ayumi sniffled at the silence, knowing he didn't have an answer. She felt desperate for this violence to end, she couldn't bear the idea of Yoshiki getting hurt again. "P-please, Yoshiki, just p-put aside your pride... and j-just say whatever i-it'll take," Ayumi pleaded, unable to stop herself from crying. She felt sick with worry, all she wanted to do was to lay with him, but she couldn't even do that since it would only hurt him. She looked at him, knowing that Yoshiki wasn't the type of person who would want to give Koga any type of satisfaction, but what other choice was there? "P-please. I... can't lose you," she choked out. The thought of Yoshiki being dead... it terrified her, she wouldn't be able to make it.

Yoshiki sighed, hardly unable to stand even the thought of giving Koga what he wanted... Admitting he was better, is probably what he wanted from him... He would rather do that than get in another fight like this, though, especially when it made Ayumi so upset. But... there was no doubt Koga would take him for all he had, which meant he'd probably insult her, and he'd have to give in... That didn't sit well with him, but he didn't see much of a choice..."A... alright... I will," he said, giving into her pleading voice.

Ayumi smiled at him, unbelievably relieved by his resign. She knew it wouldn't be easy for Yoshiki to do. Koga didn't deserve any type of apology or admittance, but at this point anything to get him off Yoshiki's back without violence was worth it. Koga probably wouldn't make it easy for Yoshiki to do either, she just hoped this didn't backfire. "Thank you," she said quietly, pulling her hand away from her forehead to wipe her tears away with her sleeve. She moved, leaning into Yoshiki to give him a small, quick kiss on the lips. Her face was red, giving the gesture, they had been dating but kissing was something she was still generally shy about.

Yoshiki wasn't expecting that gesture either, only this contact wasn't something he felt on a daily basis. His face felt hot, but that was to be expected. Some things he wasn't used to yet, that being one of them. He didn't have anything more to tell her, so he let the silence carry on, still holding tightly onto her hand.

It was a few days later that he was being allowed to go home. However, as he was beginning to leave the hospital, he noticed Koga not too far away. His eyes narrowed, and his stomach twisted with disdain, as he knew what he had to do. He sighed, pausing a moment before walking up to him. He had to make him feel like the best, which made him sick, but he didn't have to look like he believed what he was saying."We need to talk," he said simply, giving him a light glare.

Koga was pissed in general about what happened. He figured Yoshiki would be an easy target, considering the way Koga set everything up, he was expecting a win. Instead his nose was re-broken, and his face had swelled horribly At this point the swelling had gone down enough that he looked human again, but it was obvious just by his face that he had lost a fight. He paused, looking over when he heard Yoshiki's face. He gave a crooked grin, wondering what the hell he wanted. "Do we now?" he asked, turning his body around to face Yoshiki. "Alright, talk," Koga commanded. Yoshiki never approached Koga, it was always the other way around, so he was definitely curious.

Yoshiki turned his head, unsure of how to put it. What exactly was he supposed to say? He wasn't going to overdo it, so giving him compliments, unless he absolutely had to, was off the board. He was very stuck on how to start this whole nightmare..."I've been thinking..," he said, but was still pondering, so a long pause followed. Ugh, this was so difficult..."See, I... I'm sorry I broke your nose..," he stopped, glancing at Koga's face,"...twice... Look, just... I'll do whatever you want if you'll just back off."

Koga raised an eyebrow at him. He was a tad annoyed at the mention of his nose breaking twice because of Yoshiki, but at least the cocky bastard was finally showing signs of resign. He laughed under his breath as Yoshiki was essentially begging him to leave him alone. How amusing. Admittedly Koga hadn't exactly been sure what he next move would be. To keep torturing him or to just let it fade away? After all, Koga was sick of his face hurting and the hospital bills to get his nose fixed were a pain in his ass. Above all his injuries, though, Yoshiki's attitude was what pissed Koga off the most. He thought himself higher, above the way he used to act when he was still the very same person. "I don't want anything from you, you're pathetic," Koga said flatly, his eyes narrowing at Yoshiki. He was delusional to think he was anyway past being who he was years ago. At least Koga knew who he was. Yoshiki was just lying to himself. "Y'know Kishinuma, you may think you've risen past this so-called 'delinquent' lifestyle, but you haven't and won't. It's who you are, and just because you have good-two-shoes as friends doesn't change the fact that you will act like a selfish bastard when given the chance. After all, we delinquents take advantage of any situation handed to us."

Yoshiki blinked, confused at his response. He didn't want anything from him? That he was pathetic? He assumed it was just Koga taking that as fact, to give himself satisfaction. As he kept talking, Yoshiki grew more silent and, at the end of it, he was slightly in shock. Take... advantage?... He looked away, feeling his heart sink to the pit of his stomach. "... Whatever... just drop it, alright?" he said quickly, walking away from him with his hands in his pockets. As he got outside, and a little ways away from the hospital, he stopped. He had changed from before... right?... But then... if he had, he wouldn't have... He moved his hand over his face, his shoulders shaking with frustration at himself. "Dammit!" he cursed, moving his hand to slam against the fence to his side. There was no doubt... It didn't matter that he felt clouded, he had taken advantage of Ayumi's temporary lapse of judgment! Nothing would change that, and he couldn't make up for it... His stomach twisted with guilt, causing an overwhelming feeling of sickness. He leaned against the fence, holding his stomach with his other hand. All there was to do... was to tell her the truth... His breathing caught in his throat, an immense fear coming over him.

Ayumi had been on lock-down since her disappearing act. She had lied to her parents, just saying she went to meet up with some friends since she was sick of being home. Her parents didn't believe her, she was pretty sure. Still, they could only do so much to keep her stuck in the house. She looked at her phone as it started vibrating, she was actually pretty lucky her parents didn't resort to taking it. She opened it, looking a little confused at Yoshiki's request to meet her by the school. She replied with confirmation that she would be there. She went up to her parents, explaining she had a student council thing at school she couldn't miss leading into the next term. She was met with unhappy glances. She told them it was just a quick half an hour meeting and she'd be back in no time. After being reminded that she better not be lying, she left her house.

The walk to the school was pretty quick, her mind was buzzing nervously what Yoshiki may be talking to her about. She honestly couldn't come up with any ideas, but she told herself it was nothing bad. It was a good sign he was able to get up and move around, maybe he just wanted to check in with her. She entered the gates, walking to the spot Yoshiki had requested they meet. She saw him there, he looked better than he had in the hospital. "Hey, Yoshiki, what's up?" she asked, curiosity piqued.

Yoshiki, while waiting, was becoming increasingly anxious. His heart was racing, and he felt himself getting in a cold sweat. He kept trying to keep his breaths even, to calm himself down, but nothing worked, especially as he saw Ayumi coming over. He took a deep, looking away from her slightly. "Hey..," he said, still trying to find courage he wasn't sure he had. The pain in his heart returned, and he flinched slightly. "It's about... Saturday," he started, knowing she knew which one he meant. It was the only Saturday that really stood out, "I wanted to tell you that... that at the time, I wasn't exactly... drunk..." He refused to look up at her, terrified of what she'd do, or what she'd think of him...

Ayumi stared at him confused as he began to speak about that Saturday that felt like forever ago. Her confusion faded away into a stunned silence as she stared at Yoshiki. He... hadn't been...? Her arms crossed over her chest as she took a step back, staring at Yoshiki in disbelief. "B-but... we... You... took advantage of the situation! Of me!"she choked out, disgusted. "I-I led you into a bedroom! You never protested once!" her voice was rising as she her stomach turned horribly. He had just let what happened, happened. Even in her drunken memories, she knew there hadn't been any argument against what she was doing. Even as she unbuttoned his shirt. Her eyes narrowed at Yoshiki, emotions colliding in her to create an internal storm. "I trusted you... I thought I could..." she said, her voice becoming cold and distant. "But you're no different from all the others."

Yoshiki flinched as her voice rose, his heart twisting at her words. He didn't make any argument for himself, believing she was right, and he deserved this. He shut his eyes tightly, feeling like a knife was being plunged into him, but he knew she probably felt worse. He had used her, filling his own selfish desires, despite whether or not she wanted what she was doing. He had betrayed her, betrayed her trust...He could only hope she had mercy on him, and at least stayed with him as a friend... but even that seemed like it was asking too much... He opened his mouth, as if to speak, but nothing would come out. His chest felt tight, and he was lost on what he could say, or if he should even say anything at all. He had no right to apologize, and expect forgiveness... He had no excuses... He felt the same disgust at himself that Ayumi probably did.

Ayumi stared at Yoshiki, expecting him to make some case for himself. Yet she was just met with silence. She was so angry her hands were trembling. Every moment, every word, all of it just felt like a big lie. Some type of act. She felt used, betrayed, stupid, and a myriad of other emotions. Her heart beat was fast, painfully so, but not in the way she was accustomed to. This was anger and resentment, she couldn't look at him. She turned her head and began to walk away. She stopped, turning her head slightly. "I don't want anything to do with you," she stated, her voice detached from herself but still pulling from her hurt emotions. She then continued walking away from him, eyes focused on the ground ahead of her. She was cutting all ties, right then and there. She didn't want to be friends, she didn't want to be his girlfriend, she just wanted him to disappear. She couldn't trust him, he was just as bad as all the others... He had fooled her and she would never forgive him.

Yoshiki finally looked up from the ground as he heard her leave. At her next words, his eyes widened, and he stumbled back slightly. That... was it...? She... she was leaving..? Snap. His heart and mind were screaming for her to come back, but he neither made a move nor sound until she disappeared from sight, and was probably out of ear shot. His strength faltered and he fell to his knees, holding his stomach as his body shuddered horribly. He wanted to call out in despair, but didn't even feel like he deserved to utter her name anymore. Koga... Koga was right... He was only fooling himself... He was born to be trash to the world... Just because he told himself he had changed, and started trying at school... It meant nothing, and changed nothing about how he really acted... or so, it felt at this moment... People don't change... There was no point... The dream was a futile one...