I originally started a story slightly similar to this for another show, but I didn't like where it was heading. There are going to be some NBA teams mentioned, but they are completely fake and none of the players in the story are supposed to represent any actual players. I'm placing this after the season finale, so I'm going to try to add in some of what I had hoped would happen with Scotty and Lilly's relationship.

Lilly was busy working at her desk when she heard Scotty's voice speak up behind her.

"Lil, we've got a visitor." Scotty told her. Lilly looked up to see an elderly priest nervously looking around the station room. Oh boy, she thought to herself, this should be good.

"Is there anything I can help you with sir?" Scotty asked as he approached the man to shake his hand. "I'm Detective Valens and this is my partner, Detective Rush."

"Father Samuel Myer, but please just call me Samuel," He replied. "I'm sorry if I appear nervous. I always hoped I would never have to deal with the police while I was a serving my congregation."

"Please sit Samuel." Scotty told him as he pulled a chair over so Samuel would be able to sit next to Lilly. Scotty leaned against Lilly's desk as they waited for Samuel to start his story.

"I'm not really sure how to begin. What I say may not even be able to be used in court," He sighed. "But maybe you can use what I can tell you to find more information."

"More information?" Lilly asked. "Maybe you should just tell us what you know and we can go from there."

"I recorded him giving me permission to come to the police," He quickly told them. "I'm not doing anything wrong."

"Of course not Father." Scotty reassured him. "Just tell us what you know."

He made his way quietly into the hospital room as he carefully balanced his bible and oils in his arms. He approached the bed in the center of the room and gently took the hand of the man lying in the bed as he took a seat next to him. He thought to himself how the man looked younger than he did, and he wondered what was taking him from the world so soon. However, that wasn't his business. He was simply there to give this man last rites and let him go to heaven in peace.

"Father?" The man strained to say from his bed. His breath was ragged as he struggled to breathe.

"Yes Patrick, I've come," Samuel said gently. "My name is Samuel. Would you like me to begin now?"

"Do you… have a phone… with you Father?" Patrick asked simply.

"Yes, why?" Samuel asked, confused where this was leading.

"Does… it have a video… recorder on it?" He asked.

"Patrick, save your strength." Samuel told him. "Let me help you get comfortable."

"Please Father,... please record what I'm… about to say." Patrick grabbed Samuel's hand and looked him straight in the eye. Samuel was unsure of what to do, but this man had asked for him to be with him. Patrick seemed tired and weak, but it was clear his mind was still there. If this is what he wanted it was Samuel's duty to do it. He reached into his coat pocket and got out the phone his niece had gotten him for his birthday. The gift had even come with an afternoon with her to teach him how to use the new gadget. He found the video camera setting and held the phone up so it was recording Patrick's face.

"My name is… Patrick Hughes," Patrick began, "I am fifty five years old, and I am giving… full permission for Father Samuel… to go to the police with this recording. I should have said what I knew… so many years ago. Please… tell her family I am so… sorry."

Patrick's voice cut off as he began to cry, but Samuel knew it was important to have him finish.

"Sorry for what Patrick?" He asked, although he feared what may come next.

"I am so… sorry," Patrick repeated, his voice getting more strained as he fought for every breath. "Mat… trusted me. She trusted… all of us."

Samuel couldn't take it anymore. He turned off the camera and grabbed his oils off of the table he had set them down on. Patrick didn't have much time left and this needed to be done.

"It's alright Patrick," Samuel told him as he began the ritual, "It is all going to be alright."

Samuel turned off the recording and silently looked up to see what the reaction was on both detectives' faces.

"I was told this unit investigates cases that have never been solved." Samuel told them.

Detective Valens still had a stunned look on his face, but Detective Rush had an almost sympathetic look on her face.

"That's right Father, but I'm afraid that video isn't much to go on." She told him. "We don't even know who this Mat is and even-"

"Matilda Moreno." Scotty cut her off, a look of bewilderment in his eyes. "He was talking about Matilda Moreno."

"That's what I feared," Samuel nodded. "After Mr. Hughes passed I looked up his name to see if I could find any clues. I searched his name along with the name Mat, and came across articles about her."

"I'm missing something, aren't I Valens?" Lilly asked.

"That man was the Vice President of NBA Referee Operations department." Scotty told her. "His name was all in the news after a referee scandal before Matilda died."

"And Matilda Moreno?" She asked.

"The name Henry Waters sound familiar to you?" Scotty asked. Lilly thought the name over that sounded vaguely familiar.

"Something to do with sports, right?" She guessed. "Basketball?"

"He's the coach of the Philadelphia Phoenixes," He told her. "And Matilda Moreno was his granddaughter. She was founded dead in a field about five years ago. Strangled with someone's bare hands. She had just turned twenty four, she was just a kid."

"Isn't it kind of stretch to say Patrick was talking about Matilda?" She asked. "Did the two know each other well?"

"I would say so since she was his intern," Scotty replied. "Plus the fact he was the last person to see her alive. His name was bounced around the police as a suspect since he was so close to her."

"Now that definitely changes things," She replied. "Thank you very much for coming forward Father Samuel. Would it be possible for you to leave your phone with us as evidence?"

"Yes, yes of course," He nodded. "I'll ask my niece to help me get a temporary one."

"Let me walk you out Sir." Scotty helped Samuel up from his chair and Lilly watched as the two walked out to the hallway. She had the same feeling she wasn't going to be getting much rest in the next couple of weeks she always got when she and Scotty broke open a new case. Turning back to her computer she Googled the name Matilda Moreno. Immediately pictures came up of a raven haired beauty with dark jade eyes. She selected the option images and was faced with hundreds of pictures of Matilda with basketball players and an older man Lilly recognized as Henry Waters.

"I hope we can get you justice Matilda," Lilly whispered. "I really hope we can."