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Lilly was looking up information about Matilda when Scotty came back into the station room. Lilly couldn't help but smile when she saw him, but she quickly gained her composure. She knew she and Scotty had to keep their relationship a secret, but Lilly wondered how long they could keep the charade up; especially with such nosey coworkers.

"What did the priest want Lilly?" Stillman pulled Lilly out of her own thoughts as he came out of his office to ask about what he had just seen. He had seen the conversation from his office but he hadn't wanted to interrupt.

"This is going to be messy one," Lilly told him, shaking her head. "I can feel it."

"He had information about Matilda Moreno's murder Boss," Scotty replied as he sat down at his desk. "Patrick Hughes confessed on his death bed that he helped cover it up."

"Did I hear something about the Moreno murder?" Nick asked with Will trailing behind him. The two had just returned from testifying at court at heated trial and, although both were exhausted from the ordeal, the name they had just heard had peaked their interest.

"Looks like it's been opened again," Stillman replied. "Will, Nick, Scotty, you come with me to get the files from the evidence room."

"No problem Boss," Scotty replied and left with the other men, but not before giving Lilly another smile. Lilly had the urge to punch the man. It was as if he was trying to have someone catch them.

"Everything going okay Lil?" Kat asked her from own desk. "You look a little flushed."

"Yeah, I'm fine," She assured Kat. "I just think this case is already getting to me. Matilda had a kid, a one year old named Catalina."

"That's too bad," Kat shook her head. "She won't even remember her."

"Do you worry about Veronica?" Lilly asked, unable to look Kat in her eyes. "About what would happen if you got hurt on the job, I mean."

"Sometimes," Kat sighed. "Why? Are you thinking about having kids?"

"No!" Lilly quickly responded. "I was just wondering, okay?"

"I was just kidding Lilly," Kat laughed. "You really are stressed."

Lilly and Kat remained focused on their own work until the men came back with five boxes filled with evidence from Matilda Moreno's murder. That was the thing Lilly really hated about being a cop. She hated that people's lives were reduced to just boxes.

"So, where do we start?" Scotty asked as everyone began to open and look through the boxes. "We're looking for multiple suspects here since Patrick said Matilda trusted them, as in plural."

"Maybe it was some of the Phoenix players?" Lilly suggested. "Matilda was working for the people who train referees and regulate how they work, so maybe she found out some of the players were bribing referees."

"Could be a possibility," Will agreed, "But my bet would be placed on one of the newer players. Matilda was five years old when her grandfather became the coach. A handful of those players had known her since she was just a baby."

"I'm assuming the husband was already looked into," Kat said as she leafed through a file. "Anyone remember if he was a suspect?"

"Says here Matthew Jefferson was at a late practice with half of the Phenoxies," Will told her. "This statement from her grandfather says that the team had lost a game that should have been an easy win, so they were working late to make up for it."

"That sounds like Henry Waters," Stillman laughed. "He demands nothing but the best."

"Did that kind of pressure apply to Matilda too?" Lilly asked. "Maybe the stress of being his granddaughter was getting to her and she got herself into some sort of trouble trying to get away from it."

"Not a chance Lil. That girl was born to be in the world of basketball," Nick told her. "She was his protégée since she was born."

"He's right," Scotty agreed. "Matilda grew up on that court; right next to her grandfather. She had a special seat just a few seats down from his seat and she would be taking notes the entire game. I watched her grow up on TV with the rest of America."

"The flowers, those are for her aren't they?" Lilly asked, suddenly remembering what she had seen at a Phoenix game with an old boyfriend once. "They put flowers on where she should have been sitting on the Phoenixes first home game, right?"

"Every tip off game for the Phoenixes for the last six year," Will sighed. "I don't think that team is quite ready to move on yet, but hopefully giving them closer will help."

"How are we going to handle interviewing everyone boss?" Scotty asked. "Who should we start with?"

"Matilda's parents live with her husband now, so you and Lil can go and interview all three of them," Stillman replied, recalling an interview he had seen of Jackson recently talking about his mother and father in laws support. "Kat and Will go see if Henry Water's is open to talking. Once you talk to him see if he'll get you permission to talk to the rest of the team."

"What about Matilda's boss, Steven Squire?" Nick asked. "You want me to go interview him?"

"Not on your own Nick," Stillman shook his head. "You and Will can interview him tomorrow. Until then you and I can look through this mountain of evidence and see what we can find."

"Sounds good to me Boss," Lilly said as she put on her coat and the others gathered what they would need to interview Matilda's family.

"Tread lightly," Stillman told the four as they left, who all replied with smirks.

"We always do Boss," Scotty laughed, "We always do."