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I just tossed in a bit Eckhart/Mikhail because iono I kinda like it.

I'm going with the whole Valfor is Demon Slayer's actual name because seriously? I can't use the name Demon Slayer in a Domestic!AU and Damien is his brother so I couldn't use Damien. Ninja Guy is the Dark Lord and since I couldn't use 'Dark Lord' (Although I did call him Dirk Lloyd because of that book, or maybe Tom Riddle or Voldemort would be good too lol) I had to resolve to Ninja Guy instead because I'm immature like that.

"Hey kid, you're over again," Phantom teases Evan as he ruffles his hair. "Geh!" Evan yelps as he can't stop the messing of his hair.

"Phantom, stop harassing my student!" Freud yells as he sits down with a bunch of books. Ex-conman Phantom pouts as he sits at the kitchen table together with Freud and Evan when the tutor quirks and eyebrow, "Why are you sitting down?"

"I'm bored," He says while staring at the two. "Evan can't concentrate with your pestering and you're a distraction, so get out," Freud points to the door.

"And what am I going to do when I get out? You won't let me do what I do, and I'm a distraction only to you," Phantom delivers another pout. "Phantom," Freud says with a pinch to the bridge of his nose, "You used to scam people out of their valuables and steal art. And you're a distraction to both of us."

"It's more fun then teaching snot-nosed kids how to do math," Phantom says, scrunching up his nose. "This 'snot-nosed kid' happens to be doing rather well lately, so get out of my tutoring session and hang out with Aran or something."

"Aran doesn't like me much."


"She starts glaring at me when I'm even near her door."


"Are you kidding me?"


"Eckhart doesn't like me. He says I can be too clingy sometimes."

"Darn right you are," Freud says under his breath, "Wait, what has Eckhart got to do with Mikhail?"

Phantom raises his eyebrows as he stares at Freud. "Wow," Evan says, resting his cheek on a palm, "Even I know what he's talking about."

"You're a blockhead, Freud. No wonder it took me so much time to court you."

"C-c-court…" Freud blushes so hard that it spreads to his neck, "Phantom, get out!"

Phantom chuckles as he gets kicked out of his apartment. He greets Grendel on the way as he thinks about someone's house to crash in while his lover is tutoring Evan.

Most of them don't like him much so he's got very little choices.

He sighs as he knocks on a door, "Hey, Lumi, you think I can crash here for a bit?"

The heterochromatic man opens the door, both the bored blue and red eyes stare into Phantom's purple ones.

"What did you do this time?" Luminous asks.

"Eh… He just wants to tutor Evan in peace."

"Huh. Just don't mess up my stuff," Luminous says as he lets Phantom in.

Phantom sighs, Luminous's apartment is filled with art, and Phantom loves art. The very interesting thing about the art is that one half, the right half of the apartment, is filled with religious symbols and innocence while the other half, the left side, is filled with images of death and torture.

"Your split personality is as amusing as ever, Lumi," Phantom grins.

"Shut up, asshole. I'm tryin' ta work," Lumi growls as he looks over his left shoulder, red eye flashing in annoyance. His left hand moves gracefully over the canvas with the brush in hand, painting a picture of Lucifer the fallen angel.

Phantom wanders around, looking at each piece of painting and rummages through the fridge. Often, he would see Luminous look up and quickly shuffle over to the opposite site and painting with the opposite hand. Luminous' split personality works in a way that his two personalities are two separate entities, thinking of what they want at the same time but having to take turns. Luminous' body must be pretty fed up.

Phantom grabs a nearby magazine and flips through it. "Hey, some of your paintings are featured in this article."

Luminous blushes slightly and Phantom almost couldn't believe it when he realized he was holding his brush with his right hand so it was the Light half of the two.

"I-it was a brief interview," Luminous squeaks as he works around the right side of the apartment.

"You know, it's hard to imagine both of you in the same space, really."

"Huh?" Luminous growls, "Whatcha talkin' about?"

"It's just that you're both rather different."

"Is that so?" Luminous calmly says.

Phantom snickers. Luminous was always the best person to talk to because you could get two different opinions from the same person.

"Hey, I'm going to go off now. Don't want to bother you anymore.

"Well… You weren't much of a bother," Light Luminous says.

"Touch anymore of my stuff and I'm painting your clothes with acrylic," Dark Luminous snarls.

Phantom leaves Luminous' apartment and heads off in a random direction. On the way to a random location, he waves to the four ladies walking by, Mercedes, Irena, Athena, and Belle. Those four were very close, like sisters. He stops walking in the hallway to see the large group of ladies walking together. Oz was chattering on and on to Claudine, Aria, Cygnus, and Kyrin right behind the four archer ladies.

"Girl's night out?" Phantom yells, "It's not even dark out though."

"You're not following us and that's that! If you do, I'll put an arrow through your eyeball!" Mercedes yells from the front and Phantom just smiles curiously as they herded into the lift.

"Temper, temper," Phantom chuckles, "I did want to follow them, but Mercedes wasn't kidding about the arrow thing."

He takes the lift down and walks around the condominium. He saw Aran chilling in the pool, Grendel was chatting with D.W (He insisted everyone call him by his initials. Apparently he came from a tribe and they had called him Dances With Balrog before he decided to leave and live in a city. He didn't bother with a name change). He peers through the gym window with amusement and watches Hawkeye (They gave him that nickname because apparently he had the eyes of a hawk) having a friendly match with Zen, although no match is friendly when Zen is in the ring.

While waiting for the lift, Brighton catches up with him. His morning shift had finished and his next shift was at night so he was heading home to relax a bit and maybe have a friendly chess game with Grendel afterwards.

Phantom saw Ninja Guy lurking around the basement again. He never really caught his name, but he also never really talked to him. He only heard that Ninja Guy used to be a master assassin. Sometimes he used to hide from some lady that Phantom heard was called Syl. Something about a misunderstood death and denial, but Phantom wasn't really interested. He didn't particularly like him because he was too quiet. He was even more introverted then Freud, in Phantom's opinion. He had overheard a conversation with Eckhart telling Mikhail that Ninja Guy's name was actually Dirk Lloyd, but Phantom thought 'Ninja Guy' fit more than 'Dirk Lloyd'.

Some times Ninja Guy would speak, but he would only talk to Eckhart. Those two were like Ninja Brothers, except Eckhart was more willing to talk to other people, due to Mikhail's influence.

Speaking of Mikhail, Phantom saw the blonde man join Aran in the pool, Eckhart sitting in the shade with a book. Ninja Guy saw and decided to join Eckhart in the book club as well. Phantom contemplated getting in the pool, but too much chlorine water makes his blonde hair turn slightly green, so he passed.

He heads into the laundry room, because he was running out of places to go to. He opens the door to see a huge walking teddy bear.

"Hey Checky. What are you doing to our washing machines?" Phantom nervously asks.

The bear turns and waves, "Hello Phantom. I'm upgrading them."

"The last time you upgraded something, it almost burned my eyebrows off Checky. And that was our air conditioner."

"That was a malfunction, and also a secret feature to catch burglars."

"Okay, so I'm a burglar, but you almost singed me in my own house Checky. My own house."

"See? It works!"

Phantom couldn't help but laugh along with the teddy bear. Phantom never really knew why he had that whole mascot thing going on. He knows that he works in the amusement park, giving balloons to kids, but he never saw Checky take off that suit. Ever.

"Hey, curious question Checks," Phantom asks, "How do you bathe with that suit on?"

"What suit?"

Phantom stares at the teddy bear face and the little beady eyes staring back at him with seriousness. He gulps and excuses himself quickly.

Finding that he had no one to talk to, since he talked to those that he wanted and just left those he didn't want to alone, he headed back to his apartment, hoping Freud wouldn't kick him out again.

"It's not 5 yet," Freud says as Phantom opens the door.

"Come on Freud! There's nothing to do out there!"

"What makes you think that there's something to do in here?"

"Because you're in there?" Phantom cheekily says as he leans on the kitchen table. Evan was doing rather okay in his studies.

Evan was an orphan, and a nice couple had adopted him. He goes to school like normal kids, but he helps out in their parent's shop when he's not in school. Freud decided to give him free tuition because he sensed 'potential' in the kid.

"I'm bored," Phantom whines, "Can I please do it?"

"It's a death trap, Phantom," Freud says without looking up from Evan's test paper.

"What's a death trap?" The currently free-of-anything Evan asks.

Phantom grinned, "Stealing Mercedes' jewelry."

Evan gasps, "You wouldn't!"

"I would," Phantom grins like a fox.

"You won't," Freud looks up at Phantom.

"Aw, come on! She will never know, trust me."

"You aren't even telling us your real name Phantom. What makes you think we can trust you?" Freud raises an eyebrow, "And everyone knows you're the resident thief."

"Hey! Eckhart and Ninja Guy are thieves too!"

"They're retired, and his name is Dirk!"

"Ninja Guy suits him more, and I'm retired too!"

"With the hobby of pickpocketing and breaking into houses."

"If it makes them feel any better, I only steal the best."

"So that means you're not retired, since you didn't use past tense."

"I hate it when you go all teacher-y on me," Phantom pouts.

"But that's what I am," Freud looks confused. Phantom sighs. How did he fall for this straightforward blockhead again?

Freud feels something against his ankles and looks down. Afrien was looking back at him with those golden eyes. "Hey there," Freud says and he picks up the large dark grey tabby.

Afrien glares at Phantom a bit before purring to Freud's rubs.

"That cat always gives me the evil eye," Phantom pouts.

"The first time you met us you tried to steal my stuff Phantom."

"He's even more ferocious than a tiger," Phantom winces, remembering the scratches and the bitings of one Afrien the dark grey tabby, "He's the only guard pet that caught me."

"I think he's better then any guard dog," Evan says, thinking hard on the next question.

"How's Mir by the way?" Freud asks. Mir was one of Afrien's kittens, and Freud had given one to Evan.

Evan's eyes sparkled, "Mir is the most awesome cat ever!"

Freud chuckles and Afrien gives Evan an approving nod. Freud looks at his watch and sighs. "It's 5 already. Do page 33 by next week okay?"

Evan yells an okay before quickly packing his things and rushing off. "I didn't get to do much in the last 10 minutes of the lesson you know," Freud pouts at Phantom after the door slams shut.

Phantom laughs. "Would you accept an apology in the form of a kiss?"

The auburn-haired man blushes and mumbles a 'Maybe'. Phantom grins and swoops down kisses him. Freud curls his arms around Phantom's neck and opens his mouth so the platinum blonde's tongue can sweep around his mouth.

After a few seconds of heated kissing, Phantom pulls away in favour of oxygen and looks down on those flushed cheeks with a hint of lust glazing over Freud's baby blue eyes.

"Is my apology accepted?" Phantom asks as he licks his lips for the remaining unique taste of Freud.

Freud lowers his eyelids and smirks, blasting Phantom with a face full of mischievousness and lust. "But Phantom," Freud says in a low voice, "I'm not satisfied yet."

After a round of sex and a short nap, Freud got to making dinner around 8 while Phantom took a bath (Freud called dibs on the bath first because he had to make dinner and he doesn't like being sticky). They watched a little TV, Freud rejected the idea of Phantom pranking Mercedes again, Freud also rejected the idea of pranking Aran by getting Checky to upgrade Aran's air conditioner into a fire-spewing metal dragon, had a cup of ice-blended Oreo that Phantom makes and then they finally went back to sleep.

Phantom sleepily opened his eyes. He noticed that it was still dark out and that he woke up on time. He also smiled as he looked at Freud sleeping beside him. Carefully untangling himself from limbs, Phantom quietly put on his clothes and slinked into the living room.

His plan was going smoothly until the living room lights were turned on. Phantom squeaked and turned around to see a rather annoyed Freud.

"And," Freud asks with a growl, "Where do you think you're going at 1.30 in the morning?"

"A walk?"

"What walk. Your ass isn't leaving this apartment."


"Because I don't want to be the one who has to talk to Mercedes regarding the jewelry that you were going to steal as a prank."

"Ch. Busted," Phantom says and sticks his tongue out.

"Get your ass back in bed."

"How did you know anyways?"

"Doesn't matter."

"Sure it does," Phantom says, eyes glinting with mischief as he walks towards Freud, "I want to know everything about you."

Freud sighs, "I couldn't sleep okay?"

"Well then," Phantom says pushing Freud towards their bedroom, "Why don't I help you with that?"

"Are we going another round? I'm not sure my ass can take it," Freud asks Phantom as he got pushed down onto their bed.

"I'm sure it can," Phantom smirks, "It can take this and much more. I've seen it take a lot more than this after all."

Freud groaned as the sunlight smashed against his face like no one's business. He got up and limped to the bathroom to take a bath, grabbing some clothes on the way. When he was clean, he watched as Phantom was still asleep, his handsome, charming face buried into a pillow while lying on his stomach. Freud made pancakes and fed Afrien while Phantom was still asleep, and when the ex-conman finally got out of bed, Freud greeted him with pancakes and maple syrup.

"Good morning Sleeping Beauty, the Phantom that sleeps the sleep of death," Freud asks as he raised his eyebrows, "It's 12.15 and you just woke up."

"I had a fun night, and you can't exactly blame me for having fun," Phantom winks at Freud and the brunette blushes.

Phantom sits down and quickly eats, which Freud asks, "Why are you eating so fast?"

"I have a dental checkup."

"You said you free today though."

"Ah, well it was a sudden change. The dentist was suddenly not free on the day that it was originally on so they changed it to today."

Freud raises an eyebrow, "Remember to brush your teeth then."

"Yes mom," Phantom snickers and Freud rolls his eyes.

Phantom lingers around before dressing to go out. "Make sure you bring your appointment card," Freud says as he watches Phantom dash about their apartment.

"I don't have to bring it," Phantom pouts and Freud just glares at him. "Yes you do, or you'd be the most troublesome person in the world."

"Freud, honey, I'm going to be late for the appointment."

"Phantom, darling, you wouldn't be late if you hadn't waken up late,
Freud replied with dripping sarcasm.

"I really have to go now."

"Not until you find the card."


"But what? You think you can run away, Phantom?" The two heard as their door got smashed down and lo and behold, and angry, hissing, Mercedes stood at their doorway.

"M-Mercedes! How lovely you look today!" Phantom says.

"Don't smother me with your charm, lover boy!" Mercedes snarls, "I know you took my jewelry box!"

Freud looks at Phantom in shock, "You did?"

"Oh he did. Why didn't you stop him?"

"I don't remember him doing anything!"

"it was at night! You must have noticed at some point of time that he was gone! I mean, you two do sleep in the same bed!"

"I was tired because he…" Freud's eyes widened in realization, "You! You made me tired so I wouldn't notice you sneak out!"

Phantom starts to shrink as the two advanced on him.

"So," Freud says as he cracks your knuckles, "My butt and I went through 3 more rounds so you can get me tired enough to not notice you sneak out and prank Mercedes huh?"

"Uh… That was…" Phantom squeaks.

"I was angry at you actually pranking me. Again. But you actually took advantage of your boyfriend's tired state to perform a prank? Wow, you're really sunk low," Mercedes tuts.

Loud frantics and shrieks of forgiveness were heard throughout the condo block. Mikhail and Eckhart look at each other and sigh. "You think we'd ever be like that?" Mikhail asks.

"Nope," Eckhart replies, dragging out the 'n' sound and emphasizing on the 'p' sound.


I was craving sobs.

I also thought it would be amusing to see the characters outside their Maple jobs.

I'm going to wallow in my shame pit now.

Also, I play MSEA so I only added in the classes that were available to us currently, although I didn't touch much on Cannon Shooter because... I never played Cannon Shooter so I don't know the class? Technically, I never played Night Walker either but... Meh. Oh darn I just remembered that I forgot Neinheart e.e

Sorry bro. Was kinda surprised that he had a sister though o.0