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Added the Black Mage because... I don't know? You can see him as a stalker or a panty thief I don't really know what he's doing in this fic

Strange re-enactment of the entire Hero plot line I suppose?

I made Aria and Cygnus sisters because... Aw come on, Aria looks as young as Cygnus she can't be that old yet I refuse to imagine anything like that.

And yes, the Cygnus Knights are the police force. Cygnus isn't running it though. Nor Neinheart. God this is so full of holes.

This is Freud's part of the story I suppose?

Freud woke up to a shout and a slamming door and shuffled out to the living room sleepily.

"Phantom?" Freud asks with a sleepy voice, "What happened?"

Phantom was sitting on his butt on the floor in front of the door, covering his nose. "Opened the door when the door bell rang and Aiden threw the morning paper at my face with enough force to break a wall, pushed me back and slammed the door shut."

Freud snickered, "I told you not to open the door before 8. He always delivers the paper at 8. If he doesn't see that you answer the door, he throws it at the door instead. I thought you knew that already."

"It slipped my mind. I don't wake up at 8 everyday, Freud," Phantom pouts as he checks to see that his nose hasn't been obliterated. Freud rolls his eyes and starts making a cup of tea for himself. Afrien comes and walks on the counter table, looking for food and Freud gives it to him before he starts taking apart the cupboards.

Phantom was eating his cereal when he mentioned, "I heard that Neinheart was coming back from his business trip today."

Freud sighed in relief; "Lilin had me baking cookies for her for every single day he was gone. Thank god I don't have to bake anymore."

"What, you're not going to give Neinheart welcome back cookies when he comes back?"

Freud glares at Phantom while the latter makes an innocent face and continues eating his cereal.

"I'll make the stupid cookies. But in return, you have to spend the whole day with Afrien today," Freud crosses his arms. Phantom stares at Freud like he has two heads, "What?! He'll shred me with those claws if I ever made physical contact with him!"

Afrien makes a screeching noise behind Freud and the brunette rolls his eyes, "You two need to get used to each other. Now leave so I can make cookies without you eating it."

Phantom and Afrien were kicked out the apartment as Freud got to baking those infernal cookies.

Freud wipes his brow with a sleeve as he finally started putting the two batches in the oven, one for Lilin and one for Neinheart.

Then he went to take a shower because was all… flour-y and dough-y and cookie-y. The oven had rung when he came out and he quickly moved to take the cookies out before it burned. He packed them neatly and left the apartment, locking the door behind him.

He knocked on Lilin and Neinheart's door and Lilin opened it. The little blue-haired girl's eyes had widened when she realized what Freud was holding. "Big bro! Freud brought COOKIES!" She shouted to Neinheart and positively screeched the word 'cookies'. Neinheart came out from unpacking in his room, still wearing his suit, and greets Freud with a smile.

"Hey Neinheart, welcome back," Freud chuckles.

"Thank you Freud. What, no Phantom accompanying you?" Neinheart raises an eyebrow.

"Ah. I told him to hang around with Afrien outside our apartment so I can bake these."

"Afrien? I thought Afrien hated Phantom?" Neinheart was surprised.

"Eh, well, I needed him out of the apartment. And I figured that while he goes around causing mischief maybe Afrien can prevent him from doing stupid things and maybe they can bond a little."

Neinheart chuckles, "Well then, it's nice for you to bring me a welcome back gift, thank you very much, but I'm a little tired so I hope…"

"Ah, yes of course, I shall leave you to rest."

Freud left and made his way back to his apartment when he figured that he should probably call Phantom back and went to search around. He bumped into Elex and Luka rushing downstairs.

"Hey, what's the rush, guys?" Freud asks as he sees them speed down the hallway towards him and the lift.

"The Black Mage guy and his little minion Francis are outside the condo gates trying to get in again." Luka says.

"Damn it, again? I thought Checky updated the security system?" Freud follows them into the lift.

"He did, but we should be there in case Checky's security… uh… backfires." Elex says.

"Right. I forgot about that option."

On the way, Freud, Elex and Luka meet up with Claudine, Aiden, Belle and Brighton. The group made its way to the condo's gate, and true enough, there was a hooded figure and a smaller hooded figure holding a puppet. Although the Black Mage seemed stuck in position with what seems like… glue… the people facing him were kind of in a bad position.

"What the hell?" Aiden grimaced, looking at the frozen group of people. Aria and Cygnus were hiding behind the ice statues, looking surprised as well.

"Aria, Cygnus, what happened?" Freud asked the sisters.

"Well, we had a letter from the security guard. He said he had something to pass to us and when we went down, the Black Mage was there waiting for us and then suddenly Mercedes attacked him from behind and then a lot of things happened and a lot of people appeared and they… froze," Aria said.

"Well, at least the Black Mage isn't going anywhere," Freud raises an eyebrow and peers over to see the Black Mage and Francis trying to pry their long cloaks from being stuck on the floor.

Belle steps up and sighs, "Okay, you two are under arrest for disturbing the society. Come on, hands on your heads."

Freud stares at the ice statues of Mercedes, Luminous, Aran, Valfor and… apparently Phantom.

He sighs and yells, "CHECKY!"

The bear appears at the security station, emerging from the floor and hops out, "What's up? Woah, so it works!"

Freud groans, "Checky, what did you do?"

"Well, this security system was supposed to freeze whoever wanted to enter without a pass."

"So how come it froze the only people who had passes?"

"Well, it must be a malfunction. I'm going to have to work on that."

Freud sighs. He can only be glad that they were in individual blocks of ice and tells everyone to grab one and defrost them.

"I knew that you liked being cool, but this is ridiculous," A female voice said and everyone turned their attention to the woman who looked very much like Aran.

"Are you his twin sister? Because you two look very—" Luka tried to say before he got interrupted.

"Alike? Yeah we get that a lot," The white haired woman said. Freud had never really seen her before, but Luka was right, she does look like Aran. Another man was with her, but he didn't look like Aran. He had a sour face on though.

"My name is Rien. His name is Maha. We're Aran's cousins," Rien introduced herself.

"I see. If you would please help us with defrosting your cousin, we shall defrost the others," Claudine smiles and she starts moving Mercedes together with Luka. They hear sirens and two police cars come into view.

"Hey Belle I got your call and—Heavens above," Mikhail breathed as he came out of the police car. Eckhart popped out from the other car.

"Did you guys bring the scissors?" Belle asks and Eckhart nods. The two policemen stroll over and hands Belle the scissors while they hold the two hooded figures who were squirming for escape as she cuts the cloth from the sidewalk. They push the evil mages into the cars and drive off with Belle.

Freud and Brighton then hauls Phantom and realizes that Afrien was frozen as well and Brighton picks him up too. They drag Phantom to the pool so he can defrost. Brighton pushes Phantom in and Freud joins him in the pool while Brighton jumps in holding Afrien.

Claudine and Luka does the same with Mercedes and pushes her in, Claudine jumping in so she can help Mercedes when she defrosts. Rien and Maha dump Aran in the pool and Rien jumps in and Maha just looks annoyed. Elex and Aiden dragged Valfor and pushed him into the pool as well, Aiden refusing to get wet and pushed Elex in.

Brighton got out of the pool first, holding the wet, freezing, and annoyed cat. He got a towel handed to him by Neinheart and Lilin who heard the commotion and came down. Then, the two siblings went to defrost Luminous because it appears that he was forgotten (poor Lumi).

Brighton dried the cat off and the cat went into rigorous licking and cleaning. Freud came out second, holding a shivering and drowning Phantom. Lilin hands him a towel and Freud wraps Phantom in the towel and tries to give him as much body heat as possible.

"You know," Phantom says in-between chattering teeth, "You don't make me warmer when you're soaking wet too."

Freud sighs, "You're the one who got frozen."

"I didn't ask to be frozen!" Phantom exclaimed while chattering non-stop.

Afrien walks over and lies down beside Freud. The brunette reaches down and gives him a little scratch under the chin. Checky comes over to the pool and says, "I found out why our people got frozen! The device's nozzle was facing the wrong direction!"

Everyone groans as slowly one by one the statues defrost. Mercedes bursts out gasping as Claudine steers her towards Luka who dries her off and brings her inside so she can get warm. Freud watches while hugging the chattering Phantom as everyone starts to defrost and move to a warmer place. Freud decides that he should do that as well and hauls Phantom back to their apartment.

Once they were back inside their apartment, Freud fills the tub with hot water and strips Phantom and pushes him in. The blonde sighs a sigh of relief as the hot water warmed him up. He opens an eye and grins slyly, "You're not coming in? You should be pretty cold from the pool water."

Freud sighs and takes off his clothes, annoyed at the watchful purple eyes that belonged to Phantom and snuggled in with him in the tub, resting his head on Phantom's shoulders.

"No inappropriate touching," Freud chides as he grabs Phantom's hand as it finds a spot on his belly.

"I'm just holding you," Phantom pouts.

"What were you doing there?" Freud asks.

"Ah well, I was walking with Afrien when we heard Cygnus scream. We ran to the gates and Cygnus and Aria were backing away from the Black Mage. We ran and put something in between them and the Black Mage. Suddenly, Mercedes ran towards the Black Mage, I think she was back from her shopping spree, and stood with us. Valfor heard the scream and came with Aran as well. The two idiots walked towards us but they were stopped with Mercedes' threats and Luminous appears out of nowhere and hot glues their cloaks to the floor and joins us when zappo, we were frozen, and the next thing I remember is being drowned in the swimming pool."

"You were not drowning, I was defrosting you," Freud pouts and Phantom chuckles and murmurs a 'thanks'.

"You were heavy, you know that?" Freud complains, rolling his right shoulder and grimacing. "You on the other hand, are pretty light," Phantom snickers as he wraps both hands around Freud and sits up, propping his chin on Freud's shoulder.

"You have so little muscle, so you're so light," Phantom smirks and lays a kiss on Freud's neck, who shivered. "I suppose you have a lot of muscle to weigh that heavy," Freud rolls his eyes.

"You do need a lot of muscle to have the stamina to climb walls, run fast, break windows, get away from people…"

"You mean stamina to climb people's walls and break their windows, run fast away from the police, and get away from people who are after you for what you stole from them?"


"Phantom!" Freud groans and Phantom laughs.

"Are you warm yet?" Freud mumbles as Phantom starts kissing a trail up Freud's neck and Phantom hums a yes.

"Well, in that case," Freud says as he stands up and leaves the bath tub, "I can leave."

Phantom leans his chin on the bathtub and hangs both hands out, whimpering like a sad puppy.

"Stop staring at me putting on my clothes with those puppy eyes, mister," Freud chides, "I know what you're thinking."

"Do you?" Phantom smirks and lowers his eyelids, "What am I thinking?"

"You want to have sex."

"Really now? Are you certain?"

"Of course, because that's all you ever want," Freud smirks back and walks out the door, but not before saying, "And I got out because I didn't want to get pruney."

Freud walks around, wondering if everyone is doing okay. He goes to see Luminous first, since he's the nearest. He knocks on the artist's door and Neinheart opens it. "Ah, Freud. Is there something you need?"

"I'm just wondering how Luminous is doing."

"Well, he's going back to painting his paintings, so he's relatively fine. How's Phantom though?"

"His usual self. Flirty and flirty."

Neinheart chuckles, "Want to come in for a bit?"

Freud nods and Neinheart lets him in. The brunette watches as Luminous goes about switching from the two sides of the room and the two types of paintings. "Hey, Lumi," Freud asks, "How're you doing?"

Luminous looks up and turns to Freud, "I'm fine, thank you. Still feeling a little chilly, but fine. The dark side on the other hand is still pretty grumpy."

"I'm not grumpy!" Luminous growls as the dark side tries to clear that up with the people in his house. Freud leaves Neinheart and Lilin (who was raiding the fridge) to take care of Luminous as he makes his way down to Mercedes.

Freud knocks on the door and a sniffling Mercedes answers it. "Oh dear, I don't think you're doing so well."

"I don't like being cold," Mercedes grumpily says and Claudine laughs, "If you would stay inside your blankets instead of jumping about, we would have gotten over the cold stage.

Freud laughs and leaves the two girls to themselves and heads over to Valfor's room. He knocked on the door and Aiden opens it. Freud flinches because every time he saw Aiden at a door he would be flinging a newspaper at his face. 'What do you want?" Aiden grumbles annoyingly and Freud feels uncomfortable at the hostile vibes, "Uh, just wondering how Valfor was doing."

"Better!" Freud could hear the man say and peeks over Aiden's shoulder to see Valfor snuggled up in blankets and drinking hot soup.

"I thought Aiden couldn't cook?" Freud said.

"He can't," Freud hears Luka say.

"Oh, Luka, didn't know you were there. Where's Elex then? I thought Elex defrosted Valfor with Aiden?"

"Elex can't stand Aiden so he asked me to take care of Valfor too. Aiden can't take care of anyone by himself."

"Hey! I can take care of people!" Aiden protested.

"The last time I was sick, you gave me sore throat medicine for a fever and you fed me this horrible yucky thing."

"It was a mistake, I didn't read the bottle and just grabbed the only thing on the table. It's your fault for leaving it there! And it was yam soup!"

"Yam soup isn't blue! No soup is blue!"

Freud starts to feel awkward between what feels like a husband-and-wife quarrel and slowly and quietly backs away. On the way back to his apartment he meets Oz and Irena still in their police uniform, who had come from visiting Mercedes and Phantom.

"Freud! I heard what happened! Is everyone okay?" Oz asks and Freud sighs. "I've been to everyone's. They're fine, still feeling a bit of the cold, but fine."

Irena sighed, "I don't know why we had Checky do the security. This is the kind of thing that would happen a lot."

Freud chuckles, "Where's Hawkeye? I didn't see him around."

"Oh, he got paperwork duty. He was slacking off and got caught."

"Oh," Oz speaks up, "You might want to go back home. Phantom and Afrien up screaming up a storm."

Freud laughs nervously before sighing and excuses himself, letting the two ladies go and visit everyone else while he goes back home to see if the walls have been smashed open with Afrien's claws and Phantom's magic tricks.

He returns to his apartment and is welcomed by a screeching Afrien and yelling Phantom. He sighs and proceeds to stop the two from fighting.

"God, can't you guys just get along?" Freud snaps annoyingly and Afrien and Phantom make irritating immature faces.

"He started it first!" Phantom yells and Afrien hisses and continues to retort in his own language of Meow. Freud sighs as he puts Afrien down and looks tiredly at Phantom. His blonde hair was all messy, his lips in a pout, his brows furrowed and his purple eyes screamed jealousy.

"Why did you have to get a cat?" Phantom grumbles, "Why couldn't we have gotten a dog? I could have gotten us a golden retriever or something."

"I like cats, Phantom. And I picked him up because I didn't want him to get lonely."

Phantom huffed and Freud let go off Phantom as well and made his way to the bedroom where he fell on his bed and laid there tiredly.

Phantom came in as well and closed the door, lying beside Freud and asking, "So how was the others?"

"They were doing okay, I suppose. Everyone has someone to look after them."

"Except me. I had Afrien, you had to go walk around and talk to people."

"Speaking of Afrien," Freud turned his blue eyes to the ex-conman, "Why was he wearing an elf shirt? I don't even remember getting that."

"Christmas spirit?"

"I told you countless times to keep your hands to yourself Phantom. Afrien already hates thieves, what makes you think he'll like you?"

"I'm not asking him to like me, I'm asking him to let me live with you in peace."

Freud raised an eyebrow, "Are you jealous of my cat, Phantom?"

"What? No! How can I be? He poops and pees in a litter box. I do not want to poop and pee in a litter box."

"You are! You're jealous of how much attention I give to Afrien!"

"So what if I am? I'm a person who craves attention!" Phantom said before he sneezed.

"It can't be dust, I vacuumed yesterday."

"Must be Afrien's fur flying everywhere," Phantom mumbled and sneezed again.

Freud stares at Phantom before groaning in frustration. "When I told you to keep warm, did you in fact, do that?"

Phantom grinned sheepishly, "I uh, had no time to keep warm while fighting with a cat that I was forced to be around for the day."

Freud got up and wrapped Phantom in a blanket and rolled his eyes, "I check on everyone to find that the one I'm supposed to take care of isn't doing so well. Phantom, you've got to learn how to take care of yourself!"

"I can take care of myself!" Phantom protests.

"You're like Aiden, Phantom. You can't take care of yourself."

"Well, it's lucky that Aiden has Luka and I have you, right?"

Freud just looks at Phantom with a tired face and rests his head on Phantom's shoulder. The two sit there in silence until Phantom felt bored and turned to talk to Freud when he realized that the brunette was sleeping. Phantom gently lays Freud on the bed as he shuffles around and hops onto the other side of the king-sized bed as he pulls Freud to him and hugs him to sleep.

Freud wakes up to a snoozing Phantom and smiles to himself. He likes it when the sunlight stream through the windows and make Phantom's hair glow.

I also blame A Very Fluffy Panda for making me ship Aiden and Luka.

(Please ignore the fact that Luminous pretty much used a hot glue gun without a power source. Maybe Checky upgraded it okay. Maybe its run on batteries okay)

And somehow I managed to make Francis look like Black Mage Junior.

Phantom and Freud didn't even eat dinner wow they must have been so hungry in the morning.

(I don't know I'm thinking of doing a Mikhail and Eckhart one)

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