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So, I apologize beforehand for the horrible puns I put on the KoC class names okay I'm sorry omfg

Not sure if this is as Mikhail-y as the other two were Phantom-y and Freud-y, but I thought the whole concept of the KoC being in the police was amusing so... yeah. Ok

"Mikhaaaail!" Oz yells in front of Mikhail's desk, "Let's go for luuunch!"

The blonde looks up from his papers and frowned, "But I still have work to do."

"You can do that when we come back. Come on, Irena, Eckhart, and Hawkeye's joining!"

"I'm sorry Oz, but I have to finish this…" Mikhail sighs and Oz floats off dejectedly.

She comes back soon though.

With Eckhart.

God damn it, Mikhail snarls in his mind.

"Oz says you won't go for lunch," The dark-haired deadpan policeman said, "And she won't stop bothering me about it."

"But now you two are bothering me! Oz, you bothered Eckhart to bother me!" Mikhail whines, "I have wooork!"

"Lunch time is supposed to be used for eating lunch!" Oz huffs.

"It's my lunch time so I can use it however I want."

"You know, you can't skip all 3 meals. I didn't see you eat breakfast this morning," Eckhart mumbled and Oz pounced on the opportunity," Mikhail! You have to eat! What happens if you collapse or WORSE?"

Mikhail sighs and throws Eckhart a dirty look as he got up. "I'm not going to eat with them without you, I'd die," Eckhart mumbles to Mikhail and the blonde glares at him, "Then maybe you should because if that paperwork isn't done by today, Belle is going to skin me. How's your paperwork going?"

"About as done as you. I'm going to have to rush it."

"See the reason why I didn't want to go for lunch?"

"But you need to eat, you workaholic."

"I'm only a workaholic when I'm in the office."

"That's why we're leaving the office."

"I don't want to leave the office."

"That's your workaholic talking, now hurry up, we're getting left behind."

"Which means that they can't hear us and I can ask why you're really dragging me along."

"When Oz is that cutesy and nice it scares the shit out of me. I could actually see her ominous soul behind her okay?"

"But she's usually like that, although she was a bit too… Whiney today. Maybe she's having a bad day."

"That's why it's scary! Have you forgotten the reason why Phantom has to live with Freud? Have you forgotten what had happened to his house when Phantom tried to steal Oz's stuff?!"

"Fair enough, but it wasn't like you were scared of her."

"I can't show fear, I'm a professional," Eckhart scoffs, "Also, when things get bad I can use you as a shield because no one would hurt your pretty blonde-haired, blue-eyed face."


Mikhail sulks as Eckhart quietly sits beside him, leaving Irena, Oz and Hawkeye to do the chattering.

"Irena! Please don't eat anything gassy or I'll set you on fire," Oz smirks and Irena glares at her. She snarls, "That was only once, and you got something against natural bodily functions, Miss Ex-Firewoman? So instead of hosing fires down you wanna start one huh?! You wanna burn down the building that bad huh?! I'll give you something to burn and it's going to smell like cooked meat!"

"I swear if my cousin Riza was here the table would be full of holes," Hawkeye sighs as he prevents the two ladies from trying to cause an explosion. Eckhart sobs internally because he really can't stand such a noisy group.

"You know, your peaceful teachings about relaxing your body and soul could be pretty useful here," Eckhart grunts and Mikhail sighs, "As if anything can make them relax, much or less body or soul."

"Hey Hawkeye," Oz says suddenly, ignoring Irena which makes the green-haired woman rather angry, "Why are you called Hawkeye if you don't use guns?"

"It's my surname," The apparently not so Hawkeyed Hawkeye replied.

"Then what's your name?" Irena asks, intrigued and curious.

"You don't need to know that," Hawkeye grimaces, "Oh look the food is here."

The team digs in, chattering here and there and fighting here and there. Eckhart secretly cries for freedom inside but keeps his stoic face up while Mikhail remains forever the neutral party.

The room was dark, curtains drawn close but a tiny ray of moonlight shimmered through. Mikhail stirred and shifted but realized that he was alone. He sleepily opened his eyes to see the spot beside him empty and cold. He got up and walked out of the room and scanned the empty living room.

Deciding that he was awake enough, he put on some shoes and grabbed his keys before leaving his apartment in search of his nocturnal partner. He walks through the quiet hallways and figures that maybe Eckhart went downstairs and took the lift down.

It was near the swimming pool when Mikhail found his matching set and the dark-haired man turned to Mikhail with a shocked expression. "What are you doing out of bed at this time, "Mikhail?" Eckhart asked the blonde with a slight frown.

"I could ask you the same question though," Mikhail mumbled as he rubbed his arms.

"You came down without a jacket?" Eckhart sighs as he places his own jacket on Mikhail's shoulders and the blonde immediately feels warmth flowing down his arms.

"So what were you doing out here at night? Thinking of going for a midnight swim?" Mikhail tries his best to smile but he just woke up and he's (surprisingly) as grumpy as any person who had just woke up.

Eckhart looks tiredly at Mikhail and replies, "I couldn't think, so I decided to take a walk to circulate ideas."

"You think so late at night?"

"I don't sleep easily."

"I think you have insomnia."

"Maybe I just don't like sleeping so early."

"11pm isn't early? We start work at 5.30."

"You should know by now that I only require 4 hours of sleep."

"That's way too little to be healthy."

"I do sleep in sometimes."

"Once a year on Christmas day. And what ideas needed to be circulating that has you up and walking in the death of night anyways?"

"My current case. Midnight robberies, midnight snatching, the whole thievery lot that happens at midnight."

"Well, maybe if you slept more you could think of better ideas." Mikhail mumbled and pushed Eckhart towards the lift lobby.

"But…" Eckhart tried to say but Mikhail kept pushing and in the end, Eckhart sighed and was led towards the lift, and soon, towards their apartment, bedroom, and finally, bed.

Mikhail dropped the jacket on his shoulders on the floor without much care and snuggled in with Eckhart. "You're cold," Eckhart said after a while and Mikhail grunts, "Who was the one who went after a certain man on a late night walk?"

"I think better during the night, okay?"

"Why can't you walk around during the day, it's much more sane then walking around aimlessly in the middle of the night."

"What can I say? I'm a night walker."

The next night Mikhail wakes up alone. Again. He sighs as he gets out of his house (without forgetting his jacket this time) and shuffles down. He looks around at the swimming pool, but Eckhart isn't there. Mikhail walks all around but he sees no trace of anyone walking around. The blonde walks through the hallways on every floor when he stops outside the apartment owned by Phantom and Freud as he hears voices through the walls.

Mikhail listens closely and picks out Eckhart's voice. Knocking lightly, Freud opens the door and sleepily looks at Mikhail. "Are you joining the discussion? Because, hell, I really do need some sleep," Freud mumbles as he lets Mikhail in.

"Uh no I was just…" Mikhail scans the room and lays his eyes on Eckhart, "Looking for someone. Hello dear."

Eckhart smiles sheepishly and Mikhail raises an eyebrow. "Mild discussion. I should be back soon. Why not go back to the warmth of our bed?" Eckhart says. "I wish I would do that but unfortunately whispering thieves are strangely keeping me awake," Freud murmurs as he snuggles into Phantom's lap.

It was a group of three (not counting Freud) sitting on the floor around the coffee table, Phantom, Eckhart and, apparently, Dirk (or Ninja Guy).

"Please tell me you guys aren't going on a midnight raid," Mikhail sighs tiredly as he sits beside Eckhart.

"We're just helping him out with his case. We are, after all, thieves," Phantom tells Mikhail.

"Why couldn't you ask me, I mean, we both do the same job," Mikhail pouts at Eckhart, slightly hurt that he was not confronted with the problem. "Mikhail, if you think taking too much salt packets from McDonalds stealing, what makes you think you can go into the mind of a thief?"

"Well… I can try?"

"Mikhail, dear, please don't hurt yourself while trying to haul our TV out the window, if that's what you're thinking."

"How did you know?!"

Eckhart sighs dejectedly and Phantom giggles.

"Say, Ninja Guy," Phantom refers to Dirk, to which Freud sleepily corrects him, "How come you haven't said anything?"

"Well, there's nothing to be said," Dirk quietly spoke and cautiously looks behind his shoulder.

"Why're you so fidgety?" Mikhail asks.


"What, she still after you?"

Dirk sighs and rubs his temple with a thumb, "It seems she wouldn't stop until she stabs her knifes into my chest."

"Wow, okay, I'm in awe," Phantom eyes widened.

"You're in awe that I have an assassin coming after me?"

"No that I can believe, but wow. This is the first time I've heard you speak more than a sentence!"

Freud whacks him in the chest and mutters something about manners when Dirk stands up and quickly shuffles away as the glass door separating the living room from the corridor smashes and a knife embeds itself on the floor where Dirk was sitting before.

"There goes your window," Dirk observes.

"Oh no worries. We get windows broken all the time," Freud says sarcastically.

A nicely dressed woman with short brown hair hops onto the balcony and walks into the living room. Mikhail looks at Eckhart with an alarmed expression and all Eckhart says is "Syl".

"Hello Dirk," She smirks, "Ready to give up your life?"

Dirk frowns and shakes his head like a kid, "Not really, no."

Eckhart suddenly looks up and Mikhail looks around awkwardly. "Syl!" Eckhart bursts out and the woman looks at Eckhart like he has a flower growing out of his head.

"Eckhart and Mikhail? Damn it, the police."

"Well, technically we're civilians, we're off duty," Mikhail chips in and Eckhart continues, "I need your help Syl."

"What?" Dirk deadpans, "Can I remind you that she's constantly trying to kill me?"

"I am pretty sad that you got rid of your glass windows though. It makes it so hard to spy on you," Syl says with a flourish.

"I have a case on thieves and I need advice from as many thieves as possible because their routines and techniques are so unique that even I can't piece them together by myself," Eckhart sighs.

"What? The famous thief-turned-police can't catch a bunch of amateur thieves? Ridiculous! Have you become that soft?" Syl scoffs, "What happened to the man that was in the elite circles?"

"Let's just say I met a certain blonde who was determined to catch me okay? Anyways I'm not soft!" Eckhart protested.

"I don't see you going around stealing things and assassinating people."

"I'm in the police!"

"That's what it means to be soft!"

"God I won't be able to sleep tonight, will I?" Freud whines and Phantom chuckles.

"Who knew a bunch of thieves would be this noisy. I thought they would be quieter, going by what they do as a living," Mikhail mumbles and Eckhart gives him a sheepish smile.

Mikhail groans as he walks into the police building. "Hey Mickey," Oz chirps, "You've got dark circles. What's got you up all night?"

"Thieves," Mikhail snarls, "Thieves, and thieves, and thieves. All the thieves. Every single one of them. I want to just grab their beating hearts from their chests and offer them to the Aztec god."

Oz stares at the usually meek and gentle Mikhail with shock and slowly skitters away from Eckhart whom Mikhail was glaring daggers at. Belle rushes by with paperwork and stops behind the three, "Wow Mikhail, you look horrible."

Mikhail glares at Eckhart and the dark-haired man moves back in fear before turning to Belle and using her as an escape rope. "Hey Belle," Eckhart rushes to her side, "I need some clearance for…"

Their voices became softer as they walked away and Oz was left with an incredibly annoyed and irritated Mikhail. The blonde walked off to his table and started doing his paperwork with the anger of a god.

Mikhail goes home as soon as he's allowed to and quickly eats his dinner. Eckhart was going to have a meeting with the rest of the thieves, and will come back later. He soaks in the tub, trying to unwind and relax.

He gets out before he falls asleep and drowns and dries his hair off when he hears his doorbell. He opens the door to an equally tired and irritated Freud. "Can I crash here because they're using my apartment as their war council room."

Mikhail lets the poor man in and pours him a cup of tea. They both ramble on about how tired they are and how their thief-y boyfriends constantly drive them nuts (that only applies for Phantom though) and bring them trouble.

Mikhail yawns after awhile, "Hey I'm going to turn in early today. Wanna take a nap here until they're done?"

"Yeah why not. I hope your sofa is comfy."

"Why not share the bed with me? It's supposed to be for two people anyways. And it's tons more comfortable than our sofa. Think of it as a sleepover from when you were a kid."

Freud accepts the offer and they both bustle about with their pre-sleep rituals before they both hit the sack.

Mikhail wakes up when his alarm goes off and Freud stirs as well. "Sorry. Work. Alarm," Mikhail murmurs to Freud. "No worries. I should get back to my own apartment," The auburn-haired man said as he sat up and stretched. Mikhail sighs, "Gosh I'm still tired."

"I, on the other hand, am well rested. Your bed is really soft, what brand is it?"

The two rather housewife-y men chattered as they reached Freud's apartment and the cat-owner unlocked his door. Freud was thankful that a mess wasn't left behind and looks around but sees no shred of Phantom anywhere. Mikhail comes in for a short while because he still had time before he had to get ready for work.

They went into the master bedroom to see the exact thing that happened to them. Phantom was on the verge of falling off his own bed while Eckhart was lying on his back as still as a rock.

"Does he always sleep that still?" Freud harshly whispers to Mikhail.

"Does he always sleep that precariously?" Mikhail whispers back.

Eckhart jerks awake and scrambles around to look for a clock. "Good morning Eckhart. Had a nice rest?" Mikhail asks as he smirks in amusement.

Eckhart nods and looks up, "Are we late?"

"Not yet. We still have a bit."

Phantom shouts as he finally rolls off his bed and the three men stair at him. The blonde had disheveled hair and was looking around in confusion. "Ah, Freud! You're back, my darling!"

"So I see that we all had an interesting night," Freud raises and eyebrow and smirks.

"You were the ones who slept in the same bed first!" Phantom pouts, "I can't believe you would sleep in the same bed as another man apart from me!"

"Who was the one who offered to have the Knights of Round Table meeting in our apartment?"

"We went back to our place after the meeting and saw you two sleeping rather well in our bed," Eckhart tod Mikhail, "So we came back here and did the same. I thought it was an interesting experience. Freud, how did you manage to keep him from falling off the bed so many times?"

"I didn't. I just let him fall off."

"You're a cruel man," Phantom pouts.

"I'll be off then. Got to go to work," Eckhart pushes the quilt away and stands up. "Not me, I'm going back to sleep," Phantom yawns and Freud takes Eckhart's place on the bed.

"See you later then guys," Mikhail waves goodbye and leaves with Eckhart.

Mikhail fixes his police uniform in the lift on the way down.

"Another day of work," Mikhail sighs, "When does your mission thingy start?"

"Few days time," Eckhart replies.

"Be careful okay?" Mikhail mumbles with a slight blush.

"Of course. How can I leave my sexy partner wearing a uniform all by himself?" Eckhart jokes and pecks Mikhail on the cheek. Mikhail on the other hand just started blushing all the way to his ears as he blubbers nonsense.

"Jesus Christ," The two heard someone curse under his breath, "Why fucking now and why fucking here."

Guess who was delivering the newspapers at the same time? ;)

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If you guys don't get the whole "Riza is my sister" thing, I was referring to Riza Hawkeye from FMA (I know I'm horrible I'm sorry)

Not sure if your Wind Archers are called Wind Archers, but Wind Archers are called Wind Breakers in MSEA (because they decided we should have a different name) and you know what breaking the wind is, right everybody? XD

I'm sorry for Eckhart's pun I'm just idek

And Mikhail is supposed to be good at Yoga and all that weird thing because Mikhail is a Soul Master where one is Master of the Soul, or at least that how the pun works. It's not as funny as the rest

Actually they were all not funny just plain horrible

I'm sorry.

Also, I can't help it but stick Aiden in there somewhere its just too amusing not too

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