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Eckhart got out of the way as Dirk speeds by and takes a right turn. He was going to ask what was happening when Ryden comes running by soon and asks, "Hey Eckhart, have you seen Jin?"

"If you're assuming to Dirk, he went that way," Eckhart points to the path that goes straight. Ryden races off with his two swords and Eckhart sighs. It's tough being wanted by a master assassin.

He stopped on his way to the apartment to help Grendel pick up a chess piece he had dropped (and told him not to stress himself so much because he could kick the bucket anytime and it wouldn't surprise anyone). When he finally reached his apartment, he flung open the door. He sighs and flomps himself onto their purple couch.

"Mikhaaaail," Eckhart whines quietly to the blonde in the kitchen. Mikhail puts his glass down and raises an eyebrow in amusement, "Yes, Eckhart darling?"

"I'm too stressed. Can you help relieve tension?"

Chuckling. Mikhail walks over to the couch, "Usually you're the one who helps me with stress."

"That's because you're the one who's usually stressed. I just take things as I go, but this night patrol, I cannot take," Eckhart mumbled into the couch cushions. The dark-haired male flipped over and spread his arms, gesturing for a hug. Mikhail looked very amused; "You never ask for hugs, you just do it without asking."

Eckhart pouts and whimpers, "Let me indulge once in a while, would you?"

Mikhail giggles as he gives Eckhart a sloppy hug. Eckhart sighs and nuzzles into Mikhail's neck. The ex-thief felt relieved as the stress slowly melts away.

And then Mikhail's phone rings.

Mikhail sits up and picks it up. He rambles on the phone and Eckhart is just trying to find some of his inner peace.

Standing outside of Freud's door wasn't helping in finding his inner peace. He sighs and rings the doorbell. They could hear the fight going on already. A panicked Freud opened the door and rushed them inside to a screaming Phantom and an annoyed Eclipse.

"MAKE THEM FUCKING STOP!" Freud screams and Eckhart sighs deeply. Phantom was brandishing his expensive and favourite cane while Luminous (Eclipse really) was waving his penknife around (he was carving something before he got into a fight with Phantom).

Irena and Hawkeye come in and try to restrain the raging ex-con and artist. Oz arrives last and joins in with Mikhail to try and separate the two who were going for each other's throats. Eckhart just stood at the side with Freud who was pulling his hair out with worry.

Annoyed that he had an entire day of stressing paperwork and having to come home to a very pissed of Phantom (Trust me, you never want to see Phantom pissed) and a very pissed Eclipse (They finally gave the two Luminous' a name: Eclipse and Sunfire. You also don't want to see Eclipse mad), he just didn't want to do this shit anymore.

They had Phantom and Luminous on the floor but they were still struggling and they were shouting at the top of the lungs. Feeling that he had had enough, 3 shurikens heavily embedded itself in front of each of Phantom and Eclipse's face.

All 7 of them, including the 2 pairs of police officers sitting on them, turned to stare at the only policeman not involved as he narrows his eyes. "Are you going to shut up or do you need me to help you glue your lips together and rip out your voice box?" Eckhart growls and brandishes his kunais and shurikens.

"Pretty… Intense there…" Mikhail says awkwardly when they're in their living room. Eckhart sighs and gives Mikhail a hug and apologizes. "I told you I was stressed out," Eckhart mumbles on Mikhail's shoulder and the blonde laughs, "Not so stressed until you almost killed our friends though."

"I was in a bad mood okay?" Eckhart sighs and Mikhail squeals "Don't breathe down my neck!"

Eckhart calms down and they both manage to have dinner without the ex-thief puncturing walls with sharp throwing objects. Instead, Eckhart rather enjoys his dinner, laughing to the silliness of Mikhail and his naivety of certain topics.

"So I was going through some files," Mikhail says with a mouthful of broccoli, Eckhart winces when he catches the glimpse of the disgusting mush of green in his boyfriend's mouth, "And I found Phantom's file, which wasn't surprising, but the thing is that I've never really read through it right? So I read it."

Mikhail finally swallowed (Eckhart thanked to every single god he knew) and continued, "And so I found out that Phantom's name is actually his surname."

"And?" Eckhart says, amused.

"And so his name is apparently Danny Phantom." (A/N: I'm sorry I couldn't help myself I swear)

Eckhart almost chokes on his next spoonful of rice and starts laughing and falling off his chair. Eckhart looks up after calming down and sees Mikhail's confused face and Eckhart started laughing even more because obviously Mikhail doesn't know who Danny Phantom is.

"You," Mikhail asks slowly, "You don't know who Danny Phantom is?"

Mikhail shook his head with a completely confused head and Eckhart just starts howling with laughter again. "You don't know who Danny Phantom is?" Eckhart's jaw dropped and went into the bedroom in silence while shaking his head in disapproval while Mikhail was trying to make sense of what was going on.

Eckhart comes home to an empty home, Mikhail staying at work because he was on night patrol. The dark-haired man decided to pop by Freud and inform him of Phantom's obviously fake name in the police files and to see if the thing between Phantom and Luminous had died down.

He rings the doorbell and waits as Phantom opens it. The policeman is let in and Eckhart looks around the living room and spots the home-tutor lying on the floor with Afrien on his chest. Phantom joins Freud on the floor and lies down as well.

"Can I ask what are you two doing?" Eckhart raises an eyebrow and lightly smirks.

"Absolutely nothing," Freud says, playing with Afrien's paws and squishing the pads so the claws slide out.

"We decided that we would do nothing and lie around all day," Phantom yawns, "We'd been having really busy lives recently, with the whole fight with Eclipse and a new art gallery openi—oops, I've said too much."

"Indeed you have. Are you going to rob it, Danny?" Eckhart snickers softly.

"Danny?" Freud sits up and gives Phantom a questioning look. Phantom's face distorts into a confused one before remembering why Eckhart called him Danny. "Ah, it was a prank I pulled on the police."

"You should stop pulling pranks or I swear to god I'll start pulling your hair out."

"Listen to him Danny-boy, he brings good advice," Eckhart teases and Freud is the one who looks confused now. "Why Danny though?"

"Have you never watched…" Phantom trailed off.

"You too?" Eckhart raises his eyebrows. The two ex-thieves look at each other and shake their head disapprovingly.

"You need to have a childhood Freud. You need a second childhood. I'm helping you with that," Phantom says as he ushers Freud to the sofa as he dug out old movies.

Freud whines and complains and Eckhart excuses himself, leaving the apartment and slinking away.

Eckhart looks at his watch and sighs; it's not nearly the time where Mikhail gets off duty. He keeps to wandering the condo halls and waves at a passing Aran and helps out when Aiden got into a fight with Kyle.

He takes the lift down, thinking that he can maybe find someone to hang around at the pool, but the only people there was Zen, Tear, Kyrin, and Hawkeye.

"Hey Hawkeye," Eckhart calls out, "I hope your paperwork is done."

"Don't remind me," Hawkeye calls back and Kyrin swats him at the back of the head and lectures him about discipline.

Feeling that there's nothing there for him to do, he left the condo and went to the grocery shop. Luka was there buying some things and Eckhart accompanies him

"Thank you Eckhart," Luka politely tells the policeman, "Aiden is a lazy assbutt."

"I hope you don't use that kind of language around the kids," Eckhart laughs and Luka assures him that he does not while smiling.

They walk around the aisles, making small chatter about the products or about life.

"You know," Luka had said in one point of time, "You've really changed you know? You used to be so quiet and you wouldn't talk to someone if you didn't know them."

Eckhart chuckles, "What a very social friend can do to you, hm?"

Eckhart sees Luka back to his apartment (and his starving Aiden), Eckhart sighs and is left wandering again. He decides to return to his apartment and occupy himself with house matters: cleaning, packing, and the likes. Eckhart doesn't really need to clean his things because he has so little things. Mikhail's on the other hand…

Eckhart does the laundry, stuffing the washing machine full of Mikhail's light-coloured clothings and detergent and let it wash. He rearranges the cupboards to make it neater and puts the shoes in a nice order. Opening the medicine cabinet and throwing things that were expired into the bin, he nicely turned the bottles so the label could be seen and rearranged them in an orderly manner.

There," Eckhart tells himself, "Order and peace in the house."

Someone knocks on the door and frowns because it couldn't possibly be Mikhail. He swings the door open and a fidgety Aran was standing outside.

"Hey Eckhart, do me a favour would you?" Aran asks and a slight blush decorates his dark face. Eckhart blinks but keeps silent, waiting for Aran to speak again. Aran looks around cautiously first before asking again, "Can I come in?"

Eckhart moves to allow the ice hockey player in and they both sit down on the sofa. "So, uh like, can you hide this here for a while?" Aran whips out this small grey box with a pink ribbon tied around it. Eckhart takes it from him and jiggles it a little and concludes that it's jewelry. And if it's jewelry, it means…

"Are you actually getting Mercedes jewelry for Valentines day?" Eckhart asks to confirm and Aran turns fifty shades of red. Eckhart chuckles and tells the poor man that he would hold on to it until he needs back and Aran thanks him, running off to a game with Rien and Maha at the ice ring.

Eckhart looks out of the window and frowns. It started raining very heavily 10 minutes ago. He wonders if that Mikhail brought his umbrella along because who cares if he was a policeman who could look the devil in the face. He should still bring an umbrella lest he gets sick and actually meets Satan himself in Hell. He looks at the clock and decides to fill the bathtub with water anyways in case Mikhail really did forget his umbrella.

He sat on his couch with a nice of cup of hot chocolate and a book and started reading. 15 minutes later, Eckhart heard the door open and an extremely soaking wet Mikhail trudged in. "What did I tell you about the umbrella?" Eckhart sighs and Mikhail just glares pointedly at him. The dark-haired man stood up and steered Mikhail to the bathtub. "I predicted this," Eckhart said and pushed the blonde to the middle of the steamy bathroom. He turned to leave so Mikhail can get soak. He returned to the couch and continued reading his book.

15 minutes into his book, Eckhart frowns. Mikhail doesn't take that long to shower, so he walks up to the door and knocks. He hears a soft grunt and he opens it. Sitting in the bathtub and relaxing was a fully content Mikhail. "Don't drown," Eckhart reminds him and Mikhail rolls his eyes. "Get out," Mikhail tells Eckhart, "I want to be nice and dry now."

Eckhart closes the door gently. He looks outside and it was still dark and gloomy. Kind of felt depressing. He was grateful that he wasn't caught in that heavy rain because he hates it when his socks get wet. Mikhail comes out all dry (except for his hair) and makes himself a cup of tea. "How was patrol?" Eckhart asks, eyes never leaving the book. And therefore did not see Mikhail wince. "Well for one, it was raining," Mikhail slowly old Eckhart as he stirred his cup of tea and moved to sit beside Eckhart on the couch. Eckhart hummed which encouraged Mikhail to talk more. "Then there was this old lady who refused to let go of a teen because he apparently 'stepped on her pet squid'," Mikhail continued, twerking two fingers to the apostrophes of the old lady's imaginary sea creature.

"It took me 2 hours to ensure her that he squid was okay, and that the boy didn't do anything. The poor boy was so high-strung because of the old lady's accusation plus being stuck in the rain," Mikhail sighs and sips his tea.

"It wasn't so bad. You've dealt with worse before."

"Back then, I had an umbrella."

"Ah. I told you to bring your umbrella. Guess who didn't listen?"

"Alright already!"

Eckhart jerked awake when Mikhail punched him effectively in the face. Grimacing as he rubbed his nose, he looked that the apparently peaceful Mikhail sleeping next to him. "I hope this isn't one of his weird fighting dreams," Eckhart thinks to himself as he snuggles closer so a lose fist won't accidentally end up in his face again. Breathing in the smell of Mikhail's shampoo and body soup, Eckhart sighs but he feels Mikhail shudder in the cold because it was still raining and the air conditioner was on. Rubbing his hands on Mikhail's abdomen and pulling the blanket up, Eckhart attempts to warm up the sleeping blonde.

He finds it hard to go back to sleep, and he secretly curses Mikhail. He's going to need more coffee tomorrow.

Eckhart could feel blue eyes stare into him as he finished his 3rd cup of coffee in one morning. He wearily looks at Mikhail straight in the eyes and said, "You punched me awake last night and you wouldn't stop kicking me."

Mikhail widens his eyes for a short moment before laughing and apologizing. "Sorry Eckhart!" Mikhail giggles, "I was having a practice match with D.W Balrog!"

Eckhart grunts as he sips his coffee, letting the caffeine give him energy. He hears meowing in the office and curiously looks ahead at the two dark cats playing with each other. One was Black Jack, Belle's assistant cat, and the other was Afrien. What was Afrien doing here?

Eckhart spotted a mob of obnoxious blonde hair that didn't belong to Mikhail and another brown mob of hair. Eckhart and Mikhail curiously walked up to Phantom and Freud as they had a talk with Neinheart.

They didn't say anything because Neinheart would have their tongues, so they just stood a bit back and waited until they had finished talking. When Neinheart stood up and walked away with his long silver-blue hair sashaying behind him up to Belle's office, Phantom and Freud turned around and said hi to the waiting couple.

"What are you doing here?" Eckhart asked.

"Apparently they needed me to consult?" Phantom frowns, "But I'm not sure I want to."

"Why not?"

"Because it involves breaking into my own safe."

"What's wrong with that?" Mikhail asks.

"It's not fun when I have to break in my own safe. I rather watch other people do it."

"Your safe is top class, Phantom," Freud spoke, "To break into a safe like that would guarantee you a job with the gang and thus, eyes and ears for the police."

"I'm not sure if I even want to help the police," Phantom grumbled and Freud whacked him on the arm. Mikhail and Eckhart left it to Freud to lecture Phantom on the ways of helping people.

Eckhart sits on the floor to pat and stroke Afrien and Black Jack. He liked cats better than dogs. Cats were quiet and stealthy, compared to dogs, since they were happy and usually loud. Black Jack purred and Afrien just leaned in to scratches and pats and soon Eckhart found himself smothered in the two cats, lying on his back and just letting the two cats lie on him. He felt great having cats around him, it releases some stress.

"What are you doing?" Eckhart hears Belle ask and he looks up to look at the giggling woman. He flashes her a smile and chuckles, "Just laying low with the cats."

He felt great after the little moment with the cats, because cats always helped him lift his mood, apart from Mikhail. Their sleek forms and their ability to stalk their prey was very admired by Eckhart because you have to be sleek and able to stalk your target when you're an assassin (or a police man undercover).

On Valentines Day, Eckhart felt awkward with the lovey-dovey atmosphere. He stood by as Irena and Oz got tons of Valentines Day gifts. He watched while he was on patrol, the globs of girls with their boyfriends and vice versa, with the occasional married couples and even a few elderly couples. He bumped into Evan, who was rushing somewhere.

"Where're you going Tiger?" Eckhart asks and raises an eye, curious about Evan's flushed face.

"O-oh no where just… Rushing for a delivery…" Evan squeaks nervously and Eckhart peeks over the short boy and spots a little red box behind Evan. He looked behind him and he saw the Elluel office building where Mercedes was bossing around her employees, being the boss of the organization. Her company is Elluel Insurance, where she makes sure that everything is fair and in order to care for the people of the city.

Eckhart smirks knowingly and looks back down at the blushing Evan, who squeaks again.

"Are you giving your Valentine's Day gift to pretty Mercedes?" Eckhart questions and Evan's face explodes into red and he starts flailing around. "Then you've got competition boy. There are lots of people pining after her. Go get her, Tiger!" Eckhart chuckles as he pushes Evan towards the building and the awkward teen robotically walked towards the building.

After awhile, Eckhart watches the building as many suitors come forth, and finally Aran comes forth with his grey box. Eckhart calls Aran and gives him a thumbs up and Aran looked like he was either laughing nervously or having a mental breakdown.

Eckhart chuckles. Mercedes is the Ice Cold Beauty with the Heart of Steel. He wonders how this Valentine would work out. He shudders as he remembers last year with Mercedes burning most of the useless and meaningless treasure (to whom Oz lent her arson skills happily) but keeping those that she felt touched her heart, but it was only a touch, and nothing actually opened her heart. He wished both awkward Aran and poor little Evan good luck.

On the way back from patrolling, Eckhart wondered if he should get Mikhail something, since they were in a relationship and all. He thought about what to get him and decided that he should get him a strudel. Mikhail loved his strudels; he loved the mango ones the best. He went by Mikhail's favourite pastry shop and got the largest mango strudel there was.

He went back to the station first to sign off, and noticed that Mikhail wasn't there. He asked Irena and she said that he rushed off first. Tilting his head in confusion, Eckhart walked home alone (but Hawkeye joined him halfway and Eckhart starts feeling weird talking to him).

When he pushed the door open, he noticed that candles were lit on the dining table and Mikhail was putting plates on the table. Eckhart closed the door silently and smiles. "Looks like I wasn't the only one who thought about getting a Valentine's Day present. Is dinner good?" Eckhart says as he gives Mikhail a hug and the blonde blushes and looks up to him and says, "It's awesome."

Eckhart changes out of his clothes and puts the strudel in the fridge but not before telling Mikhail about it first and sitting down at the table to enjoy his fantastic meal with his lovely Mikhail.


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