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Aidan got his albino ass out of bed so he can do his newspaper boy job. Ruffling his now flat, long white hair, he shuffles to the bathroom so he can pee and brush his teeth (using toothpaste and a toothbrush, not with his pee). Lifting the toilet seat, he almost pulled down his pants when he realized it was a bad idea. Glaring at the snickering figure, he yelled, "Luka, get your bloody reaper thing out of our toilet bowl!"

Walking into the bathroom, Luka brought his pancakes in with him and leaned on the doorway. "You called?" He said with an amused tone, spearing his pancake with a fork. "How do you eat that in here? This is the bathroom," Aidan grimaced, voice husky and heavy from sleep.

"Says the person who can grow fungus on gravy without trying. Now, how can myself help yourself?" Luka put a small slice of pancake in his mouth and chewed nonchalantly. "Your bloody reaper is in the stupid toilet. Get him out so I can pee," Aidan grumbled.

"You mean Azrail?" Luka covered his mouth to prevent shrapnel of pancake to hit Aidan in the face. "Its name is Azrail?"

"Well, it needs a name, so I gave it a name," The redhead said, "Come on Azrail, let Aidan do his stuff before his bladder explodes."

The black clad reaper fazed through the ceramic bowl and floated in the air. "Will you just get rid of that thing already," Aidan growls and glares at the snickering ghost. "Azrail? Get rid off? Nonsense. He's a lovely presence. Now hurry up and get to work. Neinheart gets grumpy without his newspaper," Luka chuckled and let Aidan do his toiletly business.

Ironing out his clothes, the redhead was getting read for another day of screaming, hair pulling, and quarrels. He was packing his things when Aidan finally emerged from the bathroom, smelling like his apple hairspray and his hair standing as tall as the Eiffel Tower and as hard and stiff as stainless steel.

"Aidan, darling, can you please stop putting holes in our ozone layer?" Luka tuts as Azrail hands him his pencil case. The whitehead grumbles something under his breath before putting on some shoes and leaving the apartment to go collect newspapers and distribute them, but not before wrapping his neck with his red scarf that was given to him by a certain redhead.

The albino heads down to the newspaper stand near the bus stop and collects his duly set aside newspapers. Putting them down in a trolley bag, he wheels himself off back into the condominium, not really caring about giving people their newspaper. The first stop he makes is Valfor's apartment. He knocks on the door, but rings the doorbell after 3 minutes, and rings it consistently because his patience was running as thin as Mercedes' eyebrows. He was about to do some newspaper throwing once the door was finally open when he notices Valfor looked different. Blinking a few times, he snarls, "Who are you? Where's Valfor?"

"Still in bed," the strange, white-haired version of Valfor yawns, "With that strange, redheaded lion man. I'm like his long-lost twin brother who has very different goals than him. Now I'm desperado to know, who are you?"

"I'm not gonna tell you," Aidan snarls, "Here anyways." The whitehead tosses Valfor Number Two a newspaper and walks away. Knocking on the next door, he waits patiently for his next victi—uh customer. Xenon sleepily opens the door and in a swift motion, Aidan hurls the newspaper squarely in the face with well-practiced aim and fleds, leaving the man with the bowl-cut very shocked.

After knocking and ringing and knocking and ringing, Aidan got so fed up with Kyle that he just hurled the newspaper at the door, managing to crack the wooden door a little. After flinging a newspaper at Tear's door, Kyle came out screeching like a dragon about his door and Aidan turned tail and fled. He slid the newspaper under Mercedes' door, because he didn't want her to hunt her down with her dual crossbows like last time. But because he couldn't throw anything, Aidan did his best to jam it in her door so she tears it while she either tries to pull it free from under the door or tears it while she tries to open her door.

Aidan didn't really have a lot of issues with his neighbours. He just hated the newspaper. It was thin and soaky and inky and recycle-y and weird and huge and basically it was like a really poorly strung-together book. The hitting of people's faces and doors was really just to put some fun into his job. His next door was Irena, and he didn't really bother to do any knocking he just straight out threw it at her door, doing the same with Oz.

If it's one thing Aidan has learnt about this condo, it's that the women are so scary and strong that they can basically rip you a new butthole or two. And shoot you in the kidneys. And burn his eyeballs out. Either way, he was especially careful with the women because they could kill him. Not that he was scared of women. Oh no, Aidan was definitely not scared. He was just… wary. Yes, he was wary yeah that's it. Aidan wasn't scared, he's just cautious. Aw who is anyone kidding women fucking terrify Aidan.

Anyways, he found himself in front of Luminous' apartment and he was debating throwing it in his face because Eclipse can be very dark about it, so he decided to just ring the doorbell and see who answers it. After a few seconds, he hears heavy footsteps and the white-haired painter opens the door, sporting many oil paint marks on his face because apparently he fell asleep on his canvas (in which he completely flipped out when he realized it later since his painting got smudged). Aidan studied his body behavior and facial expression and deduced that it must be bright and sunny Sunfire. Without another thought, Aidan smashed the newspaper in Sunfire's face and gleefully ran away before Eclipse could get his hands on the used-to-be mechanic.

Ringing Freud's door, he also had to wait for the door to be opened, because he didn't have anything against Freud, but Phantom however…

To his relief, Phantom opened the door and without a second to be wasted, Phantom's face met recycled paper, but before he could run off, Freud managed to grab hold of Aidan's scarf and almost succeeded in choking him.

"Aidan! Can you help me with something?" The brunette smiled sheepishly while trying to keep Phantom from bludgeoning the albino with his very expensive gold-titanium alloy cane. Aidan was curious and asked, "With what?"

"I need some help with my air-conditioner. It's leaking quite a bit," Freud said. "Go get Checky to help you," Aidan grumbled and started to walk off. "The last time he fixed my air-conditioner, it blew out fire instead," Freud pleaded, "What if I paid you?"

Aidan thought for a while and said, "How much?" Freud replied, "$300."

"$400," Aidan bargained. "$350, last offer," Freud grinned, because he knew Aidan would take it.

"Deal. Show me your air-conditioner," Aidan said, heading into Freud's house and not caring about the glares from Phantom. The air-conditioner was still turned on when Aidan entered the master bedroom, and it was dripping like rain. Water was falling and hitting the already soaking-wet towels that Freud laid out just last night, making a very solid, wet smack every time water dripped.

"'Leaking quite a bit'?" Aidan quoted Freud and snarled, "It's like a hurricane decided to take residence in your air-conditioner."

"Oh that's actually not the worst of it," Freud giggled, and as if it were summoned, an entire stream of water dripped out of the poor air-conditioning unit.

"Bloody hell. Forget hurricane, it's the bloody Niagara Falls," Aidan cursed, "Where's your vacuum cleaner?"

After sucking out the water collected in the air-con unit with the vacuum cleaner and a few tweakings here and there, Aidan earned his $350. "Thanks Aidan, you did a great job," Freud smiled as he paid the ex-mechanic, "I don't see why you decided to stop being a mechanic. You have good skills."

Aidan shrugged, "Didn't feel like being a mechanic. Just wanted to do my own freelance tinkering I suppose. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a few more noses and doors to bash in."

Ringing Eckhart's doorbell, he waited for either Mikhail or Eckhart to open the door. When Eckhart opened it, Aidan threw it at his face (lighter than usual, because he didn't want to get accused of assaulting a police officer) and ran away to his next customer, which was Checky.

Aidan knew not to ring Checky's doorbell, because it would just electrocute him, so he knocked on the wooden door, which apparently knocked back. Aidan rubbed his starting-to-bruise forehead and cursed at the door. Looking at the door a bit, he sighed and dug in his pockets for the screwdriver he always carried along with him, along with a few other tools. It became a sort of habit, since he felt more comfortable with the tools around.

Turning screws with impatience (since he can't carry around a power drill in his pockets), he quickly disarmed Checky's security system and kicked down his door, since to disarm his system he apparently also disabled the security. Aidan looked into the apartment and the owner of the apartment squeaked and retreated back into the shadow.

"Aidan, can you not dismantle my door?!" Checky yelled timidly from the shadows. "Can your doors not knock back?" Aidan growls, "And put on some clothes already!"

The whitehead threw the paper at Checky's bare feet. Pouting, Checky went to go put on his bear suit. No one has seen Checky under his bear suit after all. Except Aidan since Aidan actually dismantled his suit once because it was pissing him off.

Knocking on his next door, Aidan smashed the newspaper at Hawkeye's door, knowing that the tanned man wouldn't answer anyways. Hawkeye always sleeps in (and then rushes to work). Aidan didn't even bother knocking Zen's door. He hated that fighting maniac so much that he didn't even want to see his face; much or less smash a newspaper in it. Knocking on Aran's door, he politely waited for Aran to open the door before he threw the newspaper in the other white-haired male's face. Thinking that he was satisfied with today's hurling of newspapers, he decided to just slide everything under the door because he just got lazy and impatient of waiting. Sliding papers under Neinheart, Elex (he knew Elex had already left for his job already anyways), Brighton, Claudine, Athena, Cygnus and Aria, Grendel, D.W. Balrog, Dirk/Jin/Ninja Guy/Whatever, Kyrin (especially), and Wendy's door, Aidan quickly wrapped up his job and returned to the newspaper stand to collect his pay.

Once received his money, Aidan headed to Luka's kindergarten, passing by Evan on his way to school. "Hey squirt, you late again?" Aidan calls out and Evan laughs nervously. "You should put that skateboard I made for you to use," Aidan shouts back. Evan stopped and took out a little red, blue, and silver cube and said, "I don't know how to work this thing."

The ex-mechanic walked over and fiddled with the cube for a bit before sliding a portion of the cube out. From then on, the cube jumped out of his hands and flattened out into a red skateboard with navy blue wheels. Dropping it on the floor, Aidan stamped on the board twice and a couple of thin cylinders emerged from the sides. "Here, get on, and hold on to your pants," Aidan pulled Evan onto the board and the cylinders spat fire, rocket jetting Evan all the way to school.

Walking away from the terrified screeches of the poor boy being flown to school forcefully via rocket-skateboard, Aidan opens the gate to the kindergarten, throwing Elex dirty looks and vice versa. Dodging running children and ignoring other teachers, Aidan reaches the classroom Luka works in and peers in, watching the redhead bun up his hair so the kids won't tug and pull.

"Ulrika, out down that rubber snake!" Luka lightly reprimanded and turned around to help Jun with getting play-doh out of his hair. "Aidan," Luka notices the amused albino, "Done with your newspapers I see."

"Yeah. Got a little bonus from Freud as well."

"He tipped you?" Luka was shocked. No one tips Aidan, because they would rather flip tables instead.

"No, I fixed his air-conditioner, 's all."

"You fixed something? That's something I haven't heard for a long time."

Aidan shrugged. "Well, since you fixed something this morning, mind if you fixed some more?" Luka winked at him and Aidan sighed in exasperation. "What is it?"

"Well, this cupboard door is a little… unhinge-y. Can you tighten it or something?" Luka opened a cupboard door and it almost dropped off its hinges. Wincing at the bad state of the door, Aidan kneeled in front of it and dug in his pockets for his trusty screwdriver. After unscrewing off the nails, Aidan inspected the hinge and then turned to Luka and asked, "Wait, are you paying me for this?"

Luka's eyebrows shot sky high, "I have to pay you?"

"Well, Freud paid me."

"Aidan dear, it's just a cupboard hinge."

"Will I still get paid?"

Luka thought about it, "Hmm, how about…" The kindergarten teacher knelt down and whispers something into Aidan's ear and the man with a butt load of hair spray in his hair grinned.


Pulling open garage doors, he turned on the lights and closed the door, not wanting anyone to know what he does in a strange, run-down garage. He didn't let people visit, except for when Phantom broke in, thinking that Aidan was in the porn industry and secretly filming pornos. Proving the ditzy thief's theory wrong and throwing him out of his garage, Aidan vowed to never let Phantom near his garage again, because when Phantom broke in, he had to replace an entire garage door.

Breathing in the dust and the smell of… Dust, Aidan walks towards his table where his plans and tools were laid out rather messily. Looking over his shoulder, he scanned his project and tried to remember where he had stopped. Unwrapping his scarf from his neck, he tied it around his waist so it wouldn't he so hot in the garage.

When he remembered (after conking himself with a mechanical arm), he grabbed some wires and a metal plating, finishing up on the wiring and riveting down the metal plating. Riveting down a little plate with his logo on it (it was just an aluminum sheet that had his name on it) somewhere on the body, Aidan hops into his square-ish mechanical robot and twiddles the remotes, testing out the motor skills of walking, moving hands, et cetera.

When all motor skills were confirmed and tested, Aidan took his robot out for a test drive, but not before pumping the engine with fuel. Pulling open the garage doors, the ex-mechanic walked out onto the street, doing his best to scare all the annoying little dogs that was barking at him. Walking towards Luka's kindergarten, since it was about time that Luka got off work, he wanted to show his project to his boyfriend.

Amused at the boys who were in awe of his robot, Aidan waited for Luka to come out, and when the redhead did, Luka gawked in shock. "Aidan, what are you… Wearing? Or are you driving? Equipping? Attached to?"

"It's a robot thing… I suppose," Aidan says as he pushes a button and his robot tummy starts popping. A minute later, a mechanical arm swings the tummy-door open and a bowl of freshly popped popcorn as taken out. Handing them to the kids, they started devouring the popcorn and his bowl. They were apparently hungry.

"What else can that thing do?" Luka asked, curious. He knocked on the metal body and molested it a bit; sliding over the warm, steel plates. "Well, it can torch Phantom," Aidan smirked and a hose emerged when a small metal plate slid to the side on the left hand, belching out red flames and singeing Jun's eyebrows.

"Aidan! Watch where you point that thing!" Luka reprimanded, "And why did you install that flamethrower in the first place?"

"So I can roast marshmallows," Aidan said and slid a little door open, taking out a stick of marshmallows. Torching it with the flamethrower, Aidan ate his smores with glee as Luka rolled his eyes.

"Aidan, that thing can't fit in our apartment," Luka points out. "I'm leaving it in the garage. I just made it because I wanted to," Aidan replies, shrugging his mechanical arms. Luka walked the large robot back to his room in the garage and then they both went to have dinner.

"Did you even have lunch?" Luka asks as they order their food at a nearby family restaurant. "Well, I had a sandwich at some point of time," Aidan slurps his Coke.

"Well, at least its something," Luka mumbles, "Wait you didn't make it yourself right? Because I don't want a repeat of the September Diarrhea."

Aidan turned and turned, but it seemed like he couldn't go back to sleep, so he reluctantly opened his eyes. Sitting up and looking over to the other side of the bed, Aidan admired the way Luka's long hair pooled around his neck and shoulders. Dropping a kiss on the beloved neck that was also dotted with little red marks, Aidan makes his way to the toilet, but not before taking a look at the time.

"What, its only fucking 3?" He cursed but still went to the toilet anyways. Emptying his bladder, he was about to hop back in bed when his door was being knocked rather a lot. Clicking his tongue, he passive-aggressively opens the door and was about to shout in the early-morning visitor but he realized he couldn't since it was Eclipse, and Eclipse looked terrified, even though he was holding Azrail by its scruff.

"Can you tell that redhead of yours," Cute little Lumi spat, "To keep his bloody reaper buff in his own god damn house?!"

"He only comes out of the house at night actually. What, is someone a little afraid of our little reaper?" Aidan smirked and Eclipse flushed like a toilet –I mean flushed like a tomato. "I don't give a fucking toss about the stupid shit but its freaking Sunfire out and I can't paint with SOMEONE SCREECHIN' AND YELLIN' AND BANGIN' OF MENTAL DOORS," Eclipse yelled to himself, "Also he says he wants it to get exorcised by Mikhail or someone with holy powers like… I don't know, Grendel?"

Azrail, on the other hand, fazed out of Eclipse's grasp and went through a wall. The two white-haired males were still somewhat shouting at each other though, Eclipse more at himself, or more like Sunfire.

"Can you guys just shut up? People are trying to sleep, geez!"

The two whiteheads turned to see another whitehead in the splitting image of Valfor, and Eclipse snarled, "Who the hell are you?"

"It doesn't matter who the hell I am," He snaps, "Can you two just shut up?!"

"Can you shut up too?" Valfor yawns from his door, "I know you're desperate and all, but I'm trying to sleep. Oh and hey Aidan. So that's what you look like without hair gel."

"Yeah well I'll shut up when they shut up," White Valfor hmphs, "I want to watch the Avengers in peace."

"Wow you guys can't shut up can you," A low voice grumbled from behind Valfor and Von Leon poked his head around.

"I don't even know what the fucking hell is going on," Aidan said skeptically.

A scream was heard and a door slammed open. Green arrows started flying out and a snickering reaper ghost floated out from the door. A petrified Mercedes flew out of her apartment and planted her feet on the wall opposite her door (that was also full of crossbow arrows). Twisting her body, she leapt and sent herself leaping forward and upwards, towards the artist, the ex-mechanic, and the 3 other strange men. With her two trusty dual crossbow guns, she peppered Aidan, Valfor, White Valfor, Luminous, and Von Leon with green arrows, although the being that she wanted to hit fazed through the arrows.

The arrows got rebounded by a translucent blue honeycomb-like structure though, and Mercedes put down her guns. "Can I know what's going on? It's way too early for this," Luka sleepily mumbles, his hair loosely tied at the side and draped over a shoulder with a ribbon. "His fault," Aidan shrugged and pointed to Azrail. Luka shot Azrail the most dirty look he could master sleepily but then confusion was written across his face, "Wait, didn't I already tell you to stop doing that? Or was that Ceifador? Or… Kosca?"

"What, there's more than one of that?" Eclipse scrunched up his nose. Luka blinked and asked Azrail, "Hold on, which one are you?"

Teeth clicked and the small scythe was waved and Luka brought the side of his fist to his open palm, "Ah, you're Faucheuse? Where are the others?" More clicking and swinging of mini-scythe and Luka nodded. "Wait, seriously, there's more of the reapers?" Aidan asked. Luka gave him a look that said 'obviously'. "Didn't you realize they were all different?"

"They were all different?"

"Well yes they're different, but I still get confused. Azrail has a more square-ish mandible than Faucheuse, Kosca has a crack in her skull, and Ceifador is missing a finger. Even though there is a difference it still makes it hard to distinguish. Did I miss out anyone?" Luka pointed out and then turned to Faucheuse for clarification. Faucheuse said that he did in fact leave one more out, in which Luka thought hard about which one.

"Ah yes," Luka said after a few seconds, "Torva Messor. Yeah, well, he's the only one with sharp teeth. That should've been obvious. I have to remember that."

Everyone was looking at Luka like he was some sort of zombie now and Aidan sighed, "Luka, can you stop reproducing the reapers?"

"Well I can't help it, they just… Pop out accidentally," Luka stated matter-of-factly.

Mercedes went back to her room so she can sleep some more while they were talking about something that didn't interest her ("I have an important meeting tomorrow, god damn it," She mumbled).

Von Leon and the two Valfors retreated back into the room they had been sharing because the fun had ended, and Luminous just kind of… Stood there.

"So uh," Luminous said, scratching the back of his head, "How do they pop out?"

"I'm confused, who are you now?" Aidan raised an eyebrow, and Luka smacked him in the arm for being rather rude. "Eh? I'm Sunfire. Eclipse has high blood pressure so he's probably going to be hell tomorrow because he had to wake up this early because there was a certain ghost who was eating our cheese," Sunfire nervously said.

"Ah I see. Anyways, they kind of just pop out when I uh," Luka replied Luminous' question, "do this." Luka held out his golden glowing stick of wonder that he had been holding ever since he joined them and tiny little purple ghosts swarmed to make a big purple skull before disappearing. After that, Luka swatted Aidan's arm with the staff. Aidan grunted in pain and shot Luka a dirty look.

"Huh. Hold on, let me just…" Luka continued hitting Aidan in the arm and the whitehead really wanted to make him stop by breaking the stick but before he could get his hand on the staff, two dark wisps emerged from the floor and curled around the air. A black, glowing robe was produced and as the wisps travelled higher, the robe grew more and it soon separated into an arm holding a scythe and finally, a white skull with a purple mark on its forehead, topped with its black hood.

"Huh. So what, it was part of me?" Aidan asks.

"Not really, more like it kinda just pops out whenever I hit someone."

"Maybe I should learn how to do that," Luminous frowns, the one who was talking was obviously Eclipse, but he spoke again, "Then deal with it Sunfire I want that reaper doing my bidding. I'd probably be able to make an army with Phantom if I can just keep him still enough to hit him one thousand times over."

"I know, I'll call you Viikatemies," Luka was smiling and pointed at the new reaper that had been made proudly.

"Luka, stop," Aidan conked Luka on the head.

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