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Luminous opened his eyes and shifted in bed. He turned over to the other side and saw himself, which was when he yelped and fell out of bed. The confused artist stared at his own face when he decided to stand up and look at a mirror. Red eyes stared back at him and he turned to look at the calendar. "9th May, " Eclipse thought to himself as he ruffled his black hair. "Looks like it's Solar Eclipse day."

He brushed his teeth first before Sunfire woke up because they only have one toothbrush… and sharing the same toothbrush in the same body wasn't much of a problem until now when they actually have separate bodies. Solar eclipses allow Sunfire and Eclipse to split from Luminous, forming two separate beings. It's the only day that they don't get to share a body and are able to do anything they wanted. Lunar eclipses don't do much though. They just make Eclipse grumpy… uh, grumpier.

He looks at the clock and decides to eat some cereal. Pouring some Fruity Pebbles into a bowl, he opened the fridge and grabbed the air that was supposed to have a milk carton in it.

Blinking at the empty door shelf, he sighed as he realized he had to wake up Sunfire.

"Oi, Sunfire," Eclipse shook his counterpart awake by the shoulder, "Wake up. We need milk. You finished the milk right. It sure wasn't me so go buy milk. Oi."

Blue eyes fluttered open and stared at Eclipse. "What is this, is this a dream, I don't understand," Sunfire slurred as confusion was written on his forehead metaphorically.

"It's 9th May, idiot. Now get me some milk," Eclipse snarled. "Why can't you get it," Sunfire mumbled into his pillow.

"Because I don't want to," Eclipse crossed his arms. Sunfire looked up at the raven and sighed, "Fine, I'll get it. You sure don't like to use this day when we're finally apart to do things you usually can't do."

"Buying milk isn't a thing I want to do," Eclipse huffed. Sunfire smiled, "Hmm? Then what is it that you want to do?"

"Beat Phantom's face in without you to hold me back," Eclipse smirked as he cracked his knuckles. "Same old Eclipse eh?" Sunfire rolled his eyes.

Sunfire hummed as he chose which brand of milk to get. His basket was already getting plenty heavy with all the snacks that he bought and was planning to eat within the day, since he wasn't allowed to eat anything 'too sweet', according to Eclipse. Eclipse preferred salty foods, while Sunfire had more of a sweet tooth. "Luminous! You're up awfully early. Eclipse is usually grumpy at 8 in the morning," Sunfire heard and turned to see Luka, who was a shocked at Luminous' mild appearance change.

"Did you get color contacts or…" Luka frowned, staring at Sunfire's clear blue eyes. Sunfire chuckles, "I'll tell you about it later." He leaves Luka to ponder about his appearance as he heads to the counter.

The cashier was also shocked at Sunfire, but he merely smiled. He only looked up when he heard his name being called. "Sunfire! Damn, you're already paying," Eclipse tsked.

"Eclipse? I thought you didn't want to buy milk?" Sunfire raised an eyebrow n amusement. "I needed more food. Two people in a house that used to have only one person living in it tends to be lacking in food," Eclipse looked pissed at Sunfire, who just smiled.

"Ah, I see," Luka says from behind Sunfire in the queue, "Oh yeah, that's right. There's a solar eclipse today right? I always forget you guys always do this when there's one."

Sunfire and Eclipse walk side-by-side, mildly shocking some of their friends. Sunfire was chatting away happily to Eclipse, who just kept silent as he listened. They were like awkward twins. Suddenly, a force pushes them apart in the middle and the two look down to a smiling lady.

"Hey guys! Long time no see! How come you two don't hold hands anymore? You used to do that when we were smaller all the time," She giggled.

"Lania, it's good to see you again," Sunfire greeted his childhood friend with a smile, whereas Eclipse just scowled and tried to pull his arm away. The raven muttered, "I hope that idiotic cat isn't around."

The blonde lady giggled, "He is, but he didn't want to meet you so he wandered off somewhere."

"Want to come for lunch with us? We're just about to head to Tangyoon," Sunfire offered. "I don't think I have that much money," Lania laughs. Eclipse looked away and mumbled, "Why does she have to come with us."

Sunfire looked at Eclipse with a slight frown, "Aw come on Clips. We haven't seen Lania in a bit!"

"We haven't seen her since New year's. It's only been barely half a year," Eclipse growls, "And don't call me Clips! You make me feel like I'm related to paper clips."

"Half a year is a long time," Sunfire nodded to himself, "And I said you could call me Sunny anytime."

"There's no way in hell am I calling you Sunny."





"How about just Sun?" Lania giggled. She always liked Sunfire's and Eclipse mini-arguments. They were usually very petty and adorable because Eclipse is such a coughtsunderecough.

"I feel like I'm calling him my son, so no thanks," Eclipse huffed. He tries to pull away from Lania's arm locked together with his arm but she has a very tight grip.

They reached Tangyoon soon enough, but they had trouble fitting through the glass doors with linked arms so Lania had to let go. Eclipse took this opportunity to pull away from Lania and walked behind them so he knew where Lania sat so as to not sit beside her. They sat at a four-seater, Sunfire and Lania on one side and Eclipse on the other, sitting directly opposite Sunfire.

"How about Sire?" Sunfire cheekily offered.

Eclipse replied immediately, "No."

Eclipse ate his fried pork in silence as he ignored (but he was secretly listening) to Lania and Sunfire talking. The white-haired man had chopped noodles with mushrooms and Lania had slime pudding. The two chatted about everything and anything, and Eclipse was the first to finish his food because he was the only one not talking.

"Oooo it's Luminous split in two, and that pretty lady who came on New Year's," The three heard and looked up to see Evan pointing happily at them. Eclipse scowled at him and Sunfire waved to Evan, and at the same time, Mikhail and Freud.

"Freud! Mikhail! Want to join us?" Sunfire shouts and waves at the three of them, but Eclipse shouts back, "No, stay far away. Don't come here. I'll eat you."

But nonetheless Evan pulls a table over anyways. Evan goes to sit beside Lania because she's pretty (and because Eclipse terrifies the poor boy), and Mikhail sits beside Eclipse, Freud joining him on his right.

"Don't you have work?" Eclipse growls and Mikhail and the policeman chuckles, "It's my lunch break."

"So where's Eckhart?" Sunfire asks as he takes a drink from his soda pop. "He's with Phantom and Jin doing a thing. It seems that he likes to work with them nowadays," Mikhail replies.

Just then, Syl pulls open a chair beside Freud and sits down, "So there's where Jin is. I was looking for him," She sighed, "I still need to dig my kunais in his kidneys."

Evan squeaked at the terrifying, but beautiful woman. Freud chuckles at Evan's cute reaction. "How come Evan is with you?" Lania asks, trying to change the topic.

"I was tutoring him, and because he did well in his studies, I thought I'd treat him to a slime pudding or a red bean sundae. What about you? Here to visit Luminous on the day when they're not one?"

Lania smiled, "Of course! Sunfire is very nice to talk to, and Eclipse is fantastic at being teased!"

"Teased?!" Eclipse chokes on his (pure) water, "I do not!"

"You doooooo!" Lania giggles.

Lania perked up when she heard someone open the door. It was Luka and Aidan, and as usual they were in their mini bickers. Lanai leaned over and she whispered, "Do he got the booty?" Sunfire and Lania giggled as they looked back at the two. Syl's eyes glinted suspiciously and Freud wondered what she was going to do.

As Luka and Aidan walked by, she stuck her foot out and caught Aidan's feet. The mechanic yelped as he toppled, smashing his face hard into the clean, tiled floor, his butt sticking up in the air.

"HE DOOOOOOOOOO!" Lania, Sunfire, and Syl giggled as Aidan got up, ready to get revenge. Luka laughs as he holds the white-haired man back and Eclipse hides his face in his folded arms on the table. Why are his childhood things so ridiculously immature?

Eclipse soaks in the condominium pool. He likes the water, but he really hates the sun. The raven wishes that an indoor pool could be built but there was no space to build one. He hears a splash and he sees dark, tanned skin. Aran lazily floats over and floats in the water with Eclipse. The two men randomly float around the pool together until another splash was heard. Aran almost drowned as he saw who came in and lost his floating form. There she stood, pretty Mercedes in a very nice and lovely green bikini. Her long blonde hair sticks to her neck and back as she stands up from jumping in.

Eclipse nods to her as a greeting and she politely nods back. She looks at Aran with a raised eyebrow though, because he's suddenly blushing and coughing out chlorine water.

Eclipse does a few lazy laps in the pool, but then stops when a few more people start appearing. Hawkeye decides to jump in and tease Aran, Freud brings Evan for some recreational swimming, Neinheart gets pushed in because Lilin thought he was in for some revenge (due to the Aran flooding), and Kyrin decided to take a nice dip.

Sunfire watches as Eclipse slowly moves towards the side of the pool to get out. "Coming out already?" Lania asks, "Why not stay in a bit more?"

"Too many people," Eclipse grunts. Sunfire waits for his other half to shower with Lania, chatting with her what happened in life. Penny finally comes back, and following behind was a strange purple cat. And Afrien, Blackjack, Mir, And even Fanzi.

"I…" Eclipse started and Sunfire ended with, "Don't…"

"Even?" Lania completed their sentence.

"Faaaanziiiii!" A blonde teen yelled, "You ate my waffle!" He wore red and green clothes, and had purple eyes. Eclipse almost went over there to punch him in the face when he realized that he wasn't Phantom.

"Blackjaaaaack!" Belle yelled, "You just left me theeeereee!" She scooped her black cat in her arms and walked towards the Luminous and Lania. "Where are the cats going?" She asks and Lania shrugs.

"FEEEELIIIIIIIIIX," Another strange teenage boy came running after the first blonde one, waving his magically glowy stick around. He wore mainly green and silver, having brown hair and equally brown eyes. He had a perma-frown though. "Eep!" Blondy yelped, "Storm! I uh I was just following Fanzi and—"

"Don't Fanzi me, you left me Penelope and Maya!" Storm yelled. Felix, apparently he's the blonde one, shook with nervousness when Storm got pelted with a snowball. "Aw come on Stormwind," A kind-looking raven with deep blue eyes chuckled, "Penelope and Maya aren't that bad."

"Please," Storm snorted, "They don't even like me."

"I'm sure they do," Nice Raven With Lovely Blue Eyes (as dubbed by Sunfire) patted Storm on the back. Lania nodded as she acknowledged Nice Raven With Lovely Blue Eyes' ikemen-ness, as he had nice pale skin, black hair, very clear blue eyes, and a face that said, "I can turn all men gay." His white, pinkish-purple and blue colour choices made him seem very pure, and Lania wished she could just lick his face and whisper "My baby".

"Yeah right they only like me because you're always hanging around me," Storm brushed Irritating Raven With Ridiculously Bright Blue Eyes's (dubbed by Eclipse) hand off. "Braddock!" The Luminous and Lania heard a couple of girls call out and turned to see a blonde lady with a tanner lady with pink hair, "You rushed off without us!"

"STOP DON'T COME HERE DON'T COME NEAR ME I'LL FREEZE YOU," Stormwind screeched as he waved his glowy stick around. "Storm! Don't be so mean! Of course Penelope and Maya can come closer," Braddock laughs and moves slightly out of the way as a lightning bolt hit the earth where he was just standing.

Sunfire turned to Eclipse and whispered, "Ice/Lightning?"

"Ice/Lightning," Eclipse nods.

"Ice/Lightning!" Evan screeches happily in the pool.

"Now now Storm," Braddock tsked, "You can't just suddenly hurl a bold of lightning at m—" The raven was interrupted when he got stuck in an icicle. "Shut up!" Storm flushed to the color of the red squiggly line in Microsoft Word whenever there was a typo and stormed off.

The two blondes, Penelope and Felix, quickly defrosted Braddock with some fire magic, and they were good to go.

"Fire/Poison?" Eclipse whispered to Sunfire.

"Fire/Poison," Sunfire nods.

"Fire/Poison!" Evan screeches again, happy to see the magic.

"You know," Lania starts, "I have no idea what just happened.

"I think there might be a cat gathering somewhere," Sunfire says as he looks at the cats going off in one line, "Do you think we should tell Freud and Evan?"

"Hey Freud, Evan, your cats are wandering off," Eclipse calls and the two brunettes turned to find their cats walking off into one of the blocks with Purple Kitty and Fanzi. Freud shrugged it off, "It's okay Afrien has to come back because I have his food."

Eclipse winces as he watches Sunfire down slime pudding after slime pudding. "I swear," He growls, "If we get diabetes after this I'm ripping you a new one."

"Icky, that just means you're going to rip a new anus for both of us," Sunfire swallows his 12th slime pudding and Lania chokes on her coke. "Woah, you okay?" Eclipse raises an eyebrow and she laughs nervously while still coughing, "Yeah, it's just that I wasn't expecting…"

"Such a formal way to say asshole?" Eclipse frowns.

"No, that really cute nickname," Lania giggles.

"I will punch you both in the face," Eclipse snarls.

"Aw, come on Icks, don't be such a meanie," Lania squeals and she bursts into giggles, along with Sunfire.

"I'm telling you, I had a tuna sandwich!" The trio hears, as a door was pulled open as a man was shoved in.

"Yeah, at like 9am. It's 4 o'clock, Aidan," Luka tuts, "What is wrong with your nutritional intake?"

"Nothing," Aidan growls as he is forced to move forward towards Tangyoon's counter, in which the master chef was smiling in amusement.

Luka sees the Luminous twins and Lania and steers Aidan towards them. "Oh no," Aidan shakes his head, "Not with them. I'm willing to comply with you interrupting me while upgrading my robot, but I am absolutely not going to sit with them."

Luka rolls ups eyes and whacks Aidan into a seat beside Eclipse with a wrench that he took from Aidan when they were back in the garage. He pulls a chair over and sits in the middle of the table. The Luminous stare at the two newcomers, and Lania giggles.

"Why do you have to sit beside me?" Eclipse grumbles and Aidan replies with another grumble, "It's not like I wanted to idiot. I would rather sit beside blondie over there."

Luka kicked Aidan in the leg and ordered food for the both of them, knowing that the mechanic wouldn't want to eat proper food.

"Icky, can you pass me another straw? I accidentally dropped mine," Sunfire held his hand out and Eclipse leaned backwards to the table behind them to grab a straw. Tangyoon really needs to have one of these straw dispensers at every table.

"So Lania," Luka tries to make conversation with the lady, "When are you going back?"

"Tonight," She says with a smile, "Or unless I can bunk over with Icky and Sunny, tomorrow morning!"

Eclipse and Sunfire stare at each other before turning to look at Lania before Sunfire said "Yes" and Eclipse said "No" at the same time. The twins looked together with a confused look.

"I said no, Sunfire," Eclipse growled and Sunfire refuted, "But I said yes!"

"That doesn't mean that you can get what you want!" Eclipse snarled.

Sunfire frowned, "That applies to you too!"

Just then, a passing Aran came by and smirked, "You know, if you guys don't want the little lady, I'm sure she can stay with me."

"No," Both the Luminous' said at the same time, glaring at Aran.

The tanned man held up his hands protectively, "Hey, I'm not the one who seems conflicted if she should even be here." Aran then walked away to sit with Valfor and his mysterious white-haired twin (Seriously what is his name? Valfive?).

"You know, Lania can come stay with us," The group heard a cocky voice that could only belong to one person.

"Hell no," Both the Luminous growled, and Aidan was shocked that Sunfire said 'hell'.

Phantom dramatically took a step back and gasped, looking offended, "Why not? I won't do anything to her, I just like female accompany. It's a nice change once in a while."

"All the more," Eclipse narrowed his eyes at Phantom. "I don't see the problem," Luka smirked, "Seeing as he's… what he is."

"What he is, IS the problem," Eclipse snarls.

The brunette raised his arms in defense, "No no I mean because he's…. uhm… How do I put this nicely?"

"A flaming homo?" Aidan answered Luka's question with a deadpan.

"Aidan!" Luka reprimands and whacks the mechanic in the arm with the wrench. Phantom looked amused, "I'm not that gay. I'm only gay for Freud."

"Yes, yes you are," Freud glares at Phantom as he walks up to him, "Did you find Afrien and Mir?"


Just on cue, a strange purple cat-person came into the restaurant and jumped on the table. She pointed a finger at Tangyoon and yelled, "Freeze! I want all your chicken! Move and I'll gather all my cat friends to meow outside your window at night!"

Everyone stopped and stared at the purple girl and the few cats behind her that were trying their best to look menacing. Tangyoon stopped and stared at her and he said, "You want… chicken? Just…. Chicken?"

"Yes! I—gah!" She started to say something but a bowl of noodles flew into her face. "Mastema," Valfor ominously says as he cracks his knuckles, "Would you please get off the table."

Mastema squeaked as she saw her master stand up from the table and suddenly she poofed into a purple cat. The cat scrambled behind Blackjack (granted because Blackjack was the biggest cat).

Phantom looked at Freud, smiled a cocky smile and pointed at Afrien and Mir, "Found them."

"Penny!" Lania yelled as she rushed to pick up the white cat with wings, "Where were you!"

"In a cat revolution," Penny replies in a matter-of-fact way.

"Cats are crazy," Sunfire murmurs.

"As if dogs aren't as crazy," Eclipse grumbles back.

"What? Dogs aren't crazy! They are lovable creatures! They're affectionate and they're loyal!"

"Cats are quiet and they don't whine at you to leave the house so they can poop. Cats poop in a box. Talk about easy management!"

The Luminous continue their bicker and Freud whispers to Phantom, "How are they even surviving in the same body?"

Lania shakes her head and mutters, "Stupid magic."

Penny shakes her head with disapproval and also mutters, "Bloody Luminous."

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