Author's Note: Tonight's prompt comes for MY Siberian Husky is MY Angel, who requested, "I always wanted to read a story where Sam's leg gets caught in a bear trap." Thank you for the prompt! I hope you enjoy!

He doesn't see it in time.

They're hiking—tracking a wendigo—and the forest floor is covered with so much snow that it's impossible to see anything on the ground below him. One second, he's talking to Dean about how he's sure the creature went the other way and the next, he's crying out in pain.


Metal teeth bite into his leg and with a dim realization, Sam understands what this is—a hunting trap. Blood is gushing out of his leg and the youngest Winchester doesn't know what's worse, the stinging pain or sudden effects of blood loss. Dean is by his side now, whispering a litany of reassurances while examining the trap.

"Dammit." Sam curses, mouth pinched in sheer agony. He wants to struggle, but he forces himself to remain absolutely still. Thrashing will just make it worse—it could break bones or cause him to pass out from blood loss much sooner than expected. Still, he's not used to being helpless and he shoots Dean a worried glance.

"Fucking bear traps," Dean growls as he inspects the leg. "It's not even hunting season."

"Forgotten, maybe? Due to the storm?" Sam ventures, trying to distract his mind from focusing in on the acute, fiery flame that is working its way up his leg. The teeth dig in more and Sam swears he can feel his bone beginning to crumble to dust. Blood stains the snow pink.

"You hang on, okay?" Dean orders desperately, somehow sensing that Sam's on the verge of fading away. There's a trap biting into him and he's going to die out here in the middle of nowhere from blood loss. It's kind of ironic that while hunting for something supernatural, it's a normal hunting trap that does him in.

Dean glowers at him.

"That's not funny, Sam." Huh, he must've said that out loud. He's starting to get woozy. Dean's motions are all starts and stops—like a little kid has gotten control of the DVD remote and is fast-forwarding for a bit before rewinding. Frankly, it's making the youngest Winchester dizzy. There's so much blood now and despite the darkness clawing at the side of his vision, Sam can see the defeat starting to appear in Dean's voice.

"S'okay." Sam slurs, throwing a hand out to comfort his brother. This wasn't the way he had pictured dying, but with Dean by his side, it's definitely not the worst way to go out. "D'n—"

"No!" His older brother shouts, shaking his head in denial. "None of that last words crap, you hear me, Sam? You don't get to die—I'm not letting you!" He's pressing his jacket to the wound that Sam can no longer feel—a definite bad sign—and is vainly trying to stop the bleeding. "Listen to me, I'm going to get you out. You just hang on, okay Sam?"

And even know he knows he's going to pass out any second, Sam nods.

For Dean, he's always willing to stay and fight.

When he wakes up, there are 20 stiches in his leg and one concerned brother by his bedside. Judging by Dean's extremely relieved expression and the number of monitors he's hooked up to, Sam's guessing it was pretty touch and go for awhile. He smiles softly at Dean, despite still being woozy and a bit in pain. His brother shoots him a grin back.

The details of how he got here don't matter.

What does matter is that he's okay and that his older brother is beside him.

Sam holds out his hand and waits. Instantly, his older brother's hand slips into his. Both Winchesters relax for the first time since this crazy incident began. Sam's eyes slips shut and he's almost asleep before he hears,

"Such a girl, Sam."

He chuckles and though it hurts, it's worth it.

And girly or not, Dean is still holding his hand.

Sam sleeps in peace.

Author's Note: This one was pretty hard for me to write and it came out a lot differently than I had intended. Still, I hope you enjoyed! Please review and request if you have time!