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Chapter One

It's been two months since the guardians vanquished Pitch Black. Two months since the guardians said their goodbyes and went off in their separate ways, and two months since the guardian of fun has had any sleep. Jack Frost, a teenage, cheery, mischievous, naughty little immortal spirit of winter trudged tiredly in a snow covered forest.

He laid down next a tree covered in icy frost and balled up. Dark bags were under his sleep deprived eyes which was highly noticeable on his pale face.

Silver-blue eyes blinked rapidly as while the cold guardian rocked back and forward patting his face to stay awake.

"Don't fall asleep. Don't fall asleep. Stay awake."

Jack Frost wasn't going to sleep tonight anytime soon nope nope. He wasn't going to be attacked by nightmares and wake up screaming in a cold sweat. He certainly wasn't going to drift off and close his heavy eyelids nope; he would keep them open just as he'd been doing for the past two months.

Nobody knew of his nightmares except him and the boogeyman causing them. The Sandman didn't know, the Easter Bunny didn't know, the Tooth fairy didn't know, Santa Claus didn't know, Phil the yeti didn't know, no one.

When Jack had become a guardian everyone was so happy. They all had smiles on their faces and everyone was at peace. Jack did not want to spoil it for them by telling them he was being targeted in his slumber through his own mind. The guardians wouldn't believe him anyways. It should take Pitch at least two hundred years to reform, not one night.

Besides, he could handle this on his own.

Jack was powerful and independent. This was just an excuse he told himself so that he wouldn't admit his low self-esteem. After all, he was so very lonely for three hundred years. None of the guardians had told him anything that wasn't a scolding until MiM chose him to be a guardian. MiM didn't even talked to him other than when he was first resurrected.

MiM still wasn't talking to him.

That didn't matter at the moment. What did matter was that Jack's cloudy eyes were sagging now. Jack threw a snowball at his face to wake himself up.

"Stay awake do not go to sleep."

He repeated those words to himself. Jack looked up and saw the sun finally rise over the ice glazed mountains and he sighed. Another night without any sleep, and another night without a catastrophic nightmare. The last time Pitch attacked him was a few weeks ago when he had fell asleep in a tree. Jack wasn't going to let that happen again.

Jack grabbed his staff. Ever since Pitch had snapped it in half Jack made sure to never leave it behind. The winter spirit called upon the winds and rode them back to the frozen lake he called home.

As the wind blew the sleep deprived guardian back to where he came from Jack turned to face the frigid air rushing past his face. He was slowly descending upon the ice covered lake by the cool moving air.

"Thanks wind."

Jack rubbed his eyes for what seemed like the thousandth time since yesterday. Jack walked through the forest trying to clear his head. His usual stride was now a slow walking pace. As the guardian of fun strolled he passed a hunter's cabin. It's been there for a while and Jack usually looked in at the people living in there but not today, today he just ignored it and kept walking.

He stared up at the clouds trying to determine what they looked like. One cloud kind of looked like Bunnymund and another looked like Phil the yeti.

His gaze was so fixed upon the sky that he wasn't looking where he was going.

"Man I gotta fix this nightmare problem before-WOAH!"

Jack unknowingly stepped into a bear trapped and he zipped up hanging upside down by his ankle dropping his staff.

"Well this is just fantastic." He growled.


Jack's eyes were half closed. The rope around his ankle had frozen over so he was stuck like that for a while and his staff lay about two feet below him. There was only one way to get down, to cut the rope. That wasn't happening anytime soon.

"Hey wind any help?"

The wind swayed Jack back and forward.

"Okay okay I get it. I have to do this on my own."

If Jack wasn't so sluggish and tired he would have mumbled something under his breath. Instead he just yawned.

Jack weakly formed a snowball. It wasn't much of a ball, mostly just a clump of snow but he hasn't slept in two months a clump is all he's going to get.

He tiredly chucked the snow at the rope only to have it fall back down onto his face. The wind laughed as Jack muttered something North would disapprove of. When you don't sleep for a while, you get cranky. When you don't sleep for two months, well, that's a whole new ball field.

"Argh, this is so freakin stupid."

"Yes Jack, it is."

Jack's half closed eyes snapped open wide awake. He knew that voice. It was the voice that prevented him from sleeping. The weary look in Jack's eyes was replaced with surprise and fear.

"My my Jack, it seems you've gotten yourself in quite a predicament. " Pitch whispered into Jack's ear.

The winter spirit hung upside down powerless.

Jack tried punching Pitch but instead Pitch evaded it and Jack ended up just swayed.

"Oh what is this we have here?"

"Hey put that down!"

"If you want it then come get it oh wait, you can't."

Pitch was holding Jack's discarded staff as is owner glared daggers at him.

"I swear you better put down my staff."

"Why would I? This staff of yours is very important and powerful. Without it, you're just a little brat."

"Pitch I swear I'll-"

"You'll what? Hang from that tree some more like some blasted idiot? A real guardian wouldn't have been so careless."

Pitch snapped Jack's staff over his leg (again) and Jack yelped out in pain as if something inside him snapped as well.