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. . . .

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: But I Already Said Goodbye!

December 21st, 3104 A.D.

It's only been a week since we lost Red in the sacrifice for our future. I have felt like a part of my life, a part of my soul, a part of my conscience, has been missing. That part… is Red. Duh.

I need to stop thinking about him now…

Anyway, today our exploration of the Surrounded Sea was… a failure.

Even though I had a type advantage, Starhoof had a disadvantage. So, of course, when we ran into a monster house, the enemies went after my partner, and we were forced to retreat.

However, we found numerous items.

By luck, Starhoof and I discovered a Joy Ribbon, like the one Red used to wear…

Starhoof wrapped it around her neck. Then we moved on.

Also, we just happened to come upon a Trawl Orb. Using it, we found:

A Royal Gummi,

A No-Stick Cap,

A TM Blizzard,

A Gone Pebble,

And a Rebound Orb.

That concludes my entry in Team DSi Killer's Adventure Log.


. . . .

Moondancer shut the small book, looking at the smooth blue cover labeled "Team DSi Killer's Adventure Log". Putting her pen on the small tree-stump used as a table, she sighed and placed the journal next to it.

A Ponyta sat on a pile of dry straw, stretching. "Are you done writing Arceus-knows-what in our adventure log?" she asked, "because if you are, then we need to sleep, or else Loudred will blast our eardrums out tomorrow morning."

As if he doesn't already do that, the small Chikorita thought as she sat down on a pile of hay next to the Ponyta's. Looking at her partner's blue flames, she yawned. "Good night, R— …Starhoof."

"…Good night, Moondancer."

. . . .

Red stared at the darkness. It's… interesting. But I still don't know where I am…

"You're in darkness. That's where you are," a male voice stated bluntly, seeming to read Red's mind.

"Who's there?" Red asked nervously.

"Nobody important," the voice replied in a joking tone. "Just someone you know and need. However, you probably don't remember me."

Red was very, very puzzled now. Not to mention scared. "…What…?"

"Let's just say that you are having a Dimensional Scream right now, and it will be lasting for quite a while."

That made Red more nervous than ever. Jeez, I thought Moondancer was the chicken.