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Chapter One: Middle School

(The setting for this chapter is middle school days, he's in around 7th grade or so. Just youngish)

"Naruto get up!" Iruka shouted for the sixth time, I've been awake since the third time but I love messing with him so much. He's my…well would the term be God Father? He takes care of me because he's "grounded" as my other people from my family tell me. They aren't really my family, but…they are the closest thing I have and I'll gladly accept that. Living with Iruka has been the best experience, even though our house is small, could use a little work, and is not always paid for on time.

He really doesn't talk about his work much though, when I was younger I thought he might be a waiter because of the hours he works, but now I know what Iruka really does. But it's something he never wanted me to know, and I don't really find it to be something I can even think about with comfort around him.

"Last warning Naruto!" Iruka called from the kitchen, I could hear eggs cooking and the low sound of a TV going in the background, "UP! Come on Naruto!"

Finally he was really yelling, Iruka only yells if he cares. I might be selfish for making him that way on purpose sometimes, but who doesn't enjoy knowing they are cared for every once in awhile? Okay well, I might be a bit of an attention whore…..but at least I own up to it.

Anyway, I went through my typical morning of brushing my teeth, getting dressed, you know everything a person typically does when waking up for the morning. Except today was not just any typical morning, today is the day when Shikamaru is going to bring his new cards to school and we are all going to get to play as one massive group! They weren't cards like the kind you use to gamble, they were more like and off brand of Yu-Gi-Oh.

We've been dying to play with them since the beginning of time! Well…at least since the time we were born. "You are really going to be late one of these days; I'm not going to wake you up forever at some point you are going to have to start waking up by yourself." Iruka nagged as I entered the kitchen to get my backpack and grab some toast. Whatever, Iruka is never going to pass up the chance to parent me.

I noticed that Iruka was cooking for two, with two plates being served on the counter next to the stove, which doesn't make any sense considering I always have toast…on the other had maybe it's just one of those things I don't want to know about.

"Bye Iruka!" I yelled, rushing out the front door, beginning my average walk to school. Later he's going to nag at me about not hearing his goodbyes, but that's okay with me. My school is a private school, its supposed to be good for your education or something, all my friends got in from elementary so Iruka practically killed for me to get in. It was a lot of work for friends, but I only have two so it is kind of a big deal to me.

Speaking of friends, "Hey Shikamaru you didn't forget right?!" I exclaimed jumping up and down on the sidewalk with anticipation.

"Calm down, I brought them we can play later just don't kill me!" He responded, calmly walking in the direction of our school. Unlike me, Shikamaru got in without any trouble. His elementary grades were terrible out of laziness but his entrance examination must have showed something because they were on their hand and knees begging his parents to allow him to attend.

I spent my time looking through the deck, admiring all the glossy images printed on the card until we made it on school grounds, then Shikamaru made me give them back. I looked past the middle school and admired the High School, which was like twice the size of the middle school. That's because they allow more people in during High School than middle school, but people who attend through both middle school and high school get special treatment so it's worth it to be here the whole time even if sometimes it's a pain.

As we entered the building I was animatedly talking about the new card game, "What do you think we are going to-humph" I rubbed my nose that was now sore and looked up at the owner of the back I ran into.

"Hello Naruto." My principle, Kakashi Hatake, said with a pleasant face that smiled down at me. Don't be fooled, underneath that mask there was pure evil. "You really need to pay more attention to where you are going, don't you?"

"Y-yes." I answered, hating how high-pitched my voice sounded, he patted my shoulder and I tried not to cringe at the touch. Then he simply walked away and I was able to let out a sigh of relief. "Man, why is he always like that with me, it's just creepy."

"Maybe it's just in your head?" Shikamaru suggested with a shrug as we continued on our way to class. It was not in my head, I swear, but I let the topic drop because who wants to talk about some perverted old person anyway?

By the time lunch came I was so excited I couldn't stay in one place, "I wanna play!" I exclaimed at the sound of the bell that released us from the tormenting hell that was known as English grammar.

I was the first one to make it to the table, growing impatient by the time Choji, another friend of mine, joined me at the table and Shika was nowhere to be found! Finally, after ten minutes of waiting he appeared, "Where were you?!"

"Dude, it's been like 3 minutes since I lost saw you in class chill out." He commented, as he pulled out his cards and set them on the table. I immediately began putting everything in its place, I didn't even have to look up how because I was so excited I prepared beforehand.

"Okay, let's play now! Come on! Come on!" I pushed the two other boys, they both showed the same expression before picking up their cards and setting up their own personal defenses. Just when we were about to start the first round, without a single warning, someone bumped into our table knocking all the cards on the floor. "Oh look at that, I would say I'm sorry but I did it on purpose so…can't really be honest with you if I do now can I?"Oh great, it's Kiba. Kiba Inuzuka was a jerk, and I guess you could call him a bully but he mostly picked on Choji or Shikamaru and on me on rare occasions.

None of us said anything, not even Shika and he's usually pretty verbal if he's mad. Ignoring him seemed to work though, considering he just walked away after a brief pause. "Stupid jerk." Shika mumbled, reaching down to pick up his cards.

"At least you didn't lose any or anything." Choji comforted as he started to put decks back together for us. "He's just a jerk, don't pay any attention to him, and remember your advice to me?"

"Yeah-yeah, one of these days though I swear I'm going to get him back." Shikamaru commented before grumbling into the table about having to completely reorganize his strategy.

In the end Shikamaru beat me, but I beat Choji so I was satisfied with the overall game play.

"See ya after school." They both waved me off in harmony as they walked to the class they had together. I was going to be late to class, but nature was calling with a scream and I had no choice but to run to its aid.

I took care of my business, sighing relief and feeling content with the direction the day was heading. But just as I was walking out the bathroom a flash of a black came at me. A body crashed into me, slamming me into the wall and causing a sharp pain to spread throughout my skull.

That's how I met Sasuke Uchiha.

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