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"and then we continued blissfully into this small but perfect piece of our forever."

I sighed and let the book fall to my side on my bed. I rolled on my back and stared at the ceiling. I'd read Breaking Dawn six times since it came out in August. I heard my ringtone (the Paramore song Decode) and look at the caller ID. I answered instinctively.

"Yeah, Erica?" I said.

Being my best friend, Erica Dean immediately picked up on my sour mood. "Have you been reading Breaking Dawn recently?"

I smiled. "Yeah."

She groaned, which caused me to smile even wider. "I go away to Florida for the winter break and I come back to you all depressed. I knew I should have taken your Twilight Books with me when I went."

Ignoring her comments, I asked, "So when did you get back?"

"Last night. It was pretty late at night, so I didn't want to wake you up."

"Well, I wasn't sleeping," I responded, lazily putting my legs into the air.

I could practically see Erica pinching the bridge of her nose, "I can't trust you alone with Twilight, can I?"

I laughed. "Probably not."

She laughed, too. "Don't feel too depressed, Melody. The first book was just became a movie, there are still three more."

"I know. I just feel weird, knowing that Bella and Edward's story is finally done. It's DONE for good," I said, sinking deeper into my crazed up feelings.

"You need to go and socialize. Have you been anywhere during the break?" She asked.

"Yes," I said. Then, knowing she'd find out my lie quickly, I added, "I've been in a world with Edward."

"Oh, not this again! Melody, Twilight doesn't exist. Edward Cullen doesn't exist. And you are not Bella. So take your head out of the clouds and at least lower them to skyscraper level."

I was about to argue with that when I heard my mother's voice through my door. "Melody! Aunt Sarah and Uncle Charlie are here!"

I covered the speaker and shouted back, "Coming!" I turned back to my conversation and said, "Yeah, yeah, okay, Erica. I've gotta go. My aunt and uncle are here."

"Okay. But when I come over later, I willleave with all of your Twilight books."

"Over my dead body," I shot, getting up from my bed. "Bye."

I quickly took my long brown hair out of its ponytail, letting it fall into its natural waves against my shoulders. I ran a brush through the tangles before setting my brush back down on my dressing table.

I opened my door and dashed down the stairs. I missed the last step and braced myself for the impact of falling, but my Dad quickly grabbed my elbow.

"Jeez, Mel. Be careful, you're going to hurt the stairs," Dad teased.

I stuck my tongue out at him and he reached out to ruffle my hair, causing me to duck to avoid it. We were always arguing over the fact that I couldn't walk anywhere without finding something to trip over.

Just like Bella, I thought in my head. Another point to use when I argued with Erica over my dreams of being Mrs. Cullen.

I quickly dashed into the kitchen and into the arms of my favorite Aunt, Sarah Dawn.

I looked over her shoulder and saw her new husband, Charlie Dawn, with my older brother Jack in the living room, playing video games.

When my Aunt first introduced Uncle Charlie to us, I almost burst out laughing. I say almost with exaggeration. I almost stopped breathing. I mean, my Aunt married a man named Charlie Dawn (which sounds like Charlie Swan). I internally sighed. This was probably the closest I'd ever get to Twilight in real life.

I pulled away and we all walked into the living room. Aunt Sarah and Uncle Charlie asked about my older sister Amelia, or Amy, and her husband Matt Daniels. My mother assured them that they are happily living in Ireland.

I was only half paying attention, mainly because I was thinking about Edward Cullen. I'd always loved Edward Cullen. He was just the perfect gentlemen. Even if Erica was right (I was still praying that she was wrong) Edward Cullen didn't exist. He was just a perfect made up character. I felt bad for the boy that tried to win my affection. He was up against Edward.

I zoned back in when I heard my mom say something about moving.

"Who's moving?" I demanded.

Aunt Sarah smiled. "Charlie and I are. He finally graduated from the Police Academy, and he applied to a bunch of places, and one place accepted, so we're both moving there. Actually, we pretty much have everything moved into our new house."

I tried to be happy for her, but in truth, she was my favorite aunt. I would miss her way too much. "So, where are you moving?" I asked, hoping that I sounded uplifting.

When she turned her head around to face me, a bit of her brown hair brushed past my face. "Oh, we're moving to Washington."

My heartbeat quickened. Could it be?

"What part of Washington?" I asked, trying to sound nonchalant.

Uncle Charlie looked at me funny. I guess I didn't sound as nonchalant as I hoped I did. Then he said the magic, five letter word. "Forks."

I screamed so loud that I was pretty sure my sister in Ireland could hear me. "Oh my God! You totally have to let me visit all the time!"

Aunt Sarah looked at me funny too, but she just smiled. "Of course, Melody. We love having you around."

Then I got possibly the best idea of my life. Bella totally moved with her Dad (or in my case, uncle) Charlie during Christmas break, halfway through the year. I blurted out without thinking, "Could I move with you?"

The room was awkwardly silent for a minute. Then my mom slowly asked me, "Why would you wanna move to Forks?" She had a hint of questioning in her voice. Probably should, since she'd heard me and Erica talk about Twilight over the phone for at least three years. Forks must have been mention somewhere and she caught on.

I quickly thought of something. "Mom, you know how much I love Aunt Sarah and how close we are. I couldn't bear being so far from you," I said, turning to Aunt Sarah. "I mean, Salt Lake City is very far from Forks. And I want to get to know Uncle Charlie!" I said, turning to face him. His dark blue eyes brightened up in excitement, happy that his new niece was welcoming him right into the family.

I turned back to face Mom. "And I would totally come back for College, and," I said, running out of breath and arguments. "Please, Mom, please?"

She sighed deeply, and said, "If it's okay with your father and Aunt Sarah and Uncle Charlie, I have no problem with it."

"Neither do I." Jack said, deeply engrossed with his video game.

I turned to my Dad and gave him my special puppy eyes that I saved for specifically these moments. He sighed too and said, "Okay."

I grinned and turned to Aunt Sarah. She threw her arms around me and said, "Of course it's okay with me! It'll be just like raising a teenager."

I laughed. "You practically will be."

As soon as everybody left, I ran upstairs and quickly called up Erica.



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