Merry Christmas! This little quickie is something I stole from my other story lazy I know. Enjoy!

Quick Omake

"Can I help you sir?" The petite female employ asked with a great deal of trepidation. Snape was at a store that specialized in sex costumes. Currently he was furiously debating between two accidentally releasing a killer aura. Frowning Snape looked down briefly and replied quietly in a contemplative manner no I'm fine for now but I might need some help later. There were two choices a red nurse costume with a white cross and tights and a white costume with a red cross and tights. The red was more slutty nurse was as the white was more virginal innocent nurse. God Dam it why can't I decide! Snape mentally groaned with indecision. Finally completely frustrated he grabbed both and walked to the check out.

"I would like to see all of you monthly specials." He demanded imperiously .

"R..right away sir." The woman went off like a dart grabbing the monthly special naughty school girl.

Looking at it quickly Snape smiled before saying happily "I'll take it."