Rag Doll, Chapter 1

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Blade's POV

It was a beautiful, sunny day, and I couldn't help but admire it as I stood on the balcony of the highest floor on my parent's house. I was having lunch with them, as is our custom. I looked out over the edge and saw the little city spread out before me. My parents were at the top of the social ladder around here. Perhaps I should explain a little better, hmm?

I live in a Ralts evolution society. Only those of the Ralts evolution line were allowed to take residence in this city. My parents started it about thirty years ago, or so they told me. I had always loved this spot because it is very serene up here. I caught a glimpse of the lower end of the social ladders; the slums of our city.

I didn't like to think of it as the slums. Those pokemon were as much living, breathing creatures as I was, they just didn't have the means to support themselves the way my parents did. My parents, however, took a completely different view of the slums. They told me when I was young that the residents of the slums were as dirty as their streets. I had visited there only once, officially. But I often snuck down by myself to get a better idea of how everyone lived, since I was so curious at the time.

I saw that the streets were indeed dirty, but the people were not nearly as bad. And what they lacked in money they made up for with friendship, kindness, and understanding. I saw close relationships between store owners and their friend's children. All in all, my heart was warmed by the sights I had seen in the slums.

When I returned home from my first excursion, I excitedly told my parents what I had discovered; needless to say, they were pissed with me. They spent the next fifteen minutes yelling about how the slum society was far beneath me, that I was never to travel there again, and to finally go take a bath to scrub the filth off of me. While I was bathing, I vowed that I would help the people of the slums so they could all live a better life, so my parents wouldn't think so badly of them.

I soon came to realize that was going to be harder than I thought, but my determination didn't waver. When I snuck out of the capacious mansion my parents called home (without their knowledge, of course) I would take exorbitant amounts of money with me which I would try to disperse evenly among the people of the slums. They eventually figured out who I was, and they were initially surprised, but they granted my request of keeping my secret safe. Eventually, they came to love me as they did themselves; I had been accepted among them, and this touched me more deeply than had any of their thanks when they received some money or something they could sell or barter. I often wondered how long I could keep this charade up, keeping the information away from my parents. But they were surprisingly dim for psychic types. They never really suspected a thing; they ignored the most basic of their abilities. When they asked me where I was going day after day, I simply told them I was exploring the town so that I would have a good idea of what I would be ruling when the time came, as well as searching for a potential mate. I was absolutely disgusted by this answer, and I did my best to hide it, but it didn't seem to matter. When I told them this, they beamed at me, and then my father said

"Atta boy, Blade! Thinking ahead, just like his father!"

I simply nodded my head and kept smiling, though it was difficult to keep that smile plastered on my face. And I mean, really difficult. What I actually wanted to do was slap the both of them to their senses, but I couldn't do that. I also took precautionary steps afterward, such as taking a bath every time I got home, claiming to be sweaty because I was also training to be a Gallade, which I wanted to evolve to. This was actually true, because I did want to be a strong Gallade, and to lead with equanimity instead of status alone. I wanted my people to remember me as the best ruler that our society had or ever will.

When the time arrived and I became… well, interested in girls, I looked everywhere, but especially the slums. I didn't care what my parents thought, the girls from the middle classes were all only looking for more power and wealth. I, on the other hand, was looking for love. Maybe it was a bit strange to be thinking like that at my age, but my time among the citizens of the slums had taught me that true love can overcome any obstacle. I saw the happiness that was shared by the Gallade and Gardevoir, and even occasionally the older male and female Kirlia.

I knew that, if nothing else, the higher classes could learn a thing or two from these "lesser people". What Taurosshit that was. In my opinion, these people were better than all those who claimed to be above them, and I didn't hesitate to tell them that. They were glad for the compliment; it meant a lot to them. And so did I. At least if my parents exiled me for associating with the slummers, I would have them to come to. They promised me that, so I was happy. I didn't plan on getting caught, though, because I still wanted to help them as much as I could.

Back in the present, I was still looking over the balcony when I felt my father's presence behind me. A look of disgust flitted across my face, but I quickly disguised it with a big, fake smile.

"Hello, Blade. Up here again, eh?" he asked me. I turned to him, still with my fake smile, and said

"Well, it's a beautiful view up here. I love looking out over the city and seeing everything that's within it."

"Excluding the slums, of course" my father said, joining me.

It was really hard at that point not to punch my father in the side of his smug face, but I managed to hang on without giving myself away.

"So, have you found a mate yet?" he asked me, not looking at me. I rolled my eyes; we had been on this subject many, many times, and my answer still hadn't changed, but I think it was about to.

"Not yet, dad" I said in exasperation. Then he looked at me and told me

"Why? Why are you waiting?" This time I was going to say it, I was really going to do it and finally get it off my chest.

"I'm waiting for true love." My father stared at me for a second, then burst out laughing. Ooh, he was really asking for it. When he got his breath back, he stated

"My boy, there will be plenty of time to love your mate once you've got her. But I want to see some grandchildren before I die. You wouldn't want to deny your dear mother and I of that privilege, now would you?"

"If it means keeping other children from your poisonous words, then yes" I thought. But I verbally said

"Of course not, but-"

"Well, then, you better get busy. I know of some girls who would be delighted to have you as their mate. After all, you have proven yourself at the contests, even when you were a Kirlia!"

The contests were a series of competitions that pitted us against each other to see who was the strongest. Never to the death, but only by way of knockout or tap-out. Everyone was welcome, even the slummers, but they never won. But that really didn't matter to them.

"So, get busy. After all, you're not getting any younger and you only live once. Now come inside, lunch is ready." And he left me there with my thoughts.

The smile wiped off my face in an instant, and I punched the marble of the balcony, regardless of the harm to my hand. I knew Recover, so I healed myself and observed my mark. I was definitely getting stronger; I was beginning to make a dent in the marble. Then, sighing, I turned away from the beautiful scene before me and headed down to lunch.

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