A/N: This last chapter is going to focus more on family than anything romantic and what not, since that's what Christmas is really about: family. Now, thank you all so much for all of the support and the feedback! I love hearing from you guys and I'm glad that I could make you laugh and smile. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Happy Kwanza, and Happy New Years! May your holidays shine as brightly as Rudolph's nose!


It had been a very long day for all of them.

North had returned to his work shop where all of the Guardians were staying at for the Christmas holiday after a long night of delivering presents. Not that that had affected him much. After a mere three hours of sleep, full of loud snoring and slurred Russian cursing, North woke up and forced the other four Guardians out of bed so that they could have their own Christmas celebration. How he could be so jolly, Jack would never know, but he honestly didn't mind it because North's enthusiasm was infectious.

After a large breakfast, and after North had had his fifth cup of eggnog, complete with alcohol, they had adjourned to his office to have their own Christmas celebration. The tree had a lot of presents underneath it, which Jack had originally thought were just for decoration, and soon North was ordering the tiny elves to pass out the presents. Jack wasn't sure what to expect; after all, he had spent centuries along with no one who wanted to be around him, no one who cared. Now, all of that had changed, so Jack wasn't exactly sure what to make of it when a very disgruntled looking elf tossed a wrapped package into his lap.


The elf gave him a glare before he stalked off back to the tree. Jack looked down at the present, not entirely sure what to do with it. Okay, that was a lie. He knew exactly what to do with it, but there had to be a mistake. There just had to be. There was no way that Jack Frost, mischief maker and trouble seeker extraordinaire, had a present, a real present, with his name on it underneath that Christmas tree. And there was no way that the other Guardians really, truly saw him as part of their family. Oh sure, he was a Guardian, but he was Jack Frost, the winter sprite who had caused chaos for the others for three hundred years prior.

"What's wrong, mate?" Bunny had asked him. Jack's wide blue eyes looked up and locked with green ones.

"I…uh…" Jack wasn't sure where to begin. How was he supposed to explain to the others exactly what he thought, how he felt?

"Oh, Jack…" Tooth said softly. "This is…this is your first Christmas, your first real Christmas, isn't it?" Her eyes shone with unshed tears and Jack felt stupid and guilty.

"Y-yeah… I guess it is…" He could feel Bunny's penetrating gaze on him, but Jack didn't look at him. Instead, he kept his eyes locked on the still unopened gift in his lap. And then, he felt something hit his legs. Looking down, it was the same disgruntled elf and he had thrown Jack's second present at his legs. It almost made him smile.

"You have been alone for long time. But now, you are not alone," North told him, a warm, fatherly smile on his face. "Now, you have family. Now, you are cared for, Jack Frost."

Tears stung his eyes, but they didn't fall. Hold them back, Jack unwrapped his first Christmas present and let the paper fall onto the floor. The box that was underneath was a plain, ordinary white box, but when he opened it, it revealed a snow globe, one that would take him to any of the Guardians' homes in a heartbeat. Now, Jack knew that North had one and that none of the other Guardians did. Tooth and Sandy both flew to North's work shop, which was sort of like their head quarters, as lame as that sounded, and Bunny traveled via his rabbit holes, so no one else had a snow globe. But now, that had changed. Now, Jack had a snow globe, which meant that he'd be able to go to any of the other Guardians' homes in mere seconds, much faster than his wind could carry him. He looked up at his fellow Guardians and saw that they were all smiling at him, accepting him for everything he was, good and bad. It made his heart swell with a happiness that he had never known before.

"You guys…" He trailed off, not sure where to go with it.

"No need to say anymore, Jack," North told him.

"Yeah. You're a Guardian now. You're family," Tooth said with a warm smile. Sandy nodded in agreement and gave Jack a big, warm smile that made his eyes squint almost shut.

"Well all agreed t' get ya that, Frostbite," Bunny told him. "You're welcome to any of our homes at any time. But if you cause a blizzard on Easter ever again, I will smack ya with my boomerang." Jack couldn't help but laugh at that.

"Thanks, guys," he said and he meant it.

After that, unwrapping presents became easier for Jack. He got a new hoodie, courtesy of Tooth, but he preferred his blue one, although he had reassured her that he'd wear it on special occasions. Sandy gave him a very warm, very nice sleeping cap that was blue with intricate little snowflakes on them along with a small multi-colored sandy sculpture of a snow leopard. North gave Jack something else as well: his own set of Nesting Dolls for his center doll. They all depicted Jack's various layers, which were surprisingly accurate and reveled just how much North saw with those big eyes of his.

And last but not least were Bunny's gifts. There was a pair of socks and shoes among them because apparently seeing Jack walk around bare foot and causing frost and ice to spread all over the place made the Pooka cold, something Jack found amusing and cute. He also received, much to his surprise, the most beautiful Easter egg he had ever seen. It was a lovely frost blue with dark blue, purple, and green colored snowflakes on them, each a different pattern and shape and size.

"It's not a real Easter egg. It won't perish or anythin', but I made it especially for you," Bunny told him, his ears folded back and his eyes avoiding Jack's. With a soft smile, Jack stood up on his tippy toes and pressed a soft kiss to Bunny's warm, furry cheek.

"Thanks, Bunny. It's amazing. Really, it is." That made Bunny's eyes light up and relaxed his body.

When everyone had opened their presents and the elves had cleaned everything up, North ushered them to the dining room for Christmas dinner. The yetis had prepared everything, mostly because the elves couldn't cook to save their lives and they'd be tempted to eat it all, and it looked absolutely delicious. There was a ham and a turkey, stuffing, mashed and sweet potatoes, crumpets, rolls, gravy, broccoli, green beans, and fruit salad. For dessert, there were various cookies and pies and cakes along with ice cream. Jack ate until he was about to burst, and there had been a few moments when he thought he might have.

Dinner ended when one of the elves, tipsy from way too much eggnog, decided to cannonball in a blueberry pie and they left the dining room and made their ways to the living room. North turned on the TV and switched it to the channel playing all of those old Christmas specials that everyone loved. Jack was sitting on the couch beside Bunny, his feet curled underneath him, while North sat in his arm chair. Tooth sat beside Sandy on the love seat. She was the first one who was out like a light. Sandy soon joined her. After a few hours of watching Christmas specials, North picked up Tooth and Sandy, lifting them easily into his great arms, and carried them away to their rooms.

Jack, too tired and stuffed to move, snuggled against Bunny, who was about half asleep himself. As he watched Rudolph and Frosty's Christmas in July, he thought about how much he had loved how today went and how much the other Guardians had accepted him into their cozy little family. As different as this was for him, it was a weird feeling or an unwelcome one. Quite the opposite actually: Jack felt very warm and very happy that he now had a family to celebrate Christmas with.

Bunny released a soft snore and an arm wrapped itself around Jack's smaller body, pulling him close. Jack smiled and yawned before closing his eyes. Now this was what Christmas was really about. Spending time with the people you loved and who loved you back. Being able to eat merrily, watch family specials, and fall asleep without a care in the world. His last thought before falling asleep was that he could definitely get used to this.