Dean was desperate. He was waiting for a demon to show up at the crossroad to make a deal for his brother's life, he wouldn't be able to go on knowing he had distracted Sam from noticing the guy behind him. He had standing there for a couple minutes, looking around for the demon to show and he wasn't willing to give up yet, he would just try at another crossroad if this one didn't work. He was startled when a voice spoke up from behind him.

"You're lucky I got here first, Dean Winchester, there's a lot of things out for your head."

Dean whipped around so fast it was a surprise he didn't get whiplash.

"Calm down Deannie, I'm not passing up a deal like this."

"You don't even know what I'm asking for yet."

The demon walked closer to Dean and hummed to himself while he circled him predatorily, stopping in front of him after a full circle.

"I know exactly what you're asking, the only thing a Winchester would ever make a deal for. Family." The man gave Dean an obvious once over and grinned at him. "I don't I would be able to refuse if I wanted to with a body like yours."

Dean was watching the man in obvious discomfort when he noticed the amused glint in the demon's eyes.

"Are we making a deal or not? I would gladly send your ass back to hell otherwise."

"But then you wouldn't get to see it. You should be more careful before you go jumping into deals with strangers, you don't even know my terms yet."

"I know the terms, you bring Sam back and I get ten years before you release the hounds to get me."

"Not quite, there are certain restrictions. Money, power, women, death, those all cost ten years. Life is special, takes more power, part of the reason your father only got an hour."

"I don't care, I just want my brother back. I'll do whatever it takes to make that happen."

The demon sighed at Dean's obvious impatience and made a show of thinking for a few seconds.

"I can't say I'm surprised at your reaction but I am running out of time so I'll give youths short version now, we can discuss the little details later. I bring Sam back and I come for you in one year, if you try to break the deal then the time you have left will be shortened. Deal?"

The demon had slowly been moving closer to Dean as he spoke until there were only inches between them and Dean noticed he was taller than the demon by several inches. He used his height to stand over the demon and closed the distance before crashing their lips together. He savored the softness of the others lips for a second before quickly pulling back and making distance between them.

"I was hoping that would last a little longer but oh well, can't expect you to just warm up to me right away."

"So Sam is alive? That's it?"

"Yes but there could be more if you want. As much as I would love that however I have to leave and you need to go see your brother, he'll be very confused. There's a book in your passenger seat that will tell you how to summon me if you have any questions, see you around Dean."

The demon disappeared and Dean dashed to the impala and floored it back to Bobby's, barely sparing a glance at the book that sat next to him.