Tori and Trina were just outside, bringing the groceries in for their mom. As they were outside, they realize that the door was open. A song is going to be sung by almost everyone except Tori, Trina and Mrs. Vega

Tori and Trina was carrying some groceries because their mom was still not like herself. Even the party did work for her cheer up, she still felt her other emotion kick in and take over.

Trina spoke first, "Man, why did I wear these Fazzini shoes while I bring in the shopping and-" Trina stopped then continued. "why am I carrying these? Tori, hold these." Before Tori could speak, Trina all ready put her shopping on Tori's load of the shopping.

Trina just realised that someone had entered their home. They didn't notice everyone else's vehicles until Trina spoke. "Mom, someone's inside our house."

Tori mumbled, "Who could it be?" but no one could hear what she said because Trina placed the unopened fabric softener in her mouth.

"Mom, I'll go in and attack them."

Inside the house

When everyone heard that Trina will attack them, she will. But before anyone could run, Mrs Knight shouted out that it was them causing Trina to pause her moves.

"Mrs Knight? Oh I thought you guys were robbers because Trina saw the door was open." Mrs Vega said as she opened the door.

"I'm sorry guys." Trina apologised.

"Can someone help me? I think I'm gonna fall backwards!" Tori asked immediately. So Carlos and Andre helped Tori with the groceries.

"Since the Vega's are home, I think our song can be sung now." Kendall said as everyone looked at each other. Tori, Trina and Mrs. Vega looked at each other with confusion.

"Here I-" Cat started to sing but was cut off by Tori

"No singing. Please, we don't want to be cheered up by singing."

"Then can you at least sing the first two lines then we'll sing the whole song." Cat asked Tori as everyone cheers Tori to sing.

"Okay, fine. Just so you all don't go against me."

Tori gets ready to sing. "Here I am, Once Again..." Tori cried throughout the whole song, making her hurt getting stronger.

"We'll sing the rest okay?" Kendall asks Tori. She agrees and sits next to her mum.

So everyone else starts singing except Tori, Trina and Holly.

"Feeling lost but now and then

I breathe it in to let it go

And you don't know where you are now

But what would it come to if only somebody could hear

When you figure out how you're lost in the moment you disappear..."

As they continued to sing, Tori's sadness was increasing even more. The gang just realised that every time someone sings, her sadness increases.

"No wonder you didn't want us to sing when you were around. Sorry Tori." Carlos says as he walks up to Tori and cuddled her until more tears escaped from her eyes.

"We'll have to try something else. What do you usually do to cheer yourself up?" Logan asks

"Well, usually, I grab something to eat at either Nozu or Karaoke Dokie but I think Karaoke Dokie would be open."

"Result! We'll go to Karaoke Dokie to eat. What do they have over there?" Katie questions Tori

"Burgers, Nachos, Buffalo Nuggets and they have karaoke. I think karaoke is what I need." Tori admits honestly

"Then, let's go to Karaoke Dokie then come back to sleep and be prepared for the funeral tomorrow, got it?" Kendall says as everyone agrees.

"You guys can go, I'm going to have an early nighter. Night." Holly says sleepily.

Sorry that this chapter took at least 3 days to be developed.