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December, the 25th

"Grandma, that was a fib, admit it," the little girl said defiantly.

The old lady smiled lovingly at her granddaughter. The child had inherited the red hair from her obviously, while her tender forehead ridges betrayed the fact that there were Klingons in her ancestral line; her temperament was probably attributed to both sides.

"I am a Starfleet Admiral," the old lady sternly said. "And an Admiral of Starfleet does not fib, Alex."

The girl seemed to think about it seriously.

"But there are no ghosts!"

"Really? If you say so ..."

"Everybody says that!"

"Then it has to be true," the old lady said seriously. "In any case, the most important events in my life happened on Christmas. On this special Christmas your Grandpa and I got together."

"And ever since you always wear your rose comb in your hair at Christmas," Alex added.

"Exactly," her grandmother agreed. "A year later already we celebrated Christmas in the Alpha Quadrant, and your Grandpa and I got engaged to be married and a year later again, your mom was born on Christmas. And that was perhaps the greatest miracle of all."

"Rather, I believe the greatest miracle of all would be if we survive tonight," laughed the young woman in the uniform of a Lieutenant Commander, who had just entered the living room, two winter jackets in her hand. "Come on Alex, Grandpa Tom and Grandma B'Elanna have been waiting for over 20 minutes on the skating rink and you know how little Grandma B'Elanna likes the cold."

"Oh, it's so late?" The old lady glanced at the clock. "You should have said something."

"And stop you in your story? Never, I have enjoyed listening to it too much myself. See you this evening, Ma!"

"See you, you two!"

The old lady watched smilingly, as her daughter and granddaughter made a hasty disappearance. Suddenly she was embraced from behind.

"I love listening to this story too," it murmured into her ear. "Even though you told me not to ask Jean-Luc if he remembers anything."

The old lady turned her face upward.

"And why do you like the story?" she asked teasingly.

"Because it ends just like any good story should end. With a happy ending, a kiss, several weddings and they all lived happily ever after."

"A kiss? There was no kiss in this story," the old lady smiled.

"Really? Then we should make up for it immediately!"

After some time, the old couple slowly broke their kiss. Hand in hand they went next door to the living room and began to decorate the tree; with red and gold balls, straw stars and real candles - as it had always been tradition with the Janeways.

The End



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