Everything was back to normal, Thor was taking Loki back to Asgard and the Avengers were going back to their lives. Steve was going back to boxing and waiting for the next thing he was needed for, Clint and Natasha were going back on duty with SHEILD, and Bruce was staying with Tony and working for Stark Industries. They were all there to make sure Thor and Loki left for Asgard safely and everything was normal. Until the Tesseract started to glow before it was activated. The Avengers had just enough time to yell for the agents to get back before the light spread and engulfed them, knocking them unconscious.


Harry and Luna were wandering around Luna's yard, Harry didn't know what they were doing there but Luna seemed to so he just went along with her. They were in a nearby field when a strange blue light shone in the distance and Harry looked to Luna. "Do we go over there Luna?"

"Yes, travelers are here." Harry didn't bother to ask what she meant, he had learned very quickly not to question here strange ways and that she was much more aware and observant than others gave her credit for. "Go on ahead and greet them Harry, I have to go tell Daddy that we'll be having guests for awhile. Mind the Nargles."

"I always do, Luna." Harry watched her head back to the house for a second before heading in the direction of the light. "Better go see what happened."

Harry reached the spot where the light had been to see a group of people unconscious on the ground. With a muffled curse he went over to the nearest person, a man with a slightly haggard appearance and tanned skin and cast a wandless Invigorate on him and backed up a couple of feet. The man woke with a small groan and scanned his surroundings quickly before spotting Harry who had crouched down a few feet from him. He struggled to remember what had happened when it came back to him in a rush and jumped to his feet, he was startled when Harry spoke up.

"My name's Harry, what's yours?"

"Bruce. Do you know how we got here?"

Bruce was struggling to keep his heart rate down at this turn of events and he could feel the other guy getting restless in the back of his mind. He was broken out of his thoughts when Harry got up and started walking towards him. "No, but Luna might, she knows a lot of things that most people don't. Let me wake up the rest of your friends and then we can head to Luna's and ask her what she knows." Harry wandered through and touched each of the people's shoulders and gave a quick shake and an Invigorate to each of them and they woke up much the same way that Bruce did, drowsy before hit by a sudden realization. Steve decided to take control of the situation as soon as Thor had a hand on Loki who was still muzzled and bound. Bruce quickly told him what he knew before Steve turned to Harry. "My name is Steve Rogers, thank you for waking us up. Who are you exactly?"

"Just Harry, Luna told me to come greet you so I did. She lives nearby and we should probably head over there before it gets to dark, I have to leave soon." There was a quick round of introductions and Harry lead them to Luna's, it was almost like a tower the way it was designed, and lead them inside. "Luna, Mr. Lovegood, I'm back."

The group was looking around the house strangely, it was like they had stepped back in time with the lack of technology, until Luna stepped into view. "Welcome back Harry, Daddy's downstairs getting things ready for our guests, it's very nice to meet all of you."

Her voice sounded almost far away that the Avengers found a little unnerving when she spoke and Harry ducked into a hallway to the kitchen while Luna led the group to the living area to sit down. Harry came back as they were all getting comfortable with tea and sweets. Steve waited until Harry had sat down to start talking. "I'm sorry to be so direct but do you know how we got here?"

Luna was looking off into the distance when she answered and she seemed almost to Harry although anyone else wouldn't have realized it. "I don't know everything but I know you're all broken, you were sent here to be fixed."

The group didn't really understand what she meant but Harry spoke up before Steve had the chance to ask. "Are any of them similar?"

"A few of them are close but not quite the same shade."

Harry hmmed thoughtfully and sipped his tea, motioning for everyone else to try it before grabbing on of the sweets and the table. Luna looked out the window before turning towards Harry. "It's almost dark, are you staying the night or going back to the Dursley's?"

"I'm going back to the Dursley's, I'm mostly recovered so I should be fine. I'll come back next chance I get, see you sis."

Harry left the room and Luna watched the window until she saw Harry outside it and waved as he went further out to the fields and out of sight. Luna went back to her guests and saw them still trying to figure out she meant. "You shouldn't think too hard about it, you'll attract Nargles and they're hard to get rid of once you have them. I don't have any other answers for you but I'll let you know if I do, Daddy should be done soon so I'll take you downstairs and show you where you can stay."

"Where are we exactly?"

"Earth but a different one than you know, that blue light brought you here."

Luna started leading them out and downstairs while Steve tried to find and figure out what he could. "What did Harry mean by similar?"

"He was asking me what colors I can see on you, I have special eyes. Each one of you have different colors for your personalities and he was asking if any of the colors told me if you had been through something like he had."

"What has he been through?"

"That's not my story to tell, I'm sorry Mr. Rogers."

"How old are the two of you anyway?"

"I'm fifteen and Harry will be sixteen in a few weeks. Here we are." Luna stopped in front of a door and lead them inside, motioning at the beds around the room. "You can stay here for now, we'll figure out what to do later. If you need anything let me know."

They heard an older voice upstairs as they started settling in. "Luna, I'm leaving for my trip now, take care of things while I'm gone."

"See you soon Daddy, let me know if you find the kelpies you're looking for."

They heard a door close upstairs and Luna bid them goodnight and left them get settled in and discuss what they had learned. After much snarking from Tony and theories thrown around they decided that someone would stay up and watch Loki at all times before settling in. They all went to sleep except for Bruce who had volunteered for first watch, he was still thinking about what had happened when he realized that Luna had never heard their names.


The group woke the next morning to a soft knock on the door. Steve, the morning person, went to the door and opened it to see Harry standing on the other side. "There's breakfast upstairs when you're ready, you can come up whenever."

Harry quickly headed up the stairs before Steve had the chance to respond and the ones who had woken up with the knock got up and Steve and Thor went upstairs, bringing Loki with them while the others woke up. They were surprised to see Harry and Luna in the kitchen, Harry looking different from how he had downstairs with bloodshot eyes and Luna checking his back and rubbing a salve over what looked like welts and bruises of varied stages of healing. Harry noticed them first and tensed slightly before Luna poked him in the ribs, earning a hiss of discomfort. "No glamours Harry, leave them down."

Harry just sighed, resigned and nodded to the trio before focusing back on Luna. "I'll be fine Luna, it was just the usual. If it was anything really bad then I would have had Seres take care of it."

"Don't bother lying Harry, you fixed what you could and she took care of the rest to make it seem like the usual. I'm not letting you stay there, I told you I'd keep you here if something like that happened again and I know Seres will help along with the rest of them."

"You know I can't stay, Dumbles wouldn't let me, for the greater good." There was clear disdain at the mention of the greater good that was almost visible in the room and he had to take a deep breath to calm himself. "The only thing that matters right now is getting rid of Riddle and making sure the ministry doesn't do something stupid afterwards."

The trio were trying to casually listen to the conversation and get breakfast without being noticed when Loki stumbled from his bonds. Harry waved a hand in his direction and they unlocked themselves and floated over to the counter, leaving Thor and Steve gaping and Loki watching Harry curiously. Harry turned to look at Loki and winced, rubbing his eyes. "You should have covered your eyes, Harry. You still aren't used to it yet."

"It would have helped if you told me he was magical."

"You never asked."

Loki was truly curious now, he stepped away from his watchers and towards the duo. "Why did you remove my bindings? They could be placed on me for a reason."

Harry put his shirt on and stood. "Luna, you can tell them anything they wanna know, I'm heading to the meadow. Centaurs today." He left quickly, avoiding the questioning looks he got from the three travelers.

"Harry doesn't like seeing chains or cuffs and the like, bad experiences."

"What kind of experience could a sixteen experience that required chains?"

"He said I could tell you but I don't want to, he doesn't like pity."

Loki looked away thoughtfully but refrained from asking anymore questions. Thor was watching Loki more closely now and Steve knew to be wary of something catching the trickster's interest while Loki looked back at Luna. "What if he was not pitied? Would he speak?"

"If you can convince him then he'll tell you, I'm the only one that knows everything but it won't be enough forever, he has a habit of ignoring his own needs. It brings a lot of Nargles to him." Luna had been looking at each of them in turn as she spoke, surprisingly serious compared to her usual airy voice,going back to normal when she finished speaking and stared off into the distance. The two heroes and villain were silent for the rest of the meal, waiting for the rest of them to come up, while Luna hummed and started wandering through the house and went outside to come back in a few moments later several times, effectively taking their thoughts away from the boy that had left earlier. The rest of them slowly trickled up, Natasha and Clint coming up together and Bruce a short while later, Tony coming up last to the somehow still warm food. There was a silence among them, not quite comfortable but not awkward either as they tried to get answers out of Luna thought would help them figure out what had happened with no luck and by the time they realized it was almost lunch when a high pitched neigh was heard nearby. "Harry's back."

Luna wandered outside, the group silently agreeing to follow her and find out what that noise was. They didn't have to wait long when a strange skeletal horse with wings flew around the house with Harry on it's back and landed in front of Luna gracefully. Harry got off the creature and petted it's nose gently before stepping back and watching it take off in a run and fly away out of sight. "Stop gaping, she would've stayed if you weren't staring so hard."

"You look better Harry, what did you do today?"

Harry started heading to the house and to the kitchen, the group following behind in silence, stunned at what they had just seen. Well, everyone but Thor and Loki were stunned, they just chose to think on what they had seen instead. "I got to see Fawkes and he fixed me up soon after I met up with the herd, after that they decided it was stuff potions down Harry's throat day. I won't be able to taste anything for a week, it's gonna take forever to take the taste of monkshood and ashwinder ash out of my mouth. I won't be able to sleep for a week either, those concoctions were meant for human consumption, something about excess energy having nowhere to go."

"You'll be fine Harry, it'll wear off sooner than you think. Did they tell what these ones would do this time?"

"Yeah, stuff that'll quote 'make my inheritance easier', which I still don't what that is supposed to mean. It was another one of those 'Mars is bright tonight' days, I still can't understand everything they say, the only one that makes sense half the time is Firenze but Bane is finally starting to warm up to me so that's good. I was supposed to train today though."

"Where they there before Fawkes took care of you?"

"Yeah, that's what prompted most of those potions probably."

Harry had started moving through the kitchen, moving around in a flurry and starting on lunch while the others watched, trying to make sense of what they heard and seen. Tony broke the silence that had fallen over the room, Harry not even pausing in his movements. "So Betty Crocker, what are ya makin' with all this moving around?"

"A little bit of everything that I can, I don't know what foods any of you are used to though several of you are obviously American, so I'm making whatever I can."

"You're sixteen and you move around like a seasoned chef, how long you been cooking?"

Harry gave a self-deprecating smile and glanced at Tony over his shoulders while he started waving his hands to make some things stir themselves or float over to him. "I've been cooking since I was four and tall enough to reach the stove on a step, it's a hobby of mine, I learned all sorts of different recipes for when my uncle has dinner guests."

"How are you doing all those floaty tricks and stuff, that normal?"

Harry hmmed and seemed to be thinking of what to say for a moment. "Yes and no, these are normal charms that people use here but the fact that I'm not using a wand and at such a young age isn't. You should ask a more specific question."

"Who or what exactly are you?"

"That depends, do you want official titles, media comments, again, be more specific."

Tony grit his teeth in aggravation, he had had it with this whole situation, transported to some strange place with no idea how or why, defenseless, and having to rely on complete strangers with strange abilities that he knew nothing about. It must have been obvious he was about to snap because Steve, ever the peacemaker, stepped in before he had the chance. "Why don't you start with your full name and what you consider yourself and then you can tell us any titles or nicknames and the like that you have, is that alright?"

"That's fine. My full name is Harry James Potter, wizard and student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. My official titles given to me by Gringott's is the Lord of the houses of potter and Black, which I technically don't know about yet so don't mention them, ever. The Ministry of Magic and the Daily Prophet call me any number of things that I don't really care about so I'll just skip those along with all the stupid history book nicknames. I'm just Harry. Anything else?"

Steve replied in the negative, thinking he had asked too much, and Harry smiled at him to get rid of his kicked puppy expression and put various plates of food on the table that seemed to have gotten much bigger without anyone noticing and they spent lunch making small talk and Harry getting Steve to get over his guilt at asking an obviously touchy question without knowing it.