Lunch passed with some small talk going around until everyone had finished, the helpful ones of the group offering to help cleanup until Harry snapped his fingers and the dishes took care of themselves. The group was mostly over their shock at recent events now and more concerned with learning about Harry and the world they were currently in, they had given up on getting anything out of Luna quickly, they couldn't make heads or tails of half the things she said, and decided to learn what they could from Harry instead. It was by silent agreement that they would wait until they figured out how trustworthy the pair was until Widow would get any answers from them. The conversations continued until Harry got up from the table. "Luna, I have to head into Diagon and Knockturn, pick one while I get ready."

"What for?"

"Well our guests don't have any information here, I'll go into Muggle london for that kind of information later but I have to take care of a few things today as well." Harry walked out of the room and all the occupants had gone silent when Harry stood, gauging the situation, Luna turned and stared at them until Harry called for her. "Luna, I need the scissors."

Luna left the room, leaving the Avengers and Loki wondering after her. Luna walked back in a few minutes later as they started to talk and rummaged through one of the drawers before going back out. Luna walked back out a second later with another girl with long black hair and bright yellow eyes trailing behind and smiled at them. The room's occupants were trying to figure out who the girl was when Tony decided to be his usual snarky self. "So you start that young nowadays?"

The girl smiled and watched the gears move in their heads before answering. "Just this summer actually, it's bloody useful."

"Why, I mean, that's pretty damn convincing and it would have taken longer to figure out, but why cross dress?"

"You saw through it the second I walked in, don't flatter me. People see what they expect to see and I have people watching me under the pretense of protecting me, they're watching a boy with green eyes and messy hair. This isn't the only way to disguise myself but it is the most effective."

Luna spoke up before anyone could start asking questions. "Harry, take Mr. Barton with you."

Clint looked at her sharply but she was turned away from him, facing Harry. "Sure Luna? Why not someone else?"

"He won't draw attention the way Mr. Stark or the Aesir would, Ms. Romanov is too noticeable, Mr. Rogers can't go inside Knockturn," Harry gave a light snort at the name but covered it quickly and Luna kept going like nothing had happened but Steve was looking at him weirdly, "and Mr. Banner is too unnoticeable. Mr. Barton is the best choice for today."

"Wait, what did you just pick me for?"

"You were just picked to go into town with me, if you're staying here then you at least have to exist first and I didn't find you anywhere, not even an internet search last night brought up anything. I have to get at least the basics for you today and I can do any extra stuff later, some of which aren't entirely legal and would get me in a lot of trouble if people saw Harry Potter running around the dark district of the wizarding world."

"Why is that so important?"

"Don't ask."

Harry went over to Clint and dragged him up and towards the door with surprising strength, the others too shocked or amused to do anything and disappeared out the door. Natasha got up and charged out the door after them to find an empty yard before rushing back in to Luna. "Where did they go?"

"To Diagon, in London. They'll be back later."

"How did he do that? They just disappeared!"

"Magic, he is a wizard."

Luna left a gaping Natasha behind and started wandering through the house.


Clint thought he was going to be sick, Harry had grabbed him and dragged him out the door before he felt a strange tugging sensation behind his navel. He blinked and found himself in an alley with people by outside it with Harry supporting him and apologizing. "Sorry, first time apparition is horrible, I puked the first time I did it on my own and I only went a few feet. The feeling will pass in a few seconds, just take deep breaths."

Harry kept up a soothing motion on his back and Clint slowly regained his bearings, leaning away from Harry when he could. "The hell was that? Where the fuck are we?"

Harry stepped back when Clint could stand on his own again and raised his hands in surrender. "Sorry, I didn't want your friends grabbing us while I got us here, it would have ended badly since I don't have enough experience to apparate more than two people silently yet. We're in London, a side alley close to the entrance to the wizarding section of town."

"Where were we before?"

"Not in London, I don't think there is a name for where Luna lives because it's so far from any towns or anything. Come on Clint, time to see what my people are like."

Harry grabbed him by the arm and dragged him out of the alley and towards a dingy old door across the street with a sign that he couldn't read from that angle and took him inside, walking through the inside of what looked an old fashioned inn quickly and waving off the others inside politely. They went through a back door and stepped out in front of a wall that Harry quickly went up and put his hand against before stepping back. He started talking again as the bricks started to shift and move away. "This is Diagon Alley, the wizarding district of London, normally the entrance is activated with a sequence of taps to the brick with a wand but a little known fact is that a little bit of magic channeled into it does the same thing faster."

Harry dragged him through the now open entrance and Clint struggled to take in all of his surroundings at once, it was a strange mish mash of things with older people walking around in robes and younger people in suits or jeans and t-shirts. Most were hurrying around with strangely shaped packages in their arms, or in a couple cases, floating behind them. Harry grabbed his arm again and lead him into the fray, casting a few suddle charms to make it easier to push through the crowd and Harry soon found that it was infinitely easier to travel with Clint than if he had taken the others. Clint moved with Harry easily as they weaved through the crowds, never falling behind or getting too close even with the grip Harry still kept on his arm and they got to their destination a lot sooner than Harry had expected. Harry led him quickly up the crowded steps to Gringotts' and inside, passing by the goblin guards at the doorway with a small nod that Clint copied as they headed inside and Harry had to give him points for not staring or gaping at them. Harry went straight for the goblin teller near the end of a long line of them on the left and waited in front of him patiently. It took only a second for the goblin to look up from his work, a strange event for anyone else, and addressed them.

"What can I do for ms. Pound today?"

"Hello, Ragnok. I need to go down to my vaults and I would like you to make several small side vaults for each of the names on this list along with corresponding cards for them."

Harry pulled out a slip of paper from the bag that Clint hadn't noticed until then and handed it to Ragnok.

"It will be done by the time you come back up, Gnarlok will take you down to your vaults."

Another goblin, presumably 'Gnarlok', came out of a small door on the front of the desk and Harry grabbed Clint again and they followed the goblin to the end of the hall. The ride down was a bit of a blur for Clint with all the twists and turns and Harry kept laughing at the expression on his face when he looked over to his side of the cart and yelled faster to Gnarlok who gave what seemed to be small smirk at Clint for a split second before obliging and he gave up trying not to scream like a little girl when they went straight for a rock before giving another sharp turn away from it just inches from the side. When they finally reached Harry's vault Clint was ready to kiss the ground when he stepped out on shaky legs with several choice words of what he wanted to do to Harry and Gnarlok not quite under his breath that caused Harry to laugh and Gnarlok to turn away and missed the vault opening while he regained his bearings. Harry grabbed him again and lead him into the vault gently, trying to make up for the crazy ride down and what Clint didn't know yet, the equally crazy ride back. Clint stopped short at the sight of the inside, walls covered in bookcases and glass cabinets of precious items and weapons and the large piles of gold and silver and bronze coins at the back. Harry let go of him and headed over to the back where a large chest sat, yelling back over his shoulder to Clint.

"You can browse if you want, let me know if anything catches your eye."

Clint gave a quick nod that Harry couldn't see and started wandering through the vault, stopping every now and then to get a closer look at something until he ended up in front of a weapons case with a beautifully carved set of bows and arrows inside it. He studied it for a moent before Harry snuck up behind him and looped his arm with Clint's.

"That bow is very old and very powerful, I don't know all the details, just what I've managed to piece together from the journals in here and what the goblins have told me, but I come from an old family. My family, the Potters, are descended from the Peverells, who are descnded from the Gryffindors, one of the founders of the school I attend. Godric Gryffindor was given this bow as a gift from the elves, I don't know the specifics but elves are usually a very solitary race, they don't normally leave their kingdom. He apparently saved an elf of high standing or something like that and they gave him that bow as a show of gratitude. If you want a weapon of metal, the goblins are masters, but if you want a weapon of wood or earth, the elves can craft like no other."

Harry stepped away from Clint who hadn't taken his eyes from the bow since he'd seen it and stepped up to the case, running a hand down it with a whispered word and it opened slowly. Harry reached inside and took the bow and the sling of arrows out and turned, holding them out to Clint. "Here. Take them."

"What? You said they were ancient, it'll break if I use it."

"No it won't, I told you it was made by elves, it will never break. I won't bore you with all the details of what it can do, better to show you when we get back later, just take them."

Clint reached out for the bow and Harry shoved it into his hands before he could pull them back again and looped his arm through Clint's again, heading out of the vault and back to Gnarlok. The goblin gave Clint a small bag that he was told to put the bow in and he did so reluctantly, barely holding back his surpise when the bow slid right in, the sling of arrows quickly following after it. They all got back into the cart and by the time they reached the entrance again Clint was glaring daggers at Harry and Gnarlok. They stopped in front of Ragnok again just long enough for Harry to grab a small package from him and headed out of the bank.