First ROTG fanfiction, don't shoot! But I hope you enjoy! Jack!Angst Guardians!Guilt

Jack just sat all snuggled up in his ice cave, yeah you heard him. Ice cold, desolate, and completely sealed off ice cave. His blue hood was pulled up over his head, hiding his face from the nonexistent world. The wind blew by, mourning for the boy and trying to pull him out of the cave and play with him. Jack was not up to that today, and he would possibly never be ready again. He gripped his staff, knuckles going whiter if that was even possible for the winter spirit.

'Look what you did Jack! Do you see this mess?'

'How could you…Jack…I just….I can't…'

A sad shake of the head and a golden tear slipping out of his eye.


A frozen tear fell down the stoic face, as the winter spirit tried so desperately to contain the ever growing sadness within his soul. He hadn't meant to hurt the kid, he hadn't even meant to start the storm. It had happened because…well the guardians wouldn't even let him explain what he had done or why it had happened. He just curled in tighter on himself, guilt welling up. He really couldn't do anything right. He lifted his frozen hand up into his sight, and growled clenching it into a fist. All these hands could do was hurt and cause more trouble than was necessary. He stuffed his hands into his armpits and hid his face in his knees.

Well, no more of that. He wasn't going to hurt anyone else…because he wasn't going to create anymore snow. If there was no snow….there wouldn't be any trouble. And if there was no Jack Frost…there would be no more disappointment. His eyes started to droop, himself exhausted by tears and guilt. The wind softly wisped around the cave, creating a natural lullaby to sooth the winter spirit into a deep sleep.

Two figures stood at the top of the hill, both large in size but one smaller than the other. Glowing blue eyes gazed at the cave, and both were compelled to inspect it, but decided to wait till the morning. Then they could investigate this new smell…

Meanwhile at the North Pole…

North clenched his fists as he sat in his chair, observing his workshop. Or...not really. His mind was a mess with one thought…Jack. His previous anger with the boy had now turned into sadness and guilt. Sure, a bit of anger still remained but now he had realized how harsh his words had been, but he had to make sure that Jack knew the consequences of his actions. The others around him were feeling the same more or less.

Tooth flittered back and forth, looking out the windows in case jack came back. All she wanted to do was sweep the young boy up and assure him that they didn't hate him. While she wanted him to acknowledge what he had done, she felt awful. Her mothering nature was the cause. When she saw jacks face drop in utter despair and guilt she wanted to wrap him up and rock him back and forth. He was just a child, and such a look didn't belong on the face of a child. O she stood vigilant in front of the windows, waiting for her sons return.

Sandy sat on a cloud of sand beside Tooth, his eyes never leaving the skies. He was worried sick. No snow was falling and usually it was wherever Jack Frost left a path. He couldn't get the boys protests and almost tears out of his head. As soon as he returned he was going to give him a big hug and give him the best dreams he could. Sure he had hurt a child, but everyone made mistakes, even the Guardians themselves. He should have remembered that sooner.

Bunnymund was sitting as far away as he could from the workshop, near the entrance to the pole. He was polishing his boomerangs, a deep and angry frown on his face. He kept glancing out to the snow, but always returned to his 'cleaning'. As much as he protested, jack had become his best friend…and what he had done made him feel horrible. He had called his friend a mistake, even when he knew of how little self worth the other had of himself. He was just so overcome with emotion, with that little boy in the hospital, he had taken it out on Jack. He had wanted to go out and run after the kid, but his pride held him back. The irrational part of his mind rationalized that he would come back in time. Then he would talk with him.

All in all the Guardians felt awful. They had cast their youngest one out, the baby of the family. They couldn't even begin to imagine the pain the other was going through now. Hopefully Jack would forgive them all…maybe.

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