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2 Months Later



"CATCH ME IF YOU CAN YOU SLOWPOKES!" Jack's laughter echoed throughout the hallways.

North shook in laughter as he heard the commotion before hanging another ornament on his huge tree. Bes laid a few feet away from the other and only twitched an ear at the chaos before sighing and looking at North's work on the tree.

"North, you have a little too much red on the tree," Bes added, looking up and down the twenty five foot tree.

"Nonsense! You can never have too much red!" he bellowed, to which Bes only snuffed and laid back down.

Tooth was talking to several of her fairy's, telling them when and where to go. She stopped for a few and hovered a bit near Freya, of who was being swooned over by Baby Tooth. Now that Baby tooth had some time to admire the wolves, she loved how white and soft the others fur was. Freya only chuckled at the little fairy's antics and gave Tooth a short but reassuring nod that it was fine. Tooth just nodded, and returned to her fairies, several of whom were frazzled by her instructions.

"Has anyone seen Sandy? He hasn't been…"

An explosion sounded down the hall, and Jacks laughter ran even louder.



Jack just laughed and soon the winter spirit and the dream spirit shot into the main room and hid behind the tip of the tree. The chuckles couldn't be contained, by either the pranksters…or by the occupants of the room as Bunny and Arlo came in looking pissed…and bright pink with neon yellow splatters everywhere. Bes chortled, while North let out a full belly laugh and dropped the ornaments he was holding. Tooth tried to hold in her laughter by putting her hands over her mouth, but failed as her giggles echoed. Freya just laughed lady like, feeling no remorse for laughing at her son's plight. Jack and Sandy high fived each other behind the tree before coming out and bowing for their work well done.

"Lookin' good you two! Lookin good," jack laughed, falling back in the air as he laughed.

Sandy covered his mouth as he rolled in somersaults in the air, his joy apparent.

"GET DOWN HERE FREEZERBURN!" Arlo yelled running around the tree to try and corner jack.

Bunny just seethed before moping on the couch, finding that the chase between Arlo and Jack was quite entertaining. As Sandy came down, thinking it was safe; Bunny pulled him into a headlock and gave him a good sized noogie. Jack, in his humorous state, floated down near enough for Arlo to tackle his brother to the ground. The two wrestled, Arlo spreading his pink dye to jack, making them both look like a blob of an unfinished masterpiece. Bes and Freya smiled at their children, and the guardians looked upon the scene in soft appreciation.

When they had entered that room that day, they sobbed, smiled, and collapsed in relief as they saw Arlo nuzzling and licking an awake and alert Jack. He was bruised and broken, but he was alive and smiling. The wolf family had immediately ran to the others side, licking, nuzzling, and laughing that their boy was safe. The guardians had stayed back, upset but understanding that they had lost their right to it. Or so they thought. Arlo had glared at them the whole time, but Freya and Bes moved back, allowing them to see Jack smiling, while reaching out to them. They didn't waste this chance. They ran to him and apologies spilled out as fast as water from a hose, tears streaming and regret painted on each face. Tooth ran a hand through his hair, laying a butterfly kiss on his forehead. North had patted his uninjured leg and gave it a good comforting squeeze. Sandy hugged his neck lightly, his eyes silently asking for forgiveness. And Bunny…Bunny ruffled his hair but hugged him as well, something out of his comfort zone. They knew then that they had Jack's forgiveness…but the trust would have to be earned back.

The three winds had come by as well. East punching Jack lightly in the shoulder while laughing, and West scolding her sister and assessing his wounds. North Wind had smiled at the other, running a gentle breeze through his hair. When jack had asked about South they gave him the bad news, and North gently comforted him as Jack's tears fell in loss. But another shock came as a lighter breeze flew behind north and formed into a teen…older but looking so innocent. His eyes looked curiously at jack, and North had introduced him as the new South Wind. Jack couldn't stop the tears, knowing he had lost a friend, even if he couldn't be saved. But had smiled and welcomed the South wind. The new wind smiled in joy as asked question after question before North told him he had to go. West and East nodded, and South had only looked forlorn. He asked jack if they could play sometime, and to that jack laughed and gave an enthusiastic nod. He wasn't going to lose another friend. They flew out with a promise to visit again, and that was the day, that the spark began to come back into Jack.

Now as they looked on at the scene before them, they could see the trust slowly coming back and the joy and the missing spark slowly filling their boy again. Jack was laughing and smiling…around them. There would be times when he wouldn't visit and spend time with his wolf family, but his visits were becoming more frequent. They could also see the growing bond between Arlo and Jack, as the wolf was always at Jacks hip. Laughing, scolding, sitting on, Arlo was there with Jack.

"Is it washable?" Tooth laughed, Freya giving her son a knowing smile as well.

"Yeah in—OW ARLO NEED TO BREATH—washes out in two to three washes—ARLO I ONLY HAVE TWO LUNGS!"

Arlo snuffed but got off him, licking his hair to annoy the crap out of Jack as he tried to fix it.

"Good, good. See? Nothing to worry about?" North chortled, Bes only rolling his eyes.

Gaining the trust of the wolf family had been harder. They were still protective but the parents seemed to get that Jack needed the guardians in their lives. Within a month they had a bit of trust with each other, Arlo though was a harder story. He didn't growl or snap, due to jack's request but everyone could see the mistrust in the brother's eyes. After hard work and long bouts of patience, they had gained a bit of trust, respect slowly coming with it. Bunny and Arlo had developed a love hate relationship. Yelling at each other and calling each other names…but when Jack pulled a prank, they both teamed up to catch the winter spirit.

"Time for bed!' North laughed, as he watched Jack yawn and slightly lean into Arlo, who just made himself comfortable for his brother to rest on.

The guardians visibly sagged, since jack had refused so far to sleep at the Pole, preferring to return to the mountain with his family.

"Hey mom, dad, can I stay at the pole tonight?" Jack asked, with a small smile and a bit of excitement in his eyes.

The guardians all looked up and stood there with anticipation. Freya and Bes shared a smile and laughed.

"Why not? We were thinking the same thing. North would you mind? We do have a bit of business to handle over the next few days?" Bes asked, looking to the older Spirit.

North stood in shock before shouting yes and clapping his hands. Tooth shivered with joy while Sandy gave a thumbs up. Bunny smiled and rolled his eyes in a good nature. Freya and Bes stood, giving both boys a nuzzle, a lick, and a warning to behave before disappearing in a flurry of white powder. Jack smiled, but groaned when Arlo started nudging him to bed.

"Bed time, you heard the fat man." Arlo teased, smiling only a bit at North's booming laugh.

"Fine, fine, fine! Spoilsport" he muttered the last bit. "Night guys" he said.

Tooth nodded and gave him a kiss on the cheek, Sandy a hug around the neck, North a firm pat to both shoulders, and Bunny a side hug with a noogie. Jack hugged all of them back, lightly, before allowing Arlo to drag him to his room. He slipped into the room, -25 Celsius, and snuggled into bed. He grunted playfully as Arlo pushed him over to curl around him. He fell into a deep sleep, a smile on his face.

The Guardians stood outside, true smiles on their face; they didn't even notice the moon shining down on them, or the winds blowing around the pole, singing a familiar tune.

Everything wasn't fine; there was still a lot of work to be done. But in time, it would be fine. In time, all of them would be a family again. And maybe better than before. But until then, they still had time. All the time in the world at fact.

THE END! I hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed watching it. And yes there are a few holes with the new wind, but I couldn't leave the world without a south wind. I may or may not do drabbles on this. Who knows? And if anyone wants to use Arlo, Freya, or Bes or any features I gave to the winds its fine. Please just credit me and/or message me about it. 99.99% of the time ill say yes.