Hello again, readers. :) I went to see Rise of the Guardians and was pulled into Frostbite. Jack and Tooth were so adorable, and their subtly-romantic moments food for the eyes. I had this idea after all of those moments with Baby Tooth. I'm committing myself to finishing this fic, which should run for about five chapters.

I'm also set on finishing Zero to Hero, I promise! Enjoy and Happy Holidays.

It was late November, the end of the Thanksgiving weekend for a cozy Northern town, surrounded by forests of bare trees. Families were exhaustedly heading towards their beds, the adults predicting a hard morning and a sudden return to the workplace after a weekend of rest and excessive food.

Two children, in particular, looked forward to the next morning. Seven-year-old Anita had finally lost one of her bottom incisors, and eight-year-old Alex was placing a molar underneath his pillow. For them the next morning would bring a gift from the Tooth Fairy. They were resolved to stay up and catch a glimpse of the fabled spirit, but they were asleep by the time midnight came along.

Two shapes hovered over the town, one of them a miniature of the other, but both covered in dazzling feathers that glowed in the darkness. Toothiana smiled with anticipation as she looked at Alex's roof, eager to collect that precious treasure resting beneath his head. "I'll take care of him, Baby Tooth. You go get Anita's," she said to her smaller counterpart.

Baby Tooth squeaked a "yes," and flitted off towards the girl's house, leaving Toothiana to glide down to Alex's bedroom window. The Guardian passed through the glass, out of the cold and into the child's racecar-themed room. She giggled softly as she quickly flew closer and peered at the boy's face, finding only innocent bliss in his young features. Alex turned to his side, pulling his blanket up to his chin and sighing contentedly. An amorphous ball of golden sand appeared above his head, transforming into a racecar that zoomed around an invisible track.

Glad that the Sandman was helping, Toothiana carefully reached underneath the pillow, biting her lip as her fingers searched for the molar. Her tail-feathers fluttered in triumph when she grasped it, slowly pulling it out to take a closer look. Just the slightest hint of a cavity, but Toothiana shrugged it off. Alex was still young, with time to learn how to take care of his teeth. She produced a quarter out of the air, its glint bright, and placed it squarely beneath his head.

The colorful fairy glided backwards, hands clasped with emotion. She loved leaving gifts, no matter how small they were. She loved hearing their overjoyed shouts when they found her gifts. North and Bunny only get to experience this once a year. I'm so fortunate!

Then she heard a crackling sound from behind her and spun around to find the source. Toothiana's eyes went round with surprise when she saw familiar frost trails on the windowpane. Her heart made a familiar skip when she felt the subtle drop in the temperature. Jack Frost.

She passed through the window, her feathers ruffling when the cold air hit her. Toothiana's surprised shudder became a breathy cloud in front of her. "Couldn't resist, could you Jack?!" She heard the rush of wind above her head and looked up, seeing a powder blue-clad form floating on the air currents.

Jack Frost was grinning at his handiwork as he twirled his staff, already having summoned wisps of snow from the air and watching them float down to the ground. He had been waiting a long time to bring snow to this particular part of the Earth, his heart linked to the town and the children who had saved him and his fellow Guardians. The snow would bring games and excitement for the approaching holidays. Jack could linger among the kids and watch them play with abandon, stirring his memories of when he used to be just like them.

The Guardian smiled mischievously when he spotted the Tooth Fairy's colorful form below, next to one of the many houses. Her hands were on her hips as she looked up at him, an eyebrow raised and wearing a dazzling smile. His heart fluttered in his chest, a common occurrence nowadays when he ran into her. Jack found her joy infectious, loving how she would enthusiastically send her fairies off to some child and quickly fly to another by herself. Jack had been surprised by how much they had in common, such as her spitfire nature and love of children.

Most of all Jack loved that he was still overwhelmingly astounded by Toothiana, never tiring of watching her quickly fly from one place to another, months after they'd become a couple. How could he resist? How could she?

Toothiana laughed melodically and flew up too meet him, both their arms stretching out at the same time to wrap around the other. Her boyfriend had spent the last two months in North's workshop, awaiting the return of winter and learning more about his duties as a Guardian. They'd seen each other on nights when Jack was free to offer a helping hand collecting teeth. Now he was back, and for good. Jack's husky voice tickled her ear when he said, "Well I had to catch your attention somehow. I missed you." He pulled his head away, still holding on to her.

The Fairy smiled back, her hand finding the nape of his neck to gently pull him back for a brief kiss. His lips were momentarily warmed by the feel of hers, and he savored the light pressure of her chest against his as he pulled her closer.

Toothiana ended the kiss, her hands resting on his shoulders. "You missed me…and you couldn't wait to give the kids a treat, right?"

He chuckled, throwing his free hand up in surrender. "You got me. Some of the older kids aren't too excited about their break ending, so I thought I'd maybe give them a tiny snow day!" The winter spirit glanced down, prompting Toothiana to do the same. A light blanket of snow already covered the ground below.

"Oh very funny, Snow Man. Distracting me with a kiss to get your work done, huh?" She playfully pushed him away and sped off, hearing him follow in pursuit.

The wind whistled as the Guardians raced across the sky, the moon a round beacon above them. Jack slowed to a halt when they arrived at the lake where he'd been reborn, and shouted, "Wind! Bring me Tooth!"

She gasped in mock outrage as the wind surrounded her. "Jack, that's a dirty tri-YAAH!" She was speedily pulled into Jack's waiting arms, the younger Guardian smirking dangerously when he caught her. Toothiana panted in exhilaration as she looked into Jack's crystal blue eyes. Her gaze inevitably traveled to his mouth, his teeth like perfect diamonds. "I missed you too, Guardian of Joy."

They floated down slowly, the lake surface freezing when Jack's feet touched it. He released Tooth, still watching her quick, graceful movements. Then she touched the ice, her transparent wings aloft and her hands held as though she were dancing. Her lilac eyes were looking down at the ice in wonder as it spread across the lake. The very sight took Jack's breath away. He suddenly had an idea. "Wait, don't move. Stay right there!" He threw his staff up to grasp it at the base, and turned his back on a confused Toothiana.

The Fairy stayed where she was, trying to ignore her cold feet. "What is it?"

Jack ran to the shore and faced the lake again, peering back at Tooth for a few moments before moving the tip of his staff over the frozen surface. He had a look of intense concentration as he made careful, deliberate movements with the staff. He then floated closely above it and began to trace an image on the frost. He looked up at Toothiana every few seconds, his eyes bright with purpose. Toothiana flushed when she realized what he was probably doing. "Jack, are you really going to…?"

He smiled up at her before straightening back up. "That should do it." His held his arms over the image and silently willed it to take life and a solid form. Jack pulled mentally, power flowing through his fingers and sparking the image into emerging from the ice.

Toothiana gasped when her ice-twin twirled into the air, leaving a shimmering trail in its wake. The other Toothiana danced fluidly, moonlight glowing through her transparent body. She was formed beautifully, her wings just as thin and fine as the real Toothiana's. The Guardian laughed in breathless wonder, glancing back at the self-satisfied Jack with adoration. "Jack, it's beautiful!" She flew up to join the apparition, throwing her arms up and moving along to an old melody from her memories. Her twin moved with her in perfect symmetry. She heard a rush of air, knowing that Jack flew up to join her.

The two Guardians danced in a circle, not noticing the ice-twin disappear in a puff of snow. Jack was filled with joy as he moved with Toothiana, every beat of his immortal heart signifying a wondrous moment with the Fairy. Toothiana smiled blissfully, trying to commit every second to memory. A force as powerful as gravity gradually pulled them towards each other into another tender kiss, their foreheads touching as their breath mingled in the night air.

Toothiana whispered with reluctance, "I have to go back to the ToothPalace…There are more teeth that need collecting."

Jack smiled with acceptance and gave her a quick kiss on the nose. "I'll meet you there once I'm done covering Alaska and Canada."

She giggled, her eyes reflecting the moonlight. "Don't get too carried away." She floated away from him without a word of goodbye, but with a loving stroke of his pale cheek. Jack caught her wrist and kissed her palm, letting her go at last.

When she was out of sight Jack turned towards the moon, and nodded his approval. "I have to say that this Guardian business has been better than I thought."

A week passed, Jack having helped Toothiana and the other Fairies collect teeth and leave gifts while covering towns and cities with a light frosting.

The Fairy was in the ToothPalace, kneeling by the pool beneath the wall painting she treasured so dearly. She was feeling something familiar in her chest, yet somewhat different. She'd released millions of fairies, tiny extensions of herself that knew her every thought. Every time was the same: a frequent flutter from her chest, accompanied by a warm sensation in her heart. Moments later a fairy would emerge, ready to collect teeth and leave gifts beneath children's pillows.

This time her chest felt unusually cold. It was not unpleasant, merely strange. She did not remember ever feeling so cold. Three fairies lingered beside her worriedly. Toothiana smiled reassuringly and said, "It's okay, girls. If something were wrong I'm sure the Man in the Moon would mention it."

The moon was being silent, as though waiting for something to happen. Not exactly helping the situation!

Toothiana doubled over with a shocked cry. Her body felt frozen, painfully so. Her heart hammered in her chest as she frantically rubbed her arms. "What…is this…?" Jack was nowhere near the Palace. What could be causing this?

She gritted her teeth and felt the cold shift towards her chest again, stronger than before. She held her hands to her chest and shut her eyes as the fairy finally emerged from her skin. Toothiana gasped at how cold the fairy felt, but was relieved when her own body temperature returned to normal. She opened her eyes and opened her palms, expecting to see another miniature copy of herself.

What she saw was blue. Blue as ice on a cold night.

Toothiana gaped at the fairy, hearing the other three's collective gasps as they too caught sight of the creature.

The fairy was shaped like the other miniatures, every feature the same. But where her feathers were shimmering tones of blue when they should have been turquoise and the marks over her eyes were powder blue rather than pink. Toothiana's mind raced as she looked at the cold fairy she was cradling in her hands. How could this have happened? I've never released a blue fairy!

The three fairies hovered over them, squeaking with curiosity. The blue fairy began to stir, Toothiana bringing her closer to her face. "What are you…?"

The fairy opened her eyes slowly, revealing familiar crystal-blue orbs that caused Toothiana's stomach to flutter. She sat speechless as the fairy's eyes widened in surprise and curiosity. Her little wings slowly unfurled, silvery rather than transparent and pink. She opened her mouth and let out an exclamation that sounded like jingles.

Toothiana frowned, dumbfounded. "…That sounds like sleigh bells…"

Suddenly the fairy zoomed up into the air, jingling loudly and leaving a thin trail of powdery snow in her wake. Toothiana's jaw dropped, the other three fairies dropping from the air in shock. "No…No, it can't be!"

But her mind went to Jack's face, over and over until there was no doubt left in her mind.

The moon's whisper only confirmed it.

The blue fairy glided back towards Toothiana, jingling in happiness as she cuddled into the bigger fairy's shoulder feathers. The Tooth Fairy stared at the moon in disbelief, wondering how it could be possible.

She repeated what the moon had stated, "…She's mine and Jack's…child?!"