"Mmm, Bella. How I've missed that sight," a familiar voice says from directly behind me. I was so distracted by looking at all my messages that I didn't hear him come in. I don't turn around because I don't even want to look at his stupid face. His stupid, gorgeous, perfect face.

Maybe he's gotten really ugly and fat while he was away. Ha. That'd be funny. I turn around to look at his beer belly. Yeah, I'm pretty sure he's got a six-pack under that perfectly tailored suit.

Holy shit. He looks even better. He ages like Clooney. Fucker. I have to buy anti-aging cream so I don't look like a leather shoe.

"Edward," I sigh, "How did you even know it was me?"

"Like I said - I would know that ass anywhere. I dream about it sometimes."

"Fuck you, Edward." Because you're an asshole. And because I think about fucking when I see you. I don't say that part because his ego is almost as big as his cock. Not like Pringle-can cock, but we're talking about porn-sized dick here.

"Gladly. I've missed you." He tries to touch me, but I flinch and pull away. He stays in front of me so I can't get by.

"Right," I scoff bitterly. "You were sooo torn up when you dumped me. Why are you trying to keep me here now? You don't care about me."

"I always have cared. Everything I did back then was for you. Seeing you here means that we are meant to be together, don't you know that?

"All I know is that I cried over you for months. And the shitty way you broke up with me."

"I lied, Bella. I had to. But you believed me so easily. That's what hurt," he says. He has the nerve to look sincere. But how the fuck am I supposed to believe him if he's telling me he's a liar? He tries to touch me again. I can't let that happen. If he breathes on me, I'll be sucked into his vortex of sex magic.

Be strong, Bella. Focus on his bad points. Like...his being too hot and having a giant dong? No. Wait, he totally dumped me in college, and he says he's hurt. Fuck that. My anger comes to full force. His eyes widen when he notices that I'm about to blow. I step forward and poke him square in the chest.

"You know what hurt? When you dumped me after sex! And you left town like you never existed in my life!"

He winces; I don't know if it's from the poking or the yelling. "I can explain that...everything I did was so you could finish college. I knew that you needed that scholarship and that you would have given it up to follow me. I didn't want you ruin your future." His eyes search my face for a sign that I still care about him. If he really looks, he'll see that I still love him. I'm sure it's written all over my face.

"Didn't you ever think that my future was with you? Why did you think that you were qualified to decide what was best for me?"

"I was stupid, Bella. I swear I left so you could have a happy life. I loved you so much. I still do. Please give us a chance," he pleads.

"You had your chance, Edward. You blew it. I loved you and you left me." I am now in tears. Angry, fat tears. I want to believe him. I know I still love him. I never stopped. Every other man I've met has been a pale imitation of him.

"God, Bella, you're so beautiful," he says, walking towards me. I keep backing up until I hit the wall behind me. "You have no idea how much I've missed you." He caresses my face, thumbs swiping my tears. "I'm so sorry, Bella. I'll spend the rest of my days making it up to you and treating you the way I should have treated you. I can't believe you're here. It's fate giving us another chance. I swear I won't fuck it up this time."

He puts both his arms around my head, trapping me in the cage of his arms. I can smell him...the scent is delicious and warm. I lean forward, pressing myself into him. He's so hard. Everywhere.

Welp. I think he releases sex pheromones that make me want to mate.

I can feel my resolve weakening. Then he gets on his knees.

"Please, baby. Come back to me," he begs. He leans his head against my stomach.

And I'm done for. He's ruined me for all other men.

"Oh, Edward. Yes." I pull him up, and we're kissing against his door. Deep and wet and sloppy. It could be our shared tears or just a fuckton of saliva. I don't really know or care.

"Thank you," he says between kisses.

I'm such a pussy to give in to him. But truthfully, mine wants to get him inside her. So I unleash my inner pussy. Literally. His hands have already pulled down my leggings and he's knuckle deep.

"Holy...oh my god...did your fingers get longer? That's so good," I pant.

"I've been working on my fingering," he says in my ear. I reach down to pull his hand away because he's such a cocky asshole. He chuckles and grabs it, pulling it to his mouth, kissing my fingertips. "A guitar class, baby. I can work you like this all night."

Dead. I will be dead. I don't say that because all I can do is moan like a porn star. But I'm not faking it.

He's the vadge whisperer. Seriously. He's whispering dirty things, and my vadge is obeying. I can't take much more. Those muscles have been underutilized for too long. I might get a cramp or something.

"Stop teasing, Edward. I need you inside, now," I half moan, half beg.

"Like this?" He rubs one thumb on my clit and the other between my lips - you know, the ones attached to my mouth. Though technically, both sets of lips are occupied.

I don't respond because I'm sucking on his thumb like it's a blow pop...or his cock. I just bob on his thumb and grind myself against his hand.

"Mmm...you always loved to suck me."

"Gawd, yess..." And I explode all over his hand. Not literally. I don't squirt or anything. It's just amazingly intense.

"Good, baby?" he says as he brings me back down, stroking slowly. "Can you give me more?"

I think I nod. I really don't know. Can one communicate "fuck yes" through only eye contact?

I guess I'm successful because he picks me up and puts me on Jasper's desk where he proceeds to prove that it is indeed quite sturdy enough for fucking.




After all the lovin', I'm straddling his lap and licking his jaw. We talk about what our next step is in our relationship and how we're going to make it work. He's so sexy sitting under me I can't help stroking him through his briefs.

"I think I'm ready for you again," he whispers, thrusting his hips up.

"I always fantasized about doing it in the projection room while a movie was playing."

"Whatever you want, baby. This is Edward's Theaters." He winks at me.

I laugh. "Oh my god. I never realized...all those theaters are yours."

"I don't care about any of it. But at least I can make two fantasies come true."

He holds up the key to what I presume is the projection room and leads me down the hall way, both of us barely clothed and not caring much about who sees us. We walk into a small, dim room.

"What did you mean by 'two fantasies'?"

He clicks on the movie and I hear the familiar strains of the DD opening song playing. I see Anthony on the screen as Edward kisses my neck.

"How did you know?" I ask as I turn as kiss him.

"Your phone. People love to tweet you pics of him and cock."

I laugh. "Maybe you need to send me pics of you. And your cock. I think that's a deal breaker."


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you find the love of your life where you least

expected it.






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