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The Ninja of Hogwarts Chapter One:

The letter...

James Potter sat in the living room as he watched his son Harry. While his wife Lilly made dinner in the kitchen.

"Come on Harry, I know you can say it. Say daddy."

"Mommy." Harry said cutely.

"Say da-ddy." James repeated.


"Oh come on Harry. You're a smart boy say daddy."

"Mommy." He repeated. But this time he was pointing to the doorway. James turned his head as Harry crawled over to Lilly.

"Lilly you're corrupting him he won't say daddy." James said.

"Kind of like you and sports he won't watch anything BUT sports." James smiled with an unapologetic face.

Lilly sighed, but a smile appeared on her face. "You never change..." She picked up Harry as he whined trying to get her attention. "Alright Harry lets get you into your chair to eat." She walked off, James standing and following her.

"But Lilly he should learn my name to. Harry, say daddy."


"Harry, Lilly that's not fair!" He said. "Harry, please say daddy."

"Dada." Harry said as though annoyed to the point of just saying it.

"Ha Lilly now he calls me dada!" James said triumphantly. But looked around as he found himself alone in the hall. He sighed. "So much for that triumph." James said, his mind drifted to when he was growing up, and another triumph fell on deaf ears.


"Hey come over here James!" Fugaku Uchiha, James' brother yelled.

"Alright!" James yelled then walked across the bridge. He was out for a walk with his little brother when suddenly he saw something approaching him and his brother. A kunai flashed to his hand. But he laughed when he saw it was just an owl. "Oops I'm glad I didn't just throw the kunai!"

"Why? It's just a bird." Fugaku said coldly.

"True but do you see it? It's so beautiful. It's flying free in the open air. Happy to be alive. It's a part of the world. It breathes the same air. Drinks from the same water, and has its own problems and fears. Everything has a reason for living, no matter who, or what it is. And sometimes that reason for living is a reason to die for."

End flashback...

Fugaku had only been five then and him ten. He had no idea that the owl would deliver a letter from Hogwarts. "If only you saw the worth that everyone has in them..." James said sighing sadly.

"James! Would you come help me?" Lilly called.

"Coming dear!" He called back, shuffling to the kitchen. "Ummm Lilly...What do you think about the worth of others?" James asked as he went to the cabinet to get two plates for him and Lilly, while Harry sat, being fed baby food.

"I-I've never really thought about it...what's with asking me so suddenly?"

"You know how I had a brother...well I've never told you about him...You also know about my past life...but what you haven't pressured me to tell you is why I chose to cut myself away from the Uchiha clan...I cut the link I had to that clan because they were always going around, heads held high...they felt like they were better than everyone else...I couldn't take the pressure, so I left for that last year of school, and...never went home. Sometimes I regret it. Just a few minutes ago when I was in the hall, I remembered a time when my little brother was still innocent...Yet..."

"You don't have to tell me if you don't want to." Lilly said.

"Yet...Fugaku he had absolutely no regard for any life...any life except those of the clan...I almost tried to kill the owl that was about to deliver my letter for Hogwarts, and when I said I was glad not to have killed it...his response was..."

"Why? It's just a bird." Fugaku said coldly.

"He didn't see the world like it was all he saw was inferior beings all around him. He never learned to experience the world like it should experienced." James said. He sat down at the table. "Even now I regret not taking the time it would have taken to teach him...show him what the world really was supposed to be viewed like...Even now more than ten years later I regret the ignorance I had..."

Lilly nodded in understanding. "I see...Well I guess I kinda have thought about the worth others...And I think that everyone has a certain trait that gives them an infinite amount of worth...You're honest - though sometimes blunt about things, you're honest about everything I ask. That I think gives you an infinite amount of worth. And Harry I'm sure will grow up to have a value that gives him more worth than he already has now. And maybe your brother... Will find his, too... One day."

"Maybe...maybe one day he will..." James said then looked down to his plate... "What it-it-it's my worst enemy...How, Lilly, how can you eat those-those things!?" James yelled pointing his fork at the carrots on his plate.

"Simple. I open my mouth, put the carrot in, and chew," she said, as though talking to a five year old.

"I refuse to eat them!" James said firmly.



"But James."


"BUT JAMES! I have ice cream that you can't have any of until you finish your dinner, including the carrots. And DON'T even think about putting them in your pocket." Lilly said James flinching at half the words...

'I swear, sometimes she reminds me sooooo much of Tsunade...' He thought, but either way he stabbed a carrot and shoved it in his mouth then swallowed without chewing. He just wanted to get this done quickly and eat Ice cream.

He quickly regretted not chewing when he started coughing.

The family of three sat on the couch watching the only sport that Lilly would join the two boys for. Soccer.

"You know James you didn't have to push yourself to tell me about that stuff..." James looked at her. "But you know...I'm glad you did...thank you for being so honest." Lilly said. She looked at the clock. Suddenly stood and picked up Harry. "It is way past your bedtime little mister. You too James."

"Oooooh but-"

"No buts mister." She said firmly.

"Alright." James finally agreed. He sat there for a few seconds until there was a bang from the door, and a cold breeze washed over him. "We've been found! Lilly take Harry!" James immediately said. Lilly ran up the stairs and into Harry's room. She closed, locked and started to barricade the door. She gasped hurrying to find more things to put in front of the door but froze in front of her baby as the door was blown to splinters. She turned around to come face to face with Voldemort.

"Move aside and I will spare you." He said.

"NO!" Lilly yelled standing her ground.

"Fine...Avada Kedavra!" Lilly stood her ground. Voldemort moved on but when the curse backfired onto him he disappeared. Harry stood there in his crib crying. But he stopped as he saw a light glow beside him. Being the curious one year old he was, he touched it. But when he attempted to pull his finger away from it, a sort of force wouldn't let go, as though someone was trying to take him somewhere. So instead of trying to get away from it he kept going, barely making it through before the portal disappeared.

Fugaku Uchiha was out for an early morning stroll when he heard a baby crying. He listened trying to find where the sound was coming from. Until he finally located a little baby, crying of hunger, and cold. He looked at it for a minute then finally picked up the child. The baby instantly took a liking to him as he had stopped crying and snuggled the man.

"Hmmmm…I wonder what will happen when Mikoto sees him…" Fugaku said to himself. "She'll probably feed snuggle and pretty much adopt the kid…" He looked at the baby again feeling his little face but instantly pulled his hand back when he noticed those deep green eyes, and that black hair, the pale skin and the feeling of strange Chakra he had always felt from his brother…he stared for a few minutes until hurrying home.

He walked in to find Mikoto in the kitchen eating breakfast he passed right by went up the stairs passed the half asleep Itachi, and went into his room laying the baby on the bed under the blankets and going to find something leaving the room for a few minutes. When he got back he had Itachi on his heels as the child refused to just mind his own business.

"Father what's going on?" Itachi asked groggily.

"I'm trying to find out." Fugaku said as he walked back into the room to find Harry asleep.

"Who's the baby?" Itachi asked.

"I'm not sure yet why don't you go get your mother and have her come up her." Fugaku said losing patience. Itachi left the room going down the stairs to get Mikoto. Fugaku set an old dusty box down and opened it he then went through the contents finding some pictures.

"Fugaku you wanted me?" She asked.

"Yes you know I had a brother right?"


"You met Harry once to right?"


"Well I think this might be Harry..." Fugaku said. Mikoto gasped.

"But why would Harry be here of all places possible?" Mikoto asked.

"I don't know but perhaps something happened to Lilly and James...Either way I want your opinion on this...He looks just like James when he was a little baby doesn't he...Perhaps we should ask the Hokage and maybe get blood tests, he would defiantly have Uchiha blood if he was James' son.

Three days later...

Fugaku walked into the Hokage's office.

"Hello Fugaku." The Third Hokage sat in behind his desk, not that you could see him...With all the paperwork and stuff...

"You wanted me?" Fugaku asked.

"Yes, I have a few things to talk about with you..." He stood so he could be seen over his stacks of paperwork. "Fugaku first I have some sad news. I sent two shinobi to check up on James and Lilly. They were both dead...I'm sorry." Fugaku looked down.

"And what about the child?" Fugaku asked. He sighed sadly, he might not have been the most loving brother but he still did care about James.

"The child is Harry James Potter. Your nephew...It's your choice if you want to adopt him...

"Adopt him?! I already have a child and he's enough work!"

"Alright, but I'm sure that James will hate you forever if you don't adopt him...I mean I know there was some family on Lilly's side but...from what I heard they didn't like anything strange..." The third Hokage said trying to gilt trip Fugaku into adopting him. Fugaku shifted feeling guilty. "Oh well I'll just ask dear old Dumbledore to come I guess..." Sarutobi said getting into one of his drawers and pulling out spare piece of paper. He got a pen and started to write talking to himself all the way... "My dear old friend Dumbledore. I am writing to you because one of my people found dear little Harry Potter. In fact it was his Uncle. His uncle who is fully aware of who Harry is and who's child he is. But in the end after my greatest effort the cold, heartless, annoying, rude, I'm better than everyone else..."

"Alright fine I'll take him!" Fugaku said. Taking the paper Sarutobi had been writing on, and ripping it into shreds.

"You should probably change his name if you adopt him there are, people that might hurt him out there." Sarutobi said a satisfied grin on his face.

"Don't look so satisfied old man. If I know my brother, and if this kid turns out the same as him you'll have three new stacks of paperwork just from the pranks..." Fugaku said menacingly. Then left the Hokage's office. He smirked as he heard a thump. (That was Sarutobi's head hitting his desk...)

When Fugaku stormed into his house he walked past his son, and wife holding little Harry muttering the foulest insults he knew. Itachi stared on as his father stormed up the stairs and there was a loud SNAP, as he slammed the door.

"Why is Father so angry?"

"He doesn't really like the Hokage he isn't on the best terms with him..."

"Oh." Was all Itachi said, but a thought popped into his head... "Mother, are we keeping Harry?"

"I don't know I think I'll go ask him...You take Harry." Mikoto said Handing Harry to Itachi and going to talk with Fugaku.

Four years later...

"Itachi will you take me to go play at the park today?" A five and three-fourths year old Sasuke asked his older brother.

"Sasuke...I have a mission tomorrow. I might take you later after I'm done with preparation."

"Fine." Sasuke said moodily.

"What has you so hyped up to go to the park anyways?" Itachi asked. It had only been his millionth time asking.

"It's a surprise...?"

"Yea right." Itachi said.

"How about I show you at the park?" Sasuke asked him.

"Alright." Itachi agreed.

Sasuke and Itachi entered the park. Sasuke ran over to a boy with blonde spiky hair. Itachi watched as Sasuke met with him and then dragged him over to Itachi.

"Itachi this is Naruto. Naruto my big brother Itachi." Naruto stood behind Sasuke a bit timid due to Itachi being so old; he had bad experiences with people so much older than him most of the time.

Itachi smiled. "Hello." Naruto moved out from behind Sasuke slowly.

"Don't worry Naruto you don't have to be shy. Itachi will be willing to accept you." Sasuke assured him.

Naruto stepped the rest of the way out from behind Sasuke.

"…Hi…" He said quietly after a few minutes of staring.

"Hello Naruto." Itachi said kneeling down to be at the same height as Naruto, and Sasuke.

"Ummm so you're the Itachi Sasuke is always talking about…" Naruto said looking at him.

"Might be, depending on what Sasuke has said about me." Itachi said with an amused smile.

"He's told me you're-" Naruto started but his voice stopped as Sasuke's hand clapped itself over his mouth.

"Tell me are you the Naruto that the ANBU I work with always go off about during missions?" Itachi asked.

"Yea…" Naruto said.

"Ha ha ha. I must say I admire you. Not a lot of kids would prank the ANBU, let alone get away with." Itachi said.

"No, we don't get away with it…Iruka sensei always catches us right when we think were safe…"


"Me and Sasuke!"

"Hey I thought you weren't going to tell anyone about that yet! It's nice when you can be halfway across the village and still do the prank!" Sasuke protested.

"Yea well I doubt Itachi will write us out!" Naruto argued.

"You boys realize I'm right here…"

"You won't tell anyone?!" Naruto pleaded.

"And especially NOT father! He would be really mad if he found out about my pranks!"

"Don't worry I won't write you out…Just…Stop pranking the ANBU EVERY single week." Itachi said

"Ok!" They both agreed.

Six year old Sasuke walked into the kitchen to see his father and mother sitting at the table, they had told them they wanted to talk to him.

Sasuke's mother, Mikoto, sat there, a neutral mask on her face. "Sasuke, we need to talk to you."

"About what?" Sasuke asked.

"About you." Fugaku said. "Sasuke you..." He sighed not knowing how best to tell Sasuke. So Mikoto came to his rescue, she stood, walked over to the chair Sasuke had sat in, and kneeled.

"Sasuke we don't know how to tell you this...but you're adopted..."

Sasuke looked at her, his mouth opening and closing. "B-but what do you mean I'm ADOPTED?!" He suddenly yelled.

Fugaku sighed and decided to explain. "You see Sasuke, I had a brother, James. He was strange, when he was ten an owl came with a strange letter...It was about some strange school...where he could learn to use a strange type of chakra..."

"You see Sasuke...Your father's brother went to this school where he learned to mold this strange chakra. But you see he fell in love with a young lady called Lily Evans, they got married and they changed their name to Potter. We only met them once or twice after their marriage, but I know once they had a little ten month old. They had named him Harry James Potter."

Fugaku then took the story up again. "You see they called themselves wizards, and the place they lived in was called the Wizarding World...But there was a sort of civil war almost, a very dark wizard was killing a lot of people, he heard a prophesy of sorts and went after them...they hid, very unlike the James I knew of course, but either way they did hide. But in the end the wizard attacked them, Lilly and James were killed."

Sasuke's mother took the spotlight again. "You see the son that was mentioned lives on. We aren't allowed to tell you how but a few ninja went to investigate considering he had been a part of the Uchiha clan. And when they got there they found very high energy levels even days after the attack." She stopped, and turned her head towards the doorway. "Itachi, if you're going to try and eavesdrop, you really should do it through the floor upstairs."

"I'm assuming you heard all of it so far?" Fugaku asked.

"Enough to understand the situation...Yes. Not to mention what I remember..."

"Fine then you may as well sit down and listen, too." Fugaku said. "Well the night of the killing, a baby appeared in the compound I found the child. I noticed that the child had the same feeling as the other Uchiha, the looks. But I also noticed those deep green eyes that Lilly had drawn James to herself with. I knew then that the baby was my brothers son. That child was you Sasuke."

"W-what? I-I don't get it. I'm-I'm really your nephew?" Itachi watched as Sasuke looked like running away.

"Yes Sasuke." Fugaku said.

"But even so," His mother smiled. "You're still our son. We don't want you to feel that you can't come to us just because you aren't our biological son. We still love you." She said.

Naruto, who sat there getting ready to doze after over-training and staying up until three in the morning, and Sasuke, who was ready to write down Naruto's notes, sat down together, it was Sasuke's seventh birthday. Every day at the academy they both were able to remember, how exactly they had become friends.


Five year old Sasuke sat, growling, as one of the fan girls snuggled up to him, about five other girls (Who only became academy students to see him, and all except two were forced... I mean dropped out of the academy within the next week) Watched them enviously. His growl got louder until it sounded like there was thunder rumbling from the clouds just outside. Minami (As I'm calling her) Snuggled up closer as the sound scared her. His growl abruptly stopped.

"Miss Yamanaka if you don't get off right now..." She jumped at the tone of his voice, running away to the seat she had originally been occupying, right as the door opened to reveal a groggy five year old with spiky blonde hair, and bags under his eyes.

"Sorry I'm late Iruka sensei..." He said quietly, rubbing his eyes. Scratches adorned his face, and arms.

"Naruto..." Iruka whined, everyone laughing at his whining. 'Of course! He HAS to be late again! Although it does at least seem it was from training, and not pranks...' "Alright what's your excuse this time?"

"I was out training, and well kinda forgot to go home..."

Iruka sighed. "Yea fine take a seat..." He said. Naruto walked to the only seat left and sat down right before a greedy fan girl could snatch it. He laid his head down on the desk, and went to sleep, not having any idea what seat he had just taken...

Naruto woke up to find the boy beside him with two pieces of paper, he wrote the same words on each. Then when he saw Naruto's eyes open, shoved it in his face.

"Here." Sasuke said.

"Huh?" Naruto asked.

"Take it, it's for you, all of the notes the entire class was supposed to take." Sasuke said.

"But why would you?"

"By sitting there I was actually able to get things done instead of having some girl clinging to my arm. It's kind of a thank you."

"I-I-Ummm thank you..." Naruto said.

"You're welcome..."

"Ummm...do you maybe want to come to get dinner, we can eat ramen...Oh what am I saying!"

"I would love to eat dinner. I haven't had ramen in a while..." Sasuke said.

End flashback...

They had struck up a deal that evening when they were having ramen. Sasuke sat by the window. And Naruto sat beside him so he didn't have fan girls snuggling him. They also agreed to train together sometimes. And a friendship was formed.

"Hey Sasuke. You still up for that...Ahem, activity tonight?"

"Mm hm!" Sasuke whispered grinning evilly as he reached into his pocket to see if the bottle (with contents I shall not name yet since you'll find out next scene) was still there. He grinned even eviler making everyone who saw it shiver.

"We get that clan first then the other people..." Naruto whispered no one able to hear him.


"Ahem..." They slowly turned their heads towards Iruka. "I'm not teaching the art of pranks. I'm teaching you how to be a shinobi...One day..."

"Yes Iruka sensei..." They both chanted. Then pulled out pieces of paper and wrote pranks on them, they giggled as they made plans to get rid of the rest of Sasuke's fan club for good. ('Cept Sakura and Ino...)

Naruto and Sasuke got ready to put their plan into action...To say that some people were mad…Well we can just say it was the understatement of the century…

Inoichi stormed into the Hokage's office. "THOSE BRATS! LOOK AT WHAT THEY DID!" He screamed turning around taking off the hat he had been wearing.

The Hokage looked at the clan head his lips twitching while he coughed trying not to make the Yamanaka clan head even more upset. "I see." He said after a large effort not to laugh. But he just couldn't help it… "Pink…It makes you look very…much like a woman." A vein throbbed in Inoichi's forehead. "Did you try washing it out?"

"YES I DID!" Inoichi yelled then stormed out of the office making sure to knock some things off the walls as he slammed the door. Four more unhappy visitors came and yelled at him, and he knew it was just a matter of time before the ones behind it all came yelling down the hall. And soon enough…

"LET US GO!" Naruto yelled as he was dragged down the hall.


The Hokage sighed. "Here they come…" The door opened and he stood to see the two, bound by rope, and screaming, over his paperwork.

"Hello again Naruto, Sasuke..." He said with a sigh. "Boys you've been in her five times already this week, and it's only Tuesday…Why do you make my stacks of paperwork higher?" He asked, sounding like he was on the verge of crying.

"Because, we wanted to get rid of the rest of Sasuke's fan club, they're really annoying!" Naruto answered truthfully.

"So now we're purposely letting out the part about me being a part of the pranks."

"We at least hope that their fathers with ban them from trying to marry him..."

"Or maybe even take them out of the academy completely."

"Well that's what we hope happens..."

"Why..." the Hokage asked going into a corner that suddenly became darker so he could sulk.

Naruto groaned. "Hey old man..." Sarutobi looked at him. "If you're going to sulk in the corner then can you at least let get us out of this rope?"

"No. You make my paper work stacks higher...Therefore you sit there for a while..." Sasuke and Naruto sighed. When they finally got out Sarutobi had finished an entire stack of paperwork and it was Dark outside other than the moon.

Naruto and Sasuke walked along. They found the place they were supposed to split to each go home and Naruto stopped.

"Ummm Sasuke...Would you stay the night...I don't want to be alone tonight..." Naruto said.


"I don't want to be all alone tonight. So please stay with me?"

Sasuke smiled. "Alright."

"Thank you."

"You're welcome!" Sasuke said a smile still on his face.

Sasuke lay in Naruto's sleeping bag. He had run home, packed a little bag, run into Itachi's room, told his brother to tell their parents about his sleep over, and run back outside to meet Naruto. Over all he was tired after all of it. But they enjoyed ramen and a nice little chat about how to get rid of any of the fan girls that the hair dye hadn't gotten rid of. Everyone that had heard them as they cackled evilly shivered. By the time they had decided it was time to call it a night, they had about five pages of pranks...

Naruto sat up from bed to smell something good cooking... "D-do I smell home cooked breakfast?" He asked drooling.

"Yes Naruto. My mom taught me how to cook to an extent." Sasuke answered him from the kitchen.

"It-it smells so good!" Naruto complimented as he took in a whiff. "But...You do realize I want ramen right...?" He felt Sasuke's glare all the way through the wall. "Hey I was kidding!"

"Yea whatever. We need to hurry and eat then we've got to get to the academy."

"Yea whatever." Naruto said.

"Don't 'Yea whatever' me!" Sasuke yelled from the kitchen. "Anyways, come eat."

"Yea, yea, yea I'm coming..." Naruto got his feet on the floor, or rather the sleeping bag onthe floor. He stood, instantly regretting it as he swayed back onto the bed. His over-training always seemed to get to him the second day after the over-training. But even so he got up and forced himself over to the table he sat there dosing slightly.

"Are you ok?" Sasuke asked rubbing the bags under his eyes. But Naruto didn't hear him already being asleep. "WAKE UP AND EAT SOMETHING!" Sasuke yelled but not even his yelling woke him up so he ate. Naruto still didn't wake up. "Meh, we were up until about five in the morning I bet he only got about an hour of sleep tops..." So he packed Naruto's lunch, grabbed their bags and carried Naruto to the academy collapsing into a seat after putting Naruto down beside him. They both snoozed happily until Iruka shattered their dreams of surpassing a certain brother, and eating ramen. (I bet no one will figure out who was having which dream! No not really it's toooo obvious!)

"I thought we had gone-" Iruka sighed as he heard them snoring away happily once again. "I give up!"

"No...get away from the ramen." Naruto mumbled.

Naruto woke up a few minutes before lunch. "Huh? How did I get here?" He asked.

"Sasuke carried you here. I saw it." Sakura said moodily.

Naruto looked around and notice three of the five girls that had been at the academy were gone. He grinned evilly. By the end of the class Naruto and Sasuke were both wide awake, and they both had about ten more ideas each to get rid of the last two fan girls.

The two sat down for lunch and Naruto suddenly realized something. "Oh no I didn't pack a lunch or eat breakfast..."

"No you didn't but I did, look in your bag." So Naruto looked through the contents and found the breakfast he hadn't eaten.

"Wow, thanks!" Naruto said gratefully before starting to devour his lunch/breakfast.

"Hey slow down or you'll just get sick." Sasuke said with practiced wisdom. But Naruto didn't hear him as he happily inhaled on. Then when he was done smiled at Sasuke as he took the first bite of his lunch. "Why is it when I inhale my food once that I get sick, but you do it all the time and you don't feel anything but full."

Naruto laughed. "I've just had more experience!"

"Yea whatever we've got class again in about five minutes." Sasuke said taking another bite.

Naruto and Sasuke walked their opposite ways to get to each of their homes. They each sighed as they had decided that it was better not to do any pranks for a while. After getting everyone in the Yamanaka clan with pink hair dye they were a little scared that the clan head would attempt to kill them if they met him. So they had decided to play it safe.

Naruto and Sasuke sat tied together in the Hokage's office...for the third time that day...

"How do keep getting caught after all these years?" Sarutobi asked.

"And how do you keep from getting buried under papers? Huh, old man?" Naruto asked

"Why? Why of all the clans...did you have to choose the Hyuga clan?"

"Because it's Sasuke's tenth birthday and he felt like going to prank the Hyuga clan. That's why!" Naruto said. The Hokage sighed...

"Only because that Neji kid has been getting on my nerves." Sasuke grumbled trying to get his hand up to rub his eyes. Naruto had been sleeping over at his house a lot lately, after the first time Naruto had gone over for the night, Fugaku had said get out, but Mikoto had pretty much adopted the whiskered boy...their sleepovers were long nights as they never really got to sleep until about five in the morning...So instead of just sitting there, they put that time to use by training, making up new pranks, and other stuff such as that. All the clan heads by now hated them (Except Fugaku as he had finally grown somewhat attached to Naruto, and well Sasuke was his nephew/son).

Sarutobi sighed. He cut the rope and sat at his desk. "Go." He said trying not to have breakdown as he stared at the new stack of miscellaneous paper work that just suddenly appeared through the door…

The two instantly left hearing the Hokage have breakdown right as they closed the door.

"Why did I ever take this job back?" He asked a poor, random, ANBU that had just gone into his office.

"Ummm Lord Hokage it's not like I want you to leave or resign but have you even thought of resigning?" The poor ANBU asked, trying to be helpful…total fail…

"Yes, I would resign but then Danzo would most likely take my place…" He stared as the ANBU quickly dropped the mission papers off and left as quickly as possible out the window. Sarutobi's face fell into the desk, "Maybe if I take a nap then the paperwork will get to be less…" He said closing his eyes.

Naruto laughed so hard as he heard what happened in the Hokage's office that he fell over. "Oh my gosh that was so hilarious!"

"Naruto…" Sasuke said sighing. "Let's just get to the academy we really aren't allowed to miss one more class this month."

"Fine spoil sport!" Naruto said grumpily as he got up.

They rushed to the academy making it ten seconds before the class started.

"Naruto Sasuke you're lucky, go sit." Iruka said when they opened the door. They dragged their feet over to their seats and sat down or well they tried…Ino was already in one of the seats and so Naruto sat there while Sasuke went to the other side of the room to sit by Kiba, so no sneaky girls could bug him. The next day they were almost late again with an unexpected girl tagging along.

Sakura stood and watched as Naruto and Sasuke high-fived in the doorway, then they went to their normal seats, Sakura following them, and for once sitting in the last seat at the end; they had high-fived for two reasons. And they had a specific reason the three were all late.


Naruto and Sasuke walked toward the academy but they stopped as something flew towards them. The two pinned the poor owl to the nearest wall with more than five kunai...But when they saw it was an owl they laughed.

"Ha! It was only an owl!" Naruto said laughing. He stopped though when he saw Sasuke poking the poor unconscious owl.

"It has something around its leg…" Sasuke said poking the envelope tied around its leg. He untied it and opened the envelope then handed one that was addressed to Naruto, and strangely enough he sighed as there was one for Sakura to. "Hey Naruto this one's for Sakura. I hope I don't have to give it to her." But suddenly Sakura hopped down from the wall in front of him.

"It's for me?!" She asked snatching the letter; she opened and read it out loud...

"Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Headmaster: Albus Dumbledore

(Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorc., Chf. Warlock, Supreme Mugwump, International, Confed. of Wizards)

Dear Miss Haruno,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of necessary books and equipment.

Term begins on September await your owl by no later than July 31.

Yours sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall"

Sasuke and Naruto instantly ripped open the envelopes. They blanked out in shock as they read the exact same letter addressed to each of them.

"What should we do?" Sakura asked.

"The first thing I'm going to do is go see the old man!" Naruto said.

"I'll go with you." Sasuke said. The two started walking away.

"I think I'll just follow you guys..." Sakura said going after them.

The Hokage sat in his office he sighed looking out the window, but looked down to the ground in shocking horror. He saw Sasuke, Naruto, Sakura Haruno of all people walking into his tower then he turned around to face...Paperwork...He stood. "What are you up to?" He asked.

Sasuke sighed and got ready to explain. He took the still unconscious owl out of his backpack. "Nothing, we were going to school and this owl came to us with these." He explained they all held up their Hogwarts letters.

"I see so we still have some magical blood in our village..." Sarutobi mused. "Give me one of those letters." Naruto's hand flew out. The Hokage read it through, a grin creeping onto his face for two reasons...one he had a chance to send the village pranksters somewhere they could wreak havoc but not cause him more paperwork. Two, though a small amount, there was still a bit of magical blood left. Then his thoughts wondered wondering where Naruto and Sakura of all children had gotten magic.

"Hey old man what's going on?!" Naruto said.

"You have all been accepted into a school where you can learn to use a different form of chakra called magic."

"What?" Sakura asked completely puzzled.

"Wait so let me get this straight..." Sasuke started.

"The very school Sasuke's father went to..." Naruto continued.

"Is the school that wants us now?" Sasuke and Naruto finished.

"Yes. I know the headmaster, we are old friends, I have to talk it over with your parents first…but if I get their permission and you want to go then you may. Sasuke, Naruto, and Sakura, I'm going to have some ANBU find your parents and then we'll talk about this new development, I want you kids to wait outside in the hall." He said. Right as he said it three ANBU entered his office.

They sat outside ears pressed to the door.

"Mikoto, Fugaku, Mebuki...Thank you for coming. Now to the point your children each received one of these..." He said holding up Naruto's letter.

"Is that what I think it is?!" Fugaku asked alarmed.

"Yes...Yes Fugaku it is. It's an acceptance letter to Hogwarts. I want to ask you to allow the three to go to Hogwarts. I've already decided that Naruto can go if he wishes." The three parent looked thoughtful. Until finally the silence was broken by Mikoto.

"After some thought Fugaku and I have decided Sasuke can go."

"I to have come to the decision to let them go." Mebuki said.

"Excellent I'll just wake up the little messenger owl..." He said pulling out the smelling salts he kept in one of his drawers just in case he fell asleep and someone needed to wake him up. The owl jumped and squawked at the fowl smell. "Alright...I need you to take this to Dumbledore please." He said tying the letter around the owls leg. Then it flew away.

"There I've asked that Dumbledore send someone to take them to get their school things. Now the children are out in the hall if you want to see them although I want Naruto to come in here.

Well by the time they had talked with their parents or in Naruto's case the Hokage they had about two minutes to dash to the academy if they wanted to get there and still not get detention. Luckily that day they didn't have to do much until after lunch. No one missed them.

End Flashback...

And so here they stood Naruto and Sasuke high-fiving and the three sitting down.

"Can you tell me why you're late?" Iruka asked.

"We just found out we're going to a different school starting September 1..." Naruto said.

"It's located somewhere called Great Britain...Far away from the mobs of girls trying to marry me...Well except Sakura, although I doubt that she'll be as much of a fan girl after we get back..." Sasuke said. Everyone gaped at them, and Iruka's mouth was opening and closing.

"And the Hokage is going to try and have someone teach us while we're there...that way we don't fall behind on our academy studies..."

"Nice try but I'm not falling for that joke."

"But it's true!" Naruto said.

"Fine if you really insist, then I'll ask Lord Hokage after today..."

Iruka stood there. "Lord Hokage, Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura have informed me that they are going to another school is it true?"

"Yes...It is Iruka they have a special type of chakra it is rare but it happens once in a while, the three have what is called magic..."

Hello! I'm back with another fic! ^^ I'm happy to be in here. I wasn't going to start writing anymore fics until I finished at least The Ultimate Digital Adventure...But it was NaNo WriMo so after my sister told me I should do it for NaNo I decide I would do it! So here it is! ^^ I've waited to post it until after NaNo, and only a part of it is NaNo writing but even so I had sooooo much fun writing it! ^^ I hope you enjoyed it. And one more thing the Fox still attacked but it was after Harry/Sasuke was sent to Konoha so I didn't talk much about it even though it still happened.