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Ok so starting this chapter: After about a month Sasuke and Sakura are more casual friends not fan girl and hater. Sakura is also friends with Naruto, even though she had gotten warnings from her parents not to befriend him. She is also more considerate of the feelings of others. Though she still tend to punch Naruto a lot, the three have over all become more brothers and sister relationship...Yea Sakura and Sasuke are also very protective of Naruto, after they learn of just a tiny fraction of things that happen when they aren't around, yea they went and punched a few people...

The Ninja of Hogwarts Chapter Two:

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore...

It was August 25 and Sasuke, Sakura, and Naruto all sat tied together in the third Hokage's office. "Tell me again how miss Haruno got involved with your pranks, and why you had to go on a prank spree today."

"I saw them doing it to the Yamanaka clan once and helped, and then well I kinda decided it was fun…"

Sasuke decided to answer the other question. "We won't be around to terrorize the village for almost an entire year."

"And Kiba, Choji, Shino, and Shikamaru helped to!"

"I'm going to need longer rope by the time you get back…" He pulled out a kunai and threw it cutting the rope. "Oh well…Are all of you packed, you know that someone is supposed to be coming to pick you up today." He sat down at his desk.

"I'm all packed it's all in a bag at Sasuke's house…"Naruto said

"All at my house in a bag." Sakura said

"Mine is with Naruto's by the front door."

"I suggest you go get it and say good bye to people before your escort gets here."

"Bye old man!" Naruto said giving the Hokage a hug. After that, the kids started stumble over the paperwork that still kept piling in, and got on towards the door. But they stopped as someone opened the door. And an old man that could have rivaled The Hokage in elderly looks stepped into the office.

"My Sarutobi you really have fallen behind on your paperwork…" The old man said.

"Ah Dumbledore…I have with these three around to prank the village…" Dumbledore waved something and all of the paperwork moved around, finally hovering in piles before falling onto the ground neat and tidy.

"Sakura, Sasuke, and Naruto, this is Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, you can just call him Dumbledore though."

"Professor Dumbledore, oh and I noticed that someone had set net traps in all of the streets…I would assume it was them…"

"They what?" Sarutobi asked growling.

"We not only set net traps, but we also put itching powder and set it so that our victims get really itchy, but couldn't scratch themselves." Sasuke explained.

"Yea but I had to make those traps…" Naruto said scratching his neck furiously.

"Better you than me!" Sakura and Sasuke said.

"Or any of us." Shino said as he entered the office, Kiba, Choji, and Shikamaru behind him.

"We wanted to see you three before you went." Kiba said, Akamaru giving a bark of agreement.

"Almost a year without the two masterminds for our pranks, what a drag…" Shikamaru said.

"Don't worry we'll figure out some way to send you prank ideas!" Naruto said.

"Here I got you guys each some of these." Choji said holding up two bags full of barbeque flavored chips, and one of ramen.

"Wow! Thanks!" Naruto said. He went forward grabbing the bag as he smiled widely. Getting food from an Akimichi, especially some of their favorite food, and in large quantities, was rare. But it means they really care about you.

"Thanks." Sasuke said as he grabbed his bag of chips.

"Thank you." Sakura said politely.

"Me, Shikamaru, and Kiba all have something too…" Shino said he held out three pouches of practice weapons. "Here…so you can keep practicing your skills."

"Thanks!" Naruto said.

"Thanks!" Sakura said eagerly snatching it up and opening it.

"Thank you." Sasuke said taking his.

"Here!" Kiba said giving each of them a pouch. They opened it and grinned evilly.

"Thank you Kiba…" They all said mischievously.

"But why exactly did you have these?" Sasuke asked.

"My uncle thought it would be funny to give them to me as a prank…I took one sniff and passed out, so go ahead and wreak some havoc!" (Any idea what they are, if not then you'll find out soon…)

"Here…" Shikamaru said handing out a picture to each of them it was a picture of all of the six pranksters plus Akamaru.

"Thanks!" Naruto said happily making sure to hold the picture so it didn't fall. Sasuke and Sakura also thanked him and the three plus Akamaru, left the office.

Sarutobi sighed. "Do I want to know what Kiba gave you?"

"No." Sakura said innocently. "But I'll tell you anyways…Stink Pellets…" She grinned and laughed evilly, Sasuke and Naruto backing away from her in fear.

"I think she's become eviler then when she was still another fan girl trying to marry you!" Naruto said.

"Miss Haruno, I hate to disrupt that excellent little chat you and your inerself are having, but we really must get your things and go, we need to get the shopping for your school things…"

"How did you know I was talking to myself?!"

"You have quite the magical talent…You created another version of yourself, though she is much more…destructive and hot blooded…"

"Is that where she gets the notion to punch you all the time…" Sasuke said.

"What did you say?!" She yelled.

"N-nothing, nothing at all…" Sasuke said.

"Yea whatever we should go get our stuff." She said getting ready to exit through the window like the Hokage hated. But she stopped as Dumbledore grabber her wrist.

"You don't need to go on foot. I will take you all the magical way. Grab onto me and don't let go." Dumbledore said. They did as told and gasped-or tried, as the world turned into a blur of color. When the world stopped spinning Sakura and Sasuke bent over and threw up.

"What was that?" Sasuke asked, right as he bent over, barfing again.

"My, I'm surprised Mi-Naruto, you are one of the few that can do that the first time and not feel sick…"

"I've felt like this plenty of times the second morning after I over train…" Naruto said in a 'no big deal' voice.

"H-how do you do it?!" Sakura asked as she finally stood.

"I make myself alright regardless!" He said. He noticed Sakura and Sasuke stand.

"Great well I've got to go say goodbye to my parents, and get my bags…"

"Bags? I thought you said bag earlier!" Naruto said.

"Not like you did much better, you have five." Sasuke said.

"You have five too!"

"It's going to be a while!"

"H-Sasuke, Naruto, while miss Haruno is getting things done we should get the two of you to your bags…I also must meet the one that will be the new fitness class instructor."

"Fitness class?"

"Yes I have found many of the students are very...weak and could use some work in the fitness category, you two will be working on your special skills during that time."

"Ah so whats the name of this great and powerful fitness instructor?" Naruto asked, suddenly the door to the house opened, and Itachi came out with five bags Naruto and Sasuke couldn't remember being by the door earlier...He walked up to Naruto and Sasuke jabbing them both in the forehead.

"Hello kiddos. Ah and Dumbledore, I'm ready to go."

"Perfect...those bags seem heavy may I?" Itachi put them down and stepped back. Dumbledore put a charm on them to make them move to somewhere. "Perfect how about the other bags." Naruto and Sasuke got their bags and set them in front of Dumbledore. Then he sent them flying off somewhere as well.

"So where exactly did you send them?" Naruto asked.

"To the port key we are going to be taking to Diagon Alley. And speaking of which we should go we really should go or else we'll miss the port key. Boys I want you to go say good bye you have about three minutes before we have to go." Dumbledore said. They hurried inside the house and by the time the three minutes was over...Well Itachi had to grab and pull Naruto and Sasuke out of Mikoto's grip...And Fugaku had been to upset about Hogwarts taking all his children, adopted, not official, biological, or not, away from him...

"We should go before mother and father decide they don't want to let us go." Itachi said grabbing a hold of Dumbledore no matter how much he hated Apparition...Sasuke and Naruto also took a hold of him. They landed in front of Sakura's house and found all of their bags were around an old boot... and Sakura was waiting for them.

"Hey." She said.

"Hi." Naruto, Sasuke, and Itachi said together.

"I see you have all but one of your bags on you already...Alright I need you all to take as many of your bags as possible and touch the old boot. They looked at him weirdly but did as they were told. By the end Itachi had about eight bags, while Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura each had four. Dumbledore had no bags.

Well by the end of the Port Key...Sasuke vowed never to travel by anything but his own feet, or jutsu...So he was happy when they walked into the Inn Dumbledore had arranged for them to stay in for the next six days.

Naruto and Sasuke stared down at the table in disbelief. Somehow Itachi had won at go fish four times and about to go on five. They thought he might be using his Sharingan, but they couldn't tell...

"Naruto, do you have a five?" Itachi asked trying to get rid of his only card.

"Yes..." Naruto said handing it over reluctantly.

"I won. So I get to choose a single thing from each of your packs again..." Itachi said. He went over to Naruto's pack and picked out some ramen seeing how he had gone almost a week without any and well, Naruto doesn't really like sharing his ramen...

"Not fair you were cheating and I know it..." Naruto said. Itachi ignored him and moved onto Sasuke's pack He opened it and eventually decided on chips. By now Naruto was balling like a baby. So to snap him back he poked him on the forehead... Naruto instantly stopped.

"Hey!" He sat up and noticed that Sakura had just walked in and was staring at the scene, while Itachi was looking satisfied and Sasuke was being another bystander.

"Why was someone crying?" Sakura asked.

"Sakura...Itachi took five of my ramen bowls!"

"Itachi why the heck did you do that, especially when you probably knew Naruto would start being a big baby! And YOU! Don't cry, I bet that at least one of those bags was stuffed full of ramen!"

"Actually three..."

"What? Where the heck do you keep your clothes and stuff?!"

"In my other bags wrapped around my photos!"

Itachi looked at his unofficial second little brother, he noticed again that there was something he was hiding. "Naruto...You're hiding something, you always have...what is it, I've always been able to tell behind the smile there's something being hidden." Naruto looked uncomfortably guilty.

"Hardly anyone bothered to try and hide why they hate me so much...No one cared if I found out or not. More than once I've been told right to my face..." Itachi paled, but anger was apparent on his features.

'I'm going to have to talk to the Hokage about this! I could already tell he'd been hiding the worst trying not to be a burden...It makes me so angry, he was told right to his face; and no one cared about his feelings, no one. Well I think I might see if Father and I can find out about adopting him, he already stays at the house enough!'

"Sasuke, Sakura out." Itachi ordered. They left taking glances back.

"What was that about I wonder." Sakura said.

"What Naruto doesn't tell anyone. Not me or Itachi, or anyone...I've heard him at night muttering things I've just never pushed him to say what's going on..."

By the end, when Sakura and Sasuke returned, Naruto had cried himself to sleep on Itachi after he said everything he had never told anyone, everything bad he hadn't bothered to try and tell someone about. And Itachi's blood had boiled the entire time.

"Itachi What did he tell you?" Sasuke asked as he walked in to find Naruto asleep in their brother's lap and that Itachi looked absolutely furious.

"I need to talk to Dumbledore tomorrow Me staying at the castle all school year isn't going to work..." He said a growl in his voice. He got Naruto into his arms stood and put him on one of the beds.

Alright chapter 2 done! Yes! It makes me happy! So, this is kinda shorter, and I feel bad for Dumbledore he's kinda having meltdown because he was very good friends with both James, and Minato, and now he's seeing their renamed clones...Anyways I hope you liked it! ^^ So how does Naruto Uzumaki Uchiha sound? Hope you like because that's what you're getting starting in one of the coming chapters!