Eric dragged a hand up her thigh, under the ridiculous nightgown she had changed into the second they'd gotten home, and dipped his fingers into her panties. Sookie moaned in anticipation. His hands were rough, as if his human calluses were somehow preserved in his immortality. When she had been a young girl the man in her fantasies was always a blue collar with calloused hands, although as she had grown up she had learned that type in Bon Temps was dramatically not her type in reality. As Eric traced lazy circles on her inner thighs that got closer and closer to where she wanted them until finally circling hard on her clit once, breaking up with him suddenly seemed like the stupidest decision she had ever made. Clearly personality defects and good vs. evil matter very little if someone can use their fingers like that. She remembered their first night together, and how she had experienced her first multiple orgasm just at the touch of his hand. She groaned in frustration as he stopped his firm strokes and drew back, only to gasp when he flashed feather-light touches against her swollen, sensitive skin. While it was hard to pick a favorite part of making love with Eric, this would definitely be in the top 5.

After she was reduced to a quivering mess of over-wrought nerves, he finally undid his pants and entered her. As he began to move inside her, she found herself shaking uncontrollably, tears forming in her eyes and beginning to roll down her cheeks. Eric paused, unsure what to do. In 1,000 years of life this was a new experience, but then again, everything with Sookie was new.

"Don't stop," she ordered as sternly as she could under the circumstances, frantically wiping her tears.

He recommenced, measuring the expression on her face with each movement. Her gaze was fixed on his and soon she fell into his rhythm of movement just as he fell into her rhythm of breathing. He knew many vampires who purposefully and uselessly breathed during sex in order to recreate their humanity, or connect with their victims or some such shit. He had never done it, until the first time he made love with Sookie, and somehow, without meaning to, he was breathing in time to the beating of her heart. Objectively speaking, he had had far better fucks in his 1,000 year existence, but absolutely nothing would ever compare to the time he'd spent with Sookie.

Sookie's orgasm shook more tears into her eyes, and Eric struggled to follow her to his own release watching the emotion on her face. With relief more than anything, Eric climaxed silently, feeling further away from her than he'd been before they'd made love. When he rolled off her, Sookie turned away to face the grave again.

"I do love you," she whispered, reaching behind her to take Eric's hand and wrap his arm around her. He stroked her hair idly for a few moments before speaking.

"I need to speak to my sister about our plan. Come, lover."

"I need a minute…to say goodbye," Sookie turned to face Eric briefly, and gave him a slight smile before turning back to face the grave.

Eric pressed a kiss to the top of her head, and made his way back towards the farmhouse. He had taken all of ten steps out of the graveyard when he saw Norah waiting for him in the darkness of Sookie's front lawn. She was pacing anxiously with her arms crossed over her chest. He rushed to her side and wrapped his arms around her. She gratefully returned his embrace.

"How is she?" She murmured, snuggling into her brother. Eric knew Norah was alarmed by her brother's affection for the human, but trying her best to put her opinions aside.

Eric shook his head slightly. "I don't know. I've never seen her like this before." He found himself anxious, a rare emotion for him. He had felt this kind of anxiety only once before, and that had been when he had knelt on a rooftop with Godric just before dawn.

"Well, it's understandable. None of us have ever faced anything like this before, even we who are hundreds of years old. I find myself wondering what I would do…what sort of shape I'd be in…if it had been Salome, and not Bill…"

"Shh," Eric soothed at hearing Norah's voice tighten as she voiced the thought. He had often thought of Norah, and resented the way she had abandoned him for the mysterious, ancient vampire and all the secrets she offered. Having met Sookie, he believed he now understood how a vampire could so fall under the spell of another. If he could be so at the mercy of a human, who was he to judge his sister for losing her sense of reason?

"Truly, it was merciful. What happened to Salome I mean," Norah's voice shook. She stepped out of Eric's arms and resumed her pacing. She visibly tried to regain her composure before continuing,

"I know that I've joked that I was Godric's favorite. But I always knew that I was somehow an afterthought, a companion he made for you when you were getting restless. In many ways Salome felt like she was my mother."

"I know," Eric replied, "And that is why I never for a moment resented your involvement with the Authority, or your religious beliefs, because I knew I was at least partly to blame. I never resented your loyalty to Salome, but I did resent your love for her."

Norah smiled faintly, "You think it is easy hearing you proclaim your love for her?"

Eric looked down at his feet and waited for her to continue.

"Have you considered…are you going to turn her?"

"Obviously you missed the first part of the conversation in which she asked me to kill her should it come to that in order to save our favorite übervamp some guilt should he ever return to his senses."

Norah laughed lightly, "First of all, Bill never had any senses to begin with. And second of all, that's ridiculous and you know it. She was just testing the waters so to speak. She was one breath away from asking you to turn her. Trust me I would know. You'll see."