"Sookie, would you be so kind as to invite me in?"

Sookie took a hesitant step forward. She wasn't sure what her body was doing, whether it was trying to get closer to Eric for his protection, or to Bill to do…what exactly she didn't know but she felt oddly out of control.

"Sookie," Eric cautioned, his hand reaching back to her to order her to stay in place.

"She feels me, Eric," Bill explained, "She feels the call of my blood. Even humans can smell, can practically taste, the divinity of my blood, and the salvation it will bring them."

"Sookie, stay back," Eric ordered, his voice cracking in fear. He could not remember ever having been so afraid, so helpless against a foe so unfamiliar.

"No, let her come to me. Let the children come to me, Lillith said."

Sookie spoke with all the certainty of a Southern Christian woman, "My Lord and Savior said that. Who the fuck is Lillith and why does she think she's God?"

And with that Sookie lunged at Bill. Before Eric could react, she and Bill were locked in a desperate embrace. As Eric struggled to pull her out of Bill's grasp, he heard two sounds that would have stopped his heart had it still been beating: the simultaneous sound of Sookie staking Bill and Sookie's throat being torn open. Instead of exploding into a pile of blood, Bill disappeared into thin air, and Sookie crumpled to the ground, blood gushing from her destroyed neck.

Eric grabbed her into his arms, frantically applying pressure to the gaping wound with one hand, attempting to somehow put her back together, while biting into his other wrist.

"I need your permission, Sookie," Eric demanded. Her eyes were wide open in shock and her lips fluttered uselessly.

"Goddamn it Sookie, tell me what to do!" He shook her slightly and her head lolled from side to side, her eyes drifting shut.

"500 years," he thought he heard her whisper and that was enough for him. And with that he poured his blood into her mouth.