A/N: Aaaaaah, it feels so short A But I won't be able to write as much for this as I can for "The Search For Yule" because SO LITTLE TIME. Meaning the chapters will be shorter.
BUT on the other hand, in this I hope to write from BOTH Shizuo's and Izaya's POV including little parts where we see things from an outside perspective like the last bit of this chapter. I'm already liking to write Izaya, actually. He's entertaining~ I'll also be adding little parts of Christmas songs somewhat related to the chapters at the end. This time it is from "When You Wish Upon A Star"~

And so, this time of year has come around yet again as it always does: Christmas. It always seems to begin in early November and run until the end of January. However, I believe that most would think of Christmas as the 24 days building up to Christmas Eve on the 24th of December.

During this period of time, you will see humans act in all sorts of interesting ways. Some are happy to spend time with those they love. Others despair as they cannot find the right Christmas gift or have to spend Christmas alone. A few manages to stay depressed throughout all of winter.

And then there is the person who spends Christmas throwing Christmas trees at you whenever he lays his eyes on you.


Had I not moved just that little bit to the right when I did, the 2 meters tall pine tree flying past me would most likely have knocked me off my feet. Instead I could simply taunt the enraged blond man panting heavily across the street.

"You really shouldn't go throwing around Christmas trees, Shizu-chan. Think of the kids whose Christmas you'll end up ruining." I reached into my pocket for my knife as he walked across the street, ignoring the cars honking at him. "Think of all those families crying on Christmas Eve because they couldn't get a tree."

"That's got to be nothing compared to the people, whose Christmas you have been ruining, right Izaya-kun?"

I chuckled at his response, watching as he took a firm grip on a large "STOP"-sign to his right. That enormous strength of his, allowing him to pull up a steel pipe lodged into the ground with ease, was exactly what made him such a monster. As he swung the sign downwards, I easily danced out of the way, lightly skipping around him.

"Are you perhaps talking about yourself? Did I ruin your Christmas, Shizu-chan?" Once more I had to move out of the way to avoid getting knocked over by the strongest man in Ikebukuro. "Am I really such a terrible person?"

"You're worse!" Shizuo roared, throwing the sign in a straight line, missing me by a few inches before it crashed straight into the window of Russian Sushi. "It's you who's fuckin' up this place. I told you to GET THE HELL OUT OF IKEBUKURO!"

It appeared Shizuo had gone completely berserk, consequently making him fly at me in blind rage. As usual, it posed no problem at all. His moves were easy to read. His mind, however, was a completely different matter. I knew that I only had to hold out for just a few more seconds…

"Shizuo! Fighting is bad. No fight in front of Sushi shop."

A large black man clad in white appeared behind Shizuo, holding him back to prevent him from causing any more havoc. This most certainly also helped me. That meant I could let Simon handle Shizuo while I headed on home. Such a trip to Ikebukuro was all I needed to get in high spirits every now and then.

"Thanks for the save, Simon," I called out to the black Russian before waltzing away from the scene, ignoring the angry frown he sent me. "I will be heading on home. I'll see you around."

I could hear how Shizuo struggled to get free from Simon's iron grasp. I had witnessed the strength of the Russian first hand before and though it paled in comparison against Shizuo's raw, brutish force, Simon knew how to use his strength.


I laughed as I began to run, escaping the scene.

Telling me to get out and then calling me back. You really can be an enigma at times, Shizu-chan.

Meanwhile, a bit away from the heat of the battle, three figures were standing. Having just exited their usual manga store to shop that week's load of new series, they watched as the fight unfolded. The girl with the hat began snickering.

"Oooh, Shizu-chan and IzaIza is going at it again. They really do make a good couple."

"Which part of that makes you think that they could ever be a couple?" the older man with the bandana asked resignedly, rubbing his temples. "Those two will never become able to even breathe the same air without going at each other's throats."

"It's no use. Once she's at it, she can't be stopped." The younger of the males shook his head hopelessly. "I don't think she'll give it up."

"Of course not! It's a maiden's dream!" The other two sighed at her hyped attitude. "Maybe I should do something. It's Christmas, right? You know, "when you wish upon a star", right? That might work, right?"

The boys only had to look at each other for a second before giving their answer. They knew that silently, most of Ikebukuro was with them.


When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires
Will come to you