iCarly - Things Can Change

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Pairings: Sam/Freddie and Sam/Spencer fluff – non-romantic relationship

A/N: Okay, so I'll admit right now to being too old watch this show, but I cried for four days after I watched the finale. I decided the only way to quit moping was to start writing. Now, this isn't my first story, but it is the first time writing in this fandom. Let me know what you think. And FYI, for my purposes, I'm assuming this is their junior year.

Chapter 1

Carly was spending a little time with Spencer while she packed for her trip to Italy. After they finished making each other all emotional, Carly straightened and moved back to her dresser and finished rearranging her things.

"Will you do me a favor?" she asked seriously.

Spencer smiled slightly, "Anything, kiddo."

"Keep an eye on Sam", she shrugged. "I don't know what she's gonna do-"

He nodded. "No problem. It would be nice if she managed to get through senior year without going back to Juvie", he said wryly.

"In her defense, she really thought that pork chop was a free sample." Carly gestured to the right half of her dresser, "That side's empty. If she needs to crash here… tell her she can stay in my room." She gestured around helplessly. "Half the stuff in here is hers anyway", she managed, tearing up again.

He hugged her again. "Aw, don't start with the tears again."

"I can't… help it", he she hiccupped.

"Well, it's a good thing this snot on my shirt is super attractive", he teased.

Carly pulled away reluctantly. She really didn't want to leave her brother alone. She knew she could count on Freddie and Sam to keep him occupied though, and it eased the guilt just a bit.

"I don't know what else to pack", she murmured, looking around her bedroom.

Spencer shrugged. "I'll send anything you missed. Don't worry about it."

"Yeah, and what about when I miss you? I wish I could just bring everyone with me", she sighed.

"Hey, we'll be here when you come back", he reminded, kissing the top of her head. "And you can call, or video chat anytime you want. It won't be forever. And you should be excited to spend some time with Dad. You never really got to."

"I am", she nodded. "Okay, enough crying. Any more blubber time and we'll evolve into whales."

Spencer chuckled, "Right. Okay. We should go downstairs before Sam starts making a blow torch to use on the chicken in the freezer. It's been three whole hours since she had tacos."

Carly sighed and followed her brother out of her room. "She ate the chicken this morning", she said, using the overly patient tone she had developed for Sam's many irrational acts of spontaneity.

"Of course she did", he shook his head in amusement.


Sam got to scream-cry at Lewbert, which would have made her day if she wasn't already so completely miserable over her best friend leaving the country for an undetermined amount of time. They had hugged the entire ride down in the elevator, and then one more time before Carly got into the taxi taking her and her father to the international airport.

She prided herself on not jumping into the car with them and demanding to go with her best friend to Italy. Sam hadn't even taken suitcase inventory to see which one she might be able to fit in – something she had always done since the trip to the Canadian Fat Cake Factory and she almost couldn't cross the border to come home.

But Carly's last request before she got into the car after her father made her pause, and she was once again reminded that this affected more than just her. And those words pounded in her head as she drove her motorcycle around the city for some much-needed, night air.

"Take care of Spencer for me", Carly said quietly as they said their final goodbyes. "I don't want him to be alone. You know he doesn't have any friends his age."

Sam smiled slightly. "That's 'cause most people his age are nubs."

Carly gave a watery smile of her own. "Promise me you'll still come over and stuff. My room is yours if you need it. I cleaned out half the dresser."

"Hey, you know we love Spencer", Sam nodded. "Don't worry, okay? We'll keep each other company until you come back."

"Thank you", Carly said earnestly. "Love you, Sam- be good."

Sam laughed under her breath. "Yeah, yeah, love you too, kid. Try and get in some trouble."

"Bye, Sam."

"Bye, Carls – and don't forget to call Spencer when you land."

Carly nodded. "I won't." And then she was gone.


Needless to say, Spencer was startled to be awakened by noises in his kitchen the next morning. He jumped out of his room with his weapon of choice and found… Sam.

She just blinked at him, and then gestured to the object in his hands. "If I was a burglar, you were going to bash me over the head with a tennis racket?"

"It's six a.m." he groaned. "What are you doing here this early on a Sunday?'

She looked pointedly at the mug in front of her. "I wanted coffee", she shrugged.

"Uh-huh", he muttered warily. "Do you remember the last time you got left alone in my kitchen?"

She scowled. "That was three years ago. I can cook stuff now!" Sam insisted. "Besides, if we're gonna talk about all the fires that happened in this apartment-" she threatened.

"Truce", Spencer declared before she could continue.

She grinned brightly. "That's what I thought. Coffee?" she offered.

He took the cup she offered with narrowed eyes. "You want me to make bacon, don't you?"

"Yes, please", she nodded emphatically, eyes rolling back obscenely.

He went around the counter and nudged her towards the living room. "Stop that and go watch cartoons or something. Hey, how did you get in here?" he asked while digging in the fridge for the package of bacon. "The door is still attached."

Sam smirked. "I picked the lock. I'm gonna go wake up Freddie for breakfast", she announced, heading towards the door.

"Sam, he's asleep-"

Spencer gave up when he heard Sam's battle cry as she kicked the Benson's door open. He snorted at another shriek that he hoped was Mrs. Benson, before some arguing. Several minutes later, the first batch of bacon was in a frying pan and Sam was dragging Freddie in by his ear, pajamas, bed-head , and all.

"Ow, ow, ow- Sam!" he protested.

"Hush! I smell bacon! We're on sacred ground. Hallelujah, Momma's home", she held out her arms, head tilted towards the ceiling dramatically.

"Oh, god-"

"Shut it!"

"Freddie! Have some coffee!" Spencer called.

"Coffee, good", he muttered sleepily, heading to the kitchen.

"Sammm Puckett!" Spencer bellowed.

"Spen-cer Shaaaayyyy!" she yelled back in amusement.

"I have your bacon!" he answered in a British accent.

She trotted into the kitchen and let him drop a slice in her mouth. She groaned happily. "I love you. Let's get married."

"Uh, Sam, are you talking to Spencer or the bacon?" Freddie asked with a grin.

She smiled sheepishly, then she chuckled. "Hey, Spencer can make me breakfast for life. We can go to Vegas right now."

"And that's no more coffee for Sammy", Spencer muttered teasingly, reaching to ruffle her hair.

"Sammy?" Freddie repeated incredulously.

She gasped in horror before whining in protest. "Nobody has called me that since Melanie when we were nine."

"Yep, she claims she didn't want to be nicknamed after a puppy", Spencer grinned. "And since she was pretty much a holy terror until she was eleven, we called her-"

"Spencer, don't you dare", she warned seriously. 'Hurricane Sam' was her least favorite nickname ever – for more reasons than one.

He wisely shut up. "So, who wants more bacon?"

"Bacon me!" Sam demanded.


Spencer corners her in the kitchen later.

"I'm sorry", he says, voice quiet enough to keep Freddie from hearing them over the television. "I forgot."

"It's fine", she shrugged. It would take way more effort than she was willing to conjure up right now for her to pretend that she didn't know what he was talking about.

"No, it's not", he sighed.

"I know you didn't mean it like that", she shook her head. "It's okay."


"I forgive you, okay? I'm not mad. Can we just leave it in the past?"

"You are not a mess", he said seriously. "You've got some messy habits – like sticking your finger in the jar of peanut butter", he teased, nudging her playfully, "But you're not a mess. Okay?"

She smiled slightly. "Okay."


A/N: Alrighty then! First chapter done! Drop me a line. Let me know what you think. I think we should be seeing some Sam/Freddie angsty-ness from Sam's perspective by chapter three. I have it written, I just need to finish the second chapter to make sure that's where I'm going to put it.