I do not own the characters, ideas, and/or places from either Mass Effect or Dragon Age. They are both owned by Bioware. Any original characters in the story belong to me. Any comparisons to other fan fiction or series characters are entirely coincidental and not intentional.

Well here is another new story by me. This time i am completely stepping away from the Warcraft universe and moving onto another medieval world - the world of Dragon Age. This story is a combination of the mass effect and dragon age universes, put together in such a way that they are interwoven completely. This first chapter highlights the various points of interactions between the mass effect species and the races from Thedas. If you are at all aware of the dragon age lore already you might notice several major key events altered or expanded up. Now sit back and enjoy Mass Effect: Crusades.

Ages of Mass Effect: Crusades

Divine Age

1:30 Divine: The asari and salarians come to the aid of Thedas against the second blight. The asari's magic and salarian's intellect would come to turn the tides against the darkspawn all the way until the death of the archdemon.

1:90 Divine: As the second blight winds down, the Chantry sends several envoys to Seheron and Par Vollen to convert the population to the worship of Andraste but were unsuccessful. They found the Salarians to be too scientific-minded to pray on the abstract views of an afterlife and the Asari, whose lifespans were recorded to be upwards of 1,200 years, found the idea of praying to someone hundreds of years younger then themselves laughable.

Glory Age

2:07 Glory: Krogan are first spotted migrating across the Sea of Ash. After witnessing all the atrocities done by the darkspawn during the Second Blight Orlais prepares itself for another war while hopelessly entrenched in battle against the expanding Dalish Elves to the south.

2:11 Glory: The Krogan clans cross the Gamordan Peaks and encounter the elves. The struggling Orlesian forces assume that the Krogan would attack the elves but are horrified when the two forces decide to work together. Backed by their strong new allies the elves push north much quicker then anyone could have expected and sack Val Royeaux in 2:13 Glory. Tales from surviving soldiers indicate that the Krogan have a degree of resilience unheard that allow them to survive stab wounds quite easily.

2:15 Glory: The Exalted March against the elves and Krogan begins and quickly pushes the elves out of Val Royeaux and Orlais and down to the Heartlands. When the Chantry attempts to cross the Heartlands and attack the Dalish capital directly they are surrounded by Krogan reinforcements and slaughtered at the Battle of Val Foret.

2:16 Glory: Pushed back once again by the Krogan and in fear of losing the Exalted March and all of Orlais, the Chantry pleads for aid from the Salarians. Instead of rushing to help immediately the amphibian-like race decides to investigate the Krogan further before making any large decisions. With the only power outside the Chantry besides the Tevinter Imperium staying neutral, the Krogan and Elves appeared to be on the verge of victory. It came as a surprise when the Turians, until then an unknown race from deep in the Donarks to the north, sweep down with a massive army to bolster the besieged Chantry and Orlesian forces.

2:18 Glory: At the battle of Montfort, the Turians manage to separate the Krogan from their Dalish allies long enough for Halamshiral to be besieged and destroyed.

2:19 Glory: With the capital of the Dales destroyed, the Chantry and Turians assume that the Krogan and elves would give up but in a surprisingly bold and effective military maneuver, the Krogan army sweeps around the Turian and Chantry forces and retreat across the Heartlands back to the Dales to rebuild Halamshiral. Any further assaults by the Turians or the Chantry are quickly repelled and decimated. Scouts report several large Krogan clans migrating across the Gamordan Peaks towards the Dales.

2:21 Glory: After two years of being unable to strike a decisive blow against the Dalish elves or their Krogan allies, the Turians decide to put everything they have to destroy the "Krogan Hordes" before they spread across all of Thedas. Before the war could escalate any further, the Salarians and Asari come out of hiding to mediate in what would become known as the "Treaty of Tuchanka." The Krogan and Dalish elves agreed to no longer try and seize land from Orlais and in return no further Exalted Marches would be called against them. Many Orlesians and Turians are furious at the intervention and hatred against the Asari grows due to their meddling.

2:25 Glory: The hatred against the Asari reaches the point where they are hunted down. In retaliation the Asari use the powerful magic wielded by their matriarchs to summon all Asari back to Par Vollen. For the next 400 years sightings of Asari across Thedas become rare to the point where they are thought to be extinct.

2:30 Glory: Halamshiral is rebuilt. Orlesian scouts report over thirty thousand Krogan now live in the capital and that any covert actions against them would be impossible. Orlais decides to bolster its southern defenses.

2:50 Glory: The Krogan are fully assimilated into the Dales with several smaller cities springing up around the country. Rather than using Elven names, each of these cities are named after a specific clan with the four cities named Urdnot, Weyrloc, Ganar and Drau.

Towers Age

3:10 Towers: The Old God Toth awakens in central Thedas and the darkspawn quickly run rampant over the land in larger numbers than ever before. As cities in Orlais and Nevarra are besieged, Turian forces gather near the city of Nessum to attack the darkspawn in what would become known as the Massacre of Hunter Fell when they preemptively encounter Toth.

3:11 Towers: Due to the disastrous battle at Hunter Fell, Turian forces retreat north across the Anderfels to the Donarks where they remain for most of the Third Blight guarding their own borders along the Weather Pass while reinforcing their forces.

3:19 Towers: As Orlais is decimated by the darkspawn, surprising reinforcements from the Dales helps turn the tides. The Krogan, who find themselves extremely resilient to the darkspawn taint, push the hordes north out of Orlais all the way to the Arlesans with the Dalish remaining behind the front lines to prevent any surprises by both the Chantry and the darkspawn.

3:25 Towers: The battle against Toth ends where it started at the city of Hunter Fell. Fully recovered from their defeat 14 years ago, the Turian forces work together with Orlais to prevent darkspawn reinforcements from reaching the Old God. Toth is defeated when the salarian Grey Warden Valern stabs it in the heart as it attempts to flee. With the death of Toth and the valiant efforts by the Turians to contain the darkspawn, the Grey Wardens accept Turians into their ranks.

Black Age

4:24 Black: In a controversial decision at Weisshaupt, the Grey Wardens decide to allow Elves and Krogan into their ranks. The Salarians, who had been pushing for this decision for years, praise the decision for allowing a more varied Grey Warden force. Opponents to the decision, including both the Tevinter Imperium and Orlais, claim that allowing such people into the sacred order will doom all of Thedas.

4:35 Black: The Divine, Faustine I, elects Samara to be the first Asari Knight-Justicar of Par Vollen. While the Asari do not have any formal circles for mages the act is seen as a sign of trust between the Asari and the Chantry. Taking her job in stride Samara spends the next several decades rooting out Asari practicing blood magic and summoning demons.

4:86 Black: Morinth is born to Samara. It is noted that even for an Asari her latent magical powers are enormous.

4:88 Black: Twin daughters, an extremely rare occurrence among the Asari, are born to Samara. She decides to name them Rila and Falere after a pair of famous Asari mages during the Second Blight.

Exalted Age

5:20 Exalted: The Elven Grey Warden Gaharel slays the Old God Andoral in single combat. As the Fourth Blight comes to a close it becomes apparent that the earlier prejudices against the newly allowed Grey Warden races are incorrect. In the ensuing years a record number of Elves and Krogan volunteer to join the ancient order, leading to an explosion in the number of Grey Wardens on Theda.

5:30 Exalted: Morinth flees from Par Vollen after enthralling hundreds of Asari to her will using blood magic. Knowing just how dangerous her daughter could be to Thedas Samara leaves her two other daughters in the care of a close friend in order to track down Morinth. Over the next couple hundred of years Samara would come close time and time again to catching Morinth only for her to slip away at the last second.

Steel Age

6:25 Steel: The Quarian migrant fleet is seen approaching the Rivaini port city of Seere. They claim to be fleeing from the Qunari hordes to the east. Having never heard of the Qunari, Rivain does not believe them and attempts to eradicate what they see as an invading army. Before any substantial force could be gathered the Quarians flee back to their ships and head south around the Free Marshes to the Dales, where they are welcomed by the Dalish Elves and Krogan for their resourcefulness and intellect.

6:28 Steel: With the introduction of the Quarians to their lands, the elves and Krogan experience a reign of prosperity felt nowhere else in Thedas. New and exotic methods of metallurgy are discovered and the Dales are now regarded as one of the strongest powers in all of Thedas.

6:30 Steel: The Qunari manage to easily land on Par Vollen, taking the Asari by surprise. While quickly conquering the eastern half of the island, reinforcements from the Salarians on Seheron manage to hold the Qunari forces back long enough for almost all Asari to flee Par Vollen west to Seheron. Those that remain commit suicide rather than convert to the Qun, greatly impressing the Qunari forces.

6:45 – 6:60 Steel: In a series of land and naval battles throughout the Boeric Ocean, the Qunari are repulsed from Seheron. Unable to take the island, the Qunari head south. Within two years they had conquered most of Rivain, Antiva, and the Tevinter Imperium.

6:65 Steel: In the crushing battle of Weisshaupt, the combined Turian and Anderfel armies drive back the Qunari forces. This is regarded as a turning point in the Qunari expansion westward.

Storm Age

7:20 Storm: The Quarians begin attempting to replicate the golems created by the Dwarven Paragon Calidin through trial and error.

7:39 Storm: The first Quarian golems are created. Dubbed 'Geth' they are put through a series of tests to determine their overall effectiveness. After several months it becomes clear that the Geth are capable of learning outside their created perimeters, intriguing the Quarians as well as the Dalish Elves.

7:41 Storm: The Quarians are mystified when several Geth ask 'if they have a soul.' When the Quarians are unable to answer it, due to several philosophical and scientific reasons, the several thousand Geth in existence decide to leave the Dales in order to answer this question. Before they leave they vow to return when they have the answer.

7:50 Storm: With the New Exalted Marches against the Qunari managing to push them back to Par Vollen, the Asari and Salarian decide on their next course of action. Seeing retaking Par Vollen to be impossible, the Asari decide to stay on Seheron with their Salarian allies.

7:52 Storm: The Asari city of Thessia is founded on the southern tip of Seheron in memory of their capital city on Par Vollen.

7:84 Storm: The Llomerryn Accord is signed proclaiming peace between all parties except the Tevinter Imperium and the Asari tribes. Before signing the treaty the Qunari demand that the Quarians return to their homeland. They say that Quarian means "those who create" in Qunlat and that their flight to Thedas is what brought the Qunari over.

7:85 Storm: The Treaty of Illium is signed between the Asari and Qunari. It states that the Qunari will allow the Asari free access to Par Vollen for trade and pilgrimage purposes and will not attempt to convert them to the Qun unwillingly.

7:86 Storm: As the revelation that the Quarians are responsible for the Qunari War spreads, tensions against them begin to rise. Knowing what happened to the Asari centuries ago the Quarians quickly retreat back to the Dales before any actions can be taken against them. To atone for their perceived mistakes in causing many thousands of deaths the Quarians begin wearing ceremonial outfits and hiding their faces with hoods and masks. Despite their attempts, the Quarians are removed from the Grey Wardens and forbidden from becoming templars.

Blessed Age

8:09 Blessed: Liara T'Soni is born to the popular and powerful matriarch, Benezia T'Soni, in Thessia. The continuing of the T'Soni lineage is seen as an omen of great fortune for the Asari.

8:14 Blessed: Turian and Andersfel observers sight ships on the Volca Sea in western Thedas. When contact is made near the city of Laysh the travelers, who call themselves Drell, say that they are all that are left of their people after their lands turned to sand and dust. When Chantry interpreters ask how far they sailed, the Drell reply 'for more then thirty days and nights.'

8:16 Blessed: After much deliberation the various powers in Thedas, excluded the Tevinter Imperium, agree to give the Drell full citizenship anywhere on the continent. The Drell are relieved at the hospitality but request that they be given the choice to worship their own gods or the Maker. Although uneasy, the Divine agrees to this request and the Pact of Rakhana is announced.

8:24 Blessed: The Orlesian Empire, under the mad Emperor Reville, launches a second invasion of Ferelden. Attempting to attack by both land and sea, he is furious when his army is utterly decimated by the Krogan, Quarians and Elves as they march through the Dales. While he wanted immediate retribution for this he knew that it would be futile and thus concentrated on sending fleets across the Waking Sea to the ports of West Hill and Highever.

8:50 Blessed: In the middle of the Blessed Age several Geth, whom have not been seen on Thedas for over 100 years, appear in the Dales. The Geth inform their creators that they still have not been able to come up with an answer to their question but have decided to remain separate from their creators even if they do. The Quarians ask what the Geth have been doing but they do not get an answer.

8:73 Blessed: Kaiden Alenko is born to a middle-class family in Rivain.

8:76 Blessed: The Dales begin to covertly supply the Ferelden rebels under the command of Moira the Rebel Queen. With supplies consisting of food and weapons the rebels are able to survive the harshest winter in centuries and strike at the encamped Orlesians.

8:77 Blessed: Several letters from the Orlesian puppet king Meghren to Orlais are intercepted by Dalish elves. The letters indicate that Meghren knows the Dales are supplying the rebels and are potentially breaking the Treaty of Tuchanka. Fearing an invasion, the Quarians are commissioned to construct a way to prevent the inevitable war from reaching Halamshiral.

8:78 Blessed: In a surprising twist, the Orlesian emperor sends a missive to the Dales saying that they will not take action against them supplying the Ferelden rebels. Taking the peace offering with a grain of salt the Dales send Urdnot Wrex, leader of Clan Urdnot, north to figure out what Orlais is up do.

8:80 Blessed: Kaiden Alenko accidentally uses magic and is sent to the circle at Dairsmuid.

8:86 Blessed: Garrus Vakarian is born near the Turian capital of Palaven in the Donarks. In the Tevinter capital of Minrathous a four year old girl whose is known only as Jennifer is brought to the circle. Despite a small and weak body within a couple of years she displays an aptitude for magic far beyond that of anyone at the circle and perhaps the entire imperium.

8:88 Blessed: Jeanne Shepard is born. Urdnot Wrex returns to Halamshiral and informs them that the Orlesians don't seem to be preparing for a war against the Dales but rather the Tevinter Imperium to the north. Five year old Miranda Lawson is brought to the Kirkwall Circle of Mages. As she is dragged into the Gallows she screams that her mother never leaves her daughters in danger and that she would save her.

8:89 Blessed: Tali'Zorah, daughter of Quarian Rael'Zorah, is born in Halamshiral. In a surprising coincidence the Divine, Beatrix III, states that the punishment of preventing Quarians from serving the Chantry as templars or being Grey Wardens was overly harsh and overturns their earlier expulsion. While a majority of Thedas still blames them for the Qunari none of the major power speaks out against the Divine's decision.

8:90 Blessed: Merrill is born to the Alerion Clan in the Dales. Within a few years she shows a gift for magic and is promptly given to Keeper Marethari of the Sabrae Clan for tutoring.

8:92 Blessed: Against the wishes of her mother, Liara T'Soni is allowed to travel outside of Seheron in order to research pre-Andraste civilizations. While she leaves on strained terms with her mother, several letters and visits over the following years mend the tensions between them.

8:96 Blessed: After ten years in the Tevinter circle Jennifer overhears some of the templars discussing the ongoing efforts by the Archon to use blood magic to bind her to his will. In a fit of rage she murders every templar in the circle and escapes from Minrathous, but not before killing over three dozen magisters. A price of 5,000 sovereigns is put on her head by the Black Divine.

Dragon Age

9:00 Dragon: The Ferelden rebels, led by the young but experienced King Maric manage to successfully overthrow Orlesian rule due in no small part to the supplies trickling eastward from the Dales.

9:05 Dragon: Garrus Vakarian is recruited into the Turian army. He shows a natural tendency for long range combat and is inducted into the Turian Ranger Corps where he goes on to excel in all forms of ranged combat.

9:07 Dragon: Jeanne Shepard begins her training as a chevalier despite her non-noble upbringing. Unable to accept a commoner becoming a chevalier several of her fellow trainees ambush her when she is training one day. When the instructors heard the sounds of fighting and investigated they found her surrounded by several badly injured male trainees with only a few scratches on her own body. As rumors of her strength and ability reach across Orlais several important military commanders take notice.

9:08 Dragon: Noted Salarian biologist, Mordin Solus, claims to have discovered a major breakthrough concerning the taint spread by the darkspawn. He does not answer questions, claiming that there is still a lot of work for him to do. Before the end of the year Mordin leaves Seheron for mainland Thedas in order to study the darkspawn. He protests against any bodyguards or protection, claiming it would affect his ability to conduct research.

9:10 Dragon: Jeanne Shepard finishes her training as a chevalier. At her knighting ceremony she is proclaimed 'the best female chevalier since Aveline herself' and offered templar training by Knight-Commander Martel of Orlais. After a few days of internal debating she accepts.

9:13 Dragon: Present Day. Jeanne Shepard completes her training as a templar.