So this is a story that was requested by Evil-pain, since he has been a very dedicated fan since Blue Eyed Lovers. Not sure how he felt about All for Her, I decided too go out of my way too give him a story he has always wanted. I will do this for all of my more dedicated fans if they want, though I will only do 2 at a time they will all last about 15-20 Chapters on average. I hope you all enjoy the new story that is dedicated too Evil-pain. Thanks for the support man!

Painful Love

Chapter 1: The Night Before

The now 14 year old Naruto walked up too the door of his pink haired teammate knocking on it quickly. He stood there waiting until she finally came too the door, "Hey Sakura-chan.. I was wondering if you wanted too get a drink with me since I leave tomorrow. Good thing about Baa-chan being the Hokage, she lowered the drinking age since she likes too drink so much and wants more drinking buddies."

Sakura looked at him then shook her head no, "I have too stay here in case Sasuke comes too ask me on a date idiot. Go away."

Naruto looked down, he hoped it wouldn't be like this again tonight. He had been successful in his mission of retrieving Sasuke at the Valley of the End. Naruto stayed around the village to make sure the teen he considered his best friend didn't run away again. Keeping his friend here came at a price, Sakura was back too treating him as if he didn't matter again.

Naruto looked up at Sakura with pleading eyes, just once he wished she would see him and not Sasuke. He knew that it was a pointless dream though, who was he compared too the great Sasuke Uchiha. Naruto gave her a small smile, "Okay Sakura.. I will see you when I get back from my training trip then.."

Naruto left as he heard her close the door, not even hesitating. Naruto wondered if she picked up on how it hurt, he then figured that she just didn't care. Naruto walked over too the old Uchiha Clan Estate and knocked on Sasukes door. Naruto stood there waiting until his raven haired friend opened the door, "Hey Sasuke, since I leave tomorrow I was wondering if you wanted too get a drink with me tonight..."

Sasuke looked at Naruto then closed the door without a word. Naruto just looked at the ground, "Why did I even save him.. he said I was his best friend that day.. now I am nothing too them again."

Naruto just put his hands in his pocket before heading to the underage bar. They were allowed to drink under 18 now, but they had a set limit that they were allowed. Naruto walked in and looked at the barkeeper, "Bottle of vodka please.."

The man nodded as he grabbed it out and Naruto paid him for the bottle as he sat down. The older bartender looked at the young shinobi, "Thats your limit Naruto, don't ask me for more later."

Naruto nodded his head as he opened the bottle then poured himself a glass, staring at it for a moment then swallowed the whole glass in one go. Naruto smiled as the hard drink made his problems somewhat disappear for the moment. Alcohol did not make him get drunk, something he learned quickly, but it made him feel better momentarily at least.

He sat there drinking for about an hour, half of his vodka was now gone and he was still feeling like crap. His team, all of them, didn't seem to give a damn about him. Sakura instantly was like fresh out of the academy, Sasuke being the saint and Naruto being the fuck up. Sasuke resented him for bringing him back too Konohagakure when he desired power so much. Kakashi, never really cared about him too begin with so why would that get better with his favored student being back.

Narutos thoughts made him feel worse, how could he consider them his closest people other then Iruka and Tsunade.. it was just sad. Naruto sighed and poured himself another drink and swirled it around in the glass. The door opened and an angry young kunoichi walked into the bar.

Naruto looked over and saw who it was then looked forward, he didn't know what she was angry about but it shouldn't concern him.. so he thought. The young blond Yamanaka heiress came over to him specifically and he sighed, "Look.. whatever I did I'm sorry okay.. just don't yell at me tonight. I am having a bad enough night as it is.."

Ino looked at the other blond from the Konohagakure 12. She had come too yell at him for refusing a mission with her, she had taken it as a insult. Though he looked like hell right now, "Naruto.. maybe you should stop drinking."

Naruto smirked a little as he took a drink out of his glass, "Why should I, its not like I can get drunk."

Ino sat down next too the other blond and ordered herself a apple martini. Naruto looked at her through the corner of his eye then looked forward again. Ino continued too look at the blond boy though, worry for her somewhat friend was taking over her, "Naruto whats wrong?"

Naruto swirled his glass again before drinking some of it, "Nothing is wrong.. everything is great. Whats wrong with you, your not yelling at me and hitting me. Its very unlike you."

Inos eye twitched, it took everything she had too not hit the teen. She also knew he was lying to her, "Don't lie to me Naruto."

Naruto swirled his glass some more then placed it down on the bar, "Fine.. not like it matters anyways.. I thought bringing Sasuke back would make things better after time. I understood he was angry with me for disrupting his little plan to run away but he still won't talk too me outside of missions. Sakura hates me, I did what she asked.. nearly died doing it but she treats me worse then ever now. The two people I had become really close with my age just hate me again.."

Naruto took a drink of his vodka then looked at the cup, ".. I leave tomorrow for a training trip with Jiraiya-sensei. Everyone knows that I am leaving tomorrow, yet no one wants too spend time with me. I guess none of them care though, especially my team.. Iruka took me out too Ichiraku for dinner. That made me want to spend time with them, they both turned me down though. Sakura saying I am an idiot and Sasuke wouldn't even speak too me.. Kakashi never really cared, Sasuke was his favorite, I was just there because I had to be in his eyes.."

Naruto had a sad smile as he just stared at his vodka, "Am I really that bad too be around? I mean.. am I really so hated and irritating that even the ones I thought were some of my closest friends can't stand me?"

Ino had pity in her eyes as Naruto looked at her, he didn't want that though, "Don't pity me Ino.. I don't want someones pity.."

Ino had never been close to the blond teen, when they were in the Academy everyone treated him like trash. The girls that were obsessed with Sasuke were much worse then the rest too him, including her. Sakura had to be one of the worst ones though, she never understood what Naruto saw in the pink haired kunoichi, "Naruto, what do you see in Sakura? I mean.. you have always been obsessed with her.. why?"

Naruto looked at the glass as he sighed, "I.. I don't remember anymore. There was a time where if you asked me I could give you a list of reasons, now I can't remember what they are."

Naruto looked at the bottle and poured some more into the cup as Ino took a drink from her martini. He sighed as he looked up at the light, "Maybe I just won't come back too Konohagakure.. whats there too really come back for.."

Ino looked offended again as she slapped him in the back of the head, "What are you talking about, what about me, Shikamaru, Choji, Lee, Neji, Hinata, Kiba and everyone else! Do we really mean that little too you?"

Naruto looked over at her, "You all mean everything too me, but I mean nothing too you. Look around.. are any of our friends here right now? No.. the only reason your here is that you came here too yell at me for something.. no one cares about the demon boy."

Naruto looked back at his drink then swallowed the whole glass again, he finally called himself what all the adults did. The demon, abomination, freak, plague and all the other words they used too describe him.. that is if they even said him, usually they called him 'it.' Naruto just sighed, "Why are you here Ino, I know your not here too spend time with me.."

Ino looked at the blond teen boy, he had a point.. everyone knew he left tomorrow yet no one was with him except Iruka. Ino had completely let it slip her mind, it involved Naruto and they never were really that close. Ino looked at her drink, angry with herself for making Naruto feel even worse by her last statement, "Naruto.. I.. I'm sorry I forgot.."

Naruto just shook his head no, "Don't apologize Ino.. we were never close.. I didn't even think you considered me a friend, maybe an acquaintance at the most. So.. why are you here really?"

Ino looked at her drink as she finished it and ordered another, "I.. I was going to yell at you.. for refusing a mission with me. I forgot you were leaving, I thought you were insulting my abilities as a shinobi.."

Naruto smiled a little as he looked at his cup, "Yeah that sounds about right, can't believe I am going to miss being yelled at by you while I am gone."

Ino looked at him with a small smile, he had become so calm after the battle at the Valley of the End. She couldn't believe how calm he had truly become now. She didn't understand why they didn't hang out more, he wasn't bad too be around. He was always willing too listen and help with whatever he could, something rare with boys.

As Ino looked at him, she didn't know what it was but he looked attractive too her, even more attractive then Sasuke. "Wait what did I just think.. its got to be the alcohol.. yeah that has to be it."

Naruto took a hit straight out of the bottle then poured himself a drink in the glass and that was the end of his alcohol. As Inos martini was refilled the bartender told her that was her limit and she nodded at him. They both drank their drinks and got up too leave, Naruto opened the door for her as she walked out as well.

Naruto exited out after her and looked up at the full moon that hung overhead, illuminating the streets for him too walk home too his run down apartment complex. Naruto looked over at Ino, giving her a soft smile, "Well.. thanks for spending some time with me Ino. Whether you wanted too or not.. it was nice. I will see you when I come back in a couple of years."

Naruto turned too leave but was stopped as Ino grabbed his hand turning him and planting a kiss on him. Narutos shock slowly subsided then kissed her back, he figured that it was the alcohol in her and that she wouldn't remember in the morning.

Ino broke the kiss from Naruto as they both blushed and Naruto stuttered out a sentence, "Why.. why di.. did you kiss me?"

Ino shrugged her shoulders as he put her hand on his cheek, "I wanted too.. I want too do more for you Naruto.. I want too show you that you matter too someone."

Naruto looked at her and back away before he gave into the blond teen girl, "Your drunk, I will walk you home so nothing happens too you."

Ino stomped her foot down on the sidewalk, "I AM NOT DRUNK! TAKE ME TOO YOUR PLACE NOW OR I WILL FIND MY WAY THERE IN THE DARK!"

Naruto stared at her and sighed, he would let her sleep at his place. Naruto would just sleep on his couch, "Fine.. come on Ino."