Rin ran around the rocks, being chased by Jaken who was desperately trying to catch her in their game of one sided tag. Poor Jaken was always on the losing end because of his short stature and inability to catch up with Rin, and Rin always playfully laughed at him when he'd fall on his face.

This time, however, he managed to tap her foot as he fell at her feet, effectively making her 'it'. "Great job, Master Jaken!"

The little green demon got back on his feet, angrily stomping on the ground, "You silly girl! Laughing at me when I'm in pain—oh? I tagged you?"

Rin nodded, "Yes, now I will chase you!"

"Please Rin could you give me a head start? I can't keep a good distance…"

The little demon wiped sweat from his forehead, and Rin granted his request, "Of course Master Jaken, I'll count to five and you run."

And this Jaken did. Once she covered her eyes he'd already taken off like a bat out of hell for the larger rocks nearby.

"One…Two…Three…Four…Five! Here I come Master Jaken!" Rin ran off in the opposite direction. She did that on purpose, in order to give Jaken a better chance at avoiding her.

As she went around looking for the little demon master, she instead found someone else. "Lord Sesshomaru!"

The dog demon was standing near a large rock next to Ah-Un, and he was starring off into the distance, the fabric of his robes going along with the breeze. Upon hearing his name, Sesshomaru didn't move his body, though his golden yellow eyes shifted in the child's direction.

"My Lord, Master Jaken and I are playing tag and I'm it! Want to play too?"

Sesshomaru closed his eyes, "I'm not one for such childish games, Rin."

"You sure my Lord? I'm sure it'd be more fun with you involved," Rin said with a smile.

The great and prideful Sesshomaru couldn't even contemplate being involved in a silly game of tag, he faced away from Rin. He wouldn't tell her no to her face, so his silence would have to suffice.

"Please Lord Sesshomaru? Just once?" She pleaded, and Sesshomaru opened his eyes at that request.


As soon as he started his sentence he felt Rin tap his right hand, she somehow getting around him and he not detecting it.

"You're it Lord Sesshomaru!"

The faint sound of Jaken's footsteps were heard and Rin ran off before anything else could be said, and as she went and hid behind another cluster of rocks when Jaken came out waving his Staff of Two-Heads. He stopped atop the rock behind Sesshomaru, "Excuse me, Lord Sesshomaru, but have you seen Rin? She's out to get me I swear—eh?" Jaken looked towards Sesshomaru and froze in his tracks as the dog demon glared at Jaken.

Jaken was sweating buckets under the ice cold stare of his master, "Uh, my Lord…is something the matter?"

The next thing Jaken knew Sesshomaru's fist came and landed with a great deal of force on the top of his head. BWOK!

Jaken groaned in pain and fell off the rock right at Sesshomaru's feet, while the larger demon stood over him, looking somewhat pleased with himself.

Rin had been watching what happened and called out, "Lord Sesshomaru tagged you, Master Jaken! You're it!"

Too bad Jaken was not really conscious to hear her.