The Ski Slopes By: Greegrue Steepaploe

He sniffed the crisp, cold air of the mountains and looked at the majestic panoramic before him. Today, he was gonna ski. Oh yeah. Ski a free man. He just hoped that the Abominable Snowman wasn't lurking about. And with a cool air of confidence, he took off down the slopes.

"Hey watch it, asshole!" some amateur woman yelled after him. He couldn't help he showed everyone up. He hit a ramp and did a couple of body contortions, boosting his overall style. When he landed, he accidently bumped a stray dog that happened to be walking by, but all he did was sit down and bark. Or so he thought.

"Heads up, dude!" some punk snowboarder called out to him, as he skied under the skilift. The punk did a daredevil trick and nearly landed on him. 'Oh, that bastard,' he thought. He kept on sking, trying to make good time, for no reason that he could see other than to prove to everyone on the slope that he kicked ass.

He passed the checkpoint and was satisfied with his score. So satisfied, in fact, that he didn't notice he was too deep down the slope, to the point where there were no more dogs, slow skiers, or punkass snowboarders.

"Huh.what is that!" he shouted as he saw movement in the brush to his right. The Abominable Snowman crashed through the brush, making a loud bellow. The Master of the Slopes skied as fast as he could while doing flips off the ground, but to no avail. The Abominable Snowman leaped onto out hero, and devoured him. He then danced a merry jig for what seemed like eternity.


I was cruising through the categories and happened upon this one. I just had to write a story, based on my memories with the game.