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Black Sheep 4-Ever

Saturday, 1st of December 2012

Robin woke up in his bed in Titans Tower, smiling at the familiar sight of the room. His smile widened when he felt a warm body behind him, and that his head was resting on a muscular arm. He rolled over, nuzzling up close to the man, breathing in his scent. That lasted for about four seconds and then the man in question grunted and sat up.

"Get back here, Tiger, you can cuddle with me once in a fucking while!" Robin growled and made a grab for the mercenary as he swung his legs over the edge of the bed.

"I could, Princess, but the bed would get rather wet in a moment or two," Slade smirked as he stood up and stretched.

"Ew. But get back here when you're done!" Robin called out as the man disappeared into the bathroom.

The teen rolled over on his back, stretched a bit himself and smiled. It was Saturday, he was off duty, unless something big happened, and he wouldn't mind spending the rest of the day in bed with Slade. The man returned not long after, so his wish seemed to be coming true. Robin had barely settled against his lover's chest, however, before the mercenary opened his mouth.

"So do you want to be on your back, or…?"

"Can't we just cuddle and be lazy instead of fucking for a bit?" the teen objected.

"How about the best of both worlds?" Slade suggested.

"What do you mean?"

"You cuddle, I fuck."

The teen rolled his eyes. "Funny man. And I saw through you, you know…"

"What?" the mercenary asked innocently.

"You waited for me to wake up. That was pretty sweet."

"A few more seconds and you would have ended up on the floor," the man snorted.

"Aaaawwww…" Robin teased him.

"That's it! On your back!" Slade ordered.

"How about if I remind you of what we'll be doing in two weeks?" the teen leered.

"Damn. You just wasted a perfectly good hard-on."

"Feel like cuddling now?"

"Actually… yes," Slade grumbled.

Robin laughed and buried his head in the crook of the man's neck. "Poor Tiger."

"It was one of the worst pieces of news I had in my life," Slade said grimly.

"It was just slightly unexpected."

"Batman dying by being garroted by a crazed piano-tuner in drag would be 'slightly unexpected'. Batman knocking up my daughter on their honeymoon is a disaster."

"I'm going to check your closet for a really big dress and piano wire now…" Robin muttered.

"The only thing you might find is a really small skirt and a pair of handcuffs," Slade smirked. "And neither is for me."

"In your dreams."

"Or whenever I can get you drunk."


Slade grabbled Robin, pulled him on top of himself and pushed him down his body. "Nine thousand eight hundred and eighty seven."

"I guess I had that coming," the teen admitted and licked and kissed his way down the man's lower abdomen.

"Less apologizing, more sucking… and I'm feeling very unforgiving," Slade told him before leaning back against the headboard with a small smile on his face. He wondered if he could keep Robin in bed with him all day. He decided to give it a try.

The hero gave up the attempt before lunch. Slade probably could keep going, but Robin had reached his limit. After a shower and some food, they went on to their second favorite physical activity; sparring.

Robin had considered himself a good fighter when he had first met Slade, but the man had, to some degree, crushed that illusion. After they had began working together, however, they were also training together, and the teen knew he had gotten better. Much better. Maybe a tad more brutal as well, but that couldn't really be helped.

"First to three?" Robin suggested after they had warmed up.

"Sure," the man shrugged. "I'm guessing not full contact?"

"That wouldn't be fair, would it?" Robin snorted.

"Life isn't fair," the man smirked and suddenly tried to kick the teen's legs out from under him. Robin jumped at the last second, however, and grinned back.

"Fine… see if you can touch me…"

The flexibility the man loved that Robin had in bed, was a disadvantage when fighting him. He never seemed to keep still and didn't spend much time on the actual ground either. Slade had his enhanced senses, his speed and meta-human reaction time, however, so when they were both at their best they were pretty evenly matched when it came to sparring. Slade had more power behind his hits, though, so the teen had to work harder. Still, in this game, it was the hit itself, not if it made the opponent unconscious, that counted, and Robin had just landed a nice one on the man's neck.

"One-zero," the teen said, but then, almost immediately, got his breath knocked out of him.

"I've told you before; don't stop and gloat," the man snorted. "Why can you never learn that?"

"Well," Robin said and ducked, "at first it was pretty much because I was surprised to actually get a point… But now," the teen slid between Slade's legs and landed a kick to his thigh, scoring another one, "it's to give you some time to get used to losing."

"We'll see about that," the man smirked, but, once again, Robin was just not where he expected him to be, and a foot landed on the side of his head.

"Three- one, I win," the teen grinned.

"Best out of three?" Slade suggested.

"Naaah… I think I'm just going to gloat for the rest of the day…" Robin snickered. It wasn't the first time he had won, but it was seldom enough to still feel really, really good.

"And you think you'll get away with that?" the man snorted.

"What are you going to do? Hunt me down, wrestle me to the ground and force me to submit to you?" the Titan smirked.

"For starters."

"I still won!" Robin reminded the man. And then he ran.


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