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Title: A Very Half-Blood Christmas – When Percy Got the Best Present Ever

Fandom: Percy Jackson and the Olympians / Heroes Olympus; post both series

PJatO Disclaimer: All rights reserved to Rick Riordan for he created the awesomeness that is Nico di Angelo. And everything else related to Percy Jackson and the Olympians / Heroes Olympus. Aside from the Gods, course. They are all copyright by the old Greeks. This fanfiction on the other hand is entirely mine. No money is made with this, though reviews are more than welcomed.

Warnings: shounen-ai, Christmas-fluff, explicit intercourse, anal, threesome, shoujo-ai, hetero

Main Pairing: Nico/Percy

Side Pairings: Frank/Leo/Hazel, Jason/Reyna, Lou/Miranda, Piper/Annabeth, Chris/Clarisse, Malcolm/Katie, Jake/Will, Kayls/Nyssa, Paul/Sally

Percy Jackson Characters: Perseus Jackson, Nico di Angelo, Hazel Levesque, Jason Grace, Thalia Grace, Katie Gardner, Miranda Gardner, Clarisse la Rue, Frank Zhang, Annabeth Chase, Malcolm Cage, Will Solace, Kayla Hein, Jake Mason, Leo Valdez, Nyssa Black, Piper McLean, Travis Stoll, Connor Stoll, Chris Rodriguez, Lou Ellen, Reyna Anderson, Rachel Elizabeth Dare, Sally Blofis, Paul Blofis, Grover Underwood, Juniper, Tyson, Ella, Mrs. O'Leary, Poseidon, Hades, Persephone

Summary: This year's Christmas, Percy has a very special thing on his wish-list: Nico di Angelo. The question is, will he get the present he wants most...? And will it arrive, just as wished, only clad in a blue ribbon, ready to be unwrapped? Oh, and then there's also his mom's Christmas party...

A Very Half-Blood Christmas

When Percy Got the Best Present Ever

1st December

The morning smelled like cinnamon, chocolate and Christmas trees. As in: The first December finally arrived! Percy woke up with the broadest grin possible on his lips. Johnny Depp smiled down at him from the Pirates of the Caribbean poster on his ceiling. Because he had come to the conclusion that waking up with Johnny Depp smiling at him lifted his mood. Not that his mood on this particular day didn't need any lifting.

"Christmas nears", grinned the son of Poseidon and sat up.

Yawning widely, he stretched. His hair pointed into every direction possible, his pajama-bottoms hung low, his shirt railed up. To make it short: He made Nico's mouth water. Not that Percy knew of the Ghost Prince's presence since Nico was hiding in the shadows. Not in a creepy stalker way... well, not today at least. Last week on the other hand... Shaking his head, the son of Hades tried to sort his thoughts. He should leave before Percy got the impression that Nico was a creepy stalker, that was the important part. Opening the shadows, he left.

Percy rubbed his eyes a bit confused. He could have sworn there had been a figure in the shadows. A flickering. But now it was gone. Must have been his imagination running wild. Yawning again, he finally stood to get out of his bed. The first day of Christmas-month needed to be enjoyed!

Out of his bed, he wanted to make his way out of the room too. Just to fall face-first onto his rather fluffy, blue patch of carpet in front of his bed. Blinking a few times, he turned to look at what he had just been stumbling over. Just to face an advent calendar. He slowly sat up, reaching out for the colorful package with the little doors. He didn't remember having bought one. Frowning slightly, his eyes scanned it's front for the first door. Once the door was found, it was opened.

"Oh my gods, blue chocolate!", squealed Percy in delight.

Fidgeting with the door, he tried with nervous fingers to pop the heart-shaped piece of blue chocolate out. Turning it curiously in his fingers, he sniffed it and, in the end, gave it a lick. Yes, genuine chocolate. Delicious, wonderful chocolate. Purring in delight, he bit a piece off and decided to finally get out of his room and check with the only logical conclusion where it may have come from. Throwing the last bite of chocolate heart into his mouth, he toured the living room to find the person he had been looking for sitting cross-legged on the floor.

"Thanks for the advent calender, Rach. It's really awesome", grinned Percy and sat down too.

"What are you talking about? Are you drunk again? I told you to stop hanging out with those Stolls. All this partying is not good for your brain. It's not like you have that many brain-cells to spare."

"First of all; It's a work-day. I don't go partying with the tricksters on those", pouted the Sea Prince. "And secondly, stop with the insults. There was this advent calendar in my room, see? Since I didn't buy one, I thought it must have been you... It's pretty awesome, got blue chocolate!"

Rachel frowned, putting her paint brush behind her ear and taking the calendar from Percy for inspection. Turning the calendar upside-down, she took a look through the already open door.

"Really, they're blue...", grunted the artist surprised. "I think I never saw blue chocolate before. I wouldn't even know where to get that. Look at the label – what language is that even supposed to be? It wasn't me, really. And why should I buy you an advent calendar? Clarisse had been complaining about you getting too lazy and too chubby anyway. She'd kick my ass for that."

"Clarisse is not my boss", grunted Percy, once again pouting. "We're partners. So she really could stop with that. I'm not chubby! There's not half a gram of fat on my body!"

"I know", grinned the mortal amused. "She just likes to tease you. You know that, right?"

"Yeah well", shrugged the Sea Prince. "She's gotten really annoying since the Giant War ended. All like 'I'll Make A Man Out Of You', as if the next and bigger war is already on it's way..."

"Knowing the gods, it most likely is", muttered the redhead. "Anyway, your mysterious calendar."

"Ah, yes", nodded the son of Poseidon and frowned down at it. "It hadn't been there yesterday. And if I didn't buy it and bring it here and you didn't buy it... Huh..."

"Ah", grinned Rachel broadly. "I think I know who got you a calendar with blue chocolate."

"Really? Who? Tell me!", demanded Percy to know, edging closer.

"Come on, seaweed brain", chuckled the redhead. "But two and two together. Who do you know who's not bothered by doors or walls and who gets to reach every country, even those whose language is unpronounceable to us? All to get blue chocolate for you? Eh?"

"Uh...", muttered the son of Poseidon and blushed brightly. "But why should Nico buy one for me?"

The ginger rolled her eyes and stood, slowly walking over to their kitchen. "Really now? And here I thought you matured some during the Giant War. You're a big boy now, use your imagination. Why should a guy go to another country to get your favorite treat? Certainly not because he wants a sparing match with you. Do I have to call Piper to give you a talk about her realm?"

"Don't be ridiculous, Rach", called Percy after her, glaring irritated.

He too stood and took his calendar, pressing it close to his chest, blushing slightly. It couldn't be that Nico did this because he loved him. Not after everything they had been through together. He used to be like a brotherly figure to Nico and then Nico had hated him for what felt like eternity and then they had been best friends, until the whole trapped-in-a-dungeon-of-Hades-thing had happened, which set their relationship off balance for a little while. And shortly after they had gotten back to being best friends, he had to get kidnapped by Hera. Which kind of set their relationship off for a whole of six months. What came after that was even rougher though... Nico, meeting a memoryless Percy and not telling him who he was... It had made Percy so mad and sad and angry. And then the whole ending of their journey to Rome... Well, that had made Nico angry. They have hit one bump after the other, even after that. Even though Percy would love for there to be more...

Taking the phone from the table, he dialed a number. "Hey, wise girl. I know you're busy with your 'big major of New Athens'-duties today, but you think you have some time for me tomorrow?"

Author's note: Okay, my Christmas present to you all. A Nicercy advent calendar, with one tiny chapter for each day and a dirty longer chapter at the end. ;)
Next, with me having closed/closing/soon closing four of my multiple chapter stories, I've been thinking of starting a new one. Since I'm having soo many ideas in my head, I started a poll to see which of the ideas are most liked by my readers. It won't be started before Christmas, that much is for sure since I'm having enough stress and delays in my updates as it is at the moment. But if you'd check it out, you would be of great help to me, thanks.