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Title: A Very Half-Blood Christmas – When Percy Got the Best Present Ever

Fandom: Percy Jackson and the Olympians / Heroes Olympus; post both series

PJatO Disclaimer: All rights reserved to Rick Riordan for he created the awesomeness that is Nico di Angelo. And everything else related to Percy Jackson and the Olympians / Heroes Olympus. Aside from the Gods, course. They are all copyright by the old Greeks. This fanfiction on the other hand is entirely mine. No money is made with this, though reviews are more than welcomed.

Warnings: shounen-ai, fluff, mpreg, explicit intercourse, anal, bondage, spanking, threesome, shoujo-ai, hetero

Main Pairing: Nico/Percy

Side Pairings: Frank/Leo/Hazel, Jason/Reyna, Lou/Miranda, Piper/Annabeth, Chris/Clarisse, Malcolm/Katie, Jake/Will, Kayla/Nyssa, Paul/Sally, Hades/Persephone

Percy Jackson Characters: Perseus Jackson, Nico di Angelo, Hazel Levesque, Jason Grace, Thalia Grace, Katie Gardner, Miranda Gardner, Clarisse la Rue, Frank Zhang, Annabeth Chase, Malcolm Cage, Will Solace, Kayla Hein, Jake Mason, Leo Valdez, Nyssa Black, Piper McLean, Travis Stoll, Connor Stoll, Chris Rodriguez, Lou Ellen, Reyna Anderson, Rachel Elizabeth Dare, Sally Blofis, Paul Blofis, Grover Underwood, Juniper, Tyson, Ella, Mrs. O'Leary, Poseidon, Hades, Persephone

Summary: This year's Christmas, Percy has a very special thing on his wish-list: Nico di Angelo. The question is, will he get the present he wants most...? And will it arrive, just as wished, only clad in a blue ribbon, ready to be unwrapped? Oh, and then there's also his mom's Christmas party...

A Very Half-Blood Christmas

When Percy Got the Best Present Ever

31st December

"Now kiss!", grinned Percy broadly.

Nico grunted amused as he watched his boyfriend from the doorway. He had come to their bedroom as he had heard the TARDIS sound. And now he found his boyfriend sitting on the floor, the flight control TARDIS happily whooshing and blinking while Percy pushed two figures close.

"What – exactly – are you doing there, love?", asked the son of Hades slowly.

"Uh... Playing with my Christmas presents?", replied the Sea Prince with a bright blush, hiding the action figures behind his back. "It's not my fault mom bought them for me after she heard and saw how happy I was about having the TARDIS!"

Nico nodded slowly, trying not to grin as he picked Rory and Amy up to place them on the shelf next to Rose, Donna, Sarah Jane and K9. Raising one eyebrow, he noticed that 11 and River were laying in a very compromising way close by. Though judging by the way Idris was sitting next to them, this was more by coincident than on purpose. Frowning slightly, he turned back to his boyfriend, who was still playing with his other figures. 10 and Jack were standing hand in hand inside the TARDIS and Percy was still holding Mickey and Martha and blushing brightly.

"Don't judge me! After all the heartache she had with the Doctor, she deserves happiness!", yelped the flustered Sea Prince and stuck his tongue out at him. "And since I neverever got the spin-off about Martha and Mickey: Alien Hunters as I dreamed it, I have to play it out myself!"

"Spin-offs, spin-offs, it's all I hear from you whenever there's a break of Doctor Who coming, huh?", chuckled Nico amused and shook his head. "Aren't Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures enough spin-offs for you? Do you really need more?"

"Of course!", huffed Percy and reluctantly laid his other toys aside. "There can never be enough Doctor Who. And I really hate how 11 never ever ever remembered Jack, Martha or Mickey again. Not even when he had been dying at Lake Silencio! Don't want to die my ass. Only dying with his friends, hah. That's why he only invites the ones he knows the shortest amount of time..." The son of Poseidon pouted and placed the TARDIS and the four figures on the table. "Even though he had known Mickey nearly as long as his beloved Rose! And Jack. No one has ever done more for the Doctor than Jack! He had died for the Doctor, just to be brought back and find the Doctor gone, not even turning to look for him again... And then he died over and over and over again during the year that never was! And he made Torchwood good for the Doctor and saved the 27 planets with him! But that wasn't enough for the Doctor to wish to see him again before he dies?! I just-"

His rant was interrupted by firm lips, Nico chuckling into their kiss. "Calm down, love. I know someone who cares so very deeply for his friends like you do doesn't understand that the writers made such a harsh cut between 10 and 11. You simply have to see those two story-lines as separated things, maybe even as own shows."

"How can I?", huffed Percy, still pouting. "11 had mentioned before his death how he could travel back and help Rose with her homework if he wanted! So he does still remember and care about them. Or is it only Rose? Always only Rose? I really don't get what's all that special about her! Sure, she was a good companion, but so were Martha, Donna, Mickey and Jack!"

"You are so incredibly cute", chuckled Nico and kissed his boyfriend again. "I love how dedicated you can get when talking about that show... So freaking adorable. But we don't have time for this now, we need to get changed or we'll be late for New Year."

"Oh", nodded Percy and stood hastily. "I nearly forgot, damn it!"

"You always do when you play with Jack", muttered Nico, though now he was the one pouting.

The son of Poseidon grinned and turned to kiss his boyfriend again. "You are so freaking adorable when you get jealous over a fictional character. It's not as if he was real."

"We'll see about that", smirked the Ghost Prince mischievously and opened his closet.

Percy frowned past the son of Hades, who was picking clothes out, just to see something gray. "Wait. Is this what I think it is? You are such a..."

"I have no idea what you're talking about. This British army coat from the Second World War had always been in this wardrobe", replied Nico, trying to keep a straight face.

"You are such a horrible perv", chuckled Percy and shook his head. "Really?"

"Well, since you always get all wide-eyed when he's in the show, I though perhaps we could try some role-playing...", shrugged the Ghost Prince amused. "I bought John's uniform for you."

"Oh!", squealed Percy, his cheeks turned red. "We're playing that scene! I like!"

"First some kiss, kiss and then some bang, bang", smirked Nico and wiggled his eyebrows. "And now get dressed, I don't want to miss dinner. Piper is such a good cook!"

"That's mean!", pouted the son of Poseidon. "You can't just suggest such wonderful things and then tell me that I am not getting fucked! You're a horrible person!"

"I know", shrugged Nico unimpressed. "Comes with being the son of Hades. Now hurry."


"Where in the world have you two been?"

"It's nice to see you too, Valdez", grunted Nico and rolled his eyes.

The Latino glared and hit the Ghost Prince's arm. "Piper was starting to get irritated because the food is getting cold and your sister is getting horny again because she had nothing to do! And it's hard to fend her off when Frank has captured my wrists behind my back!"

"That... is more information than I ever needed", muttered the son of Hades and walked past Leo to get to the dining room. "Hello, friends. We are here. We can eat."

"Because all is always waiting for you guys", grunted Clarisse and glared up at him.

"Come on in and sit down, I'm hungry!", complained Jason annoyed. "Reyna hadn't allowed me to eat all day because of tonight! I'm starving, for father's sake!"

"Hah", snorted Reyna and rolled her eyes. "I saw the sandwich you had been eating earlier. Starving my ass. If you would be that way when it comes to being praetor, then Camp Jupiter would be doomed, mister. You can't even wait with dinner!"

"You two already sound like an old married couple", noted Chris and started to serve everyone from the green beans and the rump-steak. "And you guys, sit down. Jason is not the only one hungry."

"If the two of you are late because you had to fuck, I will never invite you to anything again", warned Annabeth with a glare as she stood up to hug them. "Hello."

"Hey, guys", grinned Percy, returning his best friend's hug. "And for your information, we weren't late because of sex. I've just been too occupied with playing with my toys when Nico came home."

"Percy", grunted the daughter of Athena. "Masturbation counts as sex too!"

"What? Get your mind out of the gutter, wise girl", blinked Percy and blushed. "My Doctor Who toys that I got from my parents for Christmas! Really now!"

"Oh", blinked the blonde and laughed. "Okay, anyway, sit down now so we can eat, will you?"

Percy and Nico nodded and sat down between Annabeth and Hazel. The daughter of Pluto pulled Leo back down onto his seat between Hazel and Frank before greeting her brother next to her.

"Hey! I started getting bored thanks to you two", grinned the Roman girl, her hand on Leo's knee.

"Yes, your little plaything said that", snickered the son of Hades and wiggled his eyebrows.

"Shut up, di Angelo", growled the Latino and blushed, sticking his tongue out at him.

"Oh, the food is looking delicious, Annie", grinned Percy and licked his lips. "You simply have to marry Piper. Or I will do it."

"For your information, I can cook too", grunted Nico with a glare.

"You have to prove that thesis with some goods", smirked the son of Poseidon.

"Before they start making inappropriate comments again", interrupted Piper. "Enjoy the food!"


Two hours later had the five couples sitting in the living room, some sipping wine, but all of them engaged in conversation. Percy was animatedly chatting with Leo in hushed voices, the blushes on their faces told the others what exactly they were talking about.

"I would have never thought that the children of the underworld would be that kinky", muttered Annabeth astonished and shook her head. "I mean, a daughter of love, okay, but-"

"Are you implying what I think you're implying, Chase?", snickered Clarisse amused.

"Oh, shush it. Don't tease her, she's already blushing", laughed Reyna and shook her head.

"I wouldn't know about the children of love, but I do know that Hazel has quite the nice ideas as to what to do with our firebug", grinned Frank and took a sip of his wine.

The four children of war were sitting together on a couch in front of the fireplace, observing how Leo and Percy blushed darker and darker the more they talked. Piper and Hazel stood at the window, talking about camp from the look of it. While Jason, Chris and Nico had been chosen to wash the dishes, all three boys obediently doing as they were told.

"I really like our life now", murmured Annabeth softly. "It's calm and easy and normal..."

"Let's pray to the fates that the next year won't hold any ugly surprised", muttered Clarisse darkly. "But knowing our family tree, I doubt it will stay peaceful."

"Give the new year a chance before you curse it, will you?", chided the daughter of Bellona.

"Now that I have both, Hazel and Leo, I'm sure the next year is going to be great", grinned Frank broadly with a more than happy expression on his face. "Can't be anything else."

"See? That's the attitude", chuckled Reyna and clapped the other Roman onto the shoulder.

"How about we play a game while waiting for midnight?", suggested a voice from the kitchen.

"You're not getting out of this, Rodriguez", warned Clarisse sternly. "You guys are first going to finish your job before we play any kinds of games!"

"I told you", snickered Jason softly.

"Better hurry then", muttered Nico.

"What kind of game?", asked Percy attentive from his spot on the floor, tilting his head.

"Like a puppy", grunted Clarisse and shook her head before turning to the kitchen. "Say, di Angelo, you got a collar and leash for him too? And do you give him treats when he behaves?"

"He always gets a very big bone from me when he behaves", confirmed the son of Hades with a laugh. "But the collar and leash thing is a very nice idea, War Princess."

"What? No!", yelped the son of Poseidon and blushed. "What is wrong with you people?!"

"Let's play something that doesn't have a warning for mature content, yes?", sighed Annabeth.


"I don't want to play anymore, I'm tired...", murmured Percy sleepily and hid his face in the crook of his boyfriend's neck. "And Clarisse and Chris are constantly winning anyway!"

"Because they're a good team", shrugged Nico, wrapping his arms around the Sea Prince. "They are a couple for the longest time out of all of us here. They know each other the best."

"Still no fair", pouted the son of Poseidon and yawned.

"Don't fall asleep on me now", grunted the Ghost Prince. "The clock will soon hit twelve!"

"The only thing hitting that would get my interest at the moment would be your hand on my ass", replied Percy nonchalantly, cuddling some closer. "Otherwise, I am going to nap now."

"You should have let him sleep some last night too. Then he wouldn't be too tired to miss New Year now", noted Clarisse irritated and put her cards down. "Same goes for you, gold girl."

"It's hard to let him sleep when he looks so cute!", protested both children of the underworld.

Leo was laying curled together in Frank's lap, his head resting in Hazel's. Annabeth giggled amused at the serene expression on the Latino's face. She was glad he finally found happiness too. His sulking had been even worse than Percy's. Though that was probably mostly because the Romans had been in New Rome while he had been stuck in New Athens.

"Say, how are you three dealing with your relationship now anyway?", asked the daughter of Athena with a frown. "I mean, he has his shop and you guys have your restaurant..."

"We didn't actually get to talk about that yet", sighed Hazel and rubbed her forehead. "I mean, with the holidays and all this wasn't really a problem yet. But we'll soon have to decide something."

"Either you guys give your restaurant up, or Leo gives his car shop up", nodded Nico.

"Shop", mumbled a tired voice as the Latino stirred. "I can start my very own shop in New Rome just as well. And Nys and Jake will be fine without me too."

"Are you sure about that, firebug?", grunted Frank with furrowed brows.

Leo grinned up at him and sat up to kiss him softly. "Positively and absolutely sure. I can start anew in New Rome, together with you guys. It's going to be awesome to have my own shop instead of always having to fight with my annoying, big siblings."

"That's nice", smiled Piper softly, very happy for her best friend. "Though don't forget to come back and visit as often as possible, Valdez! Or I will come and drag your ass back here personally!"

"As if I could ever forget about you, beauty queen", grinned Leo cheekily.

A loud bang from outside interrupted their conversation, followed by more and more bangs. All turned wide-eyed to the clock, just to see that yes, they had in fact missed midnight. They all simultaneously blinked a couple of times before laughing loudly.

"I suppose that is what happens when you're in good company", smiled Reyna, raising her glass into the air. "You lose track of time. I wish you all a good year 2013!"

"Hear, hear!", cheered they all and toasted each other.

Nico grinned and drank from his champagne before slowly poking his lover. But it seemed Percy was very determined to sleep through their very first New Year's Eve as a couple.

"You are so going to pay for that, Jackson", muttered the Ghost Prince with a slight pout.

"You shouldn't make any promises, Nico", chuckled Jason and bumped shoulders with his cousin. "I'd guess he would enjoy that 'paying for it' way too much."

"Don't make fun of my horny boyfriend", warned the son of Hades with a glare.

"Not making fun, just stating the truth", smirked the blonde Roman.

"Why is it so loud? Make the noises go away, Nick, I'm tired", complained Percy and curled together into a tighter ball on his lover's lap. "Is too loud..."

"Make the noises go away? Really?", snorted Clarisse. "Good gods and here I though you had trained him well, but I'd say he trained you even better, di Angelo. Now hush, go and scare all the people out there into running away so the bad, bad noises stop."

The doubled over in laughter, causing Percy to stir some more and blink with a yawn. "What's wrong? Did I miss something? Why is she laughing like a hyena?"

"Happy new year, love", smiled Nico softly and kissed his boyfriend.

"Oh... Damn, I missed something again!", muttered Percy with a pout, making the other's laugh.

~*~ The End of 2012 and of this Fanfiction ~*~



~*~ If you want more of this, read 'Chasing Fireflies', their future with their families ~*~

Author's note: There, the end. This time for real though! Well, more or less. One of the new stories I had started around Christmas - "Chasing Fireflies" - is a future-fic on Percy and Nico raising their children. And since it's set in the future, I needed some timeline for the getting together and stuff, though since this story right here is pretty rounded up when it comes to this and involves all my favorite pairings, it's the perfect prequel.
So if you're all going "Dwaa, I want to know how Leo's shop in New Rome is going and how Frank is managing a restaurant and when Hades will get his grandchildren and how Zeus will react to that and how Percy and Nico are as parents", then just go there and read that. ;)
Oh, and it's funny how coincidentally this Silvester is actually perfectly set in my timeline, since I had wanted Percy and Nico to get together when Percy is 19. Whiiich happens to be in the year 2012, making him 19 at Christmas and New Year's. I love when the stories, for once, do as I say!
Have a good and wonderful year 2013 and may it be filled with all the fangirl-things!
[Mine will be, because I got a TARDIS and Doctor Who figures as belated Christmas present... Santa needs a little longer from Britain to Germany! I'll be off, playing like Percy now! ;)]