One year, six days, and three hours. That's how long I've been here, that we've been here. For me it has been a blessing and a curse. For them it is only a curse, but for me. Well this is the most alive I have felt since I last fought with them, and her. Especially her.

Back then it was just an extension of the game. A card game turned real, but it was still just data. She was still not ALIVE. And yet he taught me the truth. He made me see and feel again.

These people didn't have that luxury. They had to learn the hard way. For some it was too much. For me it brought a sense of rightness. My life hadn't felt like that since back then. When the seven of us stood in the park. As all that had become real and an extension of us turned into a data field and disappeared.

That was the last day we were a whole. It was too much and we went our separate ways. He is the only one that stayed. He is the one that remained when everything in my life fell a part. He should have been there on the day this year and six days began as well, but he couldn't. And now here I am alone once more.

That is okay though, because I would not want this for him. For any of them, but still every once in a while I find myself wishing he was here. And her...especially her.

A/N: alright so short first chapter to my new crossover. Digimon and SAO only me I swear lol. Well it's been a plot bunny that has been hugging me since I started watching sao a couple months ago.

A few short notes. Sao obviously takes place much father in the future than tamers, but were gonna pretend that tamers happened five years before Sao. This story will mostly follow rika through her Sao experience. Kirito and the others will make an appearance but are not a main part of the story.

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