Chapter 1

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Jump city was dark, the streets asleep the buildings black. Only the full moon and a few stars gave light.

It seemed Raven and Starfire were the only ones awake at this ungodly hour. The Tameranians face was gaunt, large bags heaved under her saucer green eyes. Her red mane was knotted and windblown. Her dark purple corset top had stains of sweat and blood across the front. Her thigh high dark purple boots had mud clinging for dear life on the leather. Her dark purple shorts were ripped at the hem, and her dark purple gloves that reached up to her elbows were torn in various places. The green gemstones on the back of her hands were scratched and cloudy. She was flying low, barely making it over buildings. Raven thought she wouldn't make it home.

The Empath was looking now better than the Tameranian. Her dark blue cloak was dirty, bloody and ripped at the end. Her own black corset top was blood stained, the lace at the top was torn. Black shorts muddy, Knee high leather boots cracked and scratched. Lace fingerless gloves torn in various placed. Her grey skin was sickly, large bags underneath her azure eyes and her shoulder length purple hair was matted. Raven had no idea how long it has been since the two girls slept. Or even ate for that matter. It's been days, Robin was cracking down on the team hard and it was getting dammed annoying. Every since Slades threat…

The Titans were enjoying a carefree Saturday afternoon. Cyborg and Beast boy sat on the couch playing video games, The half robot was no longer blue, but due to his upgrades he was neon purple. Which made the already handsome man down right sexy.

The green changeling has changed much, his hair was just over his brows, and his masculine face said he was no boy. He was a man. His chest had doubled in size, his arms still lanky. A reminisce of a six pack could be seen through his doom patrol get up. The shape shifter was… irresistible.

Starfire and Raven sat in the lotus position, both hovering a few feet off the ground. Their eyes closed, and mouthing 'Azarath Metrion Zinthos' two forgotten mugs of tea sitting on the table next to them. Robin was now called Nightwing.

He was no longer in his traffic light suit, but the black and blue night wing outfit. The same mask over his eyes. His hair was still in a spiky mess, his athletic figure in prime shape, steel toes boots on his feet, and a silver utility belt.
The same belt he wore with his traffic light suit.

The titans had all changed much, not only had their bodies changed but their behavior as well. Nightwing was not so obsessive, but it was probably because Slade had been gone for years. He was happier now, and opened up more. He was now in a steady relationship with the wonderful Starfire. She was still a beam of light, but also down toned her emotions for the Empath. It had started when Starfire was throwing a Tameranian tantrum, and Raven's empathy started to work overtime. Let's just say, it was a pissed off Tameranian and a pissed off Half demon. The tower was almost destroyed.

Which also brought us to Raven. She could show small emotions, Such as Happiness Bravery Knowledge Wisdom and Sadness. Cyborg was the big brother to everyone, just as before but he had also noticed that the team needed to have light conversation once in awhile. So he was not a joker, but a wise man when needed. Beast Boy was more mature, no longer doing lame pranks or stupid jokes.

Don't get me wrong, he was still funny. Even more so now that his Jokes were funnier. But he was older now, not the 13 year old boy he was 6 years ago.

As the Titans relaxed, the alarms started to blare. But no map of the city popped up on the screen, no It was Slades face.

"Good afternoon titans. Did you miss me?" Slades voice hissed

"Uhm, No?" Bb said. Nightwing growled

"Slade… What do you want?"

"Oh you know… conquer of the world and whatnot. I see you are enjoy a wonderful Saturday… to bad it's coming to an end. I've got something planned…" Raven sighed. She knew what he was doing…

"You won't be able to get a damn thing done! We'll stop you like always." Nightwing said.

"You aren't the only one who has grown Robin." Raven saw Nightwing tense.

"Your still the lonely pathetic boy as before, no matter what face you wear…"

"Shut up!" Nightwing shouted. His anger was growing, and it made Ravens own anger stir.

"Enjoy your Saturday titans… I have plans to attend to." The screen went black, and silence filled the room.

And that was 3 weeks ago, and 'Nightwing' had changed back into Robin. The obsessive boy who wouldn't take a break until the crook was behind bars.

"Friend Nightwing is driving me the crazy." Starfires voice came through Raven's thoughts. The Tameranian was flying even lower now, Raven descended to match Starfires altitude.

"Yes, he is driving the whole team insane. But we all know he won't stop. Not until Slade is caught. And we haven't found any trace of his since." They turned away from the city, and towards the large T in the middle of the bay. The moon had disappeared, and the sun started to peak over. The once black night was not light purple, red, yellow and orange. Titans tower cast a shadow over the bay.

"I only wish we may be able to get the sleep tonight. I am so very tired…" Starfires voice became a whisper at the end, and she suddenly dropped out of the sky.

Damn girl fell asleep while flying…

Raven created a ebony disk underneath the alien and caught her before she fell into the frigid water below. The dark magic hissed as Starfires body thumped into it, Raven felt her mind tug as her magic took the hit. She lowered herself onto the disk, and helped the now conscious Starfire to her feet.

"Oh my, I am sorry friend Raven! I had not meant to fall asleep…"

"It's alright Star. I'll fly us home." And Raven did just that, Starfire was laying down on the black disk as it slowly made its way to Titans tower. Ravens body was highly fatigued, but she pushed on. As they made it over the roof, Raven's power flickered and Starfire fell through the disk, landing on the gravel. She made a 'oof' and rubbed her head

"I'm sorry." Raven said in a monotone. The Tameranian climbed to her feet, and the two girls descended the stairs towards the main room. The tower was quiet, the dark halls asleep.

That was until the main room doors swished open. Beast Boy and Cyborg were playing some sort of racing game, Nightwing nowhere to be found. Raven glanced at the clock, 5 am. How the hell are these two awake?

"How was Patrols?" Beast boy said without looking back. Starfire and Raven walked into the kitchen, and placed a tea pot onto the burner. Raven turned the stove to high and Starfire filled the teapot with water

"It was uneventful. Just like the night before, and the day before that…" It had been… 3 days since she had slept. 5 minute naps kept being interrupted with the daily bullshit of the tower. Alarms, fighting, going home, searching. Over and Over, it was getting ridiculous. The floor to ceiling TV make an explosion noise, and a green car fell off the tracks. The red flashing sign on the screen blinked 'Cyborg Wins!'

"Dammit!" Bb shouted

"BOO-YA!" Cyborg fist pumped. The Tea pot screeched, and Raven picked it up off the burner. Starfire grabbed two mugs, and Raven pour a little bit of the hot water into each one. Starfire swirled the water in the ceramic mugs, and then poured the water out.

Filling each cup with water, Starfire placed a tea bag in each. The clear water changed to green.

Herbal tea.

"So, nothing interesting happened at all?" Beast boy was suddenly at the island behind the two girls. Cyborg coming close behind.

"Starfire fell asleep while flying." Raven said. Starfire blushed

"I was tired…" She said. Raven smiled

"Don't worry about it Star, we're all tired." As Cyborg opened his mouth to speak, the alarms started to blare. Red lights flashed and the main room door swished open. In came Nightwing, his hair messed and a red hand print on his cheek signifying he was just sleeping. The others sighed, and Raven downed her tea quickly. She felt it warm up her body, and give her a slight energy boost. On the large screen, a blinking orange and black 'S' was in the Warehouse district.

"Slade…" Nightwing hissed. Raven sighed, and encased the entire team in darkness. Opening up a short cut, she phased the entire team to the ware house district.

A black raven came out of the ground, and out came the team. Ravens power flickered, and she fell with a thud.

"Rae! Are you okay?" Bb was at her side immediately. He helped her to her feet, and she brushed him away

"I'm fine." She hissed. Beast boy backed off, not before Raven caught the flash of disappointment on his face. She felt guilty.

"Thanks for uh… Helping me B." Raven said. Beast boy gave a half smile. Nightwing pulled out the T communicator, and an orange S was flashing on the screen. Without a word, he started to move. The titans followed, Starfire and Raven walking with the rest.

They cut corners of old warehouses, the concrete under their shoes patted as they walked. Nightwing suddenly stopped, causing Cyborg to bump into him, and Bb to bump into Cyborg. Raven, not paying any attention, slammed into Beast boys back.

"Ouch!" She shouted as she rubbed her nose. Bb laughed and turned around
"Are you okay?" He said through giggling. She rolled her eyes but didn't answer. Starfire was at Nightwings side

"He's in there." Nightwing pried open the heavy steel doors. They screeched against rusted tracks and the leader used all of his strength to push it open.

Once the team was inside, the abandoned warehouse was insanely dark. The wind howled through the building, and Raven started to feel her Fear escalate. Mouthing her mantra, she attempted to calm herself down.

But it lingered.

It always lingered.

A light popped out of Cyborgs shoulder, and a green glow emanated from Starfires hand. Brown crates were stacked on top of each other, lining the walls. Cobwebs clinging to the aged wood and Raven knew why Slade chose this place.

There was barely any room for a fight.

The titans slowly made their way deeper and deeper into the dark void, Raven looked around cautiously and always looked behind her.

"Where are you Slade!" Nightwing shouted. A spotlight clicked on and in front of them stood Slade.

Instantly the titans took battling stances.

"I'm right here." His voice was smooth. But ten, another light clicked on. To their right stood another Slade. Two more lights, and the Titans found two more Slades.

"Come on Slade. These Robots are getting annoying." Cyborg droned out.

"Oh these are no Robots… These are Clones." Suddenly the entire Warehouse erupted in light, and Raven couldn't help the gasp that slid from her lips. They were surrounded…

Clones stood on top of crates, they emerged from Shadows, and dropped from the ceiling. Raven lost count as soon as she reached 100… each one waiting for an order.

Slades not a stupid man, he had to make sure the clones weren't as smart as him, or else they would up rise. But what terrified Raven was the fact that they all fought like Slade… Memories of 6 years ago flashed before Ravens eyes as she remembered her on top of a building, her hair long, her body glowing with red marks, and Slade whispering in her ear.

She shuddered.

The sound of Cyborgs cannon brought Raven back to reality, it hissed as he charged it up, Starfire took flight summoning two basket ball sized starbolts. Beast Boy changed into a T-rex and roared menacingly. Raven summoned as much power as she could, and it crackled around her body like an ebony fire. Nightwing extended his Bo-staff and whirled it around in his hands.

"Enjoy." Slade sneered as he turned away, and the clones all leapt into action.

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