Chapter 10

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Chaos was happening all around her, thick smoke rolled into the starless sky, thunder ripped through the air. The stone path ways were cracked, a few overturned.

As if a huge earthquake tore through Nevermore.

Raven walked in the empty space, her head throbbed with every step she took.

The air felt Angry, and dirty. She needed to Meditate and soon. She felt her emotions gathered in one spot, she figured it was in front of the cage. A stream of red lightning tore through the sky, lighting up the dark pathway.

"Knowledge! I'm calling you out!" Raven shouted. Nevermore was silent, save for a soft wind and the sound of fire.

The Empath tapped her foot impatiently; it never took Knowledge this long to show up. Raven looked around Nevermore, but saw nothing.

"Knowledge!" She commanded. There was a rush of air, and a yellow light came from behind Raven.

"I'm here! Azar. What do you want?" Raven turned to face her mostly used emotion. A scowl was on her face, her yellow cloak had mud clinging at the bottom. Her glasses were cracked, purple strands of hair stuck out from underneath her hood. She looked rough, but okay.

"What took you so long?" Raven snapped

"Oh Nothing, I just had to make sure that damn gate of your wouldn't swing open while I was gone. We're down two emotions, and Happy isn't doing very well. So you can see that we're having a little trouble."

"I hadn't noticed." A Deadpan. Knowledge rolled her eyes

"Fine, let's go check on the others then." Knowledge grabbed Raven's hand, and yellow magic enveloped the two girls.

It was only moments later that they melted out of the ground. Raven flinched at the sight before her.

Rage was holding the door by herself, Her cloak was glowing a blood thirsty red, and she was about 2 feet taller. The stream of red magic was large, taking up most of the space on the door.

As the red emotion held their ground for the time being, the others turned their heads to see who had showed up.

Bravery got to her feet.

Her face was scratched, a few smudges of dirt on her pale cheeks. Her hood was done, her purple hair in a high bun. Her Dark green cloak was torn on the sides.

"Bout time you showed. I was wondering if you could still hear us through your arrogance." She scoffed. A Raven is a brown cloak snorted

"Yeah I heard you Bravery. But Starfire was going to kill Nightwing, if I hadn't done what I did he would be dead right now."

"One Sacrifice is sometimes necessary to save the lives of many" Another Raven came up to the small group, she was dressed in a light blue cloak.

"Shut up Logic. I wasn't going to let him die, we're doing okay. Rage seems to be handling this well." Raven stared daggers at the emotion. Logic shrugged, her face pulled back in a sad smirk. She looked tired, large bags hiding underneath her eyes.

"The only reason Rage is doing it by herself is because of that Damn Tameranian. She felt so much anger it super charged her. If it wasn't for Rage, you wouldn't be standing here right now. But someone else's anger can only fuel her for so long." Knowledge spoke. Raven looked at the red emotion. She noticed her beam of energy starting to grow a little smaller.

"Guess I should thank her." Raven turned back over to the others

"Knowledge said that two emotions were down, and Happy wasn't doing very well. What happened?"

"Well, Rude and Envy had collapsed from exhaustion, they're alright they just disappeared for a few. Happy however is awful. I have no idea what is going on with her but it happened only a few days ago. She said something about 'Raven made the wrong choice, how could she be so blind?' I got no idea what she's talking about. But then again she knows what makes you happy." Bravery rubbed a hand over her tired face. Raven sunk deeper into her hood.

She knew what Happy meant. She knew that choosing to go on a date with Aqualad wasn't a very good choice, she had made it out of frustration and had wanted to prove a point. Yet Beast Boy had deserved it, he was being possessive of something that isn't his.

"Can I see her?" Raven asked

"She said she doesn't want to talk to you until you fix whatever it is you need to fix. Look Raven, all of us aren't doing very well. You aren't giving us enough power and that door is almost done for. When you get out of here, you NEED to meditate. Throw on some more locks, get your powers in check and for once in your life FEEL us. The more you deprive yourself of feelings, the weaker we get. You aren't a portal anymore sweetheart, which means you're allowed to feel a little more than you normally would." Bravery spoke to Raven as if she didn't already know this.

The truth was however, she was afraid to feel. She knows that her powers can get out of control if a very strong emotions comes on, such as Fear or Rage. She was afraid that if something were to happen, to make her feel, that she would bring the tower down.

She couldn't do that.

Maybe that's why she said yes to Aqualad?

She pushed the thought from her mind.

"Yeah, I hear you. I'm going to head back now, let everyone know I'm okay." Her emotions nodded, and waved their good-byes.

Raven needed to talk to Starfire anyways. She took in a deep breath, and felt her cool energy start to encase her body.

"Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos." The red gem on her 7th chakra glowed, and with as little noise as possible, her small form shot up towards the sky, disappearing in a large black vortex.

Nightwing sat next to Starfires bed, gripping her hand tightly. A rhythmic beeps and the sound of a machine pumping air into her lungs was the only thing he had to know she was alive… he closed his eyes tightly.

Why had she done this to herself? To him?

He stared at the large green orb in her hand. It was meant for him, that rage was aimed towards him.

But what had he done to piss her off so badly? Tears streamed from her glowing eyes, Nightwing wanted to reach out and kiss them away but he was planted in place by fear. He watched in horror as she shouted, a mixture between a war cry and a sob as she threw her hand forward. It all happened so slow…

He saw his life flash before his eyes, His mother and Father.

Them falling half a story.

Batman taking him under his wing.

Leaving his adoptive father to be solo.

Meeting Starfire. Forming the titans.

As he watched the images play through his mind, he realized one thing. He never gave her his real name and most importantly…

He never said he loved Starfire. And at that instant, he knew what she needed to hear.

Yet his voice was gone. He felt the heat of the Starbolt push against his face. This was it…

He regretted nothing, except one thing. He regretted never showing Starfire how she really meant towards him. He was a fool, and he knew it.

Now he'll never get the chance.

Just as the Starbolt was going to slam into his chest, a killing blow, he felt a rush of calm come over him.

A black barrier formed around him like a bubble, the soothing energy biting down some of his fear. He saw Starfires white outline, the white streams of her tears.

He felt the barrier hiss as the Starbolt slammed into it. He watched the magic ripple, but thicken. Protecting him like a mother would a child. He watched the Starbolt explode, watched as Starfire screamed as was thrown back by the blast.

He only saw her… She slammed into the wall, causing it to dent. She slid down to the ground and slumped over in an unconscious heap. Blood began to leak from the corner of her mouth, the angry glow of her eyes disappeared behind closed lids.

He didn't care that she tried to kill him, He didn't care that she might hate him.
He loved her, he knew that now. And if she pulled through, which she will, he'd show her, tell her what she meant to him. Her name ripped from his throat, he hadn't realized he spoke.

The Ebony barrier dropped, and this time he forced his body to move.

He ran to her side, and placed two fingers on her neck. He felt a pulse, but it was faint. So very very faint… He heard voices around him, felt movement of the others. But he only stared at her face. He took his hand, and whipped his thumb across her lip, taking the blood away from her beautiful orange face.

"We need to take them to the infirmary! Now!" Cyborg was next to him, pulling Starfire away from his grasp. Nightwing almost protested, but realized the huge half robot was only trying to help. He stood, and turned to see Raven in Beast Boys arms. The green teen was glaring daggers at Aqualad, who in turn was staring at Ravens face.

God he hated that guy.

The Hallway was crowded, all of Titans east was crammed in the scene. Kid flash was holding Jynx close to his body, her pink eyes filled with tears as they flicked from Raven to Starfire. Bee was shouting orders to her team, telling them to get out of the way. Mas Y Menos were shocked, along with Speedy. They stood in silence. They all looked as if someone had died.

Cyborg pushed through them all, Nightwing close behind. They stepped into the elevator, Cyborg didn't give the VI time to ask

"Emergency code 97561 D12." The elevator was piled with people, and it shot up to the 8th level. It moved so fast, most of the Titans scrambled to keep their footing.

The door opened, and Cyborg, followed by Nightwing and Beast Boy, rushed out of the elevator and ran into the Med bay. Nightwing felt as if all this was a dream, like this wasn't happening. Starfire was tough, maybe she was faking it…

"Somebody get me an IV drip started! And Hook up these damn wires!" Bee was at his side, taping on the multicolored wires to Starfires chest and arms. She clipped on something on her finger, and turned the heart and breathing monitor on.

"She isn't breathing!" Bee shouted. Cyborg handed her a large pump, with mouth and piece big enough to cover the nose as well on the end.

Bumble Bee placed it over Starfires Nose and mouth, and began to squeeze the purple bag. Nightwings attention turned to her heart beat. It was slow, and seemed to be getting slower.

Panic ran up his spine.

Beep. Beep. Beep.. Beep.. Beep… Beep… He watched at the spikes grew farther and farther apart.

And one sound made his heart break, and tears rush out of his eyes.

One sound, that made the whole room silent.

The single, deafening tone that was in one note and seemed to go on forever…

Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeep…..

"She's crashing! Get me a Defibrillator!" Cyborg ordered as he ripped apart Starfires sweatshirt, exposing her bare stomach and chest. Cyborg then poured a clear liquid on her chest, and began to spread it evenly over her breasts. Bumble bee handed the large purple bag to Jynx, who happened to be standing nearby. The Pink haired sorceress knew what to do.

Bumble bee returned with a crash cart. She turned on the machine and turned a large dial.

She handed Cyborg two paddles and hit another button. The Machine squealed.

"Charging." Bee stated.

"CLEAR!" Cyborg pushed the two paddles onto her chest, Jynx lifted the bag from Starfires face, and a sound much like a gunshot ripped through the silent room. Her body jerked, raising off the bed for a few seconds before dropping back down. Nightwing was horrified.

She was Starfire, she could do anything… She could live through anything… What was happening to her?

"CLEAR!" Her body jerked again, but the lone beep still rang through the air.

"Come on Starfire! Stay alive Dammit!" Cyborg shouted. Bee turned up the voltage, the machine whirred louder.

"CLEAR!" This time, Starfires body jerked up, and she gasped. The single beep turned into multiple.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Nightwing cried some more, this time tears of relief and joy.

"Starfire!" He called. But she just fell back onto the bed, unconscious once again.

"Star?" Nightwing asked. He hated how pathetic his voice sounded, but he was concerned for only one person.

His eyes glanced at the monitor again, her heart was steady. But she still couldn't breathe on her own.

"She's barely alive. Grab me a life support, she may crash again"

And she did. She crashed 3 more times that night. A machine breathed for her, while a IV drip pushed a clear liquid into her body. Her heart was beating on its own, but everyone was still hovering just in case…

Nightwing held tightly on her hand, as he shook his head to clear the memories.

It was terrifying for him, He feared she would leave him.

He realized he couldn't BE without her.

Nightwing wasn't alone in the room, Cyborg had stayed with him the entire day, checking vitals and fluffing Raven's pillow.

The empath was just hovering a few inches off the bed, probably in Nevermore. She would be okay, Cyborg said.

He did not say such a thing for Starfire.

Aqualad had come in to visit Raven a few times, but mostly he came in to check on Star.

Beast Boy had not come in once. Nightwing hadn't ventured from the room to see where he was, but honestly he didn't give a fuck. The Tower had gotten a call or two, Johnny rancid and Mumbo, Titans east had it covered and were back 10 minutes after they left.

Nightwing sighed and ran a pale hand through his hair. He hadn't changed from his workout clothes but he didn't care. He knew he stank, but he refused to leave Starfires side.

The door swished open, letting in cool air. Nightwing and Cyborg glanced up to see Jynx and Bumble Bee walk into the room. the two girls stopped at Raven's bed, squeezing her hands before coming to a stop at Starfire.

"How is she doing?" Jynx asked. Her feline eyes were bloodshot, probably lack of sleep or crying. She was paler than normal, her pink hair was slightly frizzy and tangled. Her black and purple uniform hadn't changed much, side from the leather boots.

"The same." Nightwings voice was hoarse, he hadn't talked much since yesterday.

"She'll be fine, she's a fighter Nightwing. Don't worry." Bee smiled. But he knew it was a fake smile, he saw right through her. He opened his mouth to reply, but someone coughing cut him off.

The group turned to see Raven sitting up and hacking her lungs out.

"Raven!" Cyborg cheered. Jynx and Bee smiled, REAL smiles. Nightwing however, gave a sad smile.

He was happy to see Raven was alright.

"Azar, this air in here is so dry." She rubbed her throat, before she noticed another form lying in bed next to her.

"Starfire?" Raven asked. She got to her feet, Jynx gave her a hand as Raven walked over to her bed.

As soon as her Azure eyes met with Starfires orange face, she let out a sob

"Oh Azar… Starfire…" tears welled up in her eyes.

"What happened?" As Cyborg filled her in, Raven's face became more and more contorted with worry and fear for her friend.

"This is all my fault…" she whispered. Nightwing spoke up

"No, It's not. You saved my life Raven; nobody knew what would have happened next." But it didn't seem to convince the empath.

"Can you heal her at all?" Bee asked. Nightwing perked up, he hadn't thought of that.

"I'm not sure… I can scan her and maybe give it a shot. I really need to meditate, my power isn't in full right now."

"Don't exhaust yourself, just… scan her." Nightwing's voice shook. The empath swallowed, and seemed to be having a conversation within her own mind. For a moment, Nightwing thought she wouldn't do it.

But then she took a step closer to the bed, and set her hands over Starfires body. A light blue glow began to form on her palms, a slight humming filled Nightwings ears.

He saw Raven's face pinch in what seemed like concentration mixed with pain. But she scanned her friend anyways.

Her palms rested over her lungs, and the glow of her hands grew brighter.

The Monitor gave a beep, signifying a change.

"She's breathing on her own now." Cyborg said, astonished. He turned the machine off, and pulled the mask from her face.

Sure enough, she was breathing. Ravens hands then moved up to Starfires heart, and she gasped.

"What is it?" Nightwing heard panic in his tone.

"I… I don't know. I'm no expert in Tameranian physiology but… there's a lot of pain in this area. However physically she's fine." The glow on Raven's hands disappeared, and the Empath swayed

"that's all I can do for now. I'm not sure if she'll-" Raven was cut off as Starfire suddenly gasped and shot straight up, as if she had awoken from a nightmare.

The Tameranian coughed, and then looked around the room. Nightwing smiled

"Starfire!" He cheered. She looked straight at him, and his heart froze.

Her eyes held no emotions, not a spark of anything.

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, and Nightwing saw NOTHING behind them.

No matter what, he always saw a glimmer of something behind those beautiful eyes.

Now, they looked dead. Her face was calm, lifeless.

"Hello Nightwing." Her voice was a deadpan.

She was an empty shell.

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